Uncle Murda | 50 Cent | 6ix9ine | Casanova - "Get The Strap" (Official Music Video)

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Aka - 3 години тому
Nice track
BREEZY JUNIOR - 6 годин тому
50 and cassanova could do a joint mixtape
wingallo wingallomy
wingallo wingallomy - 6 годин тому
Dj whoo kid ggggggg unit let’s go 50 cent
Malachi Alrick
Malachi Alrick - 6 годин тому
Mustafa hamed
Mustafa hamed - 7 годин тому
kings of the rap
Safi Cheir
Safi Cheir - 8 годин тому
50 cent you're too legend to work with these who call themselves rappers
Safi Cheir
Safi Cheir - 8 годин тому
Can I have this song without 6ixnine?
murder323 - 8 годин тому
Uncle murder sounds like tony yayo 😁
meded moon
meded moon - 9 годин тому
I can't believe a song that isn't trap actually has 44 million views.. Fucking awesome, there is still hope.
Dennis Zuckerman
Dennis Zuckerman - 12 годин тому
I know most say 69 part is weak but think about it.... his part was straight disrespectful and would make a person want to ‘get the strap’🤔... thus the chorus... I think it fits.... 50 killed it🔥🔥🔥🔥
CZK XD - 12 годин тому
Sakunsila Duangkaew
Sakunsila Duangkaew - 14 годин тому
Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan - 16 годин тому
This is gonna be in the next fast and furious 🔥
Les 3 Taches
Les 3 Taches - 16 годин тому
Rahdia Stenson
Rahdia Stenson - 17 годин тому
6ix9ine wholeeee part pissed me off like who starts a verse saying "iight so boom first off" like whaaaat the fuck 😂😂
Landon Williams
Landon Williams - 17 годин тому
Should be in fortnite
Landon Williams
Landon Williams - 17 годин тому
Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☄️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Petnye Bromfield
Petnye Bromfield - 18 годин тому
Casanova looks like a chocolate twinkie with a tec
Nuggetssocool !!!!!!
Nuggetssocool !!!!!! - 18 годин тому
Man this song so lit 🔥 cuz popping this hard
KREISH - 20 годин тому
check me out opening up for an uncle murda show in the bronx!
Davion Jones
Davion Jones - 20 годин тому
50 cent part is to dope 🔥 🔥
Kevin Reyes
Kevin Reyes - 22 години тому
He definately snitched out in order to rent out that NYPD cruiser
East Eagle
East Eagle - День тому
This is 69 least views video that his involved in and yet it’s some of these artist hottest video or the moment it brought them clout
GlockWitDaBeam - День тому
Fuck blue face and his father for bustin a nut in that bitch and having him
GlockWitDaBeam - День тому
6ix9ine that nigga go hard
Willem Holleeder
Willem Holleeder - День тому
TALOHER X - День тому
50 cent bro. INSANE
tyler Aaron
tyler Aaron - День тому
Is there a remix without the mexican girl?
NYJetzz - День тому
All I see is he's white teeth, nothing more nothing less
Saajidh tv
Saajidh tv - День тому
Dmx should’ve been on dis song
Bandjan Korouma
Bandjan Korouma - День тому
50 is legend come back again
congressman12 - День тому
So I scrolled through the comments and noticed that nobody said anything about the chief keef diss.
Ilyas Kacar
Ilyas Kacar - День тому
Would be better without 6ix9ine
Kevin Gonzalo Linares Linares
Kevin Gonzalo Linares Linares - День тому
GANGSTER KID😎😎😎😎🔊🔊🔊🎧🎚️🚔🚔😍😍😍
K-Cinema's HungryGrudge
K-Cinema's HungryGrudge - День тому
6ix9ine’s Verse on 1.25 speed
cyprus mafia1312
cyprus mafia1312 - День тому
saluti dalla bellissima Cipro perfetti
Sarah Michelle Simmons
Sarah Michelle Simmons - День тому
Is this the Aftermath???
Dr. Deadly
Dr. Deadly - День тому
1:10 is what your looking for
Jason Lankford
Jason Lankford - День тому
50 still spit hot shit
kalvin rogers
kalvin rogers - День тому
50 killed that shit
Smae The Kid
Smae The Kid - День тому
“this song makes me want to play on my wii without the safety strap...”
Casanova Spider Diamonds
Casanova Spider Diamonds - День тому
fucking Wack ass Bunk Bullshit stop it already Shits poison to my earlobes.. only thing old boy is poping is pimples on his Bunkies Back hhhhaaaaa 🤢🤢🤢💀💀💀
RobinHood047 - День тому
50 was way better before
JuanCa RM
JuanCa RM - День тому
JuanCa RM
JuanCa RM - День тому
Esto Si es TRAP🔥🔥🎶
balplanet uk
balplanet uk - День тому
2019 gang get the strap like
Kshitij Prasai
Kshitij Prasai - День тому
50 a GOAT.
Javeilmundo Tamayo
Javeilmundo Tamayo - День тому
Hitz like top #1
Lance Ryder Wilson
Lance Ryder Wilson - День тому
Can't believe 50 cent did a song with 6ix9ine.
