An Inside Look at New York City's "Sneakerhead" Culture

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Prod. Exodus
Prod. Exodus - 2 місяці тому
“Nike air Yeezys” 😳😤🤮🤢
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 4 місяці тому
White boys.... LMAO
Zane - 8 місяців тому
Tl;dr of the comments: Ha! You have a hobby? You’re not allowed to have fun doing something you like!
deivis gorelcenko
deivis gorelcenko - 10 місяців тому
Nike air yeezy 2s.............................. hmmmmmmmmmm
Daniel Kluska
Daniel Kluska - Рік тому
it inbox basketball shoes kids size 6
A-Aron 24
A-Aron 24 - Рік тому
“When you make sales you have money” LEGEND
Ice is crunchy water
Ice is crunchy water - Рік тому
I got those fruity pebles and pb and j’s
Vero Acosta
Vero Acosta - Рік тому
They happy they paid 1,000 for trade rare limited jordans and notices there fake XD LOL
326 Kicks
326 Kicks - Рік тому
"Big deals no longer faze Dan"😂
Ki Ii
Ki Ii - Рік тому
KeKeDoesn'tLoveMe - Рік тому
How many times have people mistaken resellers for sneakerheads
crap flap
crap flap - Рік тому
men are turning into bitches lusting after shoes aha
EL1T3Gamers HD
EL1T3Gamers HD - Рік тому
This is mostly in America for them dead ass Jordan's.
logan lowe
logan lowe - Рік тому
Solars for 1500 wtf crazy steal
- - Рік тому
"nike air yezzy 2s"
Luis Vejar 23
Luis Vejar 23 - Рік тому
Is it just me or r Air Force ones waaaay to underrated.
MasterLuke24 Is Cool
MasterLuke24 Is Cool - 7 місяців тому
I think they’re a little bit underrated although I don’t own a pair
Windex cleaner Multi flavor
Windex cleaner Multi flavor - Рік тому
Who saw those tiffanies at the beginning
Windex cleaner Multi flavor
Windex cleaner Multi flavor - Рік тому
+Super Crazy Luis SHOW!! Me too
Luis Vejar 23
Luis Vejar 23 - Рік тому
Windex cleaner Multi flavor ya I'd rather get the highs though. They cost waaaaaaaaaaaay less and I think they look cooler
MurfRX - Рік тому
Jacob M
Jacob M - 2 роки тому
Wish there was a sneakercon in Scotland
Jacob M
Jacob M - 2 роки тому
it would be hard to start one aswell, im not sure where you are but in livingstone the footlocker had no numbered jordans just eclipses and horizons and i think one colourway of the futures, i managed to get myself some 1's tho. i had to buy all my kd9's and j 1's from US
The Wave Family
The Wave Family - 2 роки тому
Subscribe to my channel!!
a9 - 2 роки тому
0 females
Monte Hood
Monte Hood - 2 роки тому
Lol he a real one ain't changing up on his ppl
Braulio Alvarez
Braulio Alvarez - 2 роки тому
this is not sneakerheads, this is resellers.
Daniel Ker
Daniel Ker - 2 роки тому
Dans a fatass
AFunnyWaffle - 2 роки тому
Surely everyone should be sneaker heads, why would you buy shoes you don't like
Jiren the grey
Jiren the grey - 2 роки тому
Americans bull shit they don't buy Jordan's they are cheap black people buy Jordan's I have jordans and I'm Hispanic
grayd98 - 2 роки тому
Why do sneakerheads seem so elitist? You guys are all shitting on this kid.
mark jacobs
mark jacobs - 2 роки тому
There like drug addicts
AllMightyWizard - 2 роки тому
I bet some people got into fights by stepping on each other's shoes.
