Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Complex - 6 місяців тому
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Will Blatch
Will Blatch - 27 днів тому
Complex s
o Retr0
o Retr0 - 3 місяці тому
Complex what the fuck this kid know he like 2
Jack mason
Jack mason - 4 місяці тому
Complex iiiiii
Pinkpandacorn - 4 місяці тому
Complex ii
fuse1026 - 10 годин тому
Noah likes a girl
Tries to impress her
fun fact about me: I do not like Noah schapp or barely known I’m but I never even knew he liked a girl
Cullen McNamara
Cullen McNamara - 18 годин тому
Rents a 200$ shoe buys a 2700$ pair ???????????????
Arwen S
Arwen S - День тому
I like how he only buys 1 higher end pair. My guy values quality over quantity.
Brayden Hicks
Brayden Hicks - 4 дні тому
Have Shawn mendes on here!!!
Rob Marion P.
Rob Marion P. - 5 днів тому
"ugh moms gonna kill me"
Angie Vega
Angie Vega - 7 днів тому
A girl??.....interesting 😉
gaming with king DANNY
gaming with king DANNY - 8 днів тому
A am a big fan and my brother
Film Addict
Film Addict - 10 днів тому
I met him at comic on Tampa
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl - 10 днів тому
Lol I can’t find a single Noah Schnapp hater. If you are....


Reyna Torres
Reyna Torres - 11 днів тому
A girl you say is it millie bobby brown
Erika Angi
Erika Angi - 11 днів тому
Next will be Noah schnapps goes boxer shopping
Jadyn Mccasland
Jadyn Mccasland - 12 днів тому
“Ugh my moms going to kill me”
Haneen Naseef
Haneen Naseef - 17 днів тому
Haneen Naseef
Haneen Naseef - 17 днів тому
Lmaoo he's not a sneaker head he didn't even know the name of the Jordan ones
Noel Elander Niiva
Noel Elander Niiva - 17 днів тому
I hate he's voice it destroy my ears
Manique Phillips
Manique Phillips - 17 днів тому
Noah it's been two weeks I'm still waiting for you...
Teleah - 18 днів тому
Happy Birthday Noah!!!!🤗We all love you!🦄💙😁
Carma Anderson
Carma Anderson - 19 днів тому
Tuesday Adams
Tuesday Adams - 20 днів тому
Does anyone else love his voice cracks??❤️
ariana run pop
ariana run pop - 20 днів тому
i’m not even a sneakerhead
i’m just here for noah ;,)
Ethan Wykes
Ethan Wykes - 21 день тому
Probably sell them for a million quid when he grows out of them
sehara escobar
sehara escobar - 21 день тому
1:18 “I rolled up to school in these shoes” this nigga really tryna act black
oh josh
oh josh - 21 день тому
Off with is my favorite shoe
Angelina Kontogiannis
Angelina Kontogiannis - 22 дні тому
I love Noah so much
Laura 2k17
Laura 2k17 - 22 дні тому
Benjamin Elswick
Benjamin Elswick - 23 дні тому
Boi not everyone has yeezies
Kevin Solo
Kevin Solo - 24 дні тому
When being super famous with stacks in your pocket at 13 dosent impress the girls. You go with the Kanye yeezzes.
Kevin Solo
Kevin Solo - 24 дні тому
The shity part about being a youngin sneaker head.
I can see a pair I like and put it in the stack for a special occasion.
As a younger sneaker head you got to wear those shits right away because in 2 yrs they aint gunna fit anymore.
This kids a little g
Racks †
Racks † - 26 днів тому
They made too many Yeezy V2’s
pickle patrick
pickle patrick - 26 днів тому
After a long day of sneaker shopping, Noah Schapp goes to take his Noah Nap then he goes to the pool to swim a Noah Lap, next he goes to the Noah Tap to get a drink of water. When Noah is done with his water, he goes outside to see thunder. He stands in the middle of it so gets a Noah Zap. He rushes back inside and his water bottle is not full so he goes to the Noah Tap and unscrews the Noah Cap.
Juliana Paixão
Juliana Paixão - 27 днів тому
2990 dolars
Well, I could do a small nice trip with this
Big Dad Hector
Big Dad Hector - 27 днів тому
C o O L
Mar Pizano
Mar Pizano - 27 днів тому
Jasmine and Simone
Jasmine and Simone - 27 днів тому
Plz get Ariana Grande
Snow Wolf
Snow Wolf - 27 днів тому
"My mom is going to kill me..." thats me LOL😂💜
Slava Kovacevic
Slava Kovacevic - 27 днів тому
If that date went well than she's the luckiest girl in the world...
Benish Augustine
Benish Augustine - 28 днів тому
“Who would pay thirty thousand dollars for shoes?” Proceeds to swipe for three thousand dollar shoes.
JORGE ROJAS-DELGADO - 28 днів тому
my moms going to kill me
Monkei Boi
Monkei Boi - 28 днів тому
2 grand on one pair of shoes, wow
Mahamadou Ceesay
Mahamadou Ceesay - 29 днів тому
Can some plz help me out withe the song which starts at 3:45
Matt T
Matt T - Місяць тому
Klay Thompson at the counter
Low budget productions
Low budget productions - Місяць тому
niggas a total fucking hypebeast lol
Ree Normies
Ree Normies - Місяць тому
"trying to impress this girl" aww thanks is it me
Randome Person
Randome Person - Місяць тому
His shoes are ugly
Erika Ramirez
Erika Ramirez - Місяць тому
His voice its like johnny o
SlothPlays Xbox
SlothPlays Xbox - Місяць тому
I remember when JLP liked my instagram post when I was a massive fan of Stranger things and I had a fan account about it. Posted a pic of Noah and Joe and tagged them and JLP actually liked the photo! Most people won’t believe this but I know it’s real
Rebecca M
Rebecca M - Місяць тому
He goes to my school.. and I’m really curious as to the girl he’d like to impress😂
YonikWo - Місяць тому
what are the shoes that Joe is wearing in this video? ;o
Jay P.