UPTOP BOSS - День тому
6ix9ine real bad
Lil Kakaroto
Lil Kakaroto - День тому
roblox online daters police
roblox online daters police - 2 дні тому
50 Cent is famous from almost 20 years and he is still alive
XXXTentacion is famous from 3 years and he is died
Joemoney 407
Joemoney 407 - 2 дні тому
Forever Immortal
Forever Immortal - 2 дні тому
Soo underrated
Rubino Jansson 4A Viktoriaskolan
Rubino Jansson 4A Viktoriaskolan - 2 дні тому
love 69 and 50
Adrian Tuck
Adrian Tuck - 2 дні тому
Wow Casanova rolling with crips and 69 rolling with bloods why,, sooo confused don't make sense
Mukoro Oweh, Jr.
Mukoro Oweh, Jr. - 2 дні тому
Fuckin FiRE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
tyron Mo
tyron Mo - 2 дні тому
I think they sent 69 a different beat by mistake to rhyme on
CHRENSHAW MAFIA - 2 дні тому
This song made me rob myself
Sairaj - 2 дні тому
you gotta admit 6ix9ine's part is fire af
Uzi XP
Uzi XP - 2 дні тому
WHy this not on gta 5
GREEN GOB1iiN - 2 дні тому
This hard as fuck
Juantacos - 2 дні тому
GTA 6 be like...
Eliktro Karam
Eliktro Karam - 2 дні тому
50 cent is stak with kids
David ortiz
David ortiz - 2 дні тому
bich 50cent ft69
Cristhian Osorio
Cristhian Osorio - 2 дні тому
Was that 69 ride to jail ?
Bryant〽 - 2 дні тому
“Biggie Gets It”
Miguel Zaragoza
Miguel Zaragoza - 2 дні тому
I dont like how you actin crip😂😂😂😂
And 1
And 1 - 2 дні тому
If 69 had better lines he would be so much better
adham fathi
adham fathi - 2 дні тому
#free6ix9ine 🙏🏽 #longlivelegend50Cent 🔥
Charlie Milburn
Charlie Milburn - 2 дні тому
1:58 thank me later
Juan Youngboy
Juan Youngboy - 2 дні тому
Free 6ix9ine
Иван Александров
Иван Александров - 2 дні тому
69😎 привет из России
Cody Smith
Cody Smith - 2 дні тому
Only 50 cent could fit 4 people in a 3 minute song.
New Work
New Work - 2 дні тому
mp legend15
mp legend15 - 2 дні тому
Was here for 50. Casanova a mean soundin nicca
Mikael Nelson
Mikael Nelson - 2 дні тому
I actually thought 69 was pretty fire in this
Stephanie B
Stephanie B - 2 дні тому
This shit beautiful
Radu 752
Radu 752 - 2 дні тому
nacho review
nacho review - 2 дні тому
y asi liberaron a 69
XL318 X
XL318 X - 2 дні тому
Video is sick
Ray Chow
Ray Chow - 2 дні тому
50 Cent King of NY Tekashi 69 Rainbow Dash twisted cousin.
Candi Brower
Candi Brower - 3 дні тому
Still waiting for you too come home 😭❤💔
JDottDees Tv
JDottDees Tv - 3 дні тому
This song has one of the hardest bars of the century: " I am not Gang Gang, I do not Gang bang. But play me like I'm pussy and I'll pull up and *bang bang* "
JDottDees Tv
JDottDees Tv - 3 дні тому
Any one else just skip the 69 parts?
JDottDees Tv
JDottDees Tv - День тому
+Uncle Ruckus That's cool! But erm yeah, *ribbit*
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus - День тому
*any one else just skip to the 69 parts? ( jk. but i like his part fr)
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor - 3 дні тому
Not the biggest fan of a lot of the new artists, but 69 is pretty good, sounds good with 50 too
Raz the Lordgamer
Raz the Lordgamer - 3 дні тому
Best song
Milos Miladinovic
Milos Miladinovic - 3 дні тому
6six predict himself in a cop car
Артём Ниронский
Артём Ниронский - 3 дні тому
America n1
Lee Hughes
Lee Hughes - 3 дні тому
50 cent cancelled out the bit of 6ix9ine mumble rap now like 50 said go get the strap . And fill up the whole clips and murder all this mumble rap blow all there backs out till they black out . Bang bang !! we'll stand side by side wit a over and under God dam that shotgun bangs like thunder ! .. 🧢✌💥💥💥💥
Dylan Beddows
Dylan Beddows - 3 дні тому
Бектасов Султан
Бектасов Султан - 3 дні тому
69 ахуено зачитал
BREEZY JUNIOR - 3 дні тому
More subscribers then a lot of artists, not as many views. I hate change lol, get the STRAP
alfredddo 15
alfredddo 15 - 3 дні тому
Daniel Marte
Daniel Marte - 3 дні тому
I pray i dont go to jail
Aaron St.Michel
Aaron St.Michel - 3 дні тому
Free 69
Jalen Buckets
Jalen Buckets - 3 дні тому
69 really ruined this shit🤣🤣🤣
Nasir Jones
Nasir Jones - 3 дні тому
6ix9ine's the worst rapper of all time
DeVaron Leassear
DeVaron Leassear - 3 дні тому
they be crying and swinging about 13 seconds into my freestyle
bobbie thomas
bobbie thomas - 3 дні тому
69 is lame....its all money.50 knows 69 aint real.riding on a cop car,what does that mean?hes he snitching on his crew.blood blood blood.....fuck a gang member.cowards.they got a place for yall...called the feds.50 get that money and run,business investments.all these dudes talking about banging aint done nothing but 50.rick ross ass studio gangstaz.and snoop is fake too. i aint apologizing to noboby....for real.