twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Live from the American Music Awards]

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Melina Houliara
Melina Houliara - 4 години тому
Is this where josh hit his head?
ValorousArcanine - 22 години тому
How much you wanna bet most of the audience doesn't even know what's going on 😂
jo stait
jo stait - День тому
While he was screaming he sounded like an angry emo teenager
Dave - День тому
This song takes you on a ride. I love the dynamic. The bridge sounds like a completely different song. It's actual music, not noise. There is a big difference between the both
Summer Girl
Summer Girl - 2 дні тому
It’s a big mistake to play twenty one pilots to an audience who are completely clueless about what he is singing and what he means
Aa Moni
Aa Moni - 2 дні тому
wtf is up with the ama's having terrible mics.... and I'm not just talking abt top,, but other artists too, just--
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 2 дні тому
i keep coming back to this video and the longer I do that the more upset I get. I'm not going to one of their concert's till June but I know they are so much more comfortable in them.
Marlon Palacios
Marlon Palacios - 2 дні тому
El proximo album de TOP se llamara Liahto
Carpe NØctem
Carpe NØctem - 3 дні тому
Lol the way Tyler leaves at the end
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 2 дні тому
+Carpe NØctem You know Jason gets real hangry
Carpe NØctem
Carpe NØctem - 2 дні тому
+Marlena Ambrosecchia hahaha Jason was starving
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 2 дні тому
just like come on Josh we r leaving because this sucks and I forgot to feed my pet cheetah jason
Līl Hėčk
Līl Hėčk - 3 дні тому
The audience didn’t deserve Tyler Joseph and josh dun’s performance. Their probably all snobby wine sippers.
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 3 дні тому
Dude that piano looks like it has been physically beat. SMH they deserve better
HAILEY - 3 дні тому
It kinda hurts to not see the clique there singing along
Maxon Mendel
Maxon Mendel - 4 дні тому
Why does this look like it was filmed for early 2000s late night TV? Makes me feel like I'm at my grandparents
Subscribe to Pewdiepies
Subscribe to Pewdiepies - 4 дні тому
Tyler is going to be future Chester Bennington
ASU Thunder [GD]
ASU Thunder [GD] - 5 днів тому
How many of you guys thought it was too quiet for them? it was they need to boost up the volume!!
A Person
A Person - 6 днів тому
2:32 omg I thought was a bug running across my screen into my lap
ed mendoza
ed mendoza - 6 днів тому
mariana - 6 днів тому
my baby sounded sad in some parts :(
so many things were wrong with this performance.. they did amazing tho. i’m so proud. 💗
livi_loves_life - 7 днів тому
The people who've never listened to Twenty One Pilots were probably -s h o o k- when Tyler started screaming
Evander Wolf
Evander Wolf - 8 днів тому
I was there
Pab O
Pab O - 8 днів тому
Gra Xx
Gra Xx - 9 днів тому
The screaming fucked this song. Totally not needed.
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 3 дні тому
well mainstream songs sing the same part over and over the exact same way. Twenty one pilots doesn't like doing that and personally i love the way he sounds when he screams
PRASENJIT DUTTA - 9 днів тому
This is my fav of twenty one pilot
gmfitzg - 9 днів тому
Love this song, but man, why he whispering so much? Could barely hear what he says
Panic! At The Disco Fan Page
Panic! At The Disco Fan Page - 9 днів тому
Tyler: *burns car on stage*
Audience: *does or has no reaction at all*
Breanne Waechter
Breanne Waechter - 9 днів тому
They did awesome but the energy in that room sucks nothing compared to the love and energy the clique gives back the bandito tour was nothing shy of amazing.
hollandpilot - 10 днів тому
they really don’t deserve this omg it seems like nobody in this crowd has heard of them and 1:34 broke my heart too
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 3 дні тому
+hollandpilot i can't even express how much Tyler means to me
hollandpilot - 3 дні тому
Marlena Ambrosecchia Tyler’s literally fucking amazing
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 3 дні тому
+hollandpilot anybody who uses this to critique Tyler is a terrible person. Tyler is such a good bean and I hate how stupid the crowd was thinking twice that the song ended when it didn't
hollandpilot - 3 дні тому
Marlena Ambrosecchia this video honestly makes me so sad
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 3 дні тому
that part honestly made me feel so bad for the boys. the audience absolutely sucked and the boys were so uncomfortable. i hate when they aren't performing in front of the clique because they hate it so much
Tany Nez
Tany Nez - 10 днів тому
Twenty one pilots I love you💓💗😭😍
Holtsass_ 19
Holtsass_ 19 - 11 днів тому
Queens 😍😍☺️💖💖💖
MJ Fan
MJ Fan - 11 днів тому
My heart is quaking
MJ Fan
MJ Fan - 11 днів тому
When he yells at the end I always get the chills
phoenix aquino
phoenix aquino - 11 днів тому
2:46 girl looks so confused
Cøsmic mangø
Cøsmic mangø - 11 днів тому
Tyler: we are gonna add a burning car to the place

Crowd: NANI?¿
Gothic Gut Pudding
Gothic Gut Pudding - 12 днів тому
AAAAA I remember watching this on my tv and i was screaming lmao
Melissa Papile-Beban
Melissa Papile-Beban - 12 днів тому
God they can do no wrong...Best ever
adn flowers
adn flowers - 12 днів тому
brody - 13 днів тому
josh looks badass
BRENDON! AT THE DISCO - 13 днів тому
Banditø 08
Banditø 08 - 14 днів тому
Wait wtf I was re-watching this and that isn't Josh on stage that's some random ass guy
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 3 дні тому
dude that's Josh...
