Troye Sivan - Animal (Official Audio)

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Aaron Salsamendi
Aaron Salsamendi - 2 години тому
Troye, casate conmigo
Park Jimin
Park Jimin - 3 години тому
jasmim ambrósio
jasmim ambrósio - 4 години тому
Joseph Mojica
Joseph Mojica - 4 години тому
I told you something safe
Something I've never said before
And I, I, I can't keep my hands off you
While you lie in the wake
Covered all in the night before
I'm high, high, high, no one's got me quite like you
I want you all to myself
Don't leave none for nobody else
I am an animal with you
No angels could beckon me back
And it's hotter than hell where I'm at
I am an animal with you
An ode to the boy I love
Boy, I'll die to care for you
You're mine, mine, mine, tell me who do I owe that to?
And as the days fly by
We'll be more than getting through, yeah
And in time, time, time, we'll build a home for two
I want you all to myself
Don't leave none for nobody else
I am an animal with you
No angels could beckon me back
And it's hotter than hell where I'm at
I am an animal with you
All is right in the meadow
When I'm lying next to my fellow
Baby, that's you
Baby, that's
Baby, that's you
One way trip like an arrow
All laid out like a tarot
Baby, that's you
Baby, that's
Baby, that's you, you-you
I want you all to myself
Don't leave none for nobody else
I am an animal with you
No angels could beckon me back
And it's hotter than hell where I'm at
I am an animal with you
TheEnma √
TheEnma √ - 4 години тому
los invito a ver mi coverVIDEO, de troye sivan #animal (SUB ESPAÑOL) :
Williams Mariano
Williams Mariano - 5 годин тому
This is so good, damn.
#Anna Johnson
#Anna Johnson - 5 годин тому
20 second in adds to playlist
Sami Ramirez
Sami Ramirez - 6 годин тому
Like si lo estas en el 2029 :v
Salman Zafar
Salman Zafar - 7 годин тому
Syrokk - 7 годин тому
Troye Sivan I like your Songs !!!! :)
bloow - 7 годин тому
2:41 love it
Christelle Farre
Christelle Farre - 7 годин тому
I really love thats song
ur pimp
ur pimp - 7 годин тому
This past week like this is all I’ve listened to
Thatlittle zumi
Thatlittle zumi - 8 годин тому
Omigoosh this is FLAWLESS thnks heaven for sending this angel to earth and his songs 💜💜💜💜💜
i was panicking at my exam
i was panicking at my exam - 8 годин тому
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The Afterparty
The Afterparty - 9 годин тому
"no angels could beckon me back" oh shit the Heaven reference im gone
Jose Barona
Jose Barona - 9 годин тому
it's just wow love it
BlueShot - 9 годин тому
This song needs to be heard by so many more people!! So underrated in order to views.. really looking forward for Bloom, it’s gonna be awesome!! 😍😍😍
Emma Jacobs
Emma Jacobs - 9 годин тому
We need a music video please!
Alex Sandoval
Alex Sandoval - 9 годин тому
Goood song; I love you Troye
To Trelokanalo
To Trelokanalo - 9 годин тому
Anshia - 9 годин тому
I-I-I- I've got a migraine
And my pain will range from up, down and sideways...
RANDOM I-ARMY - 10 годин тому
wow this is gold
Lina - 11 годин тому
Samira G
Samira G - 11 годин тому
An angel voice♡
helloimsam - 11 годин тому
Anyone else getting TRXYE vibes?
진희 #
진희 # - 12 годин тому
I love your all music!! Please come to KOREA!!!
Shenelva Shanice
Shenelva Shanice - 12 годин тому
loveeeeee this sooong
Iin Risam
Iin Risam - 13 годин тому
I like the soaring style in this song but then the beat drops into more chills vibe. so sensual, seductive.
Tania Aliza
Tania Aliza - 14 годин тому
@troye im an animal with you🔥
Dimples - 14 годин тому
Vlogger Barna
Vlogger Barna - 14 годин тому
This gives me motivation
s o f t a n d n e a t
s o f t a n d n e a t - 14 годин тому
this is so beautiful
TheEnma √
TheEnma √ - 14 годин тому
los invito a ver mi coverVIDEO, de troye sivan #animal (SUB ESPAÑOL) :
scottyf53 - 14 годин тому
This is so gonna be my wedding song.....just gotta meet Mr right first lol
Hannah W
Hannah W - 15 годин тому
such mad goosebumps listening to this holy heck
VONNIE FAISON - 15 годин тому
All I can say is damnnnnnn😍🔥
Graciela Duran
Graciela Duran - 15 годин тому
Me gustaaa❤
Tobias Brieva
Tobias Brieva - 15 годин тому
not a fan of troye's normal stuff, but this is bloody good
Natalia Buszke
Natalia Buszke - 17 годин тому
OMG! This song is so beautiful 💓 i'm impressed😯💓
zahra mamizadeh
zahra mamizadeh - 17 годин тому
#troyelover 💟❤ love his album.
Barbora Skaburske
Barbora Skaburske - 18 годин тому
reminds me so much of stranger things...
Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell - 20 годин тому
1.25 speed
Mr idgaf
Mr idgaf - 20 годин тому
This sounds crazy but I think troye and zayn should collab??
