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plumlogan - 2 години тому
Turns out it looked great, sounded great - nothing going on, storywise
Hue Lu
Hue Lu - 2 години тому
“structure of mind” these are stupid or insane 🤦‍♀️
Saint - 2 години тому
Watched this in two days. It's amazing
Blacksnyder - 2 години тому
This was such a beautiful ride. Jonah and Emma did an amazing job with this one. It's amazing that they were able to reunite on such a powerful and poignant piece on human connection in a time were genuine human connection seems sometimes impossible to achieve. Bravo to the entire cast and crew.
theBarryOShow - 3 години тому
Does anyone know the music that comes in at 1:26?
Messi The cat
Messi The cat - 3 години тому
Jus watched first 2 episodes.. To be honest this was the worst boring piece of shit tv show i ever seen.. The producer and director and actors should be shot dead for wasting our time.. Wat a shit show.. Absolute garbage.. Die motherfuckers..
jb6167 - 3 години тому
This show is boring.
Mdog67 - 4 години тому
Dam he lost a lot of weight
fidobarks - 4 години тому
Jonah hill????
no thx
bad mojo....
Kris MT02
Kris MT02 - 4 години тому
Loved it loved it
Pedro Arzeno
Pedro Arzeno - 5 годин тому
I just finished watching this series, and it was amazing!! I loved both characters and their stories and struggles and how they overcame it. Netflix did an incredible job on this series. I wish there were more episodes, but perhaps it’s better this way. I really loved the show!
CHARLES CASTRO - 5 годин тому
It was like a ten part episode of Black Mirror with some Twin Peaks vibe, I really liked it.
Rodrigo B.
Rodrigo B. - 6 годин тому
this looks cool
Joseph A.W
Joseph A.W - 7 годин тому
It's wax ecstatic.
Ricky's Best Medicine
Ricky's Best Medicine - 7 годин тому
This show suffers from multiple-personality disorder, it's better than the trailer would have you think.
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez - 8 годин тому
Usually don't comment on youtube, usually don't complete series one sitting, but this show changed all of that. Great performance from jonah, emma and ruth.
Ron J
Ron J - 10 годин тому
cyigen85 - 10 годин тому
I don't know why people are overrating this show, it wasnt that good. Better call saul is a better "depressing" kinda show.
Corrine Wager
Corrine Wager - 10 годин тому
This is my favorite little series I've ever seen, quite amazing and everyone involved with it did a fantastic job
Idil Yaktubay
Idil Yaktubay - 10 годин тому
gulmina khan
gulmina khan - 11 годин тому
If jonah would have cast someone else instead of him this could be hit. Similarly the heroine is also an ugly yankee.
James McConnie
James McConnie - 11 годин тому
jlr163380 - 11 годин тому
I have read the song is M83 my tears are becoming the Sea. I went and listened to that song which was amazing but missing something.
International Dog Guru
International Dog Guru - 13 годин тому
Omgawd so many great things to say about this show. Thank you for putting it on Netflix 💕💕
Lynch Stump Co.
Lynch Stump Co. - 15 годин тому
How many pounds of mushrooms were eaten to make this mind bending addictive awesome series. This dude is a genius
Duske Maiden
Duske Maiden - 15 годин тому
I just want to know who to make suggestions to...……?? Shadowhunters is ending and there are a ton of us who are seriously unhappy about it. yes there are a few tweaks that could be made however the majority of the characters are great, get rid of clary. if need be make a spinoff with Malec (magnus and alec) as the main characters. the fact of the matter is I was so upset of the cancellation and because we will not see the second half of season 3 until after the new year I wrote my own 4th season which does feature Malec. you have to love them. the first decent couple on tv in forever..... not gay couple... just couple. they don't manipulate scheme, etc. they are kind caring and cherishing. they are also major butt kickers.
Latsou チェーン
Latsou チェーン - 15 годин тому
J'en ai marre de vos pubs 😠😡
Marysia Jarosiewicz
Marysia Jarosiewicz - 15 годин тому
One of the best series.
shaise - 15 годин тому
Trailer is better than the movie. The series is a fucking disgrace who copied Alien ( the "mother" computer, lab setting, even the goddamn patches they have on their shoulder) And the whole climax is some feels confrontation where a bunch of women cry. Nothing is scientific or logical just a bunch of mumbo jumbo where all men are masturbators and pansies. I love Emma Stone this is why I put up with the show. But she just plays herself mostly.
Tereza Šimanovská
Tereza Šimanovská - 15 годин тому
Doesnt seem so stunning for me. I watched 2 episodes and now I regret I didnt watch another serial instead...
