Lil Uzi Vert Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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Ojas Agarwal
Ojas Agarwal - День тому
who's here after he quit?
random guy
random guy - 2 дні тому
Am I the only Uzi fan watching and listening to EVERYTHING after he “quit”😭💔💜👿
Films Dylan
Films Dylan - 2 дні тому
He is uzing in drip
TheCarAddict - 3 дні тому
make a sneaker shopping video with juice wrld
Elliot Kipnis
Elliot Kipnis - 4 дні тому
Mr Lewis??
supreme_Seby _
supreme_Seby _ - 5 днів тому
Use me as a “please don’t stop making music” button
Zenrix - 3 дні тому
supreme_Seby _ he not lmao Issa stunt
Oh good For you
Oh good For you - 6 днів тому
Uzi short as fu
ShShShock304 - 7 днів тому
Why does he say little instead of lil
noah merritt
noah merritt - 8 днів тому
2k dollars would be like a million to me right now to him he buys shoes he already has lol
Oladipo IND
Oladipo IND - 9 днів тому
His style in this video 🔥
Jacob Brannon
Jacob Brannon - 9 днів тому
Uzi fan so when I was watching Lil Yachty do this I skipped him and gone to Uzi 😅
Still a fan of Yachty tho
Noodle Opps
Noodle Opps - 9 днів тому
7:05 they be jumpin like i do for the last chicken nugget got dam
J Squared
J Squared - 9 днів тому
Who else would love Josh's job?
J Squared
J Squared - 8 днів тому
+uzi typo yeah
uzi typo
uzi typo - 9 днів тому
you mean Joe's job
Dallas Glaser
Dallas Glaser - 9 днів тому
Man they are lucky to be able to buy those kind of shoes
Aras Limaj
Aras Limaj - 10 днів тому
" alot of my friends, and.. I don't have any friends aight, but alot of my friends hate this shoe, so I bought it " - Lil Uzi life
Ignacio Torres
Ignacio Torres - 10 днів тому
this mf sponsored by mcdonald’s cuz uzi needed a big check
Sergio Ramos
Sergio Ramos - 10 днів тому
Luv is rage coming soon. 8 months later
Joseph Steedman
Joseph Steedman - 11 днів тому
They hate it but still I be swagging
X energy
X energy - 12 днів тому
Where is this store at?
Juan Trujillo
Juan Trujillo - 12 днів тому
i think uzi just got done filming the money longer music video cuz he just pulls up in a mf dirtbike😂
Jyan Frazier
Jyan Frazier - 13 днів тому
You need to do Future
_camdenc_ - 13 днів тому
Stay on my Ye’s and my J’s yeah stay on my J’s and my Ye’s
Epicentre - 13 днів тому
how did this not come up on my homepage
Jane Lea
Jane Lea - 15 днів тому
At 1:47 Uzi was over here looking like he didn’t have no neck😂
Jay Melendez
Jay Melendez - 15 днів тому
$400 for dirty shoes??????
KarpSkud - 15 днів тому
Anyone here 2019???
thejoshboi _
thejoshboi _ - 16 днів тому
Eternal Atake
juice world999
juice world999 - 17 днів тому
But chin😆😖😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂
Sp1derj - 17 днів тому
lol 5:01 when he was petting the tiger thing
Night Woin
Night Woin - 17 днів тому
Uzi is like a kid in an adult's body. like he has some sort of child like innocents about him
Edward Carolius Røvik Robinson
Edward Carolius Røvik Robinson - 18 днів тому
This man went to complex and came home with a fucking doormat
Classic Bass
Classic Bass - 21 день тому
This guy sounds like he was dropped on his head as a kid, he can barely put together a coherent sentence.
Mitchell Waddell
Mitchell Waddell - 21 день тому
do this again
jxpii 89
jxpii 89 - 22 дні тому
How is the yeezy beluga for $220 ?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 22 дні тому
*i'm sorry mr uzi, we dont sell any satan sneakers*
Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan - 13 днів тому
Is he a satan worshiper?
Denijal D Nelson
Denijal D Nelson - 24 дні тому
Waiting for Eternal Atake still 😂😂
beast mode muscle
beast mode muscle - 25 днів тому
The cashier look 😋
Oladipo IND
Oladipo IND - 26 днів тому
The jacket
Juan Ancheta-Ayala
Juan Ancheta-Ayala - 27 днів тому
That 😂 At 7:24
Matthew Bergwall
Matthew Bergwall - 27 днів тому
He seems like a nice guy. Not what I expected
Kyle - 27 днів тому
Ok might rock ones, ok dont rock twos
Joel Duval
Joel Duval - 28 днів тому
Lil uzi
Mr.ToeToe - Місяць тому
Uzi can pull off every style
Sebastian Anovski
Sebastian Anovski - Місяць тому
5:00 Uzi: *starts petting the statue*
Me: aw hell naw this nigga crazy
Sheil Patel
Sheil Patel - Місяць тому
His friends all demons fham
Sheil Patel
Sheil Patel - Місяць тому
this man basically extinct man like where eternal atake @?
