Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Kenzo Esco
Kenzo Esco - 11 годин тому
i would’ve never thought Ronaldo would be on complex.. way too big of a superstar to be on this channel
Lavish Mobb
Lavish Mobb - 13 годин тому
Peep the watch. “ Richard Miller “
Evo Enfield Rojo
Evo Enfield Rojo - 15 годин тому
Excelent men
Robert Romero
Robert Romero - 16 годин тому
Anyone else thinks he kinda looks and speaks like gennady golovkin ?
AiDAN WiLSON - 21 годину тому
get Chris Delia on!!
Josh Simpson
Josh Simpson - 21 годину тому
aha who else thought he was wearing some Utd shorts?😂
Yovi Sopyan
Yovi Sopyan - 22 години тому
i see his sign body and i feel his very humble
Horiz0n 020917
Horiz0n 020917 - День тому
“wElL it was good”
Daniel B
Daniel B - День тому
For anyone who knows the comedian Gatis Kandis does anyone think Christiano sounds like him ??
jaka putra kelana
jaka putra kelana - День тому
All he do just ask to nike.. then they will gave what he want kkkkk
one World
one World - День тому
He is having golden boots..
proskiller 159
proskiller 159 - День тому
Omg i didnt even know he could talk full english
imnotlals - День тому
peep that rm on his wrist
Nik chotalal
Nik chotalal - 2 дні тому
I dunno what type of AF1's he's wearing, but them things are NOT comfortable lmao
Parvesh Patel
Parvesh Patel - 2 дні тому
got an puma ad on this.
Samsung J5 prime
Samsung J5 prime - 2 дні тому
MrBati122 - 2 дні тому
Ronaldo is so humble, he has 45 times more money then any stupid American mumble rapper... Cristiano has a museum really dope!
k s
k s - 2 дні тому
The voice crack thoo 😂😂😂
Mail Guliyev
Mail Guliyev - 2 дні тому
OMFG the way La Puma pronounced Juventus, it made my ear bleed
Íris DaSilva
Íris DaSilva - 2 дні тому
Tava a espera de comentários em português ahah
ميسي ميسي
ميسي ميسي - 2 дні тому
كرستيانو أنا هو أسطورة
ميسي ميسي
ميسي ميسي - 2 дні тому
كرستيانو أنا هو أسطورة
LautiiAsD YT
LautiiAsD YT - 2 дні тому
1:40 🤣🤣🤣
ΟΚΣ - 2 дні тому
Only reason he didn’t buy the store is Bc he had most those shoes already
jackie boy
jackie boy - 2 дні тому
His English is better
Basic Jhuli
Basic Jhuli - 3 дні тому
Aakash Verma
Aakash Verma - 3 дні тому
How humble he is
Chutney Chachi
Chutney Chachi - 3 дні тому
footballers are real ballers..get more these professional players like neymar,ronaldo,federer ..those chump change rappers are bore in the shop..only spent like 500 max shish..personally would have splashed atleast $1000-2000 for some cool kicks
Tony Tibo
Tony Tibo - 3 дні тому
He is the best and also humble
Ayush - 3 дні тому
It's great to see such great stars being so humble
Mehdi LM10Gamer
Mehdi LM10Gamer - 3 дні тому
Get Messi to this channel plz
Miko John
Miko John - 3 дні тому
Good time👍
patti schultze
patti schultze - 4 дні тому
talking about sneakers, this is ridiculous. how stupid.
Freddy Flores
Freddy Flores - 4 дні тому
1:49 well it was good😂😂😂
Satya Wirapati
Satya Wirapati - 4 дні тому
Can you invite tyler, the creator
Alejandro Osorio
Alejandro Osorio - 4 дні тому
Plot Twist: they weren’t at a store.....this is his closet.
young pappy
young pappy - 4 дні тому
What's the beat called on 5:04
Rogerio Dantas
Rogerio Dantas - 4 дні тому
Cade os brasileiros??
Victor Fuze
Victor Fuze - 4 дні тому
longlive the king
longlive the king - 4 дні тому
living legend
HAZE - 4 дні тому
Damn Neymar is still the record holder i think
HAZE - 4 дні тому
Dude be thinking about buying the whole store
Money Moe
Money Moe - 5 днів тому
Whats up with the “ hes better than rappers” shit goin on in the comments lol yall pathetic
wenger is the greatest manager ever
wenger is the greatest manager ever - 5 днів тому
This man is the biggest sports star in the world. None of that lebum nonsense.
Victor Fuze
Victor Fuze - 5 днів тому
Cualquiera en el mundo te dice que CRISTIANO es el mejor 💪💪🐐la cabra
Alejandro Martell
Alejandro Martell - 5 днів тому
Someone besides me think it is a paradox some famous person goes to buy something from a brand that gives him away their products without paying them?
Orlando Perez
Orlando Perez - 6 днів тому
I thought he was coming to smash Neymar’s record of money spent
Seys Cari
Seys Cari - 6 днів тому
Name sneakers of min 8:07 the color white pleaseeee!
J Ger
J Ger - 6 днів тому
Nike, Nike, $orry, I just need one more Nike
Giza - 6 днів тому
Bring future or young thug. Would be lit 🔥🔥
Dope TV
Dope TV - 6 днів тому
No discount, too bad
Franco Depetris
Franco Depetris - 7 днів тому
how is the name of the cristiano's shirt ????? i want it
Pasta - 7 днів тому
So he made shoes "for young people," that represent what it was like for him as a kid that couldn't afford shoes, that cost $170. I'm not shitting on the guy but how many times are we going to see a fat margin shoe deal with an athlete from a less fortunate upbringing that releases an expensive shoe that represents that upbringing.