Diego Vidal
Diego Vidal - 5 місяців тому
If you stepped on shoes that are worth a 1,000 it is like taking a hundred dollar bill out their wallet and ripping it in front of them
Luis Vejar 23
Luis Vejar 23 - 2 роки тому
KrustyProductionz at the end of gym I was changing back into my lebrons and some kids threw them and I punched him the the face
Jacob Duque
Jacob Duque - 2 роки тому
Of course if someone steps on your all white Sneakers that cost more than a 1000
Dimitri Senpai
Dimitri Senpai - 2 роки тому
1500 fucking steal
Jonny 2 Times
Jonny 2 Times - 2 роки тому
+Dylan Soares Bruh they go for like 3 grand 😂
Dylan Soares
Dylan Soares - 2 роки тому
gustavo avila
gustavo avila - 2 роки тому
Fabricio Jasso
Fabricio Jasso - 2 роки тому
Chris Alford
Chris Alford - 3 роки тому
That lil fat white boy only has what he has cus i his lil dyke looking mommy buys everything his fkn ass doesn't kno shit about sneakers
Scumbag Steve
Scumbag Steve - 3 роки тому
"I'd like to give a shout out to my rich jew mom for giving me everything I ever wanted my whole life."
MOB Vexxih PS3
MOB Vexxih PS3 - 3 роки тому
I want those 11s 😭😭🤑🤑
bob miller
bob miller - 3 роки тому
lol that white fat ass reminds looks like this special needs kid at me school lmfao
Skrilldriller - 2 роки тому
+bob miller Dude there's more errors if you haven't noticed
bob miller
bob miller - 3 роки тому
ill take out the "looks" happy bro?
AJ Evans
AJ Evans - 3 роки тому
Lmfao before you talk about somebody learn how to write dumbass
angelom - 3 роки тому
"I paid $700 for them...". More like your parents did.
Flavio Rivera
Flavio Rivera - 3 роки тому
There fucking shoes for crying out loud !
Eric Schultz
Eric Schultz - 11 місяців тому
Carlos hernandez my g you probably were 12 when you wrote that comment
Devan Bradley
Devan Bradley - 2 роки тому
+Flavio Rivera go back to Mexico you ignorant piece of shit.
Luver Stain
Luver Stain - 2 роки тому
+Flavio Rivera now he mad
Flavio Rivera
Flavio Rivera - 2 роки тому
i own your mom
Luver Stain
Luver Stain - 2 роки тому
He probably doesn't even own a pair
Isaiah Quidilla
Isaiah Quidilla - 3 роки тому
Can't wait to see what happens when they reach that point in their lives that there's actually more things out there than a plastic and rubber sole between your feet and pavement.  As a 21 year-old that used to be like that I immediately stopped because even though they're $1000 they're not even comfortable to walk in.  Now I hit up Nike factory outlet stores for some cheap shoes but still look nice.
Isaiah Quidilla
Isaiah Quidilla - 3 роки тому
That little chunky white kid is ridiculous.  If he already got a two bids for $800 then why is he at a con where he's obviously not gonna get close to that?
victor chansan
victor chansan - 2 роки тому
i think he was trying to trade for those yeezys
Khiem Le
Khiem Le - 3 роки тому
+Isaiah Quidilla Because you can ultimately encounter a person that would pay even more or have something worth to trade. Expand your possibilities and look at your options.
Im Sevsyy
Im Sevsyy - 3 роки тому
That's not necessarily true, he could get that or even higher
FRANKIE LEMUS - 3 роки тому
I could get those corks for 275$
Solemolester001 - 3 роки тому
Is anyone else noticing a huge price drop in sneakers? Like Concords being a steady $500 and I've found ds for $250ish, or how OG's don't mean a thing unless it's coming out next Saturday? I blame hype beasts, u notice the guy stating sneaker heads are people who love the shoe. Now a days it's what "everyone" thinks or says what's hot... Idk just what I'm seeing....
Isaiah Quidilla
Isaiah Quidilla - 3 роки тому
+Solemolester001 It's partly due to Jordan coming out with several restocks and also due to people just refusing to spend $500 these days or just flat out not buying them from a retailer in the first place.
