Eminem - Venom

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Bossmosser 342 - 23 хвилини тому
play nub
play nub - 29 хвилин тому
KayLani Lynette
KayLani Lynette - 40 хвилин тому
i watched the movie its good
Ramazan Bodur
Ramazan Bodur - 40 хвилин тому
Ne güzel venom diyor öyle
Lipzig Schweitzer
Lipzig Schweitzer - 42 хвилини тому
I'm glad Eminem pops up every couple years just to remind the kids that rap is supposed to be a spoken word story with rhyming sections. No autotuning, no random sound effects, no kesha guest vocals.
But sir you are ruling our heart
Eminem should need to rule YouTube
mulugeta eshetu
mulugeta eshetu - Годину тому
i think in 4:18 em try to lough hehe.. i saw it
em r u try"n to control...
Lucho De Lio
Lucho De Lio - Годину тому
in 1.25 sounds pretty good too.
Sebastian Americo Barrantes Diaz
Sebastian Americo Barrantes Diaz - Годину тому
I love this song!!! >:D
Exitar - Годину тому
No one rivals Emenem, no one!!!.
Brendan Walsh
Brendan Walsh - Годину тому
Looks like Em snapped... again
Brodymoto - Годину тому
Holy shit
ssr1680 - Годину тому
Eminem gonna end Gucci mane career if Gucci keeps getting out of pocket
Milagros Hermansson
Milagros Hermansson - Годину тому
Si enfermarme significa que pueda rapear como eminem, CONTAGIENME
Lisbeth Castillo
Lisbeth Castillo - Годину тому
Nada mal me encantó la canción
RaF D2
RaF D2 - Годину тому
Sanjana Gimhan
Sanjana Gimhan - 2 години тому
2019 whaiting ❤️🔥
Joseph Lagasse
Joseph Lagasse - 2 години тому
When you use face swap
itzArcticz / Reverse
itzArcticz / Reverse - 2 години тому
i honestly like older eminem songs
that's my favourite cartoons😃🤣🤣
Raul Zamora
Raul Zamora - 2 години тому
F. N. Knowledge is butz and hurt. Dr. Em. I'm from the field picker. Cool shit.
nike harley
nike harley - 2 години тому
Thanks em! I missed you! Damn, that's good!
Marvel Magic
Marvel Magic - 2 години тому
When you have school
Vaibhav Shukla
Vaibhav Shukla - 2 години тому
I got a song filled with shit for the strong-willed
When the world gives you a raw deal
Sets you off 'til you scream, "Piss off! Screw you!"
When it talks to you like you don't belong
Or tells you you're in the wrong field
When something's in your mitochondrial
'Cause it latched on to you, like—
Knock knock, let the devil in
Manevolent as I've ever been, head is spinnin'
This medicine's screamin', "L-L-L-Let us in!"
L-L-Like like a salad bowl, Edgar Allan Poe
Bedridden, shoulda been dead a long time ago
Liquid Tylenol, gelatins, think my skeleton's meltin'
Wicked, I get all high when I think I've smelled the scent
Of elephant manure—hell, I meant Kahlúa
Screw it, to hell with it, I went through hell with accelerants
And blew up my-my-myself again
Volkswagen, tailspin, bucket matches my pale skin
Mayo and went from Hellmann's and being rail thin
Filet-o-Fish, Scribble Jam, Rap Olympics '97 Freaknik
How can I be down? Me and Bizarre in Florida
Proof's room slept on the floor of the motel then
Dr. Dre said "hell yeah!"