All I'm saying is if these athletes really care about the less fortunate kids then why don't they release affordable, good quality shoes with thinner profit margins? Don't hit me with that bullshit that you care about the kids when you release a $200 dollar casual-wear shoe
laurens jansen
laurens jansen - 7 днів тому
Enroll actual rage obligation living yell annual bit crazy
Crash X
Crash X - 7 днів тому
alonzo cadena
alonzo cadena - 6 днів тому
stfu go back to africa
Charles Opoku
Charles Opoku - 7 днів тому
Half a million plus every week but still very humble. Everything he just bought he could have gotten from Nike for free. This guy is richer than all these arrogant rappers on the show put together but yet soo humble.
Oscar Jimenez
Oscar Jimenez - 7 днів тому
Victor Pacheco
Victor Pacheco - 8 днів тому
Pongan subtitulos en español
Jesus Rojas
Jesus Rojas - 8 днів тому
I lost count of how many times he says "nike"...
Diego Lombardi
Diego Lombardi - 8 днів тому
this guy makes nearly 50 million a year, what does he care about that ??? peanuts
Louie Ochoa
Louie Ochoa - 8 днів тому
Good video
Leo Calonder
Leo Calonder - 8 днів тому
I stared at the Mags the whole time
RONCE -VSM - 8 днів тому
ALFIE16019 - 8 днів тому
Did anyone else hear the voice break😂😂
Yaiko - 8 днів тому
Humble man
Haydar Orujov
Haydar Orujov - 9 днів тому
The best player in the history
kushal c
kushal c - 9 днів тому
when ronaldo says "i am exciting"
he literally means he is exciting
only we get excited by seeing ronaldo for the last 14 years and this dude keeps upping his game everytime.
mijong ripuk
mijong ripuk - 9 днів тому
Gerardo Polendo
Gerardo Polendo - 9 днів тому
Somebody come and get this GOAT out my store😂
Cuban Famous
Cuban Famous - 9 днів тому
He got robbed
louie kim
louie kim - 9 днів тому
Why he din buy the air mag
Rossaldinho - 9 днів тому
Even tho he isn't even close in terms of ability compared to Messi. I respect the shit out him and love his personality
Julián  Martínez
Julián Martínez - 9 днів тому
cule probeton ese cole
rhogan - 9 днів тому
Bro how many people have to suck his dick. They’re all just mad that he won’t be better than messi lmao. Ok we get it he’s rich it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out
vagazzon tv
vagazzon tv - 9 днів тому
Ronaldo worth more than Lebron and Floyd may ..he worth 568 millions.. and its the beggening.
Griggsi - 9 днів тому
Sneaker shopping with jay swingler
michaela - 9 днів тому
He's chill, humble, well-spoken... yet the media like to portray him as a wild, arrogant guy. You can tell he's extremely hardworking. I love the vibes he gives off
HongQiang Wen
HongQiang Wen - 10 днів тому
saad sakeh
saad sakeh - 10 днів тому
I Just Wanna Get Smashed - Halloween Drinking Costume Shirt
P k
P k - 10 днів тому
ronaldo be like where are messi editions?
Ronan Moussa
Ronan Moussa - 10 днів тому
Cristiano is not even allowed to look at other shoes than nike😂😂
juxyvqn z
juxyvqn z - 10 днів тому
1:40 voice creak hahahahah lmao
李健 - 10 днів тому
Man Hannavy
Man Hannavy - 10 днів тому
Where this shop?
Man Hannavy
Man Hannavy - 10 днів тому
How Can I buy ?
Juan sebastian Burgos de voz
Juan sebastian Burgos de voz - 10 днів тому
Take messi
The Life Of Jorge
The Life Of Jorge - 10 днів тому
Great taste CR7
alfie holden
alfie holden - 10 днів тому
Neymar been dethroned
José Manuel Ramirez
José Manuel Ramirez - 10 днів тому
Richer than all the mumble rappers have came out here by far and still 25 times humbler than ‘em
The Internet
The Internet - 10 днів тому
25? It's 100 times more humble
kovacs1080 - 10 днів тому
Such a gentleman. World class talent, humble when not on the field, confidence of a god on it. Just as it should be.
Sophie Awino
Sophie Awino - 10 днів тому
He has a museum of his old shoes...Damn! 😅
Brutal XVI
Brutal XVI - 10 днів тому
Comment if you from Madeira and what part 💨
Cade Blakeley
Cade Blakeley - 11 днів тому
How many voice cracks is he having
Ingrid 55
Ingrid 55 - 11 днів тому
They should translate in Spanish since a lot of Spanish speakers follow him!
EatApple OrBanana
EatApple OrBanana - 11 днів тому
I think Nike Air would fit to Ronaldo
Nino Alves Ribeiro
Nino Alves Ribeiro - 11 днів тому
We always love and support you ronaldo💖💖💖💖💖💖
Crunch Buttsteak
Crunch Buttsteak - 11 днів тому
It's funny it seems all the football players are really cool down to earth people but it's the fans of football that are the elitist arrogant dickheads. Huh.
Alma Hernandez
Alma Hernandez - 11 днів тому
nizam noushad
nizam noushad - 11 днів тому
ELITE DRAGON - 11 днів тому
I really love how he aint cocky at all instead is humble