Film Theory: The Spiderman 2 Mystery! Why Spiderman Lost His Powers!

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*Ah hem* SPOILERS to everyone who was waiting for Endgame to come out before watching Infinity Wars SPOILERS hashtagspidermanisdead hashtagNOOOO! hashtagSOBS hashtagI'MCRYING hashtagAREYOUHAPPYNOW? hashtagNOTHAPPYBOB hashtagNOTHAPPY
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Hazza - Годину тому
I thought he lost his powers because he wasn’t fighting crime for a purpose as he lost MJ and then regained them when he got her back 🤷‍♂️
SomeFriendlessBastard - Годину тому
Did I miss something? Why does he say that Peter Parker isn't the one from those movies? It seemed pretty obvious that at least one of those older Spider-men was Tobey's Spider-man.
Steven Friedman
Steven Friedman - Годину тому
I mean they heavily implied it was a psychological reason why his powers went away when he was talking to the doctor and he said "we always have a choice". Basically being Spider-Man seemed to always getting in the way of his personal life (missing MJ's play, missing class, being late to deliver the pizza and then getting fired for it etc.) and he began to doubt himself on being able to live his own life WHILE being Spider-Man and he wondered if he even wanted the responsibility anymore. As we know with great power comes great responsibility therefor him subconsciously not wanting said responsibility his body followed in response and took the power away giving Peter what he thought he wanted which was his own life back.
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ray moyte - Годину тому
So cool this makes 100% sense
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Tempz - 2 години тому
*i always thought he lost his powers because MJ didn’t like him anymore and he got them back when she asked to kiss him*
Count Sacke
Count Sacke - 2 години тому
Speaking of superheroes, I would like to see some physics about if Iron Man should be able to fly or not with his suit.
ARZ - 2 години тому
Sloth - 2 години тому
I thought that this had already been addressed. I knew this already from another YouTube video.
Priyanshu Sahu
Priyanshu Sahu - 2 години тому
idk why but this was all obvious to me
Gomeezzzzz - 2 години тому
xMatz115 - 3 години тому
I think this video really started to help me understand certain issues I've been going through. Thank you
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Kenshi Tanaka - 3 години тому
This video made me happy :)
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Get dunked on Andrew Garfield!
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Grace Sikombe - 3 години тому
4:03 too soon, MatPat😂
Ben Bland
Ben Bland - 3 години тому
You should find out why Spider-Man went from having powers and then to web blasters?
LordiGodess - 4 години тому
actually a mystery not solved for 15 years not 17 since he only lost his powers in the second movie which came out in 2004 not 2001 :D
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Thank you...
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is it weird that i knew this
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That was the greatest intro ever.
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M Square - 5 годин тому
Do a video on pink Floyd the wall
Jessica Strike
Jessica Strike - 5 годин тому
Except Spider man 2 is 2 years after the 1st film. It's clearly down to his issues of self confidence
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Deer Cake 36 - 5 годин тому
Thank you so much for making this, I think that this is an amazing thing to spread, I am only ten but I often think about mental illness and I believe that therapists are mostly beautiful people, I take an interest in it, even though my plan is to be an author, I adore how you spread messages like this to young veiwers like me, as well, you help me alot, I often feel Im alone, I watch your vids, and I feel I'm not alone, I look in the comments and see alot of people like me, learning in ways we like, seeing how much time and detail you put in your videos, your my favorite channel, it is amazing work you do, my cousin has severe depression, and these videos, well I'm not sure if it helps her out exactly, but I can tell they make her happy, me and my cousin nerd out about stuff like marvle and undertale, and billions of other video games, I swear she's my role model, and you helping her means the world to me, please, all you hevenly angels who help put out these videos of perfection, please take the time to applaud yourself for you wonderful work.
Sincerely, Meghan G.
