Velvet Buzzsaw | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Existential Crisis
Existential Crisis - 53 хвилини тому
Fuck yes Daveed is everywhere now.
Yvette Ayson
Yvette Ayson - 56 хвилин тому
Well that escalated quickly
Pretty Wings
Pretty Wings - 59 хвилин тому
Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing. Nightcrawlers was amazing and this looks like it's going to be amazing, I can't wait to see it.
Charles Pruett
Charles Pruett - Годину тому
NO WAY this will match Nightcrawler, though. I'm just saying. Nightcrawler was the firs original idea to come out of Hollyweird since...sheesh! I can't think of anything! But decades for sure.
Charles Pruett
Charles Pruett - Годину тому
I would go just to look at Renee Ruso ;-)
Jskwcz - Годину тому
Probably same shit like a birdbox gonna watch only because of Jake
ursaltydog - Годину тому
I think this is much better than a marvel movie..
Camila Santos
Camila Santos - Годину тому
Take my Money
Pham Nuwen
Pham Nuwen - Годину тому
Hoboman is fucking terrifying!
Aaron D
Aaron D - 2 години тому
No sir. NOOO sir.
Dreiii Rod
Dreiii Rod - 2 години тому
Its that girl from Stranger Things. 1:56
BunnyMan456 - 2 години тому
Say hello to the next Mute.
Shannon Quesnel
Shannon Quesnel - 2 години тому
I love the first few seconds. The twist of the wrist, the flicking of the glasses up to his face. The teeny tiny click-sounds the frames make. So good.
Eric Tungoe
Eric Tungoe - 2 години тому
Cool trailer
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer - 3 години тому
Wow! That takes a pretty crazy turn from where it felt like it was going in the beginning! Looks awesome!
Rebecca Andersen
Rebecca Andersen - 3 години тому
TheStoneFamily - 3 години тому
I think I just watched the whole movie in this trailer
Demir Yasin ORUÇ
Demir Yasin ORUÇ - 3 години тому
Stephen King has a short story like that, but this looks just like a more detailed version
Kago Tony Molemogi
Kago Tony Molemogi - 3 години тому
1:50 love that
Ricky Rik
Ricky Rik - 3 години тому
Does each and every film of Jake Gyllenhaal has to be mandatorily good?
PS: I don't think the exhibits are like really doing that after all Jake is Mysterio now so😏
Erhu Amreyan
Erhu Amreyan - 4 години тому
irizk1 - 4 години тому
Netflix is fast becoming Apple of Cinemas...
Technodash - 5 годин тому
Ghostbusters 2, part 2?
Will Herman
Will Herman - 5 годин тому
Always liked Jake G.
This one looks interesting and original.
Definitely gonna see this one in the theater, I kinda feel like this is gonna be one of those movies that is made even better by seeing it on the Big Screen with a full, Opening Night Crowd!
ansh arora
ansh arora - 5 годин тому
You have gone too far netflix.
Charles O'Connell
Charles O'Connell - 5 годин тому
Does anyone know the name of this song in this trailer?
Ya Boi
Ya Boi - 6 годин тому
JRL - 6 годин тому
Feb 1st well played. A month after A Series of Unfortunate Events so u can have my sub for another month.
Mick Berry
Mick Berry - 6 годин тому
Well now I can't look at another Picasso ever again.
From A to Z
From A to Z - 6 годин тому
Already saw the movie .... in the trailer !!!
Gum Gum
Gum Gum - 6 годин тому
I'll watch it only if at some point Jake scream "NOT THE BEEEEEEES"
elijah kouza
elijah kouza - 7 годин тому
nightcrawler really deserved so much more attention. netflix is so hit or miss with what they produce, but they have the users when nightcrawler came out during a time when people started going to the movie theater even less. their originals are inconsistent, but their platform has the popularity what these two do together deserve.
Rizki Ananda
Rizki Ananda - 7 годин тому
Jhin(the virtuoso) from league of legends decided to make a movie.
Ah Chung
Ah Chung - 7 годин тому
Feels like Final destinations
Looking forward to it ..
Syndrom3 - 7 годин тому
Criticize the art, the art will cut-&-size you. :3
mc nasty
mc nasty - 8 годин тому
Okay YouTube I finally watched the trailer
Jacob Noori
Jacob Noori - 8 годин тому
Wow, this looks promising! HYPED.
Shaleen61 - 9 годин тому
Gives me chills...
Ben Armstrong
Ben Armstrong - 9 годин тому
Okay I'm definitely getting Netflix now. Sold!
Hello ItsKylee
Hello ItsKylee - 9 годин тому
Well that escalated quickly
Courtney Tregurtha-Nairn
Courtney Tregurtha-Nairn - 10 годин тому
Oh yeah this one looks good!
John - 10 годин тому
night in the museum painting edition
R. Gonzo
R. Gonzo - 11 годин тому
It will suck, every actor is pushing their limits of how much their career is dying. Nothing seems natural, so over pushed. Storyline sucks, even though these actors rock. Forget this film.
R. Gonzo
R. Gonzo - 11 годин тому
This movie sucks
Mike Pippins
Mike Pippins - 12 годин тому
Get off the couch.
Alejandro Cruz
Alejandro Cruz - 12 годин тому
I love jake:3
Madison Jeanne Teske
Madison Jeanne Teske - 13 годин тому
As long as no one slices of their head with a piano wire I'll watch
Emmet Stone
Emmet Stone - 13 годин тому
Five Knives- Money (In case anyone was wondering what the song is called, you're welcome)
Shea Johnson
Shea Johnson - 13 годин тому
When I tell y’all!!!!!! I. Love. Jacob. So fine. 😍😩
Haider - 13 годин тому
Okay that 180'ed fairly quickly
cp1925 - 13 годин тому
They need to make better trailers.
Nicole Taylor
Nicole Taylor - 13 годин тому
W....T....F....I was not expecting that.
precioustraveler - 14 годин тому
This is an example of a trailer that showed too much. If you see this comment before watching. Do not watch the trailer. Perhaps there is a lot more plot, but I feel like a lot was spoiled. Boo Hiss
anouk morrissy
anouk morrissy - 15 годин тому
jake and toni? well you can count me in
reality - 15 годин тому
So... murderous paintings and art. YES
jay24july - 15 годин тому
Wow way to go Netflix
Alan Wong
Alan Wong - 15 годин тому
Mysterio in a thriller movie... NICE
Dylan Beck
Dylan Beck - 15 годин тому
Looks cool except for every character they revealed, they showed die in the trailer... Don't really need to watch this now tbh...
J.M. Seibriger
J.M. Seibriger - 15 годин тому
Am I the only one that had absolutely no idea this was gonna be a horror movie/thriller up until 1:30?? Looked to me like some sort of the Devil wears Prada remake with Jake Gyllenhall before that!
Gilliatt83 - 15 годин тому
Rukhsana Zaidi
Rukhsana Zaidi - 16 годин тому
Holy shit I’m so flippin excited I can’t even!!!!😭
Daemon Danko
Daemon Danko - 16 годин тому
Jakey boi needs to chill damn spoder men and this ?
The Countess Bathory
The Countess Bathory - 16 годин тому
Is that The Weeknd at 1:00?
Qhmda - 18 годин тому
I’m so confused with everyones feedback IS THIS BAD SHIT OR GOOD SHIT
To Release is To Resolve
To Release is To Resolve - 18 годин тому
Andrew W
Andrew W - 18 годин тому
This was intense
X13ful - 18 годин тому
I feel like I've watched the entire movie
Mathías Techera
Mathías Techera - 19 годин тому
I thought that this was