Wesout - 3 роки тому
Peep the doernbecher 1's at 1:14
mikeandmars2345 - 3 роки тому
jesus costa
jesus costa - 3 роки тому
Shout to my friends kid didn't even mention his mom like if he friends pay for the roof over his head
TheXx1nfinityxX - 3 роки тому
Lol yep
Lone - 3 роки тому
Dan is a hypebeast
Big Swings
Big Swings - 3 роки тому
good video
Tanner Snyder
Tanner Snyder - 3 роки тому
The Jordan's at the end are fake af
Paul Faherty
Paul Faherty - 3 роки тому
Did that guy really just say he refuses to take a sneaker without the insole and then immediately tries convincing a guy that the insole doesn't matter? smh
speier - Рік тому
respect the hustle but resellers are garbage humans in general
CrazeAnimations8 - Рік тому
Paul Faherty finessing + hustle = $$$
Dr Azyah
Dr Azyah - 3 роки тому
+Paul Faherty they said some rules are ment to be broke
Paul Jorge
Paul Jorge - 3 роки тому
LMAOOO that white fat nigga said dmp 6s go for 700 I'm done
Fresh - 3 роки тому
whats the song playing in the back cause its hard af
Clint Hernandez
Clint Hernandez - 3 роки тому
Walk On By - Isaac Hayes
John Jones
John Jones - 4 роки тому
Good Thing i now live in Europe, nothing of this crap, you just wake up on the release date, go to the nearest nike or footlocker store, and you are all set, if you feel a little lazy, you can always cop online. though nowadays, retros and other exclusives sells within a week, before they just sit on the shelves for weeks, guess the hype is slowly getting in Europe.
John Jones
John Jones - 3 роки тому
+Mike Ramos shhhhhhhhh!
Mike Ramos
Mike Ramos - 3 роки тому
and by the way, i get what John jones means, that you brits are really not considered part of the EU, you guys are on your own actually like Switzerland, only Switzerland is a better country.
Mike Ramos
Mike Ramos - 3 роки тому
+Scott Finnerty you forgot about the J's! lol i thought you were talking about the J's and how you don't believe they sit on the shelves
Scott Finnerty
Scott Finnerty - 3 роки тому
+John Jones "you are not even on the European Union" "you are just in the EU as a decoration" see? Fucking retard!
Scott Finnerty
Scott Finnerty - 3 роки тому
+Mike Ramos In isolation maybe on the whole this isn't the case.
ThEiLLtechNICIAN - 4 роки тому
I wouldn't associate myself with these clowns. I just wear my kicks on and off court and that's it. Only way I would be selling any of my sneakers is if I was about to lose my house or desperately needed money. He'll I even gave alot of them away to my cousins and my little bro becuase we wear the same size. Only shoes people, come on!
Ladiesman217 - 4 роки тому
Gotdamn hypebeast
Mitchell Allen
Mitchell Allen - 4 роки тому
Don't listen to these dudes all of these guys are just jealous that you are making money and there on food stamps
RAF † OWENS - 4 роки тому
Lol the parents always say the same things like "it's a good learning experience". and they spoil the kids it's ridiculous and funny at the same time when they think they know what they are talking about but they don't like i said shits ridiculous.
RAF † OWENS - 4 роки тому
Yea that's true I guess
David  Lee
David Lee - 4 роки тому
+Twayne Sneakerhead hey when you have rich parents lol money aint a thing
RAF † OWENS - 4 роки тому
Hey everyone has something they have a passion for and mine is shoes so whatever man, but the kids dont have knowlege of the shoes they buy they just buy it because they want to fit in and its just mindblowing how ridiculous they look when they talk about something they really have no love for.
YOUTUBESUCKS - 4 роки тому
+Ricky Camilo Even if it isn't true, how are you gonna hate on a parent who worked all their life, and made enough money to buy their kid some sneakers. Good luck with your sneaker business, cuz your a true sneakerhead right? hope it pays the bills
David  Lee
David Lee - 4 роки тому
+UA-videoSUCKS you believe that shit?
