21 Savage Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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Trawma - 12 годин тому
Octember 2018, anyone?
Spill The Tea
Spill The Tea - 2 дні тому
I just found out that he has 3 kids, I'm s h o o k.
Domar95 - 2 дні тому
I miss this 21
2018 NERD
2018 NERD - 2 дні тому
I don’t like the 13’s either
Thunder Spark
Thunder Spark - 3 дні тому
He completely loves saying knife.
Camarade Bambou
Camarade Bambou - 3 дні тому
*21 savage loooking at the eminem shoes*
Seller: they are 23 thousand
*21 putting the shoes fast as hell*
21: that a lot of money... shout out to eminem man
Marli HD
Marli HD - 4 дні тому
*wif a big knife*
SkankHunt42 - 5 днів тому
I just can’t see myself with knives on my shoes I mean it’s just
GøDz Pelato
GøDz Pelato - 7 днів тому
Guy: Can you pass me that spoon?
21: Issa Knife
zach79 - 7 днів тому
He sounds just a little kid when he talks
Free Vsucc
Free Vsucc - 7 днів тому
"So what's your date of birth?" "Knife."
"Oh... OK. What's your favorite place to hang out?"
"Oh come one OK when's your next tour?"
Ghost - 7 днів тому
21 on his custom 5s he should have the 23 have and x on the 3 and hand drawn number 1 underneath
Zed Merrill
Zed Merrill - 7 днів тому
All these shit ugly
Zed Merrill
Zed Merrill - 7 днів тому
Do plies next
kelly cooper
kelly cooper - 7 днів тому
He look like he practices on spells
Raghav Jujaray
Raghav Jujaray - 7 днів тому
What are the shoes that 21 Savage was wearing at 5:57? Those look sick.
Zed Merrill
Zed Merrill - 7 днів тому
That nigga gave his honest opinion 😂😂
Daniel Batman
Daniel Batman - 7 днів тому
What is the name of the intro song
Zed Merrill
Zed Merrill - 7 днів тому
These ugly ass hell 😂😂
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz - 7 днів тому
Is he 21
Jay Rockk
Jay Rockk - 8 днів тому
😂 that knife sounds doh in the background
Arianna Burgho
Arianna Burgho - 9 днів тому
Complex: So what shoes would you like to buy?
21 Savage: Yes
Weirdo Dani
Weirdo Dani - 9 днів тому
Why is savage obsessed with knifes????
Dylan Harkins
Dylan Harkins - 10 днів тому
Complex: What’s kind of design is on your shoes?
matt - 10 днів тому
What shirt is 21 savage wearing
Jamal Dumas
Jamal Dumas - 10 днів тому
😂😂😂😂😂 that nigg a said gang shot bitch omg
Jason Yang
Jason Yang - 11 днів тому
He is buying shoes for his family
Scofields1828 - 11 днів тому
I love how 21 and Migos both have purses for their money #traplife
Fearofanother - 11 днів тому
what is the song in the beginng
23 NICHOLAS RODRIGUEZ - 12 днів тому
23 NICHOLAS RODRIGUEZ - 12 днів тому
issa knife
Anime Maniac Otaku
Anime Maniac Otaku - 12 днів тому
Munana 2525
Munana 2525 - 14 днів тому
2:24 my brother has those jordans
3:12 those look borderline fire tho
Mohamed Abbas
Mohamed Abbas - 14 днів тому
Damn Dem glasses
Yoshi Gaming
Yoshi Gaming - 15 днів тому
“Savage what shoe do you wanna make”?
“Crocs but it’s a BIG knife
Devonta Gatewoid
Devonta Gatewoid - 15 днів тому
The intro was so dramatic 😑
JD Quibael
JD Quibael - 15 днів тому
21 savage is not a fan of the jordan 13s
DrummerKiddd15 - 16 днів тому
21 smarter than u think😂
Carter Macarages
Carter Macarages - 16 днів тому
DEEP in that bank acount
Antonio Watkins
Antonio Watkins - 16 днів тому
Smart retarded!
Landon Medina
Landon Medina - 16 днів тому
those black human races are over 1k now
Tupac is not dead
Tupac is not dead - 16 днів тому
PurpleKloud Richboog
PurpleKloud Richboog - 18 днів тому
most def can relate i took out trash at 11 too to cop the kicks... facts and savage jean tims lit af on god
some random channel
some random channel - 18 днів тому
Seems a little weird
CORD the1st
CORD the1st - 17 днів тому
They should go sneaker shopping with CORD the 1st
Brooklyn Lyles
Brooklyn Lyles - 18 днів тому
The music in the middle of the vid is like serial killer shit
Hapkipo dykky
Hapkipo dykky - 19 днів тому
21 21 21 🔌🔌🙏🏽
highest of visions
highest of visions - 19 днів тому
“Oh Eminem the *rapper* “
Hamon Frog
Hamon Frog - 5 днів тому
He was too busy thinking about knives, forgot who Em was
Y0s - 19 днів тому
i juh lik tha figfhs lol :D
Edward Gaskin
Edward Gaskin - 19 днів тому
Thanks beautiful 😭😭😭😭
Yvnggod55 55
Yvnggod55 55 - 20 днів тому
What was the back ground knife intro when after he said the Jordan 5s would sell out @3: 25
Chris NoFeelings
Chris NoFeelings - 20 днів тому
2:22 How you gone say the 5s ugly and you were wearing them in the Red Opps video? lmaooo
Miss Worthy
Miss Worthy - 20 днів тому
The "gang shit bitch" made me laugh so hard
Chris Sosa
Chris Sosa - 20 днів тому
Who bought the MOST pair of shoes in this lil sneaker shopping series
Jace Cooley
Jace Cooley - 21 день тому
Those slaughter gang 5s would look so fire
Paul Onovo
Paul Onovo - 21 день тому
What brand is the frame bruhhh 🔥🔥🔥??
