This is Why Juventus Paid $130M for Cristiano Ronaldo

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indrajaya jaya
indrajaya jaya - Годину тому
The Defending champion of real madrid
indrajaya jaya
indrajaya jaya - Годину тому
Eddie Qd
Eddie Qd - Годину тому
No messi please
mixed shit
mixed shit - 5 годин тому
100m is still a bit overpriced tbh
Pato M
Pato M - 5 годин тому
most of the clips are from when CR7 was in Madrid , i wonder how he will fair with Juventis in the furture?
Umar Khayaz
Umar Khayaz - 5 годин тому
Real Madrid first time didn't score in consecutive 4 matches and Juventus won first 10 opening matches 1st century.
#Ronaldo-Effect 💚💜💙
Umar Khayaz
Umar Khayaz - 5 годин тому
Where there is #CR_7, there is love
sainglain - 16 годин тому
Come on C.R.7 Your the current Greatest and a Greatest Human being.
sainglain - 16 годин тому
Ronaldinho is / was The Greatest Ever.
A 63 y.o. Italian Man in Ireland told me Ronaldinho was The Best Ever.
Sergio just said " Ronaldinho ".
After I said Maradonna. And Maradonna played for Sergio's home City team Napoli.
So I watched close-up Skill clips YouTube videos of Ronaldinho in action
Magic, the ball 50 cm up in the air still stuck to Ronaldinho's foot and turning and getting by / past defenders with the ball still stuck to his boot / foot. No words to describe his Huge Skill / Magnifico Talent.
And Then THE GOALS !! Out of This World.
Ronaldinho = The Best, The Greatest.
Super Genius with a ball.
LykEn Domingo
LykEn Domingo - 19 годин тому
If Basketball have Michael Jordan, Football have Cristiano Ronaldo :D
FIzy - День тому
What’s the background song ..??
Wes Friessen
Wes Friessen - День тому
I love CR my favorite football player. But the money involve stuns my mind. Many of us contribute to society and culture by producing food or manufacturing infrastructure and the like, but only barely get by. Give the man 129 million and ones like us 1 million and they would never feel the difference and my world would would totally renew. Having said that Christiano just keep doing your gift as long as you can and be blessed and I will keep doing mine, each our own calling. Blessing be to you CR.
Adnan aomi
Adnan aomi - День тому
I was real Madrid fan
But now I am juve fan
Scorpio xx
Scorpio xx - День тому
I'm a real madrid fan n I like cr7 as well. I hate perez for selling Ronaldo. Now want juv win ucl n want juv beat rm at least in one of the matches. That would serve as a revenge to fucking perez.
Steewart Russian
Steewart Russian - День тому
كريستيانو رونالدو أفضل لعب في واقته ⚽
Rafael Luiz
Rafael Luiz - День тому
Cr7 o melhor.
Света Палагина
Света Палагина - День тому
Космос .....
Mukul Chaudhary
Mukul Chaudhary - 2 дні тому
When you just don't know how to stop him, simply buy him ;)
kroenen - 2 дні тому
Więcej razy nie będzie takiego spotkania Ronaldo z bramkarzem ... bo Buffon z Juve odszedł a Ronaldo tam przyszedł
Mohamad Arifudin
Mohamad Arifudin - 2 дні тому
have many times the buffon's was humiliated by ronaldo..
Eva Cob
Eva Cob - 3 дні тому
CR7 brilla!! Brilla!!🤗 temas k la cobra nunca podra comerte xk Dios es tu escudo..🤗💪✌👪
Eva Cob
Eva Cob - 3 дні тому
CR7 Dios te bendigail veces y te guarde 🙋💃🙌💪👏👏bravoooo!!
