How To Start A Sneaker Collection! How To Be A Sneakerhead

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Florina Petean
Florina Petean - 6 днів тому
Started with JORDAN 1S! 💪💪
Green Tea Hot Wings
Green Tea Hot Wings - 12 днів тому
This video is high key motivational to get what you like.
Isa Abdur-Rahman
Isa Abdur-Rahman - 25 днів тому
when he was like ayysix i was like whaaa it took me like 10 seconds to realize he was talkiing about axis
Jumeen Piacinto
Jumeen Piacinto - 2 місяці тому
Im into vans . Got 4 pairs in a day
XXunknownsavageXX - 3 місяці тому
I wanna be one I’m 13 but my mom won’t buy me shoes
Destrey Ventura
Destrey Ventura - 3 місяці тому
I’m a girl and have size 6 in men.. nothing fits me because the smallest sizes are 8 or 9
Giovanni Flores
Giovanni Flores - 3 місяці тому
Speech at beginning made me sub.
Felix Henson
Felix Henson - 4 місяці тому
Good job mike! 👍🏼🐐
HaL Moss
HaL Moss - 4 місяці тому
I’m knew to sneakers and they have Jordan 1s on the Nike store there not the originals are they worth buying and re selling
Daniel Chew Daxy
Daniel Chew Daxy - 4 місяці тому
Why does he look like azerz
Christian Emory
Christian Emory - 4 місяці тому
What about StockX and GOAT? I know the retail on them are ridiculous but are they legit?
Trap 4 Thr33 #MyNameisDarrell
Trap 4 Thr33 #MyNameisDarrell - 5 місяців тому
I just buy what I like honestly if it’s dope I cop period
Carl Bronk
Carl Bronk - 5 місяців тому
OpTiCcRoWn - 5 місяців тому
I'm not hating, but why are you so close to the camera? i feel like I'm have sex with you right now.
State Rewind
State Rewind - 6 місяців тому
Ice is crunchy water
Ice is crunchy water - 6 місяців тому
If you guys still want to know some ways to get money for sneakers theres a video on my channel with 10 ways to make money , if you want to check it out
Pepe Boi
Pepe Boi - 7 місяців тому
Bruh, I dont have a nike outlet where I live.
Pepe Boi
Pepe Boi - 7 місяців тому
I have a Payless shoe store
Michael Hogan
Michael Hogan - 7 місяців тому
This video is the TRUTH and keep up the HARD WORK Bro. 👍👌
Joan Huber
Joan Huber - 8 місяців тому
Lol I'm a kid and want to start a collection I have no money but my grandma buys me Jordan's so far I have two pairs
Mickey Okafor
Mickey Okafor - 8 місяців тому
I like this dude I appreciate the page
Service Taken
Service Taken - 8 місяців тому
Bro i am in love with the nmds r1s and r2s but they are all $150 or more. And im on 15 but i cant get paid so im trying to do youtube so please go sub and like the videos
JJTHEGOAT 22 - 8 місяців тому
Im 13 and save up and my budget is $200 and under and get a new pair every 2 months
Omarz Alahmad
Omarz Alahmad - 8 місяців тому
I bought Jordan 2 thunder blue for only $45 on goat STEAL!!!
The Book Of Junie
The Book Of Junie - 8 місяців тому
Check out my sneaker collection 🏘
The Conman
The Conman - 8 місяців тому
Is legit?
SAVAGE_GAMING2005 - 9 місяців тому
I start of with black huranches
KVNG QUIN - 9 місяців тому
I like Nike air's Jordan's to me are overrated no offense
Evan Braddock
Evan Braddock - 9 місяців тому
Crocs are fucking dope
Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson - 9 місяців тому
I'm just getting into sneaker collecting and really like the new Vapormax plus's ..... people seem to either love em or hate em but today I finally gave in and got my first pair "the triple white" .... would love to collect all the colourways but they're churning them out so fast ......