Sage Akporherhe
Sage Akporherhe - 16 годин тому
ok, im watching this now
Bob Idk
Bob Idk - 17 годин тому
Finished it. Its insane how well certain things were represented. 10\10
LUNA - 17 годин тому
Binge watched the whole season high, very deep I think I cried during some parts. Now rewatching the whole season again, loved it.
Konstantin Gabert
Konstantin Gabert - 17 годин тому
Μαρία Καλογ
Μαρία Καλογ - 17 годин тому
I didnt like it its so boring
Cooper Lavallée - Roberts
Cooper Lavallée - Roberts - 18 годин тому
"Everytime I seperate them, they just find their way back together."
Love that.
Camila Costa
Camila Costa - 18 годин тому
Netflix porfavor terminer bleybed bust
hello - 18 годин тому
really good tv show
meg m
meg m - 18 годин тому
This show might top Black Mirror for me, which says a lot because I’ve been convinced that no show could ever do that. I never imagined Emma Stone and Jonah Hill could deliver such a believable connection and stunning performance. I just wish it wasn’t over.
R. Gill
R. Gill - 19 годин тому
Check out my review of Maniac here > >
Jeffy B
Jeffy B - 19 годин тому
Cpu heatsinks for props. Lol so great
Sari Breeze
Sari Breeze - 19 годин тому
I still feel lowkey sad Norway didn't accept this so the writers gave it to America and they're (the original writers) barely getting any recognition
Welven Tan
Welven Tan - 20 годин тому
11 Years Later... Grown up Seth & Jules, adulthood is getting tougher...
Christian Meyer
Christian Meyer - 20 годин тому
weird,but very good
Lemon Cake
Lemon Cake - 20 годин тому
I guess the writer watched Reverie. Even the most original stories need some inspiration. It looks boring though.
Anna Gray
Anna Gray - 22 години тому
This was fantastic. It was original, experimental and unpredictable, with perfectly tied ends and a brilliant plot. I loved the characters, storyline and the eclectic mix of genres - I can’t recommend this enough and wish there were more tv shows as good as this!
Hugo Almeida Duarte
Hugo Almeida Duarte - 23 години тому
Really great series, for those who likes Inception, The Matrix and Black Mirror they will enjoy it.
Jasmine OnYoutube
Jasmine OnYoutube - 23 години тому
What a strange, confusing, unique show. I like how they take you into another world of different events in their mind. I'm on episode 6 and just starting to kind of understand whats going on. Even though the show can be a bit confusing over all I like the show it makes you think and wonder.
Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush Threepwood - День тому
I would give 5 stars, but can only give thumbs up. Thanks a lot Amy Schumer.
Celestial Enigma
Celestial Enigma - День тому
In short: long and boring.
My boyfriend fell asleep during the first hour, Seems unnaturally pretentious and overrated as well. Great acting but too slow and quiet far too long into the film in my Opinion.
Floofi Floof
Floofi Floof - День тому
YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS! It's hilarious and really well made, different from anything I've ever seen. Totally recommend it :)
Jessica Corlean
Jessica Corlean - День тому
Had me glued too, was about to turn off after first episode but I kept going and ended up being glue till the very end. I loved everything about it. Well when Ellie left with GRTE was kinda weird to me
ROB MAT - День тому
sleeping pill
Ouchmydragonballz - День тому
It's healthy, if you suffer from any of the plethora of insecurities an imperfect life creates and are willing to accept the need for personal growth this show will change things.
legreat Spacejockey
legreat Spacejockey - День тому
i loved this show, feels like one long complete movie.
legreat Spacejockey
legreat Spacejockey - День тому
also i love sonoya mizuno's character. the way she is dressed and her quirkyness is very unique..
Adam McCarthey
Adam McCarthey - День тому
Best Netflix original since season 1 of stranger things
Wavyy Vegas
Wavyy Vegas - День тому
I still dont get the part why their noses started to bleed. Reminded me of Starnger things
Wavyy Vegas
Wavyy Vegas - День тому
VNEM - День тому
Im about to eat so many shrooms & watch this lmao
Wayne Yip
Wayne Yip - День тому
The song is a custom cover of This Magic Moment by Brett Sorrentino. Sadly not available anywhere... yet.
We Are Monsoons
We Are Monsoons - День тому
Goine tater
Troy Snell
Troy Snell - День тому
Lord of the Inception Matrix of the Spotless Mind
Ace Creg
Ace Creg - День тому
I finished this show in just 8 hours straight. Fuck sleep.
Crick1952 - День тому
Just binged it. Woah, this was a real trip.
Nothing like it since Black Mirror, but this is a journey into the world not a criticism of it.
Plus the retrofuture setting is really cool and imaginative, just like everything else in the show.