Eva Cob
Eva Cob - 3 дні тому
Eva Cob
Eva Cob - 3 дні тому
CR7 Dios te bendiga!! Te keremos🙋👪👫💪👏👏
Lawand Kurd
Lawand Kurd - 3 дні тому
Real is now ****** up without Ron
Jose miguel Rossis
Jose miguel Rossis - 3 дні тому
Jorge Porras
Jorge Porras - 3 дні тому
Ronaldo went to Juventus to proof Florentino he was the reason of beating Juventus and winning UCL, now he will win UCL with Juventus and laugh on the face of Florentino
Gonzalo Barral Vicario
Gonzalo Barral Vicario - 3 дні тому
Cost 104.8 btw.... just check it out on real madrid acc tributes. Yeah great player but he is 34 years old, only 1-2 more years playing. Anyways RESPECT to him. Big legend
Jerson Suazo
Jerson Suazo - 3 дні тому
Me hubiera gustado ver a Buffon y Cr7 en un mismo equipo
Emil Natanek
Emil Natanek - 3 дні тому
Powinno być 230mld
allison bazalar
allison bazalar - 3 дні тому
only idiots don't whant to see is quality of a player.....the best after eusebio:)
Aneesh Cr7
Aneesh Cr7 - 3 дні тому
Rovshan Guliyev
Rovshan Guliyev - 4 дні тому
For Ronaldo lovers , please, download and support us >>>
PechuGames - 4 дні тому
GG Buffon:V
Cyber Warrior
Cyber Warrior - 4 дні тому
I will dont pay iven 5 $
Jean Lucas Lucas
Jean Lucas Lucas - 4 дні тому
Cr7 monstro
CR7 R7
CR7 R7 - 5 днів тому
CR7 5 champions 1 Eurocopa e 4 Mundial de clubes 673 gols na carreira Cristiano Ronaldo e Cristiano Ronaldo junior...
Gazmend Iseni
Gazmend Iseni - 5 днів тому
this is why juventus paid 130 milion dollars...becuse now one tickets to see the match cost lowest price 800 euro!!
Gazmend Iseni
Gazmend Iseni - 5 днів тому
this is why juventus paid 130 milion dollars...becuse now one tickets to see the match cost lowest price 800 euro!!
luis fernandes
luis fernandes - 5 днів тому
Fans Del Real Madrid 😢😢😭
luis fernandes
luis fernandes - 5 днів тому
Ralphstan Roache
Ralphstan Roache - 5 днів тому
Attention all haters?????? U noticed that my baller has more supporters than all of u put together, in fact all of u amalgamated can't make 1, hating is ur duty wen winning is Cr7's habit, he shall send u guys a card to get well bcaz u r sick of him, but it's all about progress so he has to excel, don't u c that d more u hate him is d more u motivate him, smh, plz get wise!
four bbosh
four bbosh - 6 днів тому
el mentao fifa 99
el mentao fifa 99 - 6 днів тому
Buffon 👏👏👏😢
Iveraj Rai
Iveraj Rai - 6 днів тому
C.R. 7
C.R. 7 - 7 днів тому
Cristiano ronlado is football king
Michael Melo Jr
Michael Melo Jr - 7 днів тому
Leyenda cr7 — que desastre florentino
Juan Santos
Juan Santos - 7 днів тому
These guy is awesome on the field but what about his personal life? Is not the same guy that is under investigation about rape a girl??
ሠኒ ጎደልያስ እግዚያብሔር ታላቅ ነው
He deserves it.i think so its unfair for him.130$ its shame he is legend.king of football
Giovanni Lepore
Giovanni Lepore - 7 днів тому
Bullshit like your page
Shadow Nguyễn
Shadow Nguyễn - 8 днів тому
Link music
JCB 136
JCB 136 - 8 днів тому
Amazing Ronaldo, best player on Earth.
DdjSGarcia guerrero
DdjSGarcia guerrero - 8 днів тому
the best
Tino Terazzi
Tino Terazzi - 8 днів тому
Con i soldi degli italiani
LAGUNERO TORRES - 8 днів тому
el va a ser la diferencia entre quedar subcampeón (Juventus) y ganar la champions.
Rajina Pandariyath
Rajina Pandariyath - 8 днів тому
saif akilad
saif akilad - 9 днів тому
NotVictory - 9 днів тому
When he retires...real madrid juventus and manchester united will be like "he's not coming back"
Claudia Grossi
Claudia Grossi - 10 днів тому
Não é 130 é 117
youtube player
youtube player - 10 днів тому
best footballer in the planet
Omar Aldosari
Omar Aldosari - 10 днів тому
Music ?
Miguel Pereira
Miguel Pereira - 10 днів тому
130M is a bargain for Ronaldo
Samuel Donovan
Samuel Donovan - 11 днів тому
Ronaldo uses exotic skills against Juventus !!⚽⚽
I was just laughing at Bonucci and Chellini 😀
Parkingmen Le
Parkingmen Le - 11 днів тому
now el resl no csnt rise up again
JohnnyOk - 11 днів тому
Cada 30 segundos hay un nuevo sonido en la cancion
yolo borat
yolo borat - 12 днів тому
When guys can't defend against him, its better to buy him..