Jay P. - Місяць тому
Sick Canadian Roots jacket kid......props!
kyla smith
kyla smith - Місяць тому
I love how Noah is a follower I like that he's a leader at everything's and its a great inspiration and role model for others
Anaan Ahmad
Anaan Ahmad - Місяць тому
I watched this entire video and he just buyed a sneaker
Ian Stump
Ian Stump - Місяць тому
Noah could pull off a Marty McFly
Laceless Shoes
Laceless Shoes - Місяць тому
Whenever I want to get some heat. My dad says that I will grow out in months. The sad thing is... It's true
Skids - Місяць тому
His taste in sneakers fuckin suck
Boe Bama
Boe Bama - Місяць тому
Y does his outfit look so regarded
Noah Schnappless
Noah Schnappless - Місяць тому
No Noah has a date 😱😱😱😱
Noah Schnappless
Noah Schnappless - Місяць тому
"I think the only shoes I wear in the show are convers" im like ok convers are like the best😅😂
Kirstel Murray
Kirstel Murray - Місяць тому
That shoes cool
bella wolfhard
bella wolfhard - Місяць тому
kara black
kara black - Місяць тому
sneaker shopping with finn wolfhard!!!!!!! pleaseeeeee
chrizahfhae Hulleza
chrizahfhae Hulleza - Місяць тому
Noah are you dating francesca capaldi for the pass year???
Untitled Item
Untitled Item - Місяць тому
Joe la HOBOOOOO. No fucking style. Just expensive shit on your ass.
Mahamadou Ceesay
Mahamadou Ceesay - Місяць тому
What is the name of the beat 3:45
Crunch Buttsteak
Crunch Buttsteak - Місяць тому
I rolled my ankle extremely bad wearing Dub Zeros...damn near broke my foot off
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed - Місяць тому
My mom woulda beat my ass if she found out i spent $2000 on one pair of sneakers lmaoo
Oversteer/ - Місяць тому
Song at 4:45?
Mauricio Perez
Mauricio Perez - Місяць тому
Tan cuteee
John Clemons
John Clemons - Місяць тому
They just raped that lil boy
John Clemons
John Clemons - Місяць тому
Has anyone ever said nah I don’t want anything
sznsovv - Місяць тому
Humble dude
Logan DeBolt
Logan DeBolt - Місяць тому
LIANGELO BALL works at that location?
God of Dxyr
God of Dxyr - Місяць тому
Sneaker shopping with lil TAY
God of Dxyr
God of Dxyr - Місяць тому
J a c o b?
TheLightyYT - Місяць тому
hello noha loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee soitufan1
Mini bikes r us
Mini bikes r us - Місяць тому
He gonna get a woopin
Twitch.fanofdae Playing to much fortnite now
I wish xxxtentacion was in this show
Ale - Місяць тому
Why he can buy only one pair and the others more??
eboi - Місяць тому
bro took one shoe and the best pair as well
Nuthing2Sumting - Місяць тому
Why he sayin he became a sneaker head 2 years ago yet he didn’t even know the Jordan 1’s SMH 🤦‍♂️
Rida Mushtaq
Rida Mushtaq - Місяць тому
he hiping the stranger kicks 😂
YoutubeRawnn - Місяць тому
He looks retarded asf
ale wolfhard
ale wolfhard - Місяць тому
5;:58 ME???????
skittles - Місяць тому
OK I know y'all didn't just Rob this child SMH
Giullya Gabrielly Silva
Giullya Gabrielly Silva - Місяць тому
Pusshen Cheeto
Pusshen Cheeto - Місяць тому
They finesse him for them Js StockX got em 4 1k lmao
Angelina Bejaran
Angelina Bejaran - Місяць тому
You guys should have G EAZY come on the show again
Eduardo Almazan
Eduardo Almazan - Місяць тому
Cashier: your total is $2,984 and 6 cents
Noah: my mom is gonna kill me
F0erce - Місяць тому
The only video where the guest wasn’t awkward or annoying as fuck
Matt Skolnicki
Matt Skolnicki - Місяць тому
This man had Gucci shoes on
Im Ok
Im Ok - Місяць тому
almost $3K on a freaking shoe
life is crazy
noelle connelly
noelle connelly - Місяць тому
you guys have all my faves on here 😂
Darren De Sagun
Darren De Sagun - Місяць тому
He was renting yeezys when he bought off-white Jordan 1's
sWampY - Місяць тому
Noah : "I started being a sneakerhead 2 years ago, i don't know why"
Stranger Things premiere - 2016
That actor money must be nice
TheBooce OfBungles
TheBooce OfBungles - Місяць тому
Rolls up to 1st grade with jordans. Rich parents headass
my name is jeff
my name is jeff - Місяць тому
I had sketchers😂
oskar killmeyet
oskar killmeyet - Місяць тому
joe be flexing with them HU Pharrells. DAMN!!!!
ethetixca rose
ethetixca rose - Місяць тому
Michael Munger
Michael Munger - Місяць тому
Try to count how many times he says cool
beast trell
beast trell - Місяць тому
So thats were he went he went sneaker shopping he been missing fo a while 😂😂😂
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith - Місяць тому
This episode and these comments are hilarious 😩😂