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Fine Lemonade - 5 годин тому
Since day one of spider man 2 came out till today at this moment I JUST now realized that doc oct. is on Spider-Man’s eye 🤦🏼‍♂️
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Elias Faisal - 5 годин тому
Its a leep of faith
Holy Awesome55
Holy Awesome55 - 5 годин тому
The Toby spider man movies are crap
NasiiNiitro - 5 годин тому
Rosie also states in the film, If you keep love a secret, “It could make you sick”
Crycoonradt77 - 6 годин тому
Dylan Payne
Dylan Payne - 6 годин тому
RIP spidey man
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Prince Ducky - 6 годин тому
hey look its film theory
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Its GG Gamer - 6 годин тому
Good job on trending
Joshua Jerome
Joshua Jerome - 6 годин тому
I have been wanting an explanation of this before and you filled that Gap in my life. I may move on now
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Thomas Vangsø - 7 годин тому
Reverse Fuhrer
Reverse Fuhrer - 8 годин тому
Oh, really?
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The most beautiful addon to youtube: Video Blocker - It's even more devastating than dislike or unsubscribe button. Sometimes you even forget that you added this channel to the list.
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Roses are red
Violets are blue
I liked my comment
Cuz no one else will
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Seagull Galaxy
Seagull Galaxy - 8 годин тому
I want matpat to make a theory about bird box.
lily maya
lily maya - 8 годин тому
Hey mat can u solve a kidnap story
The Gaming Raccoon
The Gaming Raccoon - 9 годин тому
I was told he lost the powers because he began to doubt them
T1me LAPS3
T1me LAPS3 - 9 годин тому
Hey if princess Leia can choose her accent from scene to scene, so can aunt may!
ßee - 9 годин тому
Frock can’t talk theory? Because his made out of rock...
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Pizza time
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Eric Schell
Eric Schell - 10 годин тому
Got any theories about shrek?
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The Diamond pug cart Sniper pug - 10 годин тому
Hey mat pat I think you should do a video on bird box
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Inuyasha Sesshomaru - 10 годин тому
Spider man 2 best one Ever!...... Come At Me
Markiplier Forever BIGGEST Fan!
Markiplier Forever BIGGEST Fan! - 10 годин тому
Hmmm i see what you mean with that tissue Lol 11:08
Admin Mugi
Admin Mugi - 10 годин тому
5:47 it wasn't sandman, it was really the robber who shot uncle ben. Sandman explained it before he turned into sand and drifted away in the end.
Salvador Elam
Salvador Elam - 11 годин тому
The thumbnail looks like Spider-Man no more
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez - 11 годин тому
Didn’t Octavious say that keeping love from someone can make you sick? And that’s pretty much all he does w/ M.J. Pretty sure they were just saying he couldn’t function with something like that on his mind 24/7
Salvador Elam
Salvador Elam - 11 годин тому
How the hell does dr fate’s helmet work
Kim Valenzuela
Kim Valenzuela - 11 годин тому
sandman dint kill uncle ben, sandman's partner killed uncle ben
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Ki-Nation Gaming - 12 годин тому
Xenois Gaming
Xenois Gaming - 12 годин тому
Theory on the moon landing. Fake? or Real?
Itz_Ern4 YT
Itz_Ern4 YT - 12 годин тому
damn i dint knew i had PTSD i have all those as well (*_*)
Bolton03 - 12 годин тому
Along with the Spider-Man hype we also just got Spider-Man far from home
crafterson the man
crafterson the man - 12 годин тому
What the hell man I was looking for the movie spiderman far from home. Why did it show up with this
BenJamin Debruyn
BenJamin Debruyn - 12 годин тому
Hold UP THERE buddy, it's not Toby Maguire, it's Bully Maguire
Lolipop44 - 12 годин тому
Theory Man
His enemy are the VR Games
Cyool Dog
Cyool Dog - 12 годин тому
The reason why he lost his powers was because he didn't pay his rent.
