Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [2018 American Music Awards]

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Alapati Bentley
Alapati Bentley - 8 хвилин тому
Thought that Ciara gonna do better
But NO😎
Moody Libra
Moody Libra - 14 хвилин тому
Vera Widya
Vera Widya - 15 хвилин тому
You r dabes
Sergio Giron
Sergio Giron - 18 хвилин тому
Dreyanna Adams
Dreyanna Adams - 52 хвилини тому
she's making history...
Paula Andres Morales Gomez
Paula Andres Morales Gomez - 52 хвилини тому
Que joda la gente con los celulares no gozan..
Sam Sires
Sam Sires - Годину тому
This. Is. Awful. Can feel the catchy it the tune but actual talent wise. No.
Tina Faizaan
Tina Faizaan - Годину тому
Love cardi... She is bold and beautiful
Michaela Thames
Michaela Thames - Годину тому
That's was freaking epic
Michaela Thames
Michaela Thames - Годину тому
Love offset and quavo jamming
1 million=700$
13=91000$ YAY
Seguval Gdl
Seguval Gdl - Годину тому
Quién habrá en español😞porque yo soy de 🇲🇽
Digamen si te gusta esta cancion🎶
Miguel HR
Miguel HR - 54 хвилини тому
todos paran hablando ingles :'v
PAO LA - Годину тому
Caitlinicecream - Годину тому
Her dresses are iconic
Logan Howell
Logan Howell - Годину тому
✌❤.... wouldn't it be so cool to have a listening party in your small town, 1-2 times a week with fellow music lovers just chilling/listening to all kinds of random music that everyone shares? To anyone who's reading/interested...let's start a national, collaborative, interactional, and musical conversation that brings people together face to face. We will come out of our shells and put the phones aside and have a sense/feeling of importance. I hope someone is listening. This could be America's best unifier.... universal language
BRANDY D - Годину тому
Pure Hispanic and Trinidadian, bohemian culture! Live, vibrant, colorful, entertaining....fireworks!!!
news Musicallys
news Musicallys - Годину тому
Bad bunny el que lo lea

Cardi el q le dé like
suheyla afra
suheyla afra - Годину тому
You are my ❤️ HEART
XxJapixX YouTube Protagonist Irhfnir
XxJapixX YouTube Protagonist Irhfnir - Годину тому
And What?
Avi Montgomery
Avi Montgomery - 2 години тому
That man tho 😮
ALEJANDRO ADRIAN - 2 години тому
Cardi b Best nm
InfamousKevar - 2 години тому
Lil' miss Cutie
Lil' miss Cutie - 2 години тому
bad bunny j balvin and cardi was the best thing until black pink and Dua lipa still love this but Its now second fav sorry cardi luv ya
Mariana Garzon
Mariana Garzon - 2 години тому
I just realized J Balvin says "No salgo de tu mente, adonde viajas has escuchado MI GENTE." in his verse. THAT'S FIREEEEEEE !!!!!!!! I LOVE IT .
for those who don't speak spanish it means " I'm always on your mind, wherever you go you hear MI GENTE", his song.
TYO Employee
TYO Employee - 2 години тому
CAMILLO! jk I like cardi b better 😘
Brenda Dobre
Brenda Dobre - 2 години тому
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Ayee Latino Gangggg 😍😍😍😍😍😍 los quiero 😌
Paris Melvin
Paris Melvin - 2 години тому
That caucasian man at 3:25 acting like he ain’t never seen a wig slip before. 😂 They gave it all away with his facial expressions bc Cardi played that off well and the beautiful colors make it hard to see the mistake.
Donovan Burke a.k.a DJ Kmisberg
Donovan Burke a.k.a DJ Kmisberg - 2 години тому
Pretend not to look just cook.
MaliceWonderland88 - 3 години тому
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Did everyone miss 3:25... I couldn't stop laughing and 3:27 dude's reaction was priceless. I love Cardi though she just kept at it I don't think anyone notice.