Alan Paez
Alan Paez - День тому
Looks like a really long black mirror episode
Zach - День тому
Finally i can watch a good Netflix Original serie
ihopeutubedies - День тому
This series made me realize the importance of human interaction. How it doesn't matter how messed up we think we are, there will always be people who will understand us.
Dannyhzm - День тому
Ehhh, this show is good but nothing great. It pretends to be much more interesting and supernatural than it actually is. Basic story coated with faux mystery and dramatic music when nothing is happening. Weak ass ending, too, except for the last 10 seconds that emulated the ending to The Graduate
El Piamontano
El Piamontano - День тому
This show is a pretentious mediocrity.
CHX74 - День тому
Inception X Black Mirror X 2001 Space Odyssey
jacob suarez
jacob suarez - День тому
What a show....
tangerine jc
tangerine jc - День тому
1:34 this looks a lot like my favorite movie .. Eternal sunshine..did they really copy?
Pavel Horal
Pavel Horal - День тому
Also Eternal Sunshine was a brilliant movie, so having something similar with the same level of quality is not a bad thing :)
Pavel Horal
Pavel Horal - День тому
It has definitely similar vibe to it - Eternal Sunshine is about love/hate relationship of two people both trying to erase their shared memories, here you have people with mental trauma trying to fix their brains. It is similar in its nature but it really is its own thing at the same time.
Uçan Deve
Uçan Deve - День тому
lan yapmayın lannn
Edward Lewis
Edward Lewis - День тому
One of the better shows I have seen in awhile. Jonah Hill was awesome. It takes you through a wide spectrum of emotions and had a real "Inception" feel to it. Very good all the way through I haven't binged on a show like that in ages. Looking forward to watching it again here soon.


I know its not the narrative for the story but, his brother's soon to be ex he seemed to genuinely like. She adored him too, like when everyone was laughing at him about the hawk story, but she spoke up wanting to hear more as if she genuinely cared. When he asked her to run away with him she seemed legitimately let down when he said he was kidding. He did try to kill himself over her did he not? Maybe she just pitied him kind of like when he was having trouble coping with being an informant on the C pill. Maybe that comforting came from the pity.
MrSeebs614 - День тому
My office on fridays at 5pm 1:48
Moto Z Play
Moto Z Play - День тому
OMG Julia Garner can act, her voice when she and Emma Stone were elves, Julia's accent was so polished compared to Emma's. Hopefully she can become more recognizable. Loved her on The Americans and Ozark. She has a bright future, very talented.
Js JavaScript
Js JavaScript - День тому
I tried so hard, but I couldn't get past the first episode and I waited till almost the very end of it.
Jamie Pinner
Jamie Pinner - День тому
1:43 bruh i thought that was post malone
stefano alehandro
stefano alehandro - День тому
Well that was intense
El Piamontano
El Piamontano - День тому
A waste of time
megadom11 - День тому
Countess' Slave
Countess' Slave - День тому
megadom11 dumb fuck just because you’re not smart enough to understand it doesn’t mean it’s boring boo hoo they cancelled my favorite show
Lotus 33
Lotus 33 - День тому
Sarah DIN
Sarah DIN - День тому
Watching it now it reminds me of Cloud Atlas at least the concept is more or less similar
Kathi - День тому
Absolute masterpiece. Good work, Netflix.
Phil Mincey
Phil Mincey - День тому
the sequel to super bad looks weird.
kungpow master
kungpow master - День тому
Inception: the series
Sergio Herrero
Sergio Herrero - День тому
I already finished it! Can we get at least 27 more seasons of Maniac?????????? please!
Reg Cavill
Reg Cavill - День тому
wow, i love Legion..
dale sandwitch
dale sandwitch - День тому
did they say "newfoundland" in the end credits???? just curious
Zrob - День тому
Why do I keep coming back to this?
Max Nickolson
Max Nickolson - День тому
It seems awful.
Wason Films
Wason Films - День тому
Jonah hill look just like Bob Dylan now!
33027day - День тому
Jonah Hill can play Bob Dylan now!
Daniokiler - День тому
win a premium account netflix --->
Min Khant Kyaw
Min Khant Kyaw - День тому
Probably one of the best shows that netflix rarely produces
A Tem
A Tem - День тому
he slimed down alot
Heredero de Galeno
Heredero de Galeno - День тому
Buena serie..
CowGoMoo - День тому
Literally couldnt stop watching go watch this right now a true masterpiece
George MichaelFan98
George MichaelFan98 - День тому
Jonah Hill what a skinny legend
Cardigan Backyardigan
Cardigan Backyardigan - 2 дні тому
I feel like this is going to be the next ‘Inception’
Greta Garfagnini
Greta Garfagnini - 2 дні тому
I hate it