Birdman Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Joshua White
Joshua White - Годину тому
High top forces $95??? Shiddd down south then hoes $120
Tom Jones
Tom Jones - День тому
Overpriced third world crap!
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton - День тому
Cashier: "it's 8458,95 $"
Birdman: "say no more!" 😎
dibbstar - День тому
Gay shit! He lost 10 mill 🤣🤣🤣
b - 2 дні тому
Does he throw em away or donate them? Lying ass mahfuka
Bling Blow
Bling Blow - 2 дні тому
I bought this with Wayne money
jaz singh
jaz singh - 3 дні тому
i bet he returned all of dem all tree of dem lol
phro beto
phro beto - 3 дні тому
You want the 1’s , 13’s & 4’s?
Birdman : all tree of them
*rubs hands
CrYsIs HuNtZ Z
CrYsIs HuNtZ Z - 3 дні тому
Buying shoes with lil waynes money loool
NYC/lyricists Bkborn
NYC/lyricists Bkborn - 3 дні тому
Wear them 1 time and give them away! I wish I had it like that
James Lee
James Lee - 4 дні тому
Old man young clothing
gods eye
gods eye - 5 днів тому
lugs and Reebok and yeezs are gay
Karen Bryant
Karen Bryant - 7 днів тому
GRIMMANE - 8 днів тому
Reeboks and girbaud
Dan Smith
Dan Smith - 8 днів тому
Why is that guy wearing pink ugly shoes
Caseeno Van Go
Caseeno Van Go - 9 днів тому
When u see a nigga who owe you money for your bills to get paid is blowing that shit on shoes smh
Gr8 Name M8
Gr8 Name M8 - 9 днів тому
This guy looks like he would finnese 50 million from someone
Ramal Nottah
Ramal Nottah - 9 днів тому
8 stacks for some shoes. These niggas are nuts..... Theses white folks love to 👀 you dam fools comming......
SX1995able - 9 днів тому
It looks like it would be very awkward talking to Birdman. Looks like he just stares into the open while doing funny poses
Tu2 XIV - 9 днів тому
Wassup my man ·_· AIght my man ._.
Meap - 9 днів тому
man wish i was ballin like this
dust deals
dust deals - 10 днів тому likes this
Dillon Weir
Dillon Weir - 11 днів тому
Somebody count how many times he touches his face
DJ ORTEGA - 11 днів тому
#Souja boy $$
Noel Torres
Noel Torres - 11 днів тому
Joe whats up with them ugly sneakers you got on ?
Izehumah Eyiba
Izehumah Eyiba - 11 днів тому
Do sneaker shopping with me or J.Cole or K Camp
Trrrauriger Hausherr
Trrrauriger Hausherr - 11 днів тому
Put some Respek on his Kicks I ain’t gonna say I no mo’
Mr. Saephan
Mr. Saephan - 11 днів тому
So was birdman speaking or talking? Lol
Marildo Kustura
Marildo Kustura - 11 днів тому
hard to keep em clean? nigga I wear them 1 time
Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh - 11 днів тому
Joe you are way too old to be wearing pink shoes. 😂
And fuck Birdman
Ben Smith
Ben Smith - 12 днів тому
Old fool
Juanito Gomez
Juanito Gomez - 14 днів тому
PuT ReSpEct On My NaME AlL TrEe Of YaLl 😂
alex mendez
alex mendez - 15 днів тому
Thomas Poafpybitty
Thomas Poafpybitty - 15 днів тому
Ware em one time wow
Jorge Amelio
Jorge Amelio - 16 днів тому
You still gay🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
danqly79 - 19 днів тому
Bird man takes it up the ass
Ali Khan
Ali Khan - 21 день тому
Birdman guy looks ugly as fuck 😂
Antoine Obrien
Antoine Obrien - 21 день тому
He say give me two tree🌳 of them lol
ahmed abdullah
ahmed abdullah - 22 дні тому
All statements are VERFIABLE FACTS not assumption, presumption, conjecture,opinion or barber shop dialogue, they are the UNDISPUTED TRUTH written by one that has intellect and engage in CRITICAL THINKING using VERIFIABLE FACTS that is EMPIRICAL Nowadays people who choose to wear sneakers everyday are followers backwards lack class and finesse,they see them themselves “coming and going” sneakers are design for athletics not walking around on the streets, unbeknownst to them they look OUT OF ORDER at one time shoe stores were all over shopping districts for men women and Buster Browns for children, now children wear sneakers on the first day of school and don’t wear shoes, as time go forwards people go backwards with no end in sight
A Avakov
A Avakov - 22 дні тому
He’s all like “I’ll take this whole wall.
jermell harrison
jermell harrison - 23 дні тому
mahmoud osama
mahmoud osama - 23 дні тому
Michael Malave
Michael Malave - 23 дні тому
Do lil pump
hdp82 - 23 дні тому
ScottKipple - 24 дні тому
Martell keepakupKline
Martell keepakupKline - 24 дні тому
@ 3 mins tho not how he’s handling it but “how he’s HANDLING it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hero - 24 дні тому
birdman funny as hell why he always thinking bout something
Keitron Williams
Keitron Williams - 25 днів тому
they taxing with the yeezy's.