FERRUSQUILLA a.a - 3 години тому
The mexican’s
Juan Antonio Hernandez Cid Del Prado
Juan Antonio Hernandez Cid Del Prado - 3 години тому
Odio está maldita canción
dancingonmy0wn - 3 години тому
. Fck trump and nationalism. We r the new religion, the latino gang🔥❤️
Adamaris Osorio
Adamaris Osorio - 3 години тому
#LatinoGang 👏🏽🔥🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷
Kaydence Zehner
Kaydence Zehner - 3 години тому
She really know how to put on a show i love her😂
jeanette rhoden
jeanette rhoden - 3 години тому
Yaaaassss biiiittttcccchhhhh!!!!!!
jay T
jay T - 3 години тому
Rather watch any other female they can rap and write a rap.
Hwer ambition is money, attention. Fact. Her passion is money, money is success, above all else. If she married a billionaire she wouldnt release another crap single but she would still be throwing high heels while her babies are at home.
Alberto Tilford
Alberto Tilford - 3 години тому
If you love card then like this post
tem game XD
tem game XD - 4 години тому
Casa Blanca Studio
Casa Blanca Studio - 4 години тому
LIKE si vinistes por j balvin I Like it Latino GAAAAg
Ross Ross
Ross Ross - 4 години тому
que asco que al bad bunny le llenen un escenario como si fuera musica de las bellas artes... por dios! a donde vamos a parar jajajajaja
Sori la jefa RD
Sori la jefa RD - 4 години тому
Me encanto 💖
Andrea Samaniego
Andrea Samaniego - 4 години тому
Best performance
Alberto Tilford
Alberto Tilford - 4 години тому
I'm a big fan of you and I always wanted to go to one of your performances but my family said I'm to Yung because I'm 9
Alberto Tilford
Alberto Tilford - 3 години тому
So I funny
Alberto Tilford
Alberto Tilford - 3 години тому
Hate it but I know all the songs of her I love her so much😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Alberto Tilford
Alberto Tilford - 4 години тому
I know
wtfjag1 - 4 години тому
Sharisma Lopez
Sharisma Lopez - 5 годин тому
Great show
Angelica Hinojosa
Angelica Hinojosa - 5 годин тому
Cardi what about new Mexico we want cardi to come
Boom Stricke
Boom Stricke - 5 годин тому
Para que más si ya tenemos a Nicki Minaj con Nicki basta y sobra esto es una copia "aunque la copia sea buena sigue siendo copia"
Delaney Fab
Delaney Fab - 5 годин тому
Notice how they bleep out b***h every time except when she spreads her legs in the beginning 😂 haha dude must of “forgot”
Rosario Martinez
Rosario Martinez - 5 годин тому
como mueve el culo la Dominicana😈😈😈😈 Demasiado dura😊
Sam Xi
Sam Xi - 5 годин тому
lol Cardi riding that bicycle at 2:06 like I'm outta here bitches hahaha😂✌
jocelin alvarez
jocelin alvarez - 5 годин тому
Buenisimo pero los unicos hay que cantaron como las weas definitivamente los reggeatoneros
La Victoria
La Victoria - 5 годин тому
Niki fuckin pissed after watching this 🤣😂
jennifer Arguelles
jennifer Arguelles - 5 годин тому
Damn she is getting more fane everyday
Jake Wilde
Jake Wilde - 5 годин тому
Now this is what you call CULTURE
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli - 6 годин тому
If you saw Camila Cabello like this Commet
pumpkin pie on the other side of the street mf
3:30 if this bitch doesn't become a meme
Sammy Wammy
Sammy Wammy - 6 годин тому
Omg I feel like cardi b just gave birth and look at that she looks better than ever bless you kulture and migos sorry if I spelt any of these name wrong #BARDIGANG
Alicia Fields
Alicia Fields - 6 годин тому
I loved this.. You did the damn thang. @ cardi B
Ada - 6 годин тому
*Nicki minaj has entered the chat to kick cardi's ass 😧

Don't come for me, this is MY opinion.
And comment sections are made for people to comment their opinions so Stfu ✋
Valentina Kiara
Valentina Kiara - 6 годин тому
Honestly idk why they wouldn’t let her be called bcardi cause look at how successful she is she would have brought them business
Reinaldo Tovar Canelon
Reinaldo Tovar Canelon - 6 годин тому
Amo esta cancion
Jesse Loza
Jesse Loza - 6 годин тому
Cardi didnt know how do use her hands.....