Niranjana priyadarshni
Niranjana priyadarshni - 12 днів тому
I want him to eliminate MADRID in cl n look at Perez n kiss his juve badge..cos Perez never gave him d respect he deserved
mr. padilla
mr. padilla - 12 днів тому
Papi ronaldo
Bad Breed
Bad Breed - 12 днів тому
ronaldo owned buffon lol
Emanuel Arruda
Emanuel Arruda - 12 днів тому
CR7 videos always have millions of views and the haters (who deep inside admire him) contribute for that!
Sameer Basfor
Sameer Basfor - 12 днів тому
Bale will knock out Juventus
linh tran
linh tran - 13 днів тому
I feel bad for Buffon
kk9841 - 13 днів тому
soundtrack please!
Vien Vo
Vien Vo - 13 днів тому
Tôi có thể cảm tử vì CR7
Big C
Big C - 13 днів тому
Eden hazard
bledar - 13 днів тому
Ronaldo has stoped Juventus to achieve a champion league trophy 🏆 but also Juventus did not lose because Ronaldo sold 60 million worth of Juventus t shirt with Ronaldo name on the first day! so he has already paid off his price tag 🏷
Treasure_Of_Goals videos
Treasure_Of_Goals videos - 13 днів тому
does any team need any reason to have ronaldo?
Sourav Datta
Sourav Datta - 13 днів тому
Ronaldo and Messi are two legends of FOOTBALL....they are priceless....cant believe they will retire one day😢😢...who will fill their shoes...who will fill the vaccum left by them???....neymar?...bale?....hazard?....mbappe?...dont think more 50 plus goals a season....and all the people hating and cmpring them will be so confused with their livess...
godson johnson
godson johnson - 14 днів тому
Victor Destiny
Victor Destiny - 14 днів тому
Best video ever
An Do
An Do - 14 днів тому
Well ronaldo always score against juve in champion league
If buffon was superman so ronaldo was his kryptonite...
Mikołaj II Romanow
Mikołaj II Romanow - 14 днів тому
ThomasJW - 15 днів тому
I still think madrid would still win
DYBALA Argentina
DYBALA Argentina - 15 днів тому
4.7k People dislike football.
Real Madrid
Real Madrid - 14 днів тому
No, that's just Messi fans, lol.
AJ67 Hd
AJ67 Hd - 15 днів тому
rishabh labh
rishabh labh - 15 днів тому
Wiliam Reang
Wiliam Reang - 15 днів тому
Tiny Tiger
Tiny Tiger - 15 днів тому
I hate this video they only showed the times Ronaldo did good Against Juventus.Juventus was my favorite team since 2010
Siva Yadav
Siva Yadav - 16 днів тому
world wide player can't beat cr7
Seth Sophal
Seth Sophal - 16 днів тому
Yes why???
Rohit Karki
Rohit Karki - 17 днів тому
yes of course real .but but but✋✋✋✋✋✋ is this time for juve of wining ucl 2018/19 .If u guys agree like it👍👍👍👍
gascoigne 6
gascoigne 6 - 22 години тому
Yes it is time for juve to win champions league
xTheJokerx - 4 дні тому
I think Liverpool will win this ucl. (Not a Liverpool fan)
Luciano Pedro
Luciano Pedro - 10 днів тому
There's no way in hell Real Madrid will win a UCL in the next years.
blera1987ks - 17 днів тому
They couldn’t beat them so they bought him 😂 merda
Savaş Yazıcı
Savaş Yazıcı - 18 днів тому
Galatasaray her zaman gurur yeterki istesin silivri den sevgiler trabzonspor lu
Jose Solis
Jose Solis - 20 днів тому
Una verdadera makina de hacer goles.
dpk defen pers korean
dpk defen pers korean - 21 день тому
Cris eres el número uno del mundo ..
Mindi Rice Flores
Mindi Rice Flores - 21 день тому
Cristiano Ronaldo you make the game look so easy, Its all techniques, your a passionate gifted man
ᖇᏆᗩᏃ 7
ᖇᏆᗩᏃ 7 - 21 день тому
CR7 is million million time best in the World
Zia Ahmed
Zia Ahmed - 22 дні тому
But Juventus paid only 130 million for Ronaldo and PSG paid 220 million for that diver Neymar. Like If you agree
gaben lord
gaben lord - 2 години тому
Diver?Is he Ronaldo's twin?
DJ - 3 дні тому
Flavius Runceanu haha exactly what i was thinking!
Flavius Runceanu
Flavius Runceanu - 11 днів тому
agree on what? facts?
francesco annunziata
francesco annunziata - 22 дні тому
Like Ronaldo
Comment messi
Shrumpet Jiery
Shrumpet Jiery - 23 дні тому
What is this music
Vikas vikas
Vikas vikas - 24 дні тому
it is 130 million euros not $