Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower

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Mike F
Mike F - 4 хвилини тому
I said on Yahoo that I love this guy and someone responded that something is wrong me
🙃 Imokwiththis
Giddy Nun
Giddy Nun - 36 хвилин тому
If i could like this twice I would 😍
Kyle Corleone
Kyle Corleone - Годину тому
Slim Jxmmi Got Left Off Sunflower Sigh
MS ATTITUDE - Годину тому
Unbelievable song love them both keep em coming
Players Stars
Players Stars - Годину тому
Cadê os brasileiros ???
Sofia Polska
Sofia Polska - Годину тому
Dilara Weekend
Dilara Weekend - Годину тому
Omg beautiful...
Monica Wilson
Monica Wilson - Годину тому
My morning jam!!
Evildog07 The GREAT
Evildog07 The GREAT - Годину тому
This songs great
Seth Amazing
Seth Amazing - 2 години тому
swae lee is realy talented for a teen
Annndhy - 2 години тому
Almost 10 millions subscribers 😍❤❤❤
João Fernandes
João Fernandes - 2 години тому Rock On!!!!
Lil Pump - Butterfly Doors
Lil Pump - Butterfly Doors - 2 години тому
😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎
😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎
😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎 😎😎
Carmen Coronado
Carmen Coronado - 2 години тому
Great duo please make more with post malone and swaelee
Mithun 4 Tech
Mithun 4 Tech - 2 години тому
Why do these rappers smoke a lot especially swae lee???
Pie de Limón
Pie de Limón - 2 години тому
Quién habla español¿ 🎧🎶🎵
alessandro marziano
alessandro marziano - 2 години тому
Fate paura 👑🔥
1000 subscribers without a video
1000 subscribers without a video - 2 години тому
Who watch repeat this songs
Ariel Carrillo
Ariel Carrillo - 4 години тому
This song makes my day a lil better.
Alia Pereira
Alia Pereira - 4 години тому
My baby Swae Lee😍
call me hey
call me hey - 4 години тому
Nice song ever
Jack Koffinke
Jack Koffinke - 4 години тому
im seeing a repeating trend of black and white themes in his music vids
Shadow_ LegendX
Shadow_ LegendX - 4 години тому
Ewww they smoke disgusting
Nerea Iznájar Blázquez
Nerea Iznájar Blázquez - 5 годин тому
es más corta que la de la película
Prince Ducky
Prince Ducky - 5 годин тому
great start of the year!
Katniss Wren
Katniss Wren - 5 годин тому
I’ve honestly always hated post Malone, but I think I’ve been converted now.
Teagan Knoll
Teagan Knoll - 5 годин тому
To see him getting down to grouplove and then to see him put those vibes on mainstream radio? Hell yeah
Lamia Mahpara
Lamia Mahpara - 5 годин тому
This song is as good as Guatemala by Swae and Psycho by Malone. Hear it being played at the gym every day. Also a top on my playlist. 💯
GabriCRAFT Gamer
GabriCRAFT Gamer - 5 годин тому
Jimmy Rosenberry
Jimmy Rosenberry - 5 годин тому
Auto tuned all the way lol
Dylan Gentry
Dylan Gentry - 5 годин тому
Bro i really want to make a song with them
danzin NIMOTV
danzin NIMOTV - 5 годин тому
ficou top
Kathrine Ailao
Kathrine Ailao - 6 годин тому
This is fire like hot raps come in every second
Janice Castillo
Janice Castillo - 6 годин тому
Ya know i just realised something. This is a very adult song when you look at the lyrics. She wamma ride me like a cruise? Yeah not for children. I'ts funny because its in a spiderman movie.
mjor rose
mjor rose - 6 годин тому
Luv you Post
mjor rose
mjor rose - 6 годин тому
You are hott oh u already knew that lol
mjor rose
mjor rose - 6 годин тому
Addicted song
mjor rose
mjor rose - 6 годин тому
Y'all funny n cute but the voice yeahhhh
mjor rose
mjor rose - 6 годин тому
That voice
mjor rose
mjor rose - 6 годин тому
He's too cute
Mads Bonde Frederiksen
Mads Bonde Frederiksen - 7 годин тому
Here before 10 mil subs and views👌💯
Dennis Pink
Dennis Pink - 7 годин тому
Great Song!
1337 - 8 годин тому
Only 2 minutes...
Sharon Elsa Edwin
Sharon Elsa Edwin - 8 годин тому
Christian Sanchez
Christian Sanchez - 8 годин тому
Does anyone know what the beats (headphones) are called, the ones they’re wearing? I would really love me a pair!
