DJ Khaled Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Alisha Bella
Alisha Bella - 7 годин тому
Man i would've walked tf out he keeps interrupting the guy
Piaz Gilang
Piaz Gilang - 10 годин тому
Dj khaled? Hip hop? LOL
cringy ballen
cringy ballen - 22 години тому
My man dj khaled goes sneaker Shopping in a White shirt with blue shorts
Lagos08 - День тому
Autism at its best folks
Adaaal Zaam
Adaaal Zaam - День тому
Talk big and come out with bill of 1444 dollars lol seriously atleast do 10 K
iSERGThat_ATL Presents
iSERGThat_ATL Presents - День тому
#IsergThat #DJKhaled 🔥😍 copped the best selection of shoes buy a male hip-hop mogul next to #TI
shanedude120 - 2 дні тому
This useless piece of shit. Everything that's wrong with today's general. Right here this fat cancerous potato sludge
xI_ mEssIah
xI_ mEssIah - 3 дні тому
i want another one
Racks †
Racks † - 5 днів тому
This man Khaled said he be working out and this is 2015, 2018 he still looks like he hasnt lost a pound
FAYZOOR - 6 днів тому
He's fucking rude
OmaKicks - 6 днів тому
fat ass dickhead, without us supporters, he would have NOTHING! arrogant SOB
Anthony G
Anthony G - 8 днів тому
2:39 the host is trying not to piss himself laughing
Rick Alvarez
Rick Alvarez - 10 днів тому
He should spend some money on liposuction. 😂😂😂 Fat Ass dude ain't never seen a gym lol
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo - 10 днів тому
Khaled said you know what I'm saying at the end of every sentence
Jack Gibson
Jack Gibson - 13 днів тому
This bloke is a fuckwit.
Doctor LT
Doctor LT - 14 днів тому
*Khaleed buys a shoe*
seconds later....
*"Another One"......!!!!!!!!!!*
Mr. Fly yo!!!
Mr. Fly yo!!! - 16 днів тому
When Craziness gets to your head and there is no turning back
Agent N
Agent N - 17 днів тому
Dj khalid seems borderline retarded
Anurupa Gogoi
Anurupa Gogoi - 17 днів тому
Khlead is super cool.
babelewis78 - 17 днів тому
Can't stand this dude..nah saying!
Haikum Amir
Haikum Amir - 17 днів тому
Music? 0:00
ANGAARTv HINDI - 19 днів тому
The comments section is more entertaining then the whole video😂😂😂
chris - 19 днів тому
why dont guys shake hands like real men these days? fucking faggoty
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez - 20 днів тому
he so rude I don't think he let joe even get a single question
Peter Xue
Peter Xue - 21 день тому
U know what Im saying??
Noah Pastor
Noah Pastor - 21 день тому
Don't wanna be rude but he doesn't even care you are saying joe
Leah Ambrocio
Leah Ambrocio - 22 дні тому
He might call his sneakers pulled pork. Lol
Ross Sinclair
Ross Sinclair - 24 дні тому
Joe looked so out of place in this vid
Adam Hans
Adam Hans - 24 дні тому
He’s very inspirationa.... STFU!
trutj22 - 25 днів тому
omg he's so full of himself...was showing off to damn much.. the host looked uncomfortable...i prefer the foreign athletes ...more humble and 100 times more wealthy
Anab Abdullahi
Anab Abdullahi - 25 днів тому
Rude but still funny 😂😂😂 crazy guy
c s
c s - 25 днів тому
hes an asshole
Naveed Mustafa
Naveed Mustafa - 25 днів тому
We the best .You know what I saying.
Rob Cartwright
Rob Cartwright - 26 днів тому
What a dickhead
nich p
nich p - 27 днів тому
khaled loves his trainers
Lachie Sutherland
Lachie Sutherland - 28 днів тому
He’s loaded and yet he still wears 3 quarter shorts and a plain white t shirt
Dikran Korik
Dikran Korik - 28 днів тому
sorry i stopped in middel of the way this shit was cocky annoying thing i ever saw
WoodyJacks - 29 днів тому
Indo_Prankster - 29 днів тому
you know im saying
Sarah Gantt
Sarah Gantt - 29 днів тому
Khaled kept cutting the dude off
BEASTINNATIVE - 29 днів тому
Retitle to "Rude Fat Fuck Eats Sneakers and Praises Himself"
Simom Torres
Simom Torres - Місяць тому
Idiot LeBron has a ring in Cleveland all ready
Roy Munoz
Roy Munoz - Місяць тому
I parked behind there for years when I worked at bayside , and not once did I cop shoes there ..
Luci Noyola
Luci Noyola - Місяць тому
Do lil pump
Trucker Dave 215
Trucker Dave 215 - Місяць тому
1400 bucks wtf fake ass ballers
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins - Місяць тому
This guy is a fat piece of shit. #Facts
Opiatus - Місяць тому
It'd be really great if his tongue fell off and he trod barefoot on an upturned plug. I truly can't think of anyone more uninteresting than this vapid dollop. Imagine having all that wealth and privilege yet no matter how much you spend nor how many VIP events you go to, you forever remain a social foetus with a personality void unable to tell a single story or anecdote worth anyone's time or attention.