And I got his stamp like a postcard, word to Mel-Man
And I know they're gonna hate
But I don't care, I barely can wait
To hit them with the snare and the bass
Square in the face, this fuckin' world better prepare to get laced
Because they're gonna taste my—
Venom, (I got that) adrenaline momentum
And I'm not knowin' when I'm
Ever gonna slow up and I’m
Ready to snap any moment I'm
Thinkin' it's time to go get 'em
They ain't gonna know what hit 'em
(W-W-When they get bit with the—)
Venom, (I got that) adrenaline momentum
And I'm not knowin' when I'm
Ever gonna slow up and I'm
Ready to snap any moment I'm
Thinkin' it's time to go get 'em
They ain't gonna know what hit 'em
(W-W-When they get bit with the—)
I said knock knock, let the devil in
Shotgun p-p-pellets in the felt pen
Cocked, fuck around and catch a hot one
It-it's evident I'm not done
V-Venomous, the thoughts spun
Like a web and you just caught in 'em
Held against your will like a hubcap or mud flap
Beat strangler attack
So this ain't gonna feel like a love tap
Eat painkiller pills, fuck up the track
Like, what's her name's at the wheel? Danica Patrick
Threw the car into reverse at the Indy, a nut crashin'
Into ya, the back of it just mangled steel
My Mustang and the Jeep Wrangler grill
With the front smashed, much as my rear fender, assassin
Slim be a combination of an actual kamikaze and Gandhi (Gandhi)
Translation, I will probably kill us both
When I end up back in India
You ain't gonna be able to tell what the fuck's happenin' to you
When you're bit with the—
Venom, adrenaline momentum
And I'm not knowin' when I'm
Ever gonna slow up and I’m
Ready to snap any moment I'm
Thinkin' it's time to go get 'em
They ain't gonna know what hit 'em
(W-W-When they get bit with the—)
Venom, (I got that) adrenaline momentum
And I'm not knowin' when I'm
Ever gonna slow up and I'm
Ready to snap any moment I'm
Thinkin' it's time to go get 'em
They ain't gonna know what hit 'em
(W-W-When they get bit with the—)
I said knock knock, let the devil in
Alien, E-E-Elliott phone home
Ain't no telling when this chokehold
On this game will end, I'm loco
Became a Symbiote, so
My fangs are in your throat, ho
You're snake-bitten with my—venom
With the ballpoint pen, I'm
Gun cocked, bump stock, double-aught, buckshot
Tire thumper, a garrote, tie a couple knots
Fired up and caught fire, juggernaut
Punk rock, bitch, it's goin' down like Yung Joc
'Cause the Doc put me on like sunblock
Why the fuck not, you only get one shot
Ate shit 'til I can't taste it
Chased it with straight liquor
Then paint thinner, then drank 'til I faint
And awake with a headache
And I take anything in rectangular shape
Then I wait to face the demons I'm bonded to
'Cause they're chasin' me but I'm part of you
So escapin' me is impossible
I latch onto you like a—parasite
And I probably ruined your parents' life
And your childhood too
'Cause if I'm the music that Y'all grew up on
I'm responsible for you retarded fools
I'm the supervillain Dad and Mom was losin' their marbles to
You marvel that? Eddie Brock is you
And I'm the suit, so call me
Venom, (I got that) adrenaline momentum
And I'm not knowin' when I'm
Ever gonna slow up and I’m
Ready to snap any moment I'm
Thinkin' it's time to go get 'em
They ain't gonna know what hit 'em
When they get bit with the
Venom, (I got that) adrenaline momentum
And I'm not knowin' when I'm
Ever gonna slow up and I'm
Ready to snap any moment I'm
Thinkin' it's time to go get 'em
They ain't gonna know what hit 'em
When they get bit with the
Ezekiel Avila
Ezekiel Avila - 2 години тому
When u have a budjet of 100$
allan planty
allan planty - 2 години тому
IAN oswaldo
IAN oswaldo - 2 години тому
😎😎la mejor canción
Talonswitch Gaming
Talonswitch Gaming - 2 години тому
Eminem looks like chris evans with beard on
Dag Inge Lindrupsen
Dag Inge Lindrupsen - 2 години тому
can this be a Diss for Mgk? About if he call him self for "Rapdevil"?
Tay Fuda
Tay Fuda - 2 години тому
I just watch venom the movie and realised the end song was this
MotherTouching-Ninjas - 2 години тому
Em is back 🔥🔥🔥
Nor Nun
Nor Nun - 2 години тому
Slippy Socks
Slippy Socks - 2 години тому
When the credits soundtrack has 3x more views than the actual movie trailer.. lols
LOL tryhard
LOL tryhard - 3 години тому
BR:) i Love you,for brazil
luke smith
luke smith - 3 години тому
Here before 200mil
Toxicc Game
Toxicc Game - 3 години тому
*God rap.*
Joel Tejada
Joel Tejada - 3 години тому
This was sick 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
Chastity McIntyre
Chastity McIntyre - 3 години тому
Slim shady is back y'all
Saket pandey
Saket pandey - 3 години тому
Nice song
Requis Lopez
Requis Lopez - 3 години тому
Who do u all prefer Logic or Eminem
Matheus hq
Matheus hq - 3 години тому
Bizzarro ;-;
zwebackshyper - 3 години тому
1:52 when you come 2nd in fortnite.