Angela H.GVevo
Angela H.GVevo - 6 годин тому
2:14 Fave part
Catherine3385 - 6 годин тому
3:06 G.Easy enjoying the show
nicolas anticona
nicolas anticona - 6 годин тому
Que tal entrada del Conejo Malo
Thiccy Queeny
Thiccy Queeny - 6 годин тому
3:26 - 3:31 *jaw drops* shook
Vic da queen 👑
Vic da queen 👑 - 6 годин тому
*Why does she has to be so perfect*
Andrea Garrido
Andrea Garrido - 6 годин тому
They killed it😍😘
Mandy Hh
Mandy Hh - 6 годин тому
Facial expressions at 1:23 love it
Adafel Quevedo
Adafel Quevedo - 7 годин тому
Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [2018 American Music Awards]
Yeah baby, I like it like that
You gotta believe me when I tell you
I said I like it like that
You gotta believe me when I tell you
I said I like it like
Now I like dollars, I like diamonds
I like stunting, I like shining
I like million dollar deals
Where's my pen? Bitch I'm signin'
I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks
I like going to the jeweler, I put rocks all in my watch
I like texts from my exes when they want a second chance
I like proving niggas wrong, I do what they say I can't
They call me Cardi Bardi, banging body
Spicy mami, hot tamale
Hotter than a Somali, fur coat, Ferrari
Hop out the stu', jump in the coupe (the coupe)
Big Dipper on top of the roof
Flexing on bitches as hard as I can
Eating halal, driving the Lam'
Told that bitch I'm sorry though
'Bout my coins like Mario (Mario)
Yeah they call me Cardi B, I run this shit like cardio
Oh, facts
Diamond district in the Jag' (I said I like it like that)
Certified, you know I'm gang, gang, gang, gang (I said I like it like)
Drop the top and blow the brains (I said I like it like that)
Oh he's so handsome, what's his name? (I said I like it)
Oh I need the dollars (I said I like it like that) (ch-ching)
Beat it up like piñatas (I said I like it like)
Tell the driver, close the curtains (I said I like it like that)
Bad bitch make him nervous (I said I like it)
Cardi B
Chambean, chambean, pero no jalan (¡jalan!)
Tú compras to'a las Jordan, bobo, a mí me las regalan (jejeje)
I spend in the club (wuh), what you have in the bank (yeh)
This is the new religion, bang, en latino gang, gang, yeh
Trato de hacer dieta (yeh)
Pero es que en el closet tengo mucha grasa (wuh)
Ya mude la Gucci pa' dentro de casa, yeh (¡wuh!)
Cabrón, a ti no te conocen ni en Plaza (no)
El Diablo me llama pero Jesucristo me abraza
Guerrero como Eddie, que viva la raza (yeh)
Me gustan boricuas, me gustan cubanas (rrr)
Me gusta el acento de las colombianas (¿qué hubo pues?)
Cómo mueve el culo la dominicana (¿qué lo que?)
Lo rico que me chingan las venezolanas (woo!)
