Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake

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Ya Ya Boi
Ya Ya Boi - Годину тому
Everything Drake touches turns into gold
Baban Rares
Baban Rares - Годину тому
lame as shit
iMeeky_ - Годину тому
Drake is a sheep
1300 Melathono
1300 Melathono - Годину тому check out my music please, spread the word.
Dhirav Patel
Dhirav Patel - Годину тому
Was decent until Travis started whatever he was doing
Vanessa Morgan
Vanessa Morgan - Годину тому
so goooood
- BSlap2TheFace -
- BSlap2TheFace - - Годину тому
“And they chokin', man, know the crackers wish it was a noose” stuff like this is why we can’t evolve as a society
Blaž Fifa7
Blaž Fifa7 - Годину тому
this video is out of this world🔥
Artin Eskandari
Artin Eskandari - Годину тому
Fuck drake
Rim - Годину тому
wow wow wow
Peter Dwor
Peter Dwor - Годину тому
Switch up is 🔥🔥
Горячая Картошка
Горячая Картошка - Годину тому
Ryan Pierce
Ryan Pierce - Годину тому
Lets all thank Travis Scott the creator of this amazing piece for such a great music video!.
cheese cheese
cheese cheese - Годину тому
Drake is overrated dont @ me😑
This is such a great record!! 😩👌🏾
Mahir K
Mahir K - Годину тому
Thank god eminem is back. These guys are bunch of rookies
Dinadi - Годину тому
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Dinadi - Годину тому
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Siyah Peynir
Siyah Peynir - Годину тому
Taj MxLeod
Taj MxLeod - Годину тому
should of got cole to edit this but allg
Siyah Peynir
Siyah Peynir - Годину тому
Dinadi - Годину тому
Get 10 000 dollars now! Come on ! !
FronkeyPineapple Gracelewis
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Beats r so fucking sikr
Dinadi - Годину тому
Get 10 000 dollars now! Come on ! !
Teratoma彡 Prod.
Teratoma彡 Prod. - Годину тому
Culture vulture drake stealing Dex's(Japan) and Carti's(Woke up like this) flow 👏👏👏👏
Dinadi - Годину тому
Get 10 000 dollars now! Come on ! !
Jack Castillo
Jack Castillo - Годину тому
Wait ... Beyoncé also featured an eclipse in her visuals in recent live performance
Luca s
Luca s - Годину тому
this whole song is ncjsndjsjsjsj
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This video clip is obnoxiously good lol
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Stream this Summer's biggest Album
Ultimate Shinobi
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Poke' Vlogs
Poke' Vlogs - Годину тому
This is why weed shouldn’t be legal in some states
Tenzin Smith
Tenzin Smith - Годину тому
Love the color palette in this video. Look at the beginning, where Drake matches the background perfectly
b.cage - Годину тому
Sucks more dick than young buck.
Also, as im a cracker, I dont wish your gold chain was a noose. I just wish you'd stop crying about white people being mean 😣 when you know you're racist af faggot.
Joao Saraiva
Joao Saraiva - Годину тому
congratulations from Portugal, the best music in the world
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali - Годину тому
Dra.. you are fucking shit 👎
TIME PASSS - Годину тому
new song MERA GHATA.
Meida Slibinskaitė
Meida Slibinskaitė - Годину тому
those glow in the dark eyes look like from ‘the first purge’
or i am the only one?
furious lord
furious lord - Годину тому
No credit for swae lee
Serendipity Epiphany
Serendipity Epiphany - Годину тому
What does sicko mode mean!
eva eva
eva eva - Годину тому
I guess it was filmed in his own universe aka astroworld
John Paul
John Paul - Годину тому
Lit as the track itself
張評超 - Годину тому
Little Giant
Little Giant - Годину тому
Gimme the lööp
CJD - Годину тому
2 songs in one.. love itt
Blox Team
Blox Team - Годину тому
Stoned Bro
Stoned Bro - Годину тому
nice music but you are pussies not gangsters
Ahmed Nahshal
Ahmed Nahshal - Годину тому
This video is drugs
whaleiam doby
whaleiam doby - Годину тому
Vulgar Reality
Vulgar Reality - Годину тому
This video is like what it is like to be on cocaine
Cosmoxyz - Годину тому
Guess the song challenge anyone?
Yeet Yeet boi.
Yeet Yeet boi. - Годину тому
Top ten most emotional anime crossovers
Nicklas Pedersen
Nicklas Pedersen - Годину тому
3:01 jump scare
T-RAWW - Годину тому
Girl @ 2:40?
Mark 'Nutted' Wiens
Mark 'Nutted' Wiens - Годину тому
My proudest fap 💦
Thelonious Burt
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F X R T U N Ɛ ッ
F X R T U N Ɛ ッ - Годину тому
Someone made me smoke weed before seeing this...
ChazzCJ - Годину тому
lmao you thought there was a hair on your screen, didn’t you?
SolarCasanova - Годину тому
This is why I don't like to listen to rap music.
Ninja - Годину тому
Like If I Tricked You!

