twenty one pilots: My Blood [Official Video]

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Spoilt Saints
Spoilt Saints - 45 хвилин тому
This music video hits me to my bones because I do have a brother that doesn’t feel like a brother. He despises me since we were kid.
Eve Dan Hoffmann
Eve Dan Hoffmann - 51 хвилина тому
What’s the name of the brother irl?
ْ - Годину тому
it's bullshit you must have more than 7M subscrip.!!!👏🏻👏🏻💛💛💛
Slimani Ghofran
Slimani Ghofran - Годину тому
i wanna know the movies name
Ibn Abdul Casi Revil Jual Ignors
Ibn Abdul Casi Revil Jual Ignors - Годину тому
Figth Club
Cray-Cray Jess
Cray-Cray Jess - 2 години тому
This is honestly the best music video I've ever seen. It totally didnt make me cry...
Infinite-Goal - 2 години тому
Full movie please
LTLRide - 2 години тому
Я один не могу понять куда делся старший брат?
Jonathan Mirabella
Jonathan Mirabella - 3 години тому
*MY BLOOD 🇬🇧🇺🇸*
gabriel ramos
gabriel ramos - 3 години тому
Shakdar Suleiman
Shakdar Suleiman - 4 години тому
Walling Walling
Walling Walling - 6 годин тому
Fight club 2
Jonathan Mirabella
Jonathan Mirabella - 7 годин тому
SE MF - 10 годин тому
Genial, me dió ganas de llorar el vídeo, la canción no sé qué dice por qué no se inglés, pero todo genial.😜😵👏
Brecken Bogle
Brecken Bogle - 12 годин тому
Easily one of my favorite music videos👌🏼👌🏼
Brecken Bogle
Brecken Bogle - 12 годин тому
All these explanations of what the music video is about is gonna make me cry😭😭 I love this music video because of the dope music and the amazing story it tells
Doomthe Husky
Doomthe Husky - 12 годин тому
I have a question for josh dose he wright all his music 🎶
Melissa Honor
Melissa Honor - 12 годин тому
wow - song stuck in my brain images stuck in my heart - love you
Grandma Take Me Home
Grandma Take Me Home - 12 годин тому
LOL I am watching this at 10:23 PM I have school tomorrow
cynbird - 13 годин тому
my heart just exploded...
Arayah Hope
Arayah Hope - 14 годин тому
Reminds me of the forest fic
Lighfire - 15 годин тому
Now if I want to have a brother this song made me know how important it is