Fr0st Caliber
Fr0st Caliber - 9 місяців тому
thanks man im savin up for the silver billets
It’s Just Lauren
It’s Just Lauren - 9 місяців тому
I got $84 worth of Jordans at the Nike store and they are awesome
Chris Banks
Chris Banks - 10 місяців тому
I'm rocking Jordan 12s French blue
Chris Banks
Chris Banks - 10 місяців тому
U really helped me thx
rayraytut11 - 10 місяців тому
Can't stop watching intro 😂
Ticho Plays
Ticho Plays - 10 місяців тому
i like the Jordan 1's bred black&red alot :o they are fire
George MD
George MD - 10 місяців тому
Great speech
Andres Olivella.C
Andres Olivella.C - 10 місяців тому
Cuba Gooding Jr.Jr.
Adam Crowe
Adam Crowe - 10 місяців тому
I got 3 yeezys finally someone thinks a ain’t crazy
James - 11 місяців тому
Ayeeee the Nike outlet
RipeJustice - 11 місяців тому
My first shoe I bought myself were all white Air Jordan 1 retro
XMOD RRP - 11 місяців тому
My first pair of Jordan’s were 12 Flu Games
100 laughs
100 laughs - 11 місяців тому
I like low cut shoes
Ethan Elliott
Ethan Elliott - 11 місяців тому
Gayest name of a video ever
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia - 11 місяців тому
I can’t get a job for another year! It really gets me mad
Brad Waite
Brad Waite - 11 місяців тому
Really really yeah
420 fOrTnItE bAtTlLe RoYaLe mLg lEl GeT rEkT
420 fOrTnItE bAtTlLe RoYaLe mLg lEl GeT rEkT - 11 місяців тому
I just started getting in to sneakers. I have 3 pairs of j's, am I a sneakerhead?
Kobe - Рік тому
I'm looking to start my collection with something from 100-300 any suggestions? ???
Yung0dd God
Yung0dd God - Рік тому
I hear Kyle in the back round
Funky Nate
Funky Nate - Рік тому
I am buying my dads size shoes for a sneaker collection because I know I will be that size one day
renzzie _
renzzie _ - Рік тому
JaYdEn LaRsOn
JaYdEn LaRsOn - Рік тому
Is real
Isaiah Gamache
Isaiah Gamache - Рік тому
That j. Cole at the end tho🤙🏻👌🏼
Isaiah Gamache
Isaiah Gamache - Рік тому
Hey guys what were your first “heat” shoe? Mine was purple and orange lebron 12 lows
Cowboy Dan
Cowboy Dan - Рік тому
Wait who needs a paper route to save up for a pair of fucking sneakers? The average prices even after you factor in reselling might be like 200ish. Get a second job and you get that shit in a week or two even working part time, no? C'mon. Nobody can't afford most sneakers unless you're buying some stupid hypebeast yeezy shit that can only be bought for resell at like 10000 because why not. lol
Moowki - Рік тому
Fuck man this was actually really inspiring :0
Kyle Ward
Kyle Ward - Рік тому
Man, Delta Force's are freakin dope
Jeff LaFlare
Jeff LaFlare - Рік тому
I like boost shoes, I gaot my first ultras this year, looking forward to buying nmds now
DailyHustleIsrael - Рік тому
1AppleofEden - Рік тому
What do ya'll think about the JORDON XX's, the high and LOWS... I have those mustard-colored highs, MINT condition... and several pairs of the lows which are TRULY like walking on a cloud... *I'm old-school and still have my original JORDON #1's, in the Original color... and in the Baby-Blue. Are the XX lows and the #1 Jordons in that Carolina Blue still available today?
Jorge Mwnd
Jorge Mwnd - Рік тому
do u where all those sneakers or u jus collect?
Patrick Ellison
Patrick Ellison - Рік тому
Need some help!!! Jordan 5am size 14
Anonymous user
Anonymous user - Рік тому
My first pair were the retro 13s
That boy Guillermo
That boy Guillermo - Рік тому
I got Marvin the Martian 7s at the Nike outlet for 120
junnel Bayron
junnel Bayron - Рік тому
My first sneaker was an adidas xplr and the other one is the nike air force 1
Jan Majid
Jan Majid - Рік тому
give me money and i will teach you how to make your own collection dude WTF
Kixx Navida
Kixx Navida - Рік тому
agree 😎
Sneaker head Haskins
Sneaker head Haskins - Рік тому
Were my first
Sneaker head Haskins
Sneaker head Haskins - Рік тому
Air Jordan 31
James Coway
James Coway - Рік тому
My first sneakers were Jordan 1’s
carlos - Рік тому
try put the app goat
Ganggang - Рік тому
I pick up dog shit:(
Adrian Laguna
Adrian Laguna - Рік тому
I was wondering where you buy the shoe racks from and what their called, im tryin to get my collection up and wat to store them like most sneakerheads please email me back.