Read more
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Karan malhi
Karan malhi - Годину тому
Travis is one of the most iconic video makers
emanuel xherahu
emanuel xherahu - Годину тому
Th Bstn
Th Bstn - Годину тому
But like fr both trims look freshhh 🔥
John Druv
John Druv - Годину тому
Thicc bitches, hit me up in the dms with your ass pics
Ronnie Hd Vevo
Ronnie Hd Vevo - Годину тому
3:27 to 3:33
Loftt Far
Loftt Far - Годину тому
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the *Swae Lee* cameo
Luka XD
Luka XD - Годину тому
Before 10mil Squad! ☝️
Bad Land 013
Bad Land 013 - Годину тому
I don't get why this video doesn't have a lot views
Melanie H.
Melanie H. - Годину тому
Hot Tracks/Beats I enjoyed today🔥
1. Sicko Mode
2. MC Smook - Scherben
3. Tory Lanez x Meek - Drip
FaddyBWDF - Годину тому
I like this 2nd one. 👍🏻
Mira G.
Mira G. - Годину тому
Melanie H. 🔥🔥🔥
Mari B
Mari B - Годину тому
Video is 🔥 I like weird, different, not afraid to go outside the box visuals like this or something like Odd Futures Rella. That video was wild.
SKiN - Годину тому
This shit edited by FlyingKittyy
Loftt Far
Loftt Far - Годину тому
This must have been a bitch to edit,

Worth it though 👌
Marco L' Genius
Marco L' Genius - 2 години тому
Thats music video is so sick
JustinBieberVEVO - 2 години тому
0:47 it like air drop In PUBG 😂😂😂😂😂
kely ntotsi
kely ntotsi - 2 години тому
0:40 who ever lands there has the best loot in the game...
JustinBieberVEVO - 2 години тому
0:47 So many air drops land there this is incredible 😙😙😙😙😙
Shane Denton
Shane Denton - 2 години тому
Listen I'm a nigga myself and I'm getting sick of nigga's acting like we ain't the most praised race in 2018 like we turned into white people at this point and we still running around doing this shit like this. It's fine to have black pride or just pride in your skin but damn this shit cringe cause Travis acting like we just got off slavery. Damn😂😂
JustinBieberVEVO - 2 години тому
[Part I]
[Intro: Drake]
Astro, yeah
Sun is down, freezin' cold
That's how we already know winter's here
My dawg would probably do it for a Louis belt
That's just all he know, he don't know nothin' else
I tried to show 'em, yeah
I tried to show 'em, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Goin' on you with the pick and roll
Young La Flame, he in sicko mode
[Part II]
[Verse 1: Travis Scott & The Notorious B.I.G.]
Woo, made this here with all the ice on in the booth
At the gate outside, when they pull up, they get me loose
Yeah, Jump Out boys, that's Nike boys, hoppin' out coupes
This shit way too big when we pull up give me the loot
(Gimme the loot!)
Was off the Remy, had a Papoose
Had to hit my old town to duck the news
Two four hour lockdown, we made no moves
Now it's 4 AM and I'm back up poppin' with the crew
I just landed in, Chase B mix this pop like Jamba Juice
Different colored chains, think my jeweler really sellin' fruits
And they chokin', man, know the crackers wish it was a noose
[Bridge: Big Hawk & Swae Lee]
Some—some—some, someone said
To win the retreat, we all in too deep
Pl—pl—playin' for keeps, don't play us for weak (Someone said)
To win the retreat, we all in too deep
Pl—pl—playin' for keeps, don't play us for weak
[Verse 2: Travis Scott, Swae Lee & Uncle Luke]
Yeah, this shit way too formal, y'all know I don’t follow suit
Stacey Dash, most of these girls ain't got a clue
All of these o's I made off records I produced
I might take all my exes and put 'em all in a group
Hit my eses, I need the bootch
'Bout to turn this function to Bonnaroo
Told her "Hop in, you comin' too"
In the 305, bitches treat me like I'm Uncle Luke
(Don't stop, pop that pussy!)
Had to slop the top off, it's just a roof, uh
She said "Where we goin'?" I said "The moon"
We ain't even make it to the room
She thought it was the ocean, it's just the pool
Now I got her open, it's just the Goose
Who put this shit together? I'm the glue (Someone said)
[Bridge: Travis Scott, Big Hawk, & Swae Lee]
Shorty FaceTimed me out the blue
Someone said
Pl—playin' for keeps
Someone said, motherfucker—someone said
Don't play us for weak
[Part III]
[Intro: Travis Scott & Drake]
Astro, yeah, yeah
Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up
Ayy, ayy
[Chorus: Drake & Travis Scott]
She's in love with who I am
Back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance (Yeah)
Now I hit the FBO with duffels in my hands
I did half a Xan, 13 hours 'til I land
Had me out like a light, ayy, yeah
Like a light, ayy, yeah
[Verse 3: Drake, Travis Scott & Sheck Wes]
Like a light, ayy
Slept through the flight, ayy
Knocked for the night, ayy, 767, man
This shit got double bedroom, man
I still got scores to settle, man
I crept down the block (Down the block)
Made a right (Yeah, right)
Cut the lights, (Yeah, what) paid the price (Yeah)
Niggas think it's sweet, (Nah, never) it's on sight (Yeah, what?)
Nothin' nice, (Yeah) baguettes in my ice (Aw, man)
Jesus Christ, (Yeah) checks over stripes (Yeah)
That's what I like, (Yeah) that's what we like (Yeah)
Lost my respect, you not a threat
When I shoot my shot, that shit wetty like I'm Sheck (Bitch!)
See the shots that I took, (Ayy) wet like I'm Book (Ayy)
Wet like I'm Lizzie
I be spinnin' Valley, circle blocks 'til I'm dizzy (Yeah, what?)
Like where is he? (Yeah, what?)
No one seen him (Yeah, yeah)
I'm tryna clean 'em (Yeah)
[Chorus: Drake & Travis Scott]
She's in love with who I am
Back in high school, I used to bus it to the dance
Now I hit the FBO with duffels in my hands (Woo!)
I did half a Xan, thirteen hours 'til I land
Had me out like a light (Like a light)
Like a light (Like a light)
Like a light (Like a light)
Like a light
[Verse 4: Travis Scott]
Yeah, passed the dawgs a celly
Sendin' texts, ain't sendin' kites, yeah
He said "Keep that on lock"
I say "You know this shit, it's stife," yeah
It's absolute, yeah (Yeah) I'm back, reboot (It's lit!)
LaFerrari to Jamba Juice, yeah (Skrrt, skrrt)
We back on the road, they jumpin' off, no parachute, yeah
MISTER DODO - 2 години тому
Editing and visual is dope
Pewdiepie died from ligma
Pewdiepie died from ligma - 2 години тому
Whoelse thinks that this is the most lit music video you've ever seen?💯💥💯💥💯💥💯💥💯
Robert - 2 години тому
already watched it 10k times. broke my replay button
youtube movies
youtube movies - 2 години тому
which beat do you want... tavis ''ama take all
Erica Diamond
Erica Diamond - 2 години тому
Love the video
Luthfi Badri
Luthfi Badri - 2 години тому
Sponsored by JAMBA JUICE
Lunga Mgqatsa
Lunga Mgqatsa - 2 години тому
JustinBieberVEVO - 2 години тому