Naaz Videos&blogs
Naaz Videos&blogs - 20 годин тому
Heaven in Sivan's sound♥️
Panda Ratuloly
Panda Ratuloly - 20 годин тому
Thank you Troye, I love this song and i always love ANIMALS #SaveAnimals
Sawyer S
Sawyer S - 21 годину тому
One day I’ll look back on this song and remember how I was feeling at this exact time years from now 🖤
Anisha Chauhan
Anisha Chauhan - 21 годину тому
I love his voice ❤He is best 💜
Darkendblue - 22 години тому
Stranger things sounds 🤔
Sunflower Queen
Sunflower Queen - 22 години тому
I don't have words to describe how beautiful and relatable this song is
Effy Zhang
Effy Zhang - 22 години тому
At the first time, I thought I didn’t open the volume
S Mac
S Mac - 23 години тому
Frank Ocean vibeesss bruh
Pha Neary Sereilekna
Pha Neary Sereilekna - 23 години тому
This is so cute.
Troye never disappoints❤
Chun li
Chun li - 14 годин тому
Pha Neary Sereilekna true
Dela Bostick
Dela Bostick - День тому
I couldn't love this song more, i'm so fckn proud of you troye
avaanya pandya
avaanya pandya - День тому
Scoobertdrew - День тому
This makes me feel like I'm listening to the Blue Neighborhood album all fucking over again and I wanna CRY
TheGamingChemist 242
TheGamingChemist 242 - День тому
SkyDoes Youtube
SkyDoes Youtube - День тому
Eh its ok
Maria - День тому
*I can't keep my hands off you* 😍
This is so good, loving this! ❤
Jasmine D
Jasmine D - День тому
*there isn't a single album I don't love, his songs are so meaningful 💞*
Lovatics Devonne
Lovatics Devonne - День тому
litty mang
litty mang - День тому
Yo this is ass lmao
Вероника Бурда
Вероника Бурда - День тому
Он чудо!!!! Thank you for everything Troye 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽💘
Nikita Stanbury
Nikita Stanbury - День тому
The perfect late night/early morning song! So entrancing! This is going to be the best album yet!! Can't wait!
Pusheenneko 育芋嵐
Pusheenneko 育芋嵐 - День тому
Ryan Meinecke
Ryan Meinecke - День тому
I thought this was my older brother this shit got me shoook
Geovanna Catherine
Geovanna Catherine - День тому
Msc mais fofinha que vcs vão ouvir hj
Gelo - День тому
Dawn vibe riding on a car or anything. 😭
furdedezee - День тому
Stevie Hulings
Stevie Hulings - День тому
hearing heavy Blonde influence in the bridge
tito 7
tito 7 - День тому
i'm obsessed with the pressure growing throughout the song
UMBx Rush
UMBx Rush - День тому
This sounds like something off American Boyfriend
Jack Grant-Roberts
Jack Grant-Roberts - День тому
Late night song amirite??
Sofia Cvqz
Sofia Cvqz - День тому
laylajadec - День тому
yo i remember when you were making YouTube videos with Tyler Oakley. im so proud of you for becoming who you are. you’re so talented.💗
Frans Gutierrez
Frans Gutierrez - День тому
Bad song.
Kasey Chen
Kasey Chen - День тому
THIS SONG IS SOOOOO AMAZING - so obsessed 😍 on repeat all dayyyy every day! ❤️
*Ps: to the human reading this, I just wanted to tell ya that you are amazing ☺️ I hope you have a wonderful day today full of happiness! Don't forget to smile 🙈💕*
-lots of love from a girl in Hungary 🇭🇺 with a dream of becoming a successful youtuber one day!! 🌿 Would love some tips on how I can improve my channel 🙈🙈🙈
Kasey Chen
Kasey Chen - День тому
Larissa Souza
Larissa Souza - День тому
Que música gostosaa de ouvir,deitada no sofá no escuro semi nua.
Marcio O. Conceicao
Marcio O. Conceicao - День тому
Quality lyrics here. Love the sound and vibes. Perfect for a summer night drive down the hill with the windows rolled down. :)
clvc216 - День тому
βιτα ρο
βιτα ρο - День тому
just #gorgeous
Muhammad Ansar Taimoor
Muhammad Ansar Taimoor - День тому
This some Brockhampton shit right here damn... SUMMER vibes
Arinator Beki
Arinator Beki - День тому
Catarina - День тому
looky khan
looky khan - День тому
The best thing he has done is to work with jack antonoff
AiiCii - День тому
A little tame impala vibe :)
Mlungisi Sabela
Mlungisi Sabela - День тому
Smell the blond inspiration. Bloom will be an amazing album.
Guilherme Franco
Guilherme Franco - День тому
Sounds like something Lorde would have made in the Melodrama era
Melanie - День тому
Perhaps I cried
billysmama - День тому
Matty Bean
Matty Bean - День тому
I didn’t expect this song to sound the way it did and I was blown away, new favorite!
Christy Lubbe
Christy Lubbe - День тому
This is beautiful Troye 💞💫
Sarah Lynn
Sarah Lynn - День тому
This brought me to tears and not because it's sad but the vibe is just so intense, it's beautiful. It sounds like a song that would play in a show/movie when the character is just defeated and missing someone
Patricia L.
Patricia L. - День тому
1 day before my birthday☹
I wish this was posted on 9th. That would be the best gift eveeeeer❤💔
Anyways: loooove you and this song💋💋💋
leslie fox
leslie fox - День тому
l love you so much ❤️
Jayd_DGreat - День тому
This is so pure for me! I'm in tears while listening to this and I would listen to it for my lifetime 😍😍
Alem Imsong
Alem Imsong - День тому
Also, I came here to listen to Jacob Bixenman's laugh in 1:23
DylRich - День тому
You’re gay so I don’t like this
Melanie - День тому
DylRich lmao boy what
alienboiloic - День тому
2:41 gives me a Frank Ocean vibe
itsJust jehz
itsJust jehz - День тому
_cant keep my hands to myself._ *i thought that was he said in the beginning*