barefoot arizona
barefoot arizona - 14 днів тому
This music feels good on my cerebral cortex
Hexa Bug
Hexa Bug - 14 днів тому
Don't care the audience they are TV showmans and We Don't Believe What's On TV !
weirdo xd
weirdo xd - 15 днів тому
p r o u d
Rose Fielding
Rose Fielding - 15 днів тому
I use whispered to myself afterwards “aw their so pretty”
Strike Ecozzocn
Strike Ecozzocn - 15 днів тому
I love how the crowd is pretending to enjoy music that they obviously don't understand.
SomePersonYouDontKnow - 10 днів тому
Lily Andersson
Lily Andersson - 16 днів тому
...oh No 🙁 has Tyler been sick? It felt like he only could give 50%
SomePersonYouDontKnow - 10 днів тому
No it's just because he doesn't like performing in concerts/places that aren't his own;he was nervous.
cat doodles
cat doodles - 16 днів тому
I was at the Bandito tour a couple of weeks ago and it was nothing like this 😂
Tyler Jøseph
Tyler Jøseph - 16 днів тому
strynger 123
strynger 123 - 16 днів тому
Está su vos toda culera pero está mejor la normal

Comentario MEXICANO
Roberto De la Cruz
Roberto De la Cruz - 16 днів тому
JJ - 16 днів тому
studlypear05 - 16 днів тому
All these music awards shows the producers are like..."hmm, how can we make these artists vocals sound as muted and inaudible as possible because live t.v. is no place for live music to be enjoyed"
Am I the only one who thought Tyler wasnt ready to perform after the hiatus? He was really nervous and couldn't do his normal scream.
+Marlena Ambrosecchia ik like it's the one time I felt like full and satisfied
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 3 дні тому
+DJI SPARK MERCED, CALIFORNIA that honestly sounds so fun. I'm not going to a concert of theirs till June fourth but all the videos look so hyped and make me wanna cry that that much wholesomeness can be in one room
+Marlena Ambrosecchia yeah when I was at the concert me and the rest of the clique was like screaming the lyrics so loud we could hardly hear Tyler😂
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 3 дні тому
he also is very uncomfortable without the loving and understanding blanket of the clique around him. it was not a good start to playing live and I honestly feel so bad for him
Булат Афандеев
Булат Афандеев - 17 днів тому
Cameron Donney
Cameron Donney - 17 днів тому
2:45 Bish doesn't even know what she's singing. Tyler was so nervous it was heartbreaking these people obviously don't understand his music both of them so clearly don't want to be playing for them. Whoever convinced my beans to do this should reconsider if they should work with them considering they know nothing about them.
Ella Cassidy
Ella Cassidy - 18 днів тому
this is how I know that the Bandito concert will be the best concert of my life when I go.
Angelina Bauman
Angelina Bauman - 18 днів тому
Tyler: Lets burn a car on stage!!!!
Josh: uhm..... ok...
*camera zooms out & ppl see the burning car on their screen*
Me: WATCH OUT TYL-oh wait hehe ....
prince of pink
prince of pink - 18 днів тому
Poor Ty. He sounded nervous and the crowd didn't sound like they truly appreciated that. I know that when I went to their show in Milwaukee, it was great and the bass was great, but here, whoever did the sound producing sucked. I want to give Tyler the biggest hug. At the end, it seemed Josh just wanted to get off the stage too and so did Tyler. They were both nervous. I don't blame them, they had a long hiatus.
Антон Коломин
Антон Коломин - 18 днів тому
Gårlic Breåd
Gårlic Breåd - 18 днів тому
I have something to say. I think we can all agree that this isn’t Tyler’s best vocals. I’ve seen many, MANY performances of Tyler on YouTube and this doesn’t even compare to some of his vocals. I don’t think his voice was bad just because he’s not having a good vocal day, I also think it’s because of the vibe that the audience is giving. Tyler doesn’t feel the emotion through these strangers, unlike when he plays at his own concerts. The people in his concerts actually know how emotional these lyrics are, therefore Tyler can feel the emotion when he plays. During this performance, everyone was there for the music, not the emotion or the lyrics, so he didn’t play as well as he can.
Idk just a theory :)
Gdsfhhhjjh Vvdsjkjgff
Gdsfhhhjjh Vvdsjkjgff - 18 днів тому
Gdsfhhhjjh Vvdsjkjgff
Gdsfhhhjjh Vvdsjkjgff - 18 днів тому
*their arms not theory arms*
Poyuxu Recexa
Poyuxu Recexa - 19 днів тому
Shouldve done nico or chlorine tbh
Scare Cr0w
Scare Cr0w - 21 день тому
Osmar Maciel
Osmar Maciel - 22 дні тому
Osmar Maciel
Osmar Maciel - 22 дні тому
Dead Pixels
Dead Pixels - 23 дні тому
Absolutely incredible album. What a fucking band!!