Stillhold - 26 днів тому
This nigga shopping with Lil Wanyes money. #DryShitLook
Trey Cormier
Trey Cormier - 27 днів тому
Them bob barker corps
Drizie Jen
Drizie Jen - 27 днів тому
He is too humble
Black Shark
Black Shark - 27 днів тому
Rubs hands together. Plots to buy shoes
Black Shark
Black Shark - 27 днів тому
I knew he would spend some heavy cash up there.
Levar Pierce
Levar Pierce - 27 днів тому
If you own a business called Cash Money it's only right to pay with cash money
Brandon McKay
Brandon McKay - 28 днів тому
I hope I can pay for that many shoes like its nun like bird or it no use of me existing I cannot be a broke nigga forever
Fayyaad Magnuficentia
Fayyaad Magnuficentia - 29 днів тому
We wasn’t consciously of ...
Yea Right
Yea Right - Місяць тому
Wayne money going in the trash when sandusky tosses his shoes like he tosses mannie fresh's salad for a beat! U know... for the culture!!
Yea Right
Yea Right - Місяць тому
Wayne money going in the trash when sandusky tosses his shoes like he tosses mannie fresh's salad for a beat! U know... for the culture!!
iGrind619 - Місяць тому
watched just to dislike the video lol
Shawt Mac
Shawt Mac - Місяць тому
this is still my favorite episode..
prince_of_golf prince_of_golf
prince_of_golf prince_of_golf - Місяць тому
This nigga gone be rubbing his hands together in his coffin.
vagazzon tv
vagazzon tv - Місяць тому
Dafuq he almose buyed the man who present the show ?
SENZO DLOMO - Місяць тому
I kind of like Birdman, he sounds grown and humble
Sam Sparks
Sam Sparks - Місяць тому
Incredible how rich these guys are. Handling ten thousand pack like 10 dollars. Americans are successful.
loveliveserve FAN
loveliveserve FAN - Місяць тому
I wonder how bad it hurt to get the tattoos on his head?
wytisha30 - Місяць тому
I will never understand
peewee3030 - Місяць тому
Ole dude at the register, is the 1st cat I've seen at actually said the price correctly
peewee3030 - Місяць тому
Those high ass prices, they got him
Jimbo H
Jimbo H - Місяць тому
This is what we expect from rappers..To Pay with cash...'
drew price
drew price - Місяць тому
7:05 who in there makin them random hawk callings lmfaooo
Young Money Entertainment
Young Money Entertainment - Місяць тому
Put some RESPEK on my name
rickyboy613 - Місяць тому
Ressspek my name ahahaha - Lil Wayne kissing mofo
Karen Grant
Karen Grant - Місяць тому
Man...he went right in his pocket. 😂😎💙
Thcheeto 1
Thcheeto 1 - Місяць тому
This nigga so headass but I respect it
Taya - Місяць тому
He shopping with waynes money
Big Chris 2
Big Chris 2 - Місяць тому
Put some respeck in them sneakers
Young Ekco
Young Ekco - Місяць тому
Uptown 3 ward shit
JADA TO-THE-O - Місяць тому
This fool is played out. Bird man gonna end up like master p, master who? Exactly.. plus he spendin all his artist paychecks! STOP IT cause u know nobody wanna but birds music
derek stromas
derek stromas - Місяць тому
How many times he gone say Reebok and girbauds 😂😂
925Warbot - Місяць тому
This clown is funny
Yorri Amo
Yorri Amo - Місяць тому
Damn I know the people that work at these stores get paid good as hell
ultimatebeast 59
ultimatebeast 59 - Місяць тому
He said give me the whole fleet top to bottom all sizes
Dylan White
Dylan White - Місяць тому
He a boss
Chhan Chhana
Chhan Chhana - Місяць тому
Put some respek on my name!
AKLF God Is Great
AKLF God Is Great - Місяць тому
America wrap trainers 👟 with cling film 😂 fack sakes man.
Gucci OG
Gucci OG - Місяць тому
Stunna man all the fucking time 🔥
pootytang203 - Місяць тому
I got one response WHO GIVES A FUCK!!!!!! 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
Xavier Osborne
Xavier Osborne - Місяць тому
Spending Wayne’s money huh ? Boy if you don’t put that shit back
AbyssGnasher - Місяць тому
"say no more"
AbyssGnasher - Місяць тому
"Your total is 8458" *pays in cash* "damn!"
AbyssGnasher - Місяць тому
"I throw away thousands of pairs"
2PURDY - Місяць тому
What are those pink sneakers that the host is wearing? Anybody know?
Angelo Jaramillo
Angelo Jaramillo - Місяць тому
Reebok's are Swiss style
Robb holmes
Robb holmes - Місяць тому
Can all producers please get paid..
Reaper Death
Reaper Death - Місяць тому
Hold on did this nigga just said that he wears them one time and throw them away !
32c15o6 - Місяць тому
buying shoes with lil wayne's money
blond - Місяць тому
Spending lil Wayne's money
FutureDoc786 - Місяць тому
Materialism; the Demise of humanity at it's finest. For that amount you could feed multiple families for weeks in a third world country. Someone please tell me Birdman hands a stack over to the local shelter once a year at least?
Phase 1001
Phase 1001 - Місяць тому
Store clerk: alright man the total is 8thousand 2hunnid and
Stunna: say no mo
Tj thomas
Tj thomas - Місяць тому
That nigga just bought a car lol. I got to get my money up 😂😂