6IX9INE - STOOPID FT. BOBBY SHMURDA (Official Music Video)

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Zedkaria - 2 хвилини тому
Sajad Qorbani
Sajad Qorbani - 5 хвилин тому
Best rap 69
John Pierre
John Pierre - 11 хвилин тому
We want another ft with Bobby since both of y’all in tha same place
Joshua Sequeira
Joshua Sequeira - 11 хвилин тому
This video makes me want to drink my soup with a fork
Dj Percho Antonio
Dj Percho Antonio - 13 хвилин тому
Anuel AA - Hipócrita feat. Zion Dj PerchoAntonio The Old School 2018 Diciembre @@
Joshua Sequeira
Joshua Sequeira - 14 хвилин тому
Its clinically proven that this comment section cures depression.
Truth T
Truth T - 15 хвилин тому
Me: I feel sick
Mom: R get off ur phone then
Me: 0:48
Filip Perko
Filip Perko - 16 хвилин тому
on IG 6ix9ine actually said that the people should comment a title of the song and the comment who gets the most likes will be his next song and it was "stoopid", the same thing was with who should feature in the song 😂
max portillo
max portillo - 18 хвилин тому
When my parents have visitors and I open the door 0:38
Young Cap
Young Cap - 20 хвилин тому
3 6 9 Read dude
Harris Choudhary
Harris Choudhary - 20 хвилин тому
when you spit out bars and then end up behind them
Mahendra Shinde25183
Mahendra Shinde25183 - 29 хвилин тому
Very energetic song...
X_X Larus17
X_X Larus17 - 40 хвилин тому
Ezek a mai zenék bazdmeg?😑
Nenad Handzo
Nenad Handzo - 40 хвилин тому
grind As10
grind As10 - 39 хвилин тому
Taka e brat
Leidy Alba
Leidy Alba - 44 хвилини тому
Vaca no soy colombiana
dalton haynes
dalton haynes - 56 хвилин тому
Little did he know he was gonna be Bobby shutmdas bunkmate
Brandon Scoots
Brandon Scoots - 57 хвилин тому
I juts want that Polaris rzr though
Yashr Tahir
Yashr Tahir - Годину тому
Estudio contable Gyz
Estudio contable Gyz - Годину тому
saludos desde Perú !
Mr. Tabares
Mr. Tabares - Годину тому
Free Bobby Shmurda
Isaiah Antone
Isaiah Antone - Годину тому
wow your bad
Edwin Flow Money
Edwin Flow Money - Годину тому
And me John just got home because po
Nikki Ettianna Currie
Nikki Ettianna Currie - Годину тому
That fake tan tho lol 🤣
nakki :p
nakki :p - Годину тому
Sex money shmurda.
Eduin Rodriguez
Eduin Rodriguez - Годину тому
Thats mo vlogs ferrari
The best Tiger
The best Tiger - Годину тому
2:02 when i stub my toe
CrazyGreek Cats
CrazyGreek Cats - Годину тому
Exclusive interview with MTA bookings about the 6Ix 9ine situation December 14th
Roger Sakhba
Roger Sakhba - 2 години тому
6ix9ine Joined The Chat
FBI Joined The Chat
6ix9ine Left Chat
Roger Sakhba
Roger Sakhba - 2 години тому
El ultimo like tendra 1 millon de dolares.
Boća Gamer
Boća Gamer - 2 години тому
Bitch I'm sille
Kacpereq 336
Kacpereq 336 - 2 години тому
We no wi daj ten wózek xd
LearnToShare Gaming
LearnToShare Gaming - 2 години тому
0:38 *When my friends ask for my gum*
ItsYaDoge - 2 години тому
Bitch you STOOOPID, because you are in prison right now...
cwaniak_ Soraski
cwaniak_ Soraski - 2 години тому
one day after my birthday
Noe Hdez
Noe Hdez - 2 години тому
me pregunto habrá acabado la ESO,o si sera mayor ,no entiendo de verdad como puede haber gente que le gusta esta mierda,me parece un niño chico que no sabe ni lo que hacer con el dinero que tiene,y no es envidia a mi me la pela ,pero me parece un niño sin valores un dia rompe teles y a la otro...
Barbara - 2 години тому
very cool!
Alex xD
Alex xD - 2 години тому
my broken cold heart
my broken cold heart - 2 години тому
#free6ix9ine please
GoodLive Club
GoodLive Club - 2 години тому
Aaaaa - what Lil Pump?
Project zorgo Pz
Project zorgo Pz - 2 години тому
See you when you are 58 next
CL_ODT - 3 години тому
Vin Keye
Vin Keye - 3 години тому
Peace to a music demon GL in the pen 69 the 360 p rapper
Guetano Givens
Guetano Givens - 3 години тому
Blake Hubbard
Blake Hubbard - 3 години тому
Dumb D dumb
Brooo ooo
Brooo ooo - 3 години тому
I Love The Music of Thekashi 6ix9ine
Tillie Sullivan
Tillie Sullivan - 3 години тому
You went prison coz u stoopid lol I'm joking love you 6ix9ine 😂😘
John Lalrindika
John Lalrindika - 3 години тому
he called the police stoopid now he is in jail
Chandler Carter
Chandler Carter - 3 години тому
He a bich
Chandler Carter
Chandler Carter - 3 години тому
Fuck shit
Chandler Carter
Chandler Carter - 3 години тому
Tell him to suck a dick
Анастасия Графкиса
Анастасия Графкиса - 4 години тому
Spyros RA
Spyros RA - 4 години тому
Now that Bobby is getting out the should do a song but this time 69 raps inside of prison😂
MILAGROSMilagro Noeli Benitez
MILAGROSMilagro Noeli Benitez - 4 години тому
Данила Яровой
Данила Яровой - 4 години тому
Я русский сосите хуй
MILAGROSMilagro Noeli Benitez
MILAGROSMilagro Noeli Benitez - 4 години тому
skii kidd
skii kidd - 4 години тому
He dissed like 5 ppl in 1 song
KOSTOFF FN - 4 години тому
Can someone imagine how many spits does 6ix9ine's mic have
pedro henriqur
pedro henriqur - 4 години тому
6ix9ine fodaaaaaa Lil pump is my egg
Sia Xiaoshi
Sia Xiaoshi - 4 години тому
1:38 , shnackk
Fortnite Galaxy
Fortnite Galaxy - 4 години тому
Bitch are you don don dondon don stoopid
Julia Pastoriza
Julia Pastoriza - 4 години тому
Salve pros Blods e Crips? UE que meio termo.. é 8 ou 80!