Dana Fenty
Dana Fenty - 3 години тому
Cykatic TheWorldBreaker
Cykatic TheWorldBreaker - 4 години тому
Where the fuck can I get that hoodie!?
patate douce
patate douce - 4 години тому
I really like how he say venom
Angel Saucedo
Angel Saucedo - 4 години тому
Like si te da risa el minuto 3:37 al 3:49
Franco xdd
Franco xdd - 4 години тому
The Dog God 3:38
Angel Saucedo
Angel Saucedo - 4 години тому
Like si te gusta la canción 😎🕷️🕸️
Iyana Drysdale
Iyana Drysdale - 4 години тому
I love him bro
Zarck Sagaon
Zarck Sagaon - 4 години тому
Brandon _ C36
Brandon _ C36 - 4 години тому
Great song really catchy
lebron james
lebron james - 4 години тому
Like a bosssssss
enerjex - 4 години тому
Knock knock let the devil in
Charlie Vang
Charlie Vang - 4 години тому
Не Доступно
Не Доступно - 4 години тому
The Young Jedi
The Young Jedi - 4 години тому
This was Played in the Actual movie that's Insane
JaySidouMusic - 4 години тому
I think the movie producers asked Eminem to do a song for the movie
fredy 23
fredy 23 - 4 години тому
"VENOM" es la mera verga
DespaYEETo - 5 годин тому
Yesterday it was at 100k dislikes and now it’s at 111k dislikes ?? Nani ?!
jeovane Pereira
jeovane Pereira - 5 годин тому
The Good part 4:46
Kenniya Robinson
Kenniya Robinson - 5 годин тому
I love this guy!!!!!
the reverse flaher
the reverse flaher - 5 годин тому
How the kid slamming stuff like that tho,that would of been my ass
picasaxD igcoge
picasaxD igcoge - 5 годин тому
dirtbike kid
dirtbike kid - 5 годин тому
Lion [RainbowSixSeige]
Lion [RainbowSixSeige] - 5 годин тому
1:42 2:54 4:18
Lucid - 5 годин тому
R.I.P Stan Lee
jack37 wuily
jack37 wuily - 5 годин тому
No vi ni un comentario en español😐😑
Alexander Ramos
Alexander Ramos - 5 годин тому
Dejen sus comentarios en español porque no entiendo un culo de lo hablan
Miih S.
Miih S. - 5 годин тому
1,25x >>> ♡
Bronamite Gaming
Bronamite Gaming - 5 годин тому
#fan of Eminem
Bronamite Gaming
Bronamite Gaming - 5 годин тому
so good
Cooper-_- ElkinsTTV -
Cooper-_- ElkinsTTV - - 5 годин тому
Ayden Eller
Ayden Eller - 6 годин тому
So good
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones - 6 годин тому
2:10 when yo mama about to whip u
ADMIRAL_MARCO_ '.' - 6 годин тому
cooldude20745 - 6 годин тому
Men they killed it!!!
joel Martinez
joel Martinez - 6 годин тому
Drm Dre Said go kill yourself sucker
Awesome austin
Awesome austin - 6 годин тому
Even if its one of his worst songs for some reason i still like them and i start eating m&ms
Jason Quinn Jr
Jason Quinn Jr - 6 годин тому
Like = Venom: Venom
Comment = Suicide Squad: Without Me
Papyrus - 6 годин тому
Whos better:
JT Music's venom LIKE
Eminem's venom COMMENT
Venom - 3 години тому
Hey arent u in that one game?
jake sups
jake sups - 6 годин тому
Who's better just in bieber or Eminem???