Daniel Steininger
Daniel Steininger - 4 роки тому
Sole exchange is one of the best shows
Eric N
Eric N - 4 роки тому
i wonder if that kid knows the story be hind the shoes or anyone there smh HYPEBEAST
Marcos Valencia
Marcos Valencia - 4 роки тому
+ThEiLLtechNICIAN ROSS actually buys B grade shoes people have found crazy sneakers their like cherry 11 lows and kilroy 9s and stuff for like 40$
ThEiLLtechNICIAN - 4 роки тому
+SneakerHead Sam "your salty becuase the kid has heat, and all you have is GRs" you win the hypebeast award of the year with that comment. Just wear what you like, whether they are GR, QS, or pay less shoes. I garantee if sneakers like the yeezys weren't hyped and had kanye ' s name on them, they would be on the Ross rack right now, but I salute those who own them that actually like them. Imo they are worthless. Rather have a pair of hyperdunks to ball in. It's function over fashion imo. But that's just my opinion. There are certain kicks that were hard to get, and I couldn't get them, becuase I either struck out, didn't have the money at the time, or just didn't feel like going through the hassle. But for the most part, the sneakers that are limited/hyped and hard to get, I don't like them and don't want them.
Marcos Valencia
Marcos Valencia - 4 роки тому
+Eric Noa ik right some little kids know zero about the shoes but still get um
Nigerian 2k King
Nigerian 2k King - 4 роки тому
+Eric Noa This is standard shit...You question his knowledge & the authenticity of his kicks because you are jealous. Anybody with a brain knows this. Who cares if he knows anything about the shoe. As long as he buys what he likes why do you care? I mean we already know the answer to that but you have no need to worry about what is on his feet. And which shoe are you referring to that is fake? If youre talking about the dmps then explain why.
Eric N
Eric N - 4 роки тому
"i wonder if that kid knows the story be hind the shoes or anyone there smh HYPEBEAST" can you read? you fucking idiot no one said anything about hating on his kicks although he has fake concords but i said does he even know the story behind his kicks. you fucking retard and hes a hypebeast lmaoo
Carlos Castillo
Carlos Castillo - 4 роки тому
too bad his concords are fake @ 2:59
Osvaldo Salinas
Osvaldo Salinas - 3 роки тому
They're dmp's
FixedChamp - 4 роки тому
lmao!!!!! That opening line is corny AF
CKamp Dubs
CKamp Dubs - 3 роки тому
kushdaddy144 - 3 роки тому
+john wezel ahhahaahahaahajaHhahaah
Nasty J
Nasty J - 4 роки тому
XD smh
Baraka Gitari
Baraka Gitari - 4 роки тому
I kept on seeing the supreme guys
DreamEATeRcookiie - 4 роки тому
Well atleast they arent selling drugs
Man Fred
Man Fred - 4 роки тому
I never knew so many white people collected sneakers until now
Ayden Millar
Ayden Millar - 4 роки тому
ceo of what?
om mistry
om mistry - 4 роки тому
2:30 that kid doesn't know war he's talking bout XD and doesn't know anything bout the shoe game!
Craig Fleischer
Craig Fleischer - 4 роки тому
I spot Admin Fred @ 1:56
Bijan Santos
Bijan Santos - 4 роки тому
Thats frederick at the beginning
Anthony Maze
Anthony Maze - 4 роки тому
where the fuck these kids getting $1200 from?? even if i was rich and had kids. i wouldn't give my kids $200.
Phly Yungin
Phly Yungin - 4 роки тому
+Liam Guiritan facts
umadbro - 4 роки тому
+Liam Guiritan lmao true
Liam Guiritan
Liam Guiritan - 4 роки тому
Society has changed. Children went from trading Pokémon cards to like a 1k pair of shoes
josh barboza
josh barboza - 4 роки тому
Jsm madrid
Jsm madrid - 4 роки тому
Fuck this bullshit, this is not a sneaker head. A sneaker head is a person that holds numerous amount of sneakers cause he/she bought to wear here and there but always keep them I still have my first and original #5 Jordan's all three blacks,white/red,white/purple why would I want to sell them to make some money? Fuck that,that's some stupid idiots that hold no special meaning to them.