Seán Heneghan
Seán Heneghan - Місяць тому
This is back when uzi looked cool not like the back page of a book
PRAVASH GURUNG - Місяць тому
Lol the eye roll.
Peter Griffin69
Peter Griffin69 - Місяць тому
He was so high lol 😂😂
Torch Red
Torch Red - Місяць тому
i thought all his friends were dead
Lil Slatt
Lil Slatt - Місяць тому
1017 vs the world out now, Luv Is Rage 2 coming soon... * *drops 1 year later* *
Caspian Bailey
Caspian Bailey - Місяць тому
do sneaker shopping with playboi carti
YouGuy 891
YouGuy 891 - Місяць тому
3:15 Stutters a bit then “Aye listen 3’s fire” I was dead 😂
Lucas Rogers
Lucas Rogers - Місяць тому
What Happened to his bags at the end LMAO
Vertix - Місяць тому
Look like someone already smoke dese 😂😂😂😂
Meagan Bonds
Meagan Bonds - Місяць тому
UZI is fine asf idc🤦🏾‍♀️ idc 💙💙
P U G - Місяць тому
Bly The Guy
Bly The Guy - Місяць тому
6:46 7 year old mofos when they friends ditch them
DIZ EM - Місяць тому
damn near 600 for a floormat WTF!?!?
o yea
o yea - Місяць тому
How tf they take the bags on bikes
Calderaro Maria
Calderaro Maria - Місяць тому
lil uzi is my favorite perosn on the planet
Mika Sihite
Mika Sihite - Місяць тому
Your total is 21 63 93.
Mannn she sound so uneducated. Why can't she just say "two hundred sixteen thousand three hundred ninety three" ?
Andre Caraway
Andre Caraway - Місяць тому
ReasonableRadio - Місяць тому
Uzi has this really interesting dynamic where he flies back and forth between a kind of over the top poser vibe and a really real and honest mood and he somehow makes them work together.
ReasonableRadio - Місяць тому
It's honestly kind of a rollercoaster to listen to
ReasonableRadio - Місяць тому
"My friends hate this shoe but I don't even have friends"
"Can My friends come"
Is This Art?
Purppluv - Місяць тому
Chris Early
Chris Early - Місяць тому
Uzi the goat
Anna Willams
Anna Willams - Місяць тому
Aw look at my husband 🤪💘
Lil Klout Tha Klout Demon
Lil Klout Tha Klout Demon - Місяць тому
6:46so these the legendary DEAD friends I’ve heard so much about😑
Leo Velli
Leo Velli - Місяць тому
He big on the controlled folly I peeped that
KazB - Місяць тому
He goes “FRIENDS!!”
Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh - Місяць тому
Size 8 wtf
Stephen Teague
Stephen Teague - Місяць тому
Take a shot every time he says fire
prime uzi
Megatron - Місяць тому
5:02 he was petting it I DIED💀
Kyle Hummel
Kyle Hummel - Місяць тому
I’d love to meet UZI
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez - Місяць тому
Mko's Content
Mko's Content - Місяць тому
Pause at 4:56 ..... look at this fucker’s cabs
Porsha Edmun
Porsha Edmun - Місяць тому
Lmao he said “friends” 😂😂😂 this was so funny
Porsha Edmun
Porsha Edmun - Місяць тому
It look like someone already smoked these 😂😂😂😂
Top Trending Music
Top Trending Music - Місяць тому
Sneakers come first 😎
RaFe Navyadius
RaFe Navyadius - Місяць тому
Came back to this almost 2 years later, still the best episode they’ve had
Ali Hameed
Ali Hameed - Місяць тому
In the intro I’ll uzi looked high
BRUTALCOOKING 1 - Місяць тому
Jacket id?
Eric Hollywood
Eric Hollywood - Місяць тому
Uzi was later arrested on those bikes LMAOO
Elias Eriksson
Elias Eriksson - 2 місяці тому
Deez Nutters
Deez Nutters - 2 місяці тому
This is kinda awkward
whynot - 2 місяці тому
uzi a size 8
Joh n
Joh n - 2 місяці тому
Jacob Newman
Jacob Newman - 2 місяці тому
i love lil uzi vert bro
Big Boy Butum Bo
Big Boy Butum Bo - 2 місяці тому
Ma man is chill
marleys gaming
marleys gaming - 2 місяці тому
I live yeezys
Ethan Jauregui
Ethan Jauregui - 2 місяці тому
do juju smith
Shanavire Neal
Shanavire Neal - 2 місяці тому
I'm just not into all that rockstar stit
Joshua Sagastume
Joshua Sagastume - 2 місяці тому
3:37 he sound like every drunk uncle at a party 😂😂
GwoppyTrai - 2 місяці тому
What's the song at 5:50?
Marcos Alan
Marcos Alan - 2 місяці тому
N entendi Nada kkk BR🇧🇷
Vera Isachenko
Vera Isachenko - 2 місяці тому
Uzi ❤.
bboi - 2 місяці тому
Uzi a whole W
Truly Asap
Truly Asap - 2 місяці тому
And i dont even have friends lmfaoaoaoa