Jay - 8 годин тому
Damn nigga what a great song
INorwayI - 8 годин тому
Post malone's voice is just amazing
dg halimah
dg halimah - 9 годин тому
RIP Stan Lee
Marcc Navajo
Marcc Navajo - 9 годин тому
Damn, I hear this shit on the radio and thought that was Ty Dolla$ign😐
Janelle Camat
Janelle Camat - 9 годин тому
My sister hates this song come get her
Gucci Grande
Gucci Grande - 9 годин тому
*why did the song have to be so short 😩*
YvngElijahh - 9 годин тому
Maksim Tarasenko
Maksim Tarasenko - 9 годин тому
more autotune plz
Rawson Michael
Rawson Michael - 9 годин тому
Two G.O.A.T 🐐 🐐
Inkling of Games
Inkling of Games - 9 годин тому
Afiq Azman
Afiq Azman - 9 годин тому
this song is too short... it it's made for 6 bloody minutes it would be much better
Maricruz Matos
Maricruz Matos - 9 годин тому
That b.s. before the video is annoying af!
Kane D
Kane D - 10 годин тому
zdag aaa
zdag aaa - 10 годин тому
D ont stop rae
Egg Youtube Goal
Egg Youtube Goal - 10 годин тому
I knew I had heard this song before,ofcoure Spidermanverse
Xxjordan wolf GachaxX
Xxjordan wolf GachaxX - 11 годин тому
Spider man into the spider verse anyone
Jxss - 11 годин тому
this song reminds me of Vegas
Rivu Chakravarty
Rivu Chakravarty - 11 годин тому
This dude is 23 years old.
Sniperbrie No scopes
Sniperbrie No scopes - 11 годин тому
I love post Malone his voice is impeccable A+
I-GOT YO-BITCH - 11 годин тому
Post malone looks dumb HAHAHA😂😂😂#SPECIALBOY 👲
Joseph Ochoa
Joseph Ochoa - 11 годин тому
moepike moepike
moepike moepike - 11 годин тому
Wild Wes
Wild Wes - 12 годин тому
did anyone see the blunt
sym - 12 годин тому
I never thought I’d be obsessed with a swae lee or another post Malone song ( White Iverson was my shit for years but that’s it lol) this song is so chill and I just love how I feel when I listen to it.
Dre - 12 годин тому
Did post Malone cut his hair or am I’m tripping ? 😭
Amador Gonzalez
Amador Gonzalez - 12 годин тому
Glad to see swae lee finally get his recognition
Breanne Goby
Breanne Goby - 12 годин тому
Paulina Navarro
Paulina Navarro - 12 годин тому
Soy tan feliz escuchando esta canción ❤ Gracias.
Odin Seeberg
Odin Seeberg - 12 годин тому
ballzack57 - 12 годин тому
I want to hear this without autotune so badly.
Arnoud - 12 годин тому
I know this song ? its not new ?
David Houma
David Houma - 13 годин тому
Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson - 13 годин тому
Where’s the rest of Swae’s verse😢
Yasmin Sousa
Yasmin Sousa - 13 годин тому
Lindissimos♥ aff amo demais
Rolly Millares
Rolly Millares - 13 годин тому
great song
rebecca sticklee
rebecca sticklee - 13 годин тому
Loveee it
Christopher M. Diogo
Christopher M. Diogo - 13 годин тому
Nicole Israel
Nicole Israel - 13 годин тому
This song is waaaay toooo short!! 😣
god is GOOD
god is GOOD - 13 годин тому
Wait doesn't swae lee make music with another person please tell me im so confused.
Z andG
Z andG - 13 годин тому
Swae Lee deserves much more love on this song
corey johnson
corey johnson - 13 годин тому
stole this beat from Prince "Kiss"
Mr.E - 13 годин тому
I love this song so much, that I even made a mashup of it
Bofa - Годину тому
Mr.E u only made this comment to promote your mashup of it for views 😑
FBR Spider -gaming and more
FBR Spider -gaming and more - 13 годин тому
This song is how we solve world hunger and maintain the status quo
Trini Xjin
Trini Xjin - 14 годин тому
This song is so amazing and unexpected. So wholesome and rich. We need more gems like this.
Molly Freedom
Molly Freedom - 14 годин тому
kevin zhang
kevin zhang - 14 годин тому
HeyySouL - 14 годин тому
Swae Lee kind of looks like Dakota Skye am i wrong?
Angel Padilla
Angel Padilla - 14 годин тому
X Bomb
X Bomb - 14 годин тому
Make it longer
Johanne Immis
Johanne Immis - 14 годин тому
seahawker seattleite
seahawker seattleite - 14 годин тому
Catchy melody but what fuck is they saying? Auto tune taking over the music industry. No longer need singing skills to be a singer these days.
오고디르 - 14 годин тому
X ZZ - 14 годин тому
Unbroken Carnage
Unbroken Carnage - 14 годин тому
I hated you because she loved you. I'm sorry
Rose Maghsoodi
Rose Maghsoodi - 14 годин тому
It's fucking shit how do people like this