tank you tewty one pilot

Ahora quiero tener un hermano por haber escuchado esta cancion

Gracias twenty one pilots

one shot
one shot - 15 годин тому
I've been facing down dark halls for a long time now where are you
Emmanolo :v
Emmanolo :v - 15 годин тому
This is... Sad and emotive... C':
Grimm Reaper
Grimm Reaper - 16 годин тому
This is a beautiful Piece of art in it really ties of trench in a way that every part of trench couldn’t really it’s describing how does character lost part of his family and the self-defense mechanism is to create a brother and just every single one of the songs entrance describes it but this music video just really ties it together
Baphomet Rodríguez
Baphomet Rodríguez - 16 годин тому
Esto es jodidamente triste :(
Mike Hernandez Sr.
Mike Hernandez Sr. - 16 годин тому
An exceptionally set of unique lyrics, chords, guitar tabs and bass tabs. Truly a musical group in a class of their own theme.
Pablo ZuñigaVera
Pablo ZuñigaVera - 17 годин тому
Diego Castillo Salazar
Diego Castillo Salazar - 17 годин тому
ya saquen una nueva cancion plis like si quieres los mismo
Bryan Roman
Bryan Roman - 18 годин тому
No le entiendo ni madres pero me gusta
Jimbo's Horror House
Jimbo's Horror House - 19 годин тому
estos debieron estar en rewind 2017
Ethan_Gamer117 YT
Ethan_Gamer117 YT - 20 годин тому
the best music,nah no hablo inles pero esta chida 👌👍👍👍
Zomber zap
Zomber zap - 20 годин тому
I like this song!😍♥
Tiara@gymgirls - 20 годин тому
Thank for making this song TOP when I try to kill my self.
Frog Boy
Frog Boy - 21 годину тому
The arch of the covenant lies in Texas and the chosen holds the spear and shares the holy trail readily the cup over flows with blessings
Ahmed Xd
Ahmed Xd - 22 години тому
Soy Sam
Soy Sam - 22 години тому
I love all of his songs
kubas2424 - 22 години тому
Cant wait to hear this song live at Prague! See you soon guys!
Nany IQ
Nany IQ - 22 години тому
That make me cry💔
drewpert 15
drewpert 15 - 23 години тому
Karate Kid thievery but I liked it.
Alex Hernández
Alex Hernández - 23 години тому
Rommyte - День тому
It hurt me so much... How can Tyler just read my mind every time??? 😅
joel macwan
joel macwan - День тому
Man this video deserves more than 17 million views!
StormyNormy - День тому
I adore the concept behind it
Fiore Figueroa
Fiore Figueroa - День тому
Muy real
Богдан Кувіла
Богдан Кувіла - День тому
До слёз...
ELIXIR - День тому
CADH GG - День тому
Hello, excuse me, I am looking for people who want to support, any contribution or RT is very helpful 🙏
Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown - День тому
Both brothers are insanely hot, real or imaginary
Олег Сохарев
Олег Сохарев - День тому
Harry potter shit
Harry potter shit - День тому
.....*wait..* my dad left years ago and then i got depressed and ptsd a couple years after it got worse, it was like i had a different person during my emo a new personallity...oof
Harry potter shit
Harry potter shit - День тому
*Haha i can relate, stands in back corner at party*
Lol it's Al XD
Lol it's Al XD - День тому
I forget how deep music videos get man
Erick Lopez osornio
Erick Lopez osornio - День тому
Suscribed to pewdiepie
I love a lot Tøp
Paul Blake
Paul Blake - День тому
I love this song, i can´t stop to listen
Georgio Careaga
Georgio Careaga - День тому
one of the best songs
TitanBR19 - День тому
Alejandra Castillo
Alejandra Castillo - День тому
alter what!!
johnhager2011 - День тому
This song and video touches my heart.
Desperado AllanPoe
Desperado AllanPoe - День тому
I just watched an amazing experimental take on Mr. Robot into the life of a teenager series. Fuck yes.
jenny han
jenny han - День тому
I hate myself so fucking much I think I’m gonna fail out of university and I just can’t take it anymore. I keep thinking of how much I want to die and just looking at my bike lock in a certain position makes me think of a noose and I just want my life to get better and not worse but it feels like everyone has abandoned me, even god. I don't know what to do!!!
jenny han
jenny han - День тому
And I just want to escape DEMA but I feel like I'm in a fucking trench for good
Ansley Eliza
Ansley Eliza - День тому
I just heard "My Blood" On 106.1 YAY!! The concert really made them Popular.
primoz - День тому
Galaxywolf 3268
Galaxywolf 3268 - День тому
I’m not crying you are
Isabelle Lowry
Isabelle Lowry - День тому
The forest fanfic is shooketh to the core.
Cheeto Dawson
Cheeto Dawson - День тому
Omg i hate that I cried during this
ʟᴜᴄʏ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ sᴋʏ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴅɪᴀᴍᴏɴᴅs
This video low-key reminds me of Sam and Dean Winchester
私殺します - День тому
I just realized that they uploaded this on my birthday and I'm *S H O O K*
Noelia Antonia Hormazabal
Noelia Antonia Hormazabal - День тому
La mejor cancion😊
cupcakewarp - День тому
I wish they made this into a movie
Smile Boy
Smile Boy - День тому
Lo ví un par de veces y lloré en todas ,muy bueno
Angel Urel
Angel Urel - День тому
At the end of the day you always been alone.
Ninja Funky
Ninja Funky - День тому
Sergio Echalar
Sergio Echalar - День тому
fight club shit
Anastasia Al
Anastasia Al - День тому
Im addicted to this song
I have no words to describe it
SADCHILL_ 14 - День тому
Does this not remind you of the movie or book the outsiders
alxmay TV
alxmay TV - День тому
Я когда ее слушаю то слеза рвьотся
Schäfchen Milu
Schäfchen Milu - День тому
Aww man the video is so deep :0
Person Girl
Person Girl - День тому
I cry everytime I watch this.
Infinite-Goal - 2 дні тому
If you went to a concert at TOP Like 10k
Игор Вуковић
Игор Вуковић - 2 дні тому
Ayaan Shaikh
Ayaan Shaikh - 2 дні тому
The other guy is a figment of the main guys imagination....... Loveeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!
Augusto Silva
Augusto Silva - 2 дні тому
O que você é capaz de criar para se livrar da solidão? Eu criei um universo inteiro.
Camryn Anne
Camryn Anne - 2 дні тому
Why'd you go and break my heart like that
Infinite-Goal - 2 дні тому
Someone explains whats happening?
だち友 - 2 дні тому
taste of foster the people
Odese Jules
Odese Jules - 2 дні тому
Can't stop watching it
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel Rodriguez - 2 дні тому
Love this song
LeiTheLenLen - 2 дні тому
every time i come back to this i see myself screaming in the chat
PaulE Phonic Music
PaulE Phonic Music - 2 дні тому
Guys, myself and a close friend of mine have absolutely loved every bit of music you have done from the start! Recently she asked if I could do a house style remix of this song here, being her favorite track of the Trench album. I did it and out of respect for the hard work you put in to all your music just wanted to make sure you were aware it existed, and that in no way is it designed to try and make a single dime off of your efforts! Just wanted to say thank you for putting out so much amazing and quality music and please keep bringing it to the world. If there is any issues, I'm leaving the link for the remix here, but I hope it is considered a compliment to you as artists. Much love and respect 🙏🔥🎵👍
MR.AWESOMEGUY - 2 дні тому
Always appreciate your loved one's because before you know it they will be gone before your eyes.
Daniela Recendez
Daniela Recendez - 2 дні тому
Necesito la pelicula
I need the film😂
Felix Paulino
Felix Paulino - 2 дні тому
maybe his brother represents his mom
Evander Wolf
Evander Wolf - 2 дні тому
I kinda know what the movie is about he never had a brother
Joshua Oana
Joshua Oana - 2 дні тому
Holy shit what a twist.
RPGamer - День тому
You profile pic says it all 😂
Jessica Leigh
Jessica Leigh - 2 дні тому
I envy him... I've never truly envied anyone. B4 this video dropped, it was Tyler in the studio, this is pretty much what went through my mind. Different, of course, but my ride or die accomplice, was real. To have that connection again.... I don't give a fuck if it's a coping imagination, just to feel 🏹♥
HedgehogZombies - 2 дні тому
thats deep
Cami Ruiz
Cami Ruiz - 2 дні тому
I really can't understand how there are people who don't like this video.
Amy :3
Amy :3 - 2 дні тому
mY hEaRT-
Noah Werremeyer
Noah Werremeyer - 2 дні тому
Wait hold up so the guys are both the same person just different sides of him?