21 Savage Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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FANTASTIC King WOLF - 10 годин тому
Caspian Bailey
Caspian Bailey - День тому
like a BIG knife
Grim_ Bound
Grim_ Bound - День тому
Every time joe asks what a persons first pair of a specific kind of shoe was they are always exactly in front of that shoe 🤔
Domanic B.
Domanic B. - День тому
Joe: and how old were u then when that was happening?
21: prolly bou alem twel
BlackProphet Sevy
BlackProphet Sevy - День тому
Them 5s 21 describe are fire
BlackProphet Sevy
BlackProphet Sevy - День тому
My shoes is the the 1s 3s and 5s
Sweat exe
Sweat exe - 2 дні тому
If X was alive you would have to do this with him.
bigboss12363 - 3 дні тому
These knife comments are killing me-(no pun intended)
C0VEZ - 3 дні тому
Isn't that one guy from the tlc video the guy with the awkward kissing moment 😂
Hayden Holt
Hayden Holt - 3 дні тому
Do slim jesus
KERMIT THE FROG - 3 дні тому
He payed the cashier some cash too if you look closely because she didn’t take the other stack.
THEbigBROS - 3 дні тому
Issa knife
lele queen
lele queen - 4 дні тому
Ion know why 21 remind me of Tip the rapper with those glasses on
FaZe ExDee
FaZe ExDee - 4 дні тому
can tell if savage or joe is more serious
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez - 5 днів тому
Damn whats the cashier's @ tho?
Shyriaka SHY Morris
Shyriaka SHY Morris - 5 днів тому
Love hair and glasses
Katherine B.
Katherine B. - 5 днів тому
21 Is so quiet.
KÎÑG JÄŸ BEATS - 6 днів тому
He jive a hood nigga but still take care of his kids and get them shit at the same time he gets his shit real nigga shit 🔪
king nova1235
king nova1235 - 6 днів тому
Casher:Your total is 5204.66

Rapper: ok
Hjalti Samuelsen
Hjalti Samuelsen - 7 днів тому
What shoes was 21 wearing in the video?
Famelove Youth
Famelove Youth - 7 днів тому
Dude retarded
Famelove Youth
Famelove Youth - 7 днів тому
Can't believe he said the 13s ugly
Drip THUNDER - 2 дні тому
Famelove Youth cause they are
Thrift God Az
Thrift God Az - 7 днів тому
Sneaker shopping with KENDRICK!!!!! Where it at man 😪😪😪😪
SINISTER 23 - 8 днів тому
So 21 we done let’s do some shopping now ..21:can I get a knife in a sz 12 21:can I get these in sz 13
Pierre Justin
Pierre Justin - 8 днів тому
"they look gangster"
Do- Nathan
Do- Nathan - 8 днів тому
21 what’s your favorite slogan for a shoe

Issa knife
Alex Sweetmeat
Alex Sweetmeat - 8 днів тому
I can’t fucking understand what he’s saying
Daniel lopez
Daniel lopez - 8 днів тому
This guy loves knives
William Torres
William Torres - 8 днів тому
3:36 😂😂😂😭😭😭
Carlosqmcg - 8 днів тому
Real estate is a smarter investment because if you sell it you will more than likely get your money plus some more back.
Mino LLKChris
Mino LLKChris - 9 днів тому
He want a knife on every damn shoe 😂😂💯
hose delavu
hose delavu - 9 днів тому
Who knows the name of the girl at the cashier??
DreadHead Trill
DreadHead Trill - 9 днів тому
Do chief keef next
Muhamad Dani Ilyas
Muhamad Dani Ilyas - 10 днів тому
Tha fact is i never wear that shoes :")
Bobtardle - 10 днів тому
MonkeysAreLyfe - 11 днів тому
6:59 this man said “okay”
tyLAr boone
tyLAr boone - 12 днів тому
Slaughter gang🔪
Shang Dalson
Shang Dalson - 12 днів тому
It's funny how celebs say they wouldn't 23k on Eminems.
Lil Ruger
Lil Ruger - 12 днів тому
I don't even like 13's myself but homie went too harsh on the mahfuckers XD "my momma got dis 4 me" "dese ugly as hell" "5 a gangsta shoe" lol tru tho
ItsYaBoi - 13 днів тому
"So how old were you?"
21: Elen
Le Beautiful
Le Beautiful - 13 днів тому
*I S S A K N I F E*
Joseph Bertucci
Joseph Bertucci - 13 днів тому
lol dats right right. dats what im possef to do? they dont pay for them shoes
Joseph Bertucci
Joseph Bertucci - 13 днів тому
them nikes he talkef about if hed collan with jordan would be some firee ass shoes! Jason with a knife anf slaughtergang on the side. 🔥 🔥! !
Stephen Stephenson
Stephen Stephenson - 14 днів тому
21 wants a collab with a knife brand.
Kabira 99
Kabira 99 - 14 днів тому
So funny when he says ‚ya‘ 😂😂😂
Ryder94 Faulk
Ryder94 Faulk - 17 днів тому
He got the personality of a belt
rodrigo hernandeez
rodrigo hernandeez - 18 днів тому
Do Travis Scott next!!!
Bryan Love
Bryan Love - 18 днів тому
Deez ugly az hell
Damien Lopez
Damien Lopez - 19 днів тому
What shirt is 21 savage wearing
Ryan O'Driscoll
Ryan O'Driscoll - 19 днів тому
if he made a shoe that had slaughter gang on it id buy it no doubt
RH gaming
RH gaming - 20 днів тому
6:41 we all felt poor
Food Queen_
Food Queen_ - 21 день тому
Cashier: your total is $2,066
Me over here eating dollar tree snacks😂
Unicorn playsroblox
Unicorn playsroblox - 21 день тому
why is Savage obsessed with knives]
Concept. - 22 дні тому
But when are we gonna get Joe La Puma goes shoe shopping?
Levi Corcoran
Levi Corcoran - 22 дні тому
What shoes was he wearing?
Kevin - 22 дні тому
6:33 what's her name
Adam Clemente
Adam Clemente - 23 дні тому
Make the slaughter gang 5s happen
Junior Frias
Junior Frias - 23 дні тому
Las mejores
PL4N ZR0 - 24 дні тому
21 cabbage like if you get the reference
Kidus Mulugeta
Kidus Mulugeta - 25 днів тому
His Jason and slaughter gang Jordan 5’s a good idea
Zed Merrill
Zed Merrill - 25 днів тому
Dude don't give a fuck he giving his honesty opinion
Mustarshio - 25 днів тому
6:32 that was really akward
The Dizz1738
The Dizz1738 - 25 днів тому
“Oh, Eminem the rapper”
nathan garner
nathan garner - 25 днів тому
What would your adais look like isaa knifh
nathan garner
nathan garner - 25 днів тому
I would buy those slaghter gang shoes
Benni sch.
Benni sch. - 25 днів тому
Satan boy
Myles Fournier
Myles Fournier - 26 днів тому
Complex: so, 21, if you had a dog what would you name it?