Maks N
Maks N - 23 дні тому
Дали жару )
Desiree Coad
Desiree Coad - 23 дні тому
Oh heck, some of them knew exactly what the deal was. I did 😎
Robyn Mae
Robyn Mae - 24 дні тому
i would not be alive if i was there. i’m deceased now. gone. bam. TØP killed me
Ardie Bøi
Ardie Bøi - 24 дні тому
Sahlo Folina
Sahlo Folina - 24 дні тому
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 3 дні тому
all of the audience was just white girls that only listen to modern rap and don't even know the lyrics or what they mean to those songs. they had no idea what the power in this song is
Lily Springs
Lily Springs - 24 дні тому
OMG JOSH PROPOSED TO DEBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lily Springs
Lily Springs - 24 дні тому
haley cansler
haley cansler - 24 дні тому
nobody had any idea what was going on so... yeah, this wasn’t their best performance but the crowd was SO quiet and it didn’t have the usual energy so...
bubbie wubbie
bubbie wubbie - 24 дні тому
they always put on a good show
Joel Concepcion
Joel Concepcion - 25 днів тому
alfredo rodriguez
alfredo rodriguez - 25 днів тому
Does tyler voice a bit diffrent?
frog dad gerard
frog dad gerard - 26 днів тому
my grandma hears *"jumpshoe, jumpshoe cover me"*
Jolie Bellet
Jolie Bellet - 26 днів тому
Man I hope this wins the grammy.
-올리비아- - 27 днів тому
The guy at 1:57 is a whole mood
Vanilla Boba
Vanilla Boba - 27 днів тому
This sounds so awkward because literally the audience has no clue what is happening and literally aren’t singing at all. I feel so bad for Josh and Tyler, you can barely hear them too ;;
Алан Джозеф
Алан Джозеф - 27 днів тому
Well im waiting for the blue logo
Al3xand3r _Gamer
Al3xand3r _Gamer - 27 днів тому
*This is the worst preform
1. The audio dude was probably on crack
2. The crowd didnt know wrf is happening
3. Tyler looked like he doesnt want to be there
4. Josh is their cause tyler made him go lol*
Marlena Ambrosecchia
Marlena Ambrosecchia - 3 дні тому
no honestly they both hate performing in front of annoying people who only listen to mainstream rap
Al3xand3r _Gamer
Al3xand3r _Gamer - 20 днів тому
+Rainbøw Piløt I cant but its true
Rainbøw Piløt
Rainbøw Piløt - 21 день тому
shhh say it was the best overwise these fans will kill you
Салют- Мое имя Дамир
Салют- Мое имя Дамир - 27 днів тому
Джамшут джамшут
galileo figaro
galileo figaro - 27 днів тому
this is *hot*
MR. THAKAI - 28 днів тому
why so silent here?
Selena Jauregui
Selena Jauregui - 29 днів тому
Surely they think the car is just part of the stage but they do not know the story behind that.
Pressley Bylsma
Pressley Bylsma - 29 днів тому
Whoever was in charge of this sound sucks. You could barely hear Tyler. It was very quiet. Tyler and josh did amazing and I’m sooo proud of them though. With I could’ve gone lol.
alex is trash
alex is trash - 29 днів тому
The people who were responsible for the bass could’ve done a much better job
Isabel Castillo Dávila
Isabel Castillo Dávila - Місяць тому
So incredibly proud
edu epz
edu epz - Місяць тому
Junio 2018 !!!
Karen Sells
Karen Sells - Місяць тому
I like your vibe
L'histoire vue par Lukas
L'histoire vue par Lukas - Місяць тому
Futur Day
Futur Day - Місяць тому
Hello il sont mis le feu
lindsay garcia
lindsay garcia - Місяць тому
I watched this video almost 40 times, and I at least fell off my chair 20 times
Spicy Meme Lord
Spicy Meme Lord - Місяць тому
I am so proud of our smol beans
Connor Burrows
Connor Burrows - Місяць тому
It’s like they purposely made it real echoey
Brandy Sanchez
Brandy Sanchez - Місяць тому
This was a little heartwrenching to watch. The audience was clueless and completely unappreciative of this masterpiece. Smh.
Arleth XD
Arleth XD - Місяць тому
que pedo con la voz de tyler
Cooper Firewall
Cooper Firewall - Місяць тому
your everyday trash
your everyday trash - Місяць тому
Why the faq is everyone so calm when I went to the concert people were literally screaming.
Melancholy Angel
Melancholy Angel - Місяць тому
I would be screaming louder than this.
ROTE - Місяць тому
The first time I heard this I tried to like it soo hard because I didn't want to sound like a fake fan but man this performance was terrible
Brustelogs DBZ
Brustelogs DBZ - Місяць тому
ROTE Yeah, I hope they upload Jumpsuit (live) but from the bandito tour, because that's better than this.