Soul Studios
Soul Studios - 12 годин тому
Not going to lie Matt, this video was so lackluster. These are all just obvious facts spelled out for you by the movie itself. Hell even if this were a valid "theory" as if people didn't know this already, you failed to explain anything. It felt like you were starting something, but then just left it at that. No real convincing evidence other than what was spelled out by the movie itself. Maybe its time to take a break. Or maybe just stop theorizing and let others take your place. Your videos have been slowly degrading in content man.
Codename Vlog and smashing 2087
Codename Vlog and smashing 2087 - 12 годин тому
Dude the new ghostbusters 3 is coming not the girls but the 1o y $
mightywizard - 12 годин тому
They didn't explain that in the movie because they showed it with their great story telling. That's what makes this film better. Show don't tell.
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Gatinator 1784 - 13 годин тому
Pizza time
Alan Laiter
Alan Laiter - 13 годин тому
Pizza time
Gamefudg2132 - 13 годин тому
I cannot remember what video did this but I remember a video from a few years ago that explained this exact same thing.
Joseph W
Joseph W - 13 годин тому
Hey mat-pat can you please do the strongest incredible, but including jack-jack and scenes from incredibles 2 aswell?
ElijahandPichu - 13 годин тому
For some reason I do not like Spider Man 2
Tony Sorrow
Tony Sorrow - 13 годин тому
Yes, neighbor girl
KillerFoxyproject003 - 13 годин тому
Cassie Mitchell
Cassie Mitchell - 13 годин тому
Actually, it's explained in the movie, and CinemaWins clearly points it out. Aunt May says that keeping something like Love bottled up inside can cause a lot of problems. Every time Peter loses his abilities is when he sees MJ with JJJ's son. I can't explain it, just go watch CinemaWins' videos on the Toby Maguire trilogy.
Also, Tony Stark has PTSD
Cake Beast
Cake Beast - 13 годин тому
Black hand of Canada
Black hand of Canada - 13 годин тому
Hey Matt you should make a channel dedicated to comics comic theory. What do you think?
Bryce Anaya
Bryce Anaya - 13 годин тому
My theory: earlier in Spiderman 2 when Peter is meeting with Octavious for the first time, Otto gives him some advice about MJ “you can’t keep that love balled up inside of you, it’ll make you sick”. When Peter misses MJ’s play and then sees her boyfriend with her, it must really crush him emotionally.
Anthony Curry-Wheeler
Anthony Curry-Wheeler - 13 годин тому
It's erectile disfunction
Zachart Howard
Zachart Howard - 13 годин тому
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Ahaha hahahahaha
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I can’t find the F button
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Rigoberto Gonzalez
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non-stop pops!
non-stop pops! - 14 годин тому
*Theory...... Busted*
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I just want to review for my test until I saw this video
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Gaming With DiamondFireWolf
Gaming With DiamondFireWolf - 14 годин тому
The Film Theorist Mat there is a season 4 teaser for rick and Morty check it out and please make a theory and there's a major link between two shows in the teaser. People please like so mat see this
Kuledude 0
Kuledude 0 - 14 годин тому
Y'know, I haven't been on board with your latest theories, but this one makes alot of sense. And I like it. Other theories like "Disney Death Count" aren't really theories, more like just counting mortality rate. This however is a theory, and a good one. I feel as if the writers of Spider Man 2 actually intended this message, unlike other theories where I feel MatPat is overanalyzing and going WAAAYYY off course
Jeremiah s
Jeremiah s - 14 годин тому
Wo1f STAR - 14 годин тому
It made me kinda mad when he called Venom a demon and not an alien
Caleb Duarte
Caleb Duarte - 15 годин тому
Geeeeeettt Duuuuuuuunkkkeedd Ooooooooonn!!! Quote Sans Undertale
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So what bout that new spider man movie
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Pizza Time
Keir McKay
Keir McKay - 15 годин тому
Why did his powers remain for the two year period of the first Spider-Man and the second Spider-Man? Why didn't they cut out on him before?
Immortal Modz
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Rampage Rusher
Rampage Rusher - 15 годин тому
This reminds me that none of those movies never had happy ending even if he is a super hero :'( 1 like = +1 happyness