Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Alioune da Rosa
Alioune da Rosa - 2 години тому
God goes Sneaker shopping
muhammad asim
muhammad asim - 2 години тому
Trust me nobody like sneakers more than me.
I love shoes more than anything.
I just bought Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 in purple and Adidas Ace 17.1 in blue and black.
Not with studs just for casual wear.
zaιв ĸнalιd
zaιв ĸнalιd - 2 години тому
cactus jacks are dope af
John Nguyen
John Nguyen - 2 години тому
Thank You Complex.
MrOloloman0 - 2 години тому
Damn, this show has its beginnings with the dude from Pawn Shop.
Davin Gonzalez
Davin Gonzalez - 2 години тому
Davin Gonzalez
Davin Gonzalez - 2 години тому
xd adasdasdasdasasdadadadadadadadad
Dark Souls
Dark Souls - 2 години тому
At the end hes like bye , wait here is your change money cr7 bitch im rich as fuq i can buy your store und burn it to the ground and that endless times,but thanks for the pennies lol
Cotton Chops
Cotton Chops - 2 години тому
Get Tony Hawk on here
Alioune da Rosa
Alioune da Rosa - 2 години тому
Sou lindo
Louis Nwaeze
Louis Nwaeze - 2 години тому
‘Nike did a amazing job’... keeps getting Nike involved lmao
XxGamingMaster56xX 897
XxGamingMaster56xX 897 - 2 години тому
Here before 10 mil
Before You Buy
Before You Buy - 2 години тому
narutodssunny - 2 години тому
Man, Redondo over here looking like a peanut.
JoshFilmsHD - 2 години тому
Sneaker shopping with Robert Lewandowski???
JeremyAPJ - 2 години тому
Too have a good life or to have a normal life...BOIII👏🏽👏🏽
Luigi Landino
Luigi Landino - 2 години тому
This was a NIKE campaign
BEAST BOY7 - 2 години тому
I'm so grateful that I am able to see this legend. He's the goat
ignorant - 2 години тому
Billie eillish pls
L Distributor
L Distributor - 2 години тому
Cr7 🐐
zhi hong
zhi hong - 2 години тому
Host sounds a little like Jimmy Kimmel
joker laugh
joker laugh - 2 години тому
eddie may
eddie may - 2 години тому
Why is he tensing??😂😂 Damn dude got bisceps popping out without no reason
Joseph Osei
Joseph Osei - 2 години тому
buy some Adidas
Andrew Mcphail
Andrew Mcphail - 2 години тому
KING - 2 години тому
Next: Paul Pogba.
SpicyMeatball - 2 години тому
Why is he buying them, wouldn't Nike just give him them for free if he asked lmao?
NOT FORFREEE - 2 години тому
moral of the story is buy shoes in china cause its cheaper than stadium goods ripping you off
Partick The Destroyer
Partick The Destroyer - 2 години тому
you-tube is no longer for "you". "studio-tubers" need deplatformed. make youtube the peoples video site again.
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant - 2 години тому
This is gonna be your most viewed video.
Zarif Azim
Zarif Azim - 2 години тому
The greatest of all time!! ⚽⚽🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇
Smitesh Suresh
Smitesh Suresh - 2 години тому
When complex goes to China to meet the guest, you know it's on an whole new level
Mr Google
Mr Google - 2 години тому
This joe guy is one lucky bastard
Kahlieo Tohovaka
Kahlieo Tohovaka - 2 години тому
1:41 your welcome
Aaron Dinh2016
Aaron Dinh2016 - 2 години тому
When are they gonna do Drake man?
J S - 2 години тому
Cr7 is a legend 🙏
A Jay
A Jay - 2 години тому
In reality , he can buy the whole damn store
MultiSuiton - 2 години тому
Leo Messi when?
Markyss - 2 години тому
3rd best player in the world - neymar then the
2nd best player in the world - ronaldo
We're waiting for the best of the best : )
Sebastian Santiago
Sebastian Santiago - 2 години тому
Biggest celeb you had in the show
SomeRandomGuy OnTheInternet
SomeRandomGuy OnTheInternet - 2 години тому
am I the only one that notices the Nike Air Mag? 😍😍😍
Julien Décarie
Julien Décarie - 2 години тому
great imagination got me cringed
Slick Dick Rick
Slick Dick Rick - 2 години тому
Still not better than Messi
refundido - 2 години тому
Jack Jack
Jack Jack - 2 години тому
Joe said “what’s up everybody“ so loud
Mike James
Mike James - 2 години тому
Muhammed - 2 години тому
Messi can’t even speak English 😂
Jack Colman
Jack Colman - 2 години тому
Cr7 or messi?😉😉😉
Fortnite God
Fortnite God - 2 години тому
Last time i saw an interview he couldn't speak English
oscar hernandez
oscar hernandez - 2 години тому
Peter W
Peter W - 2 години тому
Wait he has 4 kids?