JaySidouMusic - 4 години тому
i like both but Eminem is sheer amazing
jake sups
jake sups - 6 годин тому
I think Eminem
Abril Cruz
Abril Cruz - 6 годин тому
Who else missed the god of rap
Essie Wilson
Essie Wilson - 6 годин тому
Had Stan Lee been in this video I would've spontaneously combusted. And reincarnated. BEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME! PERIODTTTT! #isaidwhatiMFKNsaid
Lenny Logan
Lenny Logan - 6 годин тому
EMINEM you are the best raper Of the world and the history
Lenny Logan
Lenny Logan - Годину тому
+Bb370 yes yes,i sorry,is Rapper*...thanks
Bb370 - 6 годин тому
Lenny Logan rapper and raper?
Harimau Sumatera
Harimau Sumatera - 6 годин тому
Look !
Amazing oldschool , special for student college 🤣
Anna Ng
Anna Ng - 7 годин тому
I remember that venom 2018 that is in the movie ending song
Diabolo Dash
Diabolo Dash - 7 годин тому
Just Eminem Is Legend..
Daniel The rekyy
Daniel The rekyy - 7 годин тому
Venom Extreme bolado
Mike - 7 годин тому
My favorite part is 0:00-4:56
Amon Tobin
Amon Tobin - 7 годин тому
BLVladimir Burak Sarıkafa
BLVladimir Burak Sarıkafa - 7 годин тому
Türkler nerede?
no vids 200 subscribers challenge
no vids 200 subscribers challenge - 7 годин тому
Who else thought the kid one was cringe?

Just me .......ok
Venom - 3 години тому
Um.....i mean the kid did good....but...........Idk anymore
Steven Graham
Steven Graham - 7 годин тому
Yo this is a story about eminems pop music career yo here's one for all my fans
I'm that southern english rapper coming straight from the underground
Welcome to buckland and this is how we get down
And I ain't no pompey geezer to be messed with
And anyone that disagrees is gonna get themselves dissed
Now wussup Marshall you think your the king of rap
But you just a little fake that wanks over that my name is crap
Then you make a song about killing Little boys
And killing your wife and making loads of shitty angry noise
And with your d12 band your just effing like a bitch
All because everlast dared to speak the truth about your kid
Pretending to be batman with your boyfriend dr dre Or is it dr gay the little pussy she thang on dre day
Accusing Michael Jackson of molesting jealous kids
You weak cunt come on diss me and you'll get it
You hang around 50 cent hoping for protection
But you ain't gonna get none kid Cuz your music's so pathetic
All you sound like is an angry TV character
While I'm a real nigga who'll just hand your arse back to ya
And I ain't joking all you'll win is an empty fan base
While all your fans enjoy my music Cuz Portsmouth is the place
Your only fans will be cunts who fancy your ugly daughter
While I've just stolen all of your fan club
I have to warn ya

Yo check this out Marshall

You better stop what you're doing and go back on the pills
Stop dissing snobs and Diss a nigga that's real
Welcome to Portsmouth it's where real life happens
Accept defeat here Cuz your rappings all acting
And you Baptists better die the same way Marshall murdered Kim Cuz you ain't real niggas you just born to spread himms
And feminem scream and swear at me as much as you want
But it won't work Cuz I've got something you ain't got
And that's child and youth girls as friends
And all you have is Dr gay so my kicks will never end
Now let's put the mics down and you'll get your arse beat
Infront of all my buckland niggas if you dare to walk my streets
Even bring your ugly daughter with you
To watch you fail
You goddamn wife beating coward you hide behind your original tails
Your just a vile cunt and a violent twat
And I'm laughing Cuz you lost to me so just accept that fact
iexclipse - 7 годин тому
I love this em but, I want Slim Shady bk. Bleach, pitch of vodka, a little bit of weed mixed with some hard liquor, Slim. *Slim Shady*
JaySidouMusic - 4 години тому
Every fan wants to see that Shady back, but Eminem is older now and he has to change with the times
kareen Thomas
kareen Thomas - 7 годин тому
Hunter Killer
Hunter Killer - 7 годин тому
mmmm eminem lost some of hid talent but still the best non the less
unspeakable yeet
unspeakable yeet - 7 годин тому
When the dogs better than the original maker/rapper of this song
Julia Orlova
Julia Orlova - 7 годин тому
трек ахуенный
Tristain Herrin
Tristain Herrin - 7 годин тому
Well MGK got bit with that venom that y he sucks
washoywa - 7 годин тому
why the chorus is mumbled?