Isaiah Brakeman
Isaiah Brakeman - Місяць тому
The names tho 😝🤠😝😝😝😝😝🤠🤠
Isaiah Brakeman
Isaiah Brakeman - Місяць тому
Rude bra answer the question❓
Neurotic Sos
Neurotic Sos - Місяць тому
Khaled is lil pumps dad
Dhel Justine Abrajano
Dhel Justine Abrajano - Місяць тому
You know what he sayin'
Nicholas Murphy
Nicholas Murphy - Місяць тому
bro he can't even talk Khaled shut up
Milo Brambila
Milo Brambila - Місяць тому
I Khaled sooo damn annoying.
Isabelle Evans
Isabelle Evans - Місяць тому
take a shot every time khaled interrupts him
gamejr84 - Місяць тому
1's 11's 12's the best period.👊👊
Andrew Cummings
Andrew Cummings - Місяць тому
He has a lil dicky
Andrew Cummings
Andrew Cummings - Місяць тому
He doesn’t even listen to him
yasemin9b4 - Місяць тому
What is this man on?
ch mamadou
ch mamadou - Місяць тому
his belly represent his character
shiva shekar
shiva shekar - Місяць тому
U know what I'm saying 🤣😂
MAD HOROS - Місяць тому
I cant stand khaled
Hellxo Nobady
Hellxo Nobady - Місяць тому
He was on coca on what , he so speed .:D
mackenziefearon - Місяць тому
I really expect a lot more money to be spent
Mark Ellzy
Mark Ellzy - Місяць тому
They charging 700 for Marvin the Martians thas crazy I remember when they came out I paid 190 retail for them and that was like 2014 I think
Abud Shirt
Abud Shirt - Місяць тому
Disrespectful... he didnt let him talk and he kept cutting him off. I guess money is the problem for HIM, imo. Im guessing the comment section is the same thing
majidm87 - Місяць тому
Khaled is such a clown
Xxx Xxxx
Xxx Xxxx - Місяць тому
1 minute and 4 seconds into this shit and I can't stand watching anymore.
Spiderman kush
Spiderman kush - Місяць тому
“You ever see me in a pair of these and dickies.. be nervous” 😂😂
Mr 888
Mr 888 - Місяць тому
DJ Khaled seriously has mental issue & just delusional. The way he talks & thinks up shit to come out of his mouth; it never makes sense. I hate this fat rude mthrfker.
dax - Місяць тому
I don't think he's met the perfect pair...
Rahul Gahlawat
Rahul Gahlawat - Місяць тому
Khaled was being disrespectful. I would have kicked him out
Oscar Lopez
Oscar Lopez - Місяць тому
DJ Khaled Is full of himself foh
Will Johnson
Will Johnson - Місяць тому
He’s such a knob head
LDP Nation
LDP Nation - Місяць тому
Another one...
T.M.P Official
T.M.P Official - Місяць тому
Boi everytime he opens his mouth i cringe
3rdworldgwaming - Місяць тому
Yo Khaled high as fuck
Viking the gamer Viking
Viking the gamer Viking - Місяць тому
Why he keep interrupting him dumb a
AIj Million miles
AIj Million miles - Місяць тому
Lol I was just saying DJ reminds me of a og gangster...then he says I'll rock those cortez with black dickies...
Diego Ortiz
Diego Ortiz - Місяць тому
pontiacGXPfan - Місяць тому
D! J! Khaled!
Zeina Baarah
Zeina Baarah - Місяць тому
"Yea But Look At The Leather"
Marcus Frazier
Marcus Frazier - Місяць тому
3:40 " I like going to the gym a lot" lol doesnt look like it tho
Jason Castro
Jason Castro - Місяць тому
It's irrelevant to the video, but I lost respect for Khaled when he didn't get past wing 3
redcash123 - Місяць тому
I dont know how this guy got famous....maybe due to his stupidity.
Hyper Regal
Hyper Regal - Місяць тому
You see what im saying
Adam Chung
Adam Chung - Місяць тому
Yeo Khalid hella rude
vung samte
vung samte - Місяць тому
Fast Furious
Fast Furious - Місяць тому
He is working out by walking 2 inches every month 😂
Jonathan Medros
Jonathan Medros - Місяць тому
Can't wait for this bitch to die
Patrik Mellin
Patrik Mellin - Місяць тому
Ima be honest rn... fuck this dude for being rude af
Jamie West
Jamie West - Місяць тому
Do kalid -Amazing guy but maybe some more manners(no hate)
Athenkam Tikhak
Athenkam Tikhak - Місяць тому
He talk too much...n praise by ownself...
Av Av
Av Av - Місяць тому
I thought he was just anoying in his music.. Real life too..
Nick C
Nick C - 2 місяці тому
Know im sayinn
NC 16
NC 16 - 2 місяці тому
no talent
Nmpbones - 2 місяці тому
Lol 3:58 they said turtledoves were $200
Bill Song
Bill Song - 2 місяці тому
this guy is so self centered
Widman Calderón
Widman Calderón - 2 місяці тому
I’ve been watching this “sneaker shopping” vids for the last couple of days (randomly) and I think this is the one with more dislikes. Can’t blame anyone for that!
Yo.boi_ Hood619
Yo.boi_ Hood619 - 2 місяці тому
Khalid is so cringe...talking over the host and shit. He the type of nigga to talk and you can’t get one word in smh
ArtStyle JokerZ
ArtStyle JokerZ - 2 місяці тому
He answered his own question