21 savage: KNIFE
Ultra Electric
Ultra Electric - 26 днів тому
the color of knife lol
DARSH PATEL - 27 днів тому
21 gonna shoot you in your face
DamianTheGenjiMain - 28 днів тому
Song at 5:57???
Rian Bush
Rian Bush - 29 днів тому
21 21 21
jason myhers
jason myhers - Місяць тому
Joe look nervous as hell
CT Hart
CT Hart - Місяць тому
All of 21s shoe option has to have a knife or he ain’t wearing them
Slickkk. Steve
Slickkk. Steve - Місяць тому
21 savage thinks he’s from the hood so bad
Redd Gaming
Redd Gaming - Місяць тому
slaughter gang 21 21 pew pew pew
Unidentified - Місяць тому
Where can I find the intro instrumental 0:00
Jay Santiago
Jay Santiago - Місяць тому
So violent
Ethan Jauregui
Ethan Jauregui - Місяць тому
do juju Smith Schuster
Acanadian Dude
Acanadian Dude - Місяць тому
Random person: 21savage how old are you?
21 savage: 21 knife
TheRealDonaldTrump JordanHanleybrown
TheRealDonaldTrump JordanHanleybrown - Місяць тому
lmao he was a lamb when he started taking trash wtf 😂😂
Soonhyuk Kim
Soonhyuk Kim - Місяць тому
21 savage youtube comments are the best comments
tisthe&_ nest
tisthe&_ nest - Місяць тому
intro song pls
Jade Jaffah
Jade Jaffah - Місяць тому
Gang shit bitch😂
Andrea Flores
Andrea Flores - Місяць тому
Hey 21 if you were to callab with Nissan what would your car look like

21: well it would be red with a knife,chain saw masacar, and it would be lit
The Emo Jukebox
The Emo Jukebox - Місяць тому
Fortnite Lover
Fortnite Lover - Місяць тому
If I got 10 dollars every time he talked about a knife being on some thing I'll be rich
ITS Crazy way
ITS Crazy way - Місяць тому
He’s a good dad he got his baby yezzys
SID96 Anoymous
SID96 Anoymous - Місяць тому
why does 21 always look like he about to punch someone in the face
Icaro Menezes
Icaro Menezes - Місяць тому
This whole video was funny asf lol “these ugly as hell” “they look gangsta” “oh Eminem the rapper?”
wizird master101
wizird master101 - Місяць тому
2:20 no joke I grabed a sour patch out of my Halloween bag right wen he said that
Tiffany - Місяць тому
Most mellow dude if I've ever seen one lol
Bri Elisabeth
Bri Elisabeth - Місяць тому
When he just pulled out the stacks 😂
BC - Місяць тому
Nigga ain’t smile at all until he got to the register 😂
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez - Місяць тому
aitn gonna lie the cash register pretty af . 21 savage talking abt all these knifes got me weaf af
Damon Ortiz
Damon Ortiz - Місяць тому
what the hell I didn't know 21 had kids
Damon Ortiz
Damon Ortiz - Місяць тому
these ugly
Jason - Місяць тому
Okay but is anyone else bothered by the way joe fixes his hoodie?? 0:43
Kanye’s LeftLeg
Kanye’s LeftLeg - Місяць тому
*JOE: P L S D O N T K I L L M E*
Michael Yang
Michael Yang - Місяць тому
I love the edgy mood and somber music, and then the McDonald's logo just pops up lmao
Антон Антон
Антон Антон - Місяць тому
твониван твониван