LucaDollarProductions - Рік тому
My first Jordan's (and only Jordan's) are the Jordan formula 23's
Goldhound4 - Рік тому
Yo, never seen this guy on YouTube before, never heard of him, just a suggested video, but MAJOR respect for saying what you did. Telling people to go with what they like and not follow the pure hype train, telling people to ball on a budget and get what they can actually enjoy, that's dope. Earned a sub.
Robert Furmer
Robert Furmer - Рік тому
Cop what you like, but sometimes you also gotta cop the hype even if you hate it so you can resell to make $$$ to build your collection.
Jack Gross
Jack Gross - Рік тому
Is east bay trusted
Monster Mash
Monster Mash - Рік тому
MikeWavy - Рік тому
i plan on trying to do some sneaker videos this give me some good ideas
Mirskie Bih
Mirskie Bih - Рік тому
Why don't you have subs ?
Brotherhood Times
Brotherhood Times - Рік тому
its just a doubt for me,is nike liteforce 3 an original product from nike ,pls reply
Caleb Fish
Caleb Fish - Рік тому
mine started with a pair of huraches
christian cordrey
christian cordrey - Рік тому
bruh i impulse buy sneakers cause sellers sweet talk me into. Then i miss a drop ive been waiting for cause i blew my money. Any tips?
Zach Smith
Zach Smith - Рік тому
How old is too old to begin collecting?
H - Рік тому
Sneakerhead is so stupid on so many levels.
Nathanial Ulloa
Nathanial Ulloa - Рік тому
What are those shoes called at 6:12?👀
Da channel
Da channel - Рік тому
Stumbled upon this but you just got a new subscriber
Akhem Hevat
Akhem Hevat - Рік тому
Chicago 1s were my first
Evan Stanley
Evan Stanley - Рік тому
I missed the retro 1 "top 3" restock today because ive been saving up for the creme v2s. I just got hired fir my job monday and i havent started work yet, but i have mowed lawns and pull weeds for my neighbors and i need like 300 more.
force microwave
force microwave - Рік тому
i legit started with oreo v2s a month or two ago and now i'm into shoes
Tyler's Workshop
Tyler's Workshop - Рік тому
Go to ross and marshalls, you get get some good deals there sometime
Savage Rogue
Savage Rogue - Рік тому
I'm a croc guy myself
Hawkeye_The Taco Kola
Hawkeye_The Taco Kola - Рік тому
Best advice of my life so inspirational
Hawkeye_The Taco Kola
Hawkeye_The Taco Kola - Рік тому
Daniel4RealCuh - Рік тому
I'm 13 and I got a decent shoe collection for my age wdy think I got Jordan 4 pure money KD 9 Oreo curry 2 low Bay Area orange Nike lunar training blue an yellow Nike lunar purple and curry 2.5 idk the name of the 2.5 because finish line never has the name of the shoe
Mandaaa - Рік тому
im going though the same thing and im latina and my mother and father tells me the same thing, my first jordans are the jordans horazion, not im getting retros 11s in an app called poshmark :) new sub and youre humble and i will contuine watching ya
Stutter Step
Stutter Step - Рік тому
I like what he's saying cause I like the questions by Allen Iverson and I was debating on getting them cause no one likes them but screw them I do what I want
esosa aiwuyo
esosa aiwuyo - Рік тому
wore some jordan 7 sweaters today
Kiet Le
Kiet Le - Рік тому
This guy is the real fuckin' deal. Preach.
Santos Hernandez
Santos Hernandez - Рік тому
Just worked hard for 4 weeks for some yeezy zebras I've been wanting for months and it felt great once I got them especially knowing I worked hard for them!
Xairyin - Рік тому
Hey man I need your advice... I'm a complete noob when it comes to sneakers, could you tell me how to get more educated about them. (anyone else feel free to help me please).
Lza Tlau ツ
Lza Tlau ツ - Рік тому
My first sneaker I bought with my hard-earned money was the Sketcher 11s, now I wear crocs