Litezpe - 22 дні тому
1:01 on repeat got me💀💀
Autummn Richards
Autummn Richards - 22 дні тому
21 savage looked like he was sleeply
ALEXANDRE SILVA - 22 дні тому
Instinct Appolo
Instinct Appolo - 22 дні тому
21 rockin the Thunder 4s my favorite Js
Adriana Meza
Adriana Meza - 23 дні тому
Hoop Master
Hoop Master - 23 дні тому
Yo know you’re rich asf when u casually pull out 2 stacks of $100 to pay for shoes
Yousef Zaini
Yousef Zaini - 23 дні тому
They look GANGSTER
Mit Shah
Mit Shah - 23 дні тому
Ohh EMINEM the rapper😂 5:12
PortableToiletGod 101
PortableToiletGod 101 - 23 дні тому
Most of the shoes 21 savage wants to make has knifes on it lol
Lori Henderson
Lori Henderson - 24 дні тому
Iil yeezy I mean
Lori Henderson
Lori Henderson - 24 дні тому
A rappers name should be ill yeezy
Unicorn 002
Unicorn 002 - 24 дні тому
Is it me or this beat hard in the intro
sxcred - 25 днів тому
No homo but he cute
Frances Morrison
Frances Morrison - 25 днів тому
I have the same exact Jordans 21 Savage have
RookieTV - 25 днів тому
Juan Tobar
Juan Tobar - 27 днів тому
The 13s are hella fresh
big_boi _bandana
big_boi _bandana - 27 днів тому
21 though
RockLess - 28 днів тому
What is the background song called that starts playing at 1:03?
Paige Holliman
Paige Holliman - 28 днів тому
I Buckz
I Buckz - 28 днів тому
You look so scared in the thubmnail
Peachyy Keen
Peachyy Keen - 29 днів тому
‘They look gangsta. They look like a gangsta show’ 💀💀
Sophia Ning
Sophia Ning - 29 днів тому
"oh eminem the rapper" wow
Alex Sanchez
Alex Sanchez - 29 днів тому
id prefer Nike or addidas
frncis ovidio pasquel mena
frncis ovidio pasquel mena - 29 днів тому
Who usted they cashier?
Kendrick Sabaj
Kendrick Sabaj - Місяць тому
This man said he didn't like the 5's with the sour patch green but he had them on in his video 'Red Ops'
tomi augusto
tomi augusto - Місяць тому
Where is the shop?
EddyVery Sweaty
EddyVery Sweaty - Місяць тому
Why 21 standing like he in school and the principal screaming at him😭
Martha Escamilla
Martha Escamilla - Місяць тому
Whenever you said it was ugly as hell funny
Trill Trippin
Trill Trippin - Місяць тому
21 really think jewelry a better investment than super limited shoes.
Value of jewelry goes down the second you buy it.
Value of shoes generally goes up as long as you keep them dead stock.
Is just Mi’Angel Shardae
Is just Mi’Angel Shardae - Місяць тому
What’s up
Crunch Buttsteak
Crunch Buttsteak - Місяць тому
Am I the only one that likes Jordan 18s?
Coltyn Reimer
Coltyn Reimer - Місяць тому
Am I the only one who noticed his shoes changed from jordans to somthing else?????
Toxzetic -
Toxzetic - - Місяць тому
1:01 “ A LAMB “ 😂😂😂
TheGangsterBrothers - Місяць тому
5:10 oh Eminem the rapper this guys thought M&M “OH EMINEM THE RAPPER”
JCB - Місяць тому
Did he say size 6?
lc14012 - Місяць тому
"How old were you?"
21 savage: "Alamm"
Hamon Frog
Hamon Frog - 5 днів тому
Had no idea what the fuck he said until Joe was like "so you said you were 11.."
Joel Keating
Joel Keating - Місяць тому
He’s trynna pull at a complex interview
Mayonnaise Lord
Mayonnaise Lord - Місяць тому
“How old were you when you were doin that” “prolly like elemm”
rickyboy613 - Місяць тому
They'd have a kife..... Smh
God of Dxyr
God of Dxyr - Місяць тому
Lowkey like like pnbrock
Fanny Lopez
Fanny Lopez - Місяць тому
Yo please give me Jordan’s are 11red
Xûr - Місяць тому
Gimme dees toow
DevTheArtist - Місяць тому
Who's the cashier pls?
B Pooja
B Pooja - Місяць тому
Got a crush on him
Ajay Sharma
Ajay Sharma - Місяць тому
4:22 Good ol' 21 Savage..Always find reasons to talk about *KNIFE*