Travis Scott


SerGe - 2 години тому
Why is this so good????
nahomi - 2 години тому
this song makes me want to bake butter and dip it into bread
Orane Wright
Orane Wright - 2 години тому
Visuals are crazy
Mr Ramirez
Mr Ramirez - 2 години тому
I likes
Pickle Warrior
Pickle Warrior - 2 години тому
Subscribe to DyN_ForCe pls
Soundwave Music
Soundwave Music - 2 години тому
This music video is so trippy
oppilif 92
oppilif 92 - 2 години тому
Simon Lund Adsersen
Simon Lund Adsersen - 2 години тому
4:36 - 4:38 LiT
charlie tinn
charlie tinn - 2 години тому
Ejsap Roki
Ejsap Roki - 2 години тому
Sokół pierwszy jechał po Warszawie na koniu.
Next Jay
Next Jay - 2 години тому
Producer: What effects do you want?
Travis: Yes
Egor Borisov
Egor Borisov - 2 години тому
Awesome production of the video. BUT I'M FUCKING SICK OF PUMPING ASSES, AND THAT'S ALL ABOUT IT! FUCK MODERN MUSIC INDUSTRY. GO TO HELL. Glam perv generation. Have fun.
Megha Bakshi
Megha Bakshi - 2 години тому
This video is EVERYTHING! #yes
Zi9makin6 - 2 години тому
This song is so freggen good. Qualitywise it´s just so gawdddamn good! I feel like it´s a modern version of a Pink Floyd song! And this music video is DOPE AF
Subscribe Me For No Reason
Subscribe Me For No Reason - 2 години тому
This song made me want to wear the wear the car and drive the seatbelt
The Besties
The Besties - 2 години тому
Drake you need a break from making songs...u got too many now ok?
Xxx Peep
Xxx Peep - 2 години тому