WUN Life
WUN Life - 3 роки тому
Shid I guess I was lucky my first pair of Jordan's was the 2000 infrared 6 them hors still fresh till this day. Never ever will them bitches leave. Man if I die I want to be buried in them hoes lol
David Ponce
David Ponce - 4 роки тому
2:58 fake concords
Han SoleLo
Han SoleLo - 4 роки тому
1k for corks? he can kill himswlf
Sergio Orlando
Sergio Orlando - Рік тому
xTalentedd - 3 роки тому
lmfao tru u can get tht for half tht price
w1dowtaker - 4 роки тому
fuck these kids... ruining these kids. What happened to the passion
William Bedoya
William Bedoya - 4 роки тому
Yang Xiangnan
Yang Xiangnan - 4 роки тому
People tend to not understand the difference. Sneakerhead collect sneakers, hypebeast just buy what nike commercialize. I'm a sneakerhead and I hate people keeep assume I buy sneaker cause money involve.
Axel Mora
Axel Mora - 4 роки тому
And just as the perfect pair always says "we wear our sneakers" wear your kicks dont let them collect dust, now I do realize some shoes are meant to leave deadstock but c'mon wear your kicks.
Axel Mora
Axel Mora - 4 роки тому
Having the shoes is just one side of it, your knowledge of shoes is the other and personally I think that's more important than owning the sneakers. You might have the kicks but if you don't have the knowledge you are not a sneakerhead in my mind.   
Azian2DaMax - 4 роки тому
It's gonna suck for that kid once he hits his growth spurt and his feet get bigger.
Rafa3L PeREZ
Rafa3L PeREZ - 3 місяці тому
That's why he's a reseller not a sneaker head
Liam Guiritan
Liam Guiritan - 4 роки тому
Its also going to suck when he gets mugged with 20k in his pocket and a $500 shoe
RAF † OWENS - 4 роки тому
Base God
Azian2DaMax - 4 роки тому
+Sam Man #protectlilbatallcosts
samtheman - 4 роки тому
Ken Jenkins
Ken Jenkins - 4 роки тому
up because ur poor as shit
KahunaAli'i - 4 роки тому
America. You have too much money and no sense. That was sickening.
Azian2DaMax - 4 роки тому
Money is made to spend. If we have it, we can spend it. Enjoy staying poor in whatever country you live in.
King - 4 роки тому
The big dudes a hypocrite he was like if they don't have the insole I won't take em. Next clip who's gonna see the insole except you
Sour Man
Sour Man - 4 роки тому
no way i'm ever paying more than 20 bucks for a pair of shoes. Go to walmart get myself a good pair of shoes sometimes 2 if there on sale  buy one get one for $20 and i'm set for 2 years
Romain Anderson
Romain Anderson - 9 місяців тому
Sour Man well that's your thing. but I'm glad that young people are becoming entreprenuer by selling n buying shoes I was able to get out of tough situations just buy selling my shoes even helped me purchase a car that bad part about it is it also draws unwanted attention from assholes who use violence to get shoes
Eric Schultz
Eric Schultz - 11 місяців тому
Sour Man shoe game still going strong 3 years later and won’t die down at all my g
fatel702LVC - 11 місяців тому
Sour Man ikr
ֆأռҚ - Рік тому
+David Lee, If your most expensive shoe in your closet is "timberlands" which you state are 40 bucks they either are FAKE or they are probably some wallmart branded rip off "timberlands" because Timberlands are usually $150-$200
Sour Man
Sour Man - 3 роки тому
+bulaia I would rather starve than take gov support
saksmarcus - 4 роки тому
Haha I can't believe dude just asked for a g for those corks. As long as I can get most of the shoes I want retail these geeks can have at it
OmAr LiVeS
OmAr LiVeS - 4 роки тому
So, I sold about 5 sneakers on ebay trying to do what that kid did by buying and selling and reinvesting the profits and I tell my dad and he puts down my idea as that's "small money". Fuck that piece of shit! I'm about go in now.