Dishonored Box
Dishonored Box - 2 години тому
Did this man say museum
P4rg4s - 2 години тому
Ben Siliga
Ben Siliga - 2 години тому
you should do kyrie irving
Daddy SHAUN-101
Daddy SHAUN-101 - 2 години тому
2 mill in less than a day!!
Kermit B0111111111111
Kermit B0111111111111 - 2 години тому
I get so triggered when people pronounce nike nikee and not naik
Ryan Manickum
Ryan Manickum - 2 години тому
The G.0.A.T🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shahir 9
Shahir 9 - 2 години тому
He is a pure legend
xDELTAKILLx - 2 години тому
Don’t forget Messi next time complex, CR7 is alright! Visca Barca
Ryder - 2 години тому
Jaguar Kaboom
Jaguar Kaboom - 2 години тому
You people are the biggest morons for supporting this metrosexed spanish dude.
Go get a job and get out of your mom's basement.
ayyoub - 2 години тому
here before 100m views
Madhan - 2 години тому
One of best player in football history... #CR7 ❤️
لقمان حسن شريف
لقمان حسن شريف - 2 години тому
Omg!! The guy has money!!!
Master Reactions
Master Reactions - 2 години тому
Damn those voice cracks
Phillip Leong
Phillip Leong - 2 години тому
It's in China. He just got sold a bunch of quality knock-offs.
Aidan Wesson
Aidan Wesson - 2 години тому
Do Lil Wayne
IV CRISPY VI - 2 години тому
For a soccer player he has a good taste for shoes
Teodor Recabarren
Teodor Recabarren - 3 години тому
Messi is better and it's not even comparable if you actually know anything about football.
Natasha van der Berg
Natasha van der Berg - 3 години тому
One Love
Viola Virgo
Viola Virgo - 3 години тому
Check video Cristiano ronaldo best road to juvebest
510kid9 - 3 години тому
Wow I was actually surprised by the prices, ticket at Stadium or Flight would have been twice more lol
Clouds - 3 години тому
Real Madrid
Real Madrid - 3 години тому
#1 Trending!
emanuel arzola
emanuel arzola - 3 години тому
Omar Aldosari
Omar Aldosari - 3 години тому
We miss you cr7 💔😪
fU Nk
fU Nk - 3 години тому
Here before 3million
야나두 - 3 години тому
Aryan Tamang TaeJinKook for life
Aryan Tamang TaeJinKook for life - 3 години тому
No.1 on trending in Nepal .
I'm Cr7 Fan .
I always be support wherever he goes .💜
#ForcaJuve_#ForcaPortugal 💕
Parth Singh
Parth Singh - 3 години тому
Jose Almonte
Jose Almonte - 3 години тому
Anyone else noticed the -$20,000 price cut? Must be nice lol
zed 4LYF
zed 4LYF - 3 години тому
This man can buy the entire complex company if he wants
Yorick Thiede
Yorick Thiede - 3 години тому
Nike React Element 87 only good shoe he picked
BM10 FC - 3 години тому
Ronaldo: This one
Chinese guy: Why?
Ronaldo: Cuz I think it’s great
That’s some next level logic
laurent56 bliss
laurent56 bliss - 3 години тому
Already 2M views!
Notorious JinX
Notorious JinX - 3 години тому
voice crack at 1:40 hahahaha
BM10 FC - 3 години тому
My mans didn’t know what’s to buy cuz he already has every shoe at home
Good Cars
Good Cars - 3 години тому
He cant get adidas
Brandon Barbosa
Brandon Barbosa - 3 години тому
Ronaldo once punched a teacher for making fun of his accent.
Cyborg Venom
Cyborg Venom - 3 години тому
He could have just bought the whole shop.. XD
Horonos - 3 години тому
Ronaldinio Live
Taylor Humby
Taylor Humby - 3 години тому
2nd best ever footballer🙏
Jackson Lopez
Jackson Lopez - 3 години тому
this might me their most viewed video
Ian Salmon
Ian Salmon - 3 години тому
What is nike
zizi izi
zizi izi - 3 години тому
i love the way he dont care when the cashier told him the price 😂
Tim Grain
Tim Grain - 3 години тому
I’m sorry who is this guy? I’ve never heard of him before
Teja Mulyo
Teja Mulyo - 3 години тому
SuperTungtong - 3 години тому
8:45 Im sure he doesn’t even know what the total is, he just pays. It’s good when you have fuck-you money.
nasser abdul mutall
nasser abdul mutall - 3 години тому
Bro holy shit Messi is so popular in china!
MrKill67 - 3 години тому
nasser abdul mutall 😂
A - 3 години тому
abdikarim osman yusuf
abdikarim osman yusuf - 3 години тому
Great Ronaldo