Arcadio Moralez
Arcadio Moralez - 5 годин тому
Free Brooklyn! 🙃🙃🙃
Afgan ThunderFuck 045
Afgan ThunderFuck 045 - 5 годин тому
That nigga ebro he a bitch !!
Ирина Иринина
Ирина Иринина - 5 годин тому
Лил памп немного получше
Piness Appless
Piness Appless - 5 годин тому
yo 6ix9ine got big nipples bro
Kai FORTNITE - 5 годин тому
0:40 When Someone Asks You For Chips
Kai FORTNITE - 5 годин тому
1:17 When Bobby Sees 6IX9INE in prison
Amal Stars
Amal Stars - 5 годин тому
Djeren van Oostenbrugge
Djeren van Oostenbrugge - 5 годин тому
50%talent 50%niggah
Hropko - 6 годин тому
Proč tak křičíš?🤓
Chelsea - 6 годин тому
0:21 when you have 6 stars in gta
zdag aaa
zdag aaa - 6 годин тому
Free sixnine real one
Dhiraj hellrider
Dhiraj hellrider - 7 годин тому
Is that Mo vlogs ferrari??
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober - 7 годин тому
to the one who read this 0:38
Zyn God
Zyn God - 7 годин тому
"Bitch imma in priSAA!!".
"In prisan eatin noodaals" #FREE69
Muzioon Styshn / مــزيــون
Muzioon Styshn / مــزيــون - 7 годин тому
Rico Klinger
Rico Klinger - 8 годин тому
Free 69
Alias91Six- - 8 годин тому
1:17 when 69 get out of jail after 30 years
Alias91Six- - 8 годин тому
When you get the question wrong and everyone looks at you like 0:48
LeoTheLlama YT
LeoTheLlama YT - 8 годин тому
Dem camels be like: OH MY FREAKING HUMP ITS 69!!!
Nat Romero
Nat Romero - 8 годин тому
Who's mans is this.. What... Wait... I mean... who's woman's is this
MobnMoney x
MobnMoney x - 9 годин тому
1:45 when people say Im lazy
FaaniArias11 - 9 годин тому
Aqui podemos ver claramente que Juan de Dios Panocha no invento ese paso! De nada bye! 0:48
Rcher King Josiah
Rcher King Josiah - 9 годин тому
Bobby got me fucked up on this one. Finish the time bro.
Jordon Messina
Jordon Messina - 10 годин тому
Only 69 song I rock with.
todo tranki
todo tranki - 10 годин тому
No lil pump-pr-ump-pump-pumps
(No esskeetit)
blue bells fan
blue bells fan - 10 годин тому
Caleb Harvey
Caleb Harvey - 10 годин тому
" i see a couple b's in here, were throwing up C's in here. remember this. and why. only reason why.
Caleb Harvey
Caleb Harvey - 10 годин тому
Kaelyn : i got molested. Them: hhahahahhahha. see then your in the 2nd with him reverse matched to her. see how dumb. nothing for her still ? see what. edited to the 2nd cop only. he gives a soul back sometimes if he is in good mood.
Caleb Harvey
Caleb Harvey - 10 годин тому
kaelyn said she got molested 10 years back. they arrested him this year. same guy. same format. the moms are not there once i guess. run it the 2nd time and they say cant from the first time then he in jail for life from that and you doing just that ? you want me to add from reverse the to not add them editing this kid out ? then from the girl after kids saying she had equal ? man.
Caleb Harvey
Caleb Harvey - 10 годин тому
killed your cuz. rolling up your cuz. DRY RIVERS. thats not the front of a new river. my sister uses that with you i have $20. they use $20 i dont ever. see dude. if i did it would be about his then about why. fuck joe rogan. im at my home ur sure and you came to my home ?
lamont barz
lamont barz - 10 годин тому
I always wondered was race he was. But looking a jail records, he must of checked the white one
anthony May
anthony May - 11 годин тому
1:25 when your teacher gives you homework
Filipo 1207
Filipo 1207 - 11 годин тому
Nie obrażaj czarnych ludzi. To rasizm
pronoy boro Boro
pronoy boro Boro - 11 годин тому
Nice song 69
Fred Big Mac
Fred Big Mac - 11 годин тому
Stay shoutin #FreeTekashi till its backwards!
iQuezYT - 11 годин тому
The only reason this song went viral is because BOBBY Smurda was in the title
Team BattleCraft
Team BattleCraft - 11 годин тому
just lance
just lance - 11 годин тому
bruh this ass
Itz__ JENI
Itz__ JENI - 11 годин тому
Seeing some of ur vines or videos,u giving some of ur money to people that need it broke my heart so bad 😭