ONYXgamerninja - 4 роки тому
Instagram is more easier and usually that's where the buyers are at
OmAr LiVeS
OmAr LiVeS - 4 роки тому
instagram? nice. thanks, good looks wit the heads up.
ONYXgamerninja - 4 роки тому
I use paypal and instagram, which is a good method
OmAr LiVeS
OmAr LiVeS - 4 роки тому
+ONYXgamerninja Yeah, I know You're right.
ONYXgamerninja - 4 роки тому
Don't use eBay but use paypal or Craig's because eBay takes some of the money from your transaction of a sold sneaker
Biga173rd - 4 роки тому
Yeaa!! Shout out to Anthony,Dan,Tom, Timmy  Guys guys keep it down lol.  
Biga173rd - 4 роки тому
13 year old CEO?? lmao GTFO. More like using mommy and daddy's money to buy and resell. I would not give this kid a food stamp with his retarded prices ruining the love of the shoe game. Real street dudes buys shoes to wear them it's there life style not to resale lil punk!! smh.. Hypebeast my ass. 
Biga173rd - 4 роки тому
+Ayden M I have no idea maybe Herb might be his name.
Ayden Millar
Ayden Millar - 4 роки тому
whats his full name?
Chris Urena
Chris Urena - 4 роки тому
where is this located ?
Mason Lariviere
Mason Lariviere - 4 роки тому
them fake fighter jets tho
Abhijay Sudharshan
Abhijay Sudharshan - 3 роки тому
And them fake Concords lmao
metalmaster76 - 4 роки тому
never seen people walk so shy in my life.
trying to avoid dirty shoes is it?
Kenneth Won
Kenneth Won - 4 роки тому
Yea you get money and you can do what ever with it! Stupid
bassphillyforeman - 4 роки тому
Naaa not og 2000 release
bassphillyforeman - 4 роки тому
The concords are not fake there og if you were a sneakerhead you would know....dumbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gerardo Garcia
Gerardo Garcia - 4 роки тому
Kid hypbeast First shoe Concords 11
protectyaneck__ - 4 роки тому
Fat kid probably wears USPA and jean shorts with his kicks.
TNB LKD - 4 роки тому
the fat kid is too ugly for jordan 11s
Jorge Banegas
Jorge Banegas - 4 роки тому
that 13 year old has fake concords and hes a "sneakerhead"
Carlos hernandez
Carlos hernandez - Рік тому
Jorge Banegas how they fake
omfug - 5 років тому
The business isn't new, in the early to mid 90's my partner and I were selling Jordans to the Japanese, at one show alone we did $40,000---it was crazy man, I am talking "drug dealer" level bucks. In those days we advertised for shoes. My partner had a lead in Michigan, the dude had worked at a Foot Locker and had about 10 pairs of deadstock Jordans, we are talking rare color Jordan '85's and so forth, my Partner flew in and gave the guy $7000, we made a killing on that buy. Pity that there are so many fakes out there now, in the '90's no one was faking Jordans so if you found a pair they were the real deal, same with Dunks, etc. Now the money is in the new limited issue Nikes, so I say that these kids should go for it, but I miss hunting down the really rare early issues....
FreshPrinceIIJ - 5 років тому
Do it for the love of the game!
cr7824 - 5 років тому
the guy selling yeezys at the start looks like JJ Reddick
edson manuel
edson manuel - 5 років тому
thanks awesome video
RobinTheBoyWonder1 - 5 років тому
Wow, good think I'm not dumb enough to buy shoes made in China.
fatel702LVC - 11 місяців тому
RobinTheBoyWonder1 same here
KB - 4 роки тому
+williamskicker15 But, they're all from china. Authentic or not.
iwatchyoutube - 4 роки тому
Nike is made in the u.s. too
Resurrected Sole
Resurrected Sole - 4 роки тому
nike is made in vietnam as well
MrMattchappy - 4 роки тому
+jim accardi oh alright, didn't know that.