Andamos activos, Perico Pin Pin (woo)
Billetes de cien en el maletín (ching)
Que retumbe el bajo, Bobby Valentin, yeh (boo)
Aquí es prohibido amar, diles Charytín
Que pa'l picor les tengo Claritin
Yo llego a la disco y se forma el motín (rrr)
Diamond district in the Jag' (I said I like it like that)
Bad Bunny, baby, be, be, be, be
Certified, you know I'm gang, gang, gang, gang (I said I like it like–)
Drop the top and blow the brains (I said I like it like that)
Oh he's so handsome, what's his name? (I said I like it)
Oh I need the dollars (I said I like it like that)
Beat it up like piñatas (I said I like it like)
Tell the driver, close the curtains (I said I like it like that)
Bad bitch make him nervous (I said I like it)
Como Celia Cruz tengo el azúcar (azúca')
Tu jeva me vio y se fue de pecho como Jimmy Snuka (ah)
Te vamos a tumbar la peluca
Y arranca pa'l carajo cabrón
Que a ti no te vo'a pasar la hookah (hookah, hookah)
Mis tenis Balenciaga, me reciben en la entrada (woo)
Pa-pa-pa-pa-razzi, like I'm Lady Gaga (woo)
Y no te me hagas (ey)
Que en cover de Billboard tú has visto mi cara (ey)
No salgo de tu mente
Donde quieras que viajes has escuchado "Mi Gente"
Yo no soy high (high), soy como el Testarossa ('rossa)
Soy el que se la vive y también el que la goza (goza, goza)
Es la cosa, mami es la cosa (cosa, cosa)
El que mira sufre y el que toca goza (goza, goza)
I said I like it like that
I said I like it like that (rrr)
I said I like it like that (woo)
I said I like it like that
Diamond district in the Jag (I said I like it like that)
Certified, you know I'm gang, gang, gang, gang (I said I like it like–)
Drop the top and blow the brains (I said I like it like that)
Oh he's so handsome, what's his name? (I said I like it)
eliza gray
eliza gray - 7 годин тому
Cardi looks so good with that hair
Uprise Music
Uprise Music - 7 годин тому
Listen to Blest Jones - Bad 🌎🌎🌎 Latino Gang
Serenity PlaysMSP
Serenity PlaysMSP - 7 годин тому
What an idol ❤️
Moon Wolfy
Moon Wolfy - 7 годин тому
Yes cardi b your the best
Nionna Walters
Nionna Walters - 7 годин тому
3:27 His face had me on the floor 😂😂😂
VaginalProtrusionOfTheCystFilledLabia Labia
Cardi B just created a cultural shock in music with this song. I bet you anything other singers are gonna catch onto it and go crazy with it
VaginalProtrusionOfTheCystFilledLabia Labia
i don't care if it's lip synced or not , this performance is fucking incredible. this is the best performance I've ever seen from the AMA's . hands down , she blew everyone away that night. the song, the performers , the visual effects , everything was so fucking perfect
aceber :v
aceber :v - 8 годин тому
No playback :')
I love it "i like it "
Yutsi Hernandez
Yutsi Hernandez - 8 годин тому
Shibepopx - 8 годин тому
CARDIovascular Bronchitis
Summy hch
Summy hch - 8 годин тому
Summy hch
Summy hch - 8 годин тому
sindy belizaire
sindy belizaire - 8 годин тому
That's how you sound when it's a live performance.... Y'all need to listen to more latin and Caribbean live musica....
Shootergamer 22
Shootergamer 22 - 8 годин тому
Cuantos españoles hay por aca?!
Cesar Burgos Cieza
Cesar Burgos Cieza - 8 годин тому
se que hay latinos hay huellas
queenB899 YT
queenB899 YT - 8 годин тому
It's like she used no voicetune! Omg
Sedigh Mk
Sedigh Mk - 8 годин тому
It's soo colorful wohoo
Normandy F
Normandy F - 9 годин тому
Great performance cardi B!!!!!!!!!!!
Yazmin Navarro
Yazmin Navarro - 9 годин тому
Damn this is better than any of nicki Minaj’s performances they all look lithe same
Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor - 9 годин тому
Martina Hild
Martina Hild - 9 годин тому
cardi is doing her fuckin thang!!! yasss bitch!! it’s you're time!!
angie_mfd - 9 годин тому
3:26 your welcome
Kaitlynn xoxo
Kaitlynn xoxo - 9 годин тому
NightlyMedal LP
NightlyMedal LP - 9 годин тому
this is one of the most fun performances i ever saw
Kaitlynn xoxo
Kaitlynn xoxo - 9 годин тому
oMGGGG CARD I LOVE YOUUUU!!! (her songs)
Sarah Moyo
Sarah Moyo - 9 годин тому
team Nicki
Unnie Parkkk
Unnie Parkkk - 9 годин тому
I like it
I like it
*J BALVIN* ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Luis Segura
Luis Segura - 9 годин тому
Cardi B feat. TenShinHan & J Balvin :v
Grace Maloba
Grace Maloba - 9 годин тому
Did anyone else see offset and camila
DJ MERF - 9 годин тому
3:28 “Holy sh*t”
антон чувинов
антон чувинов - 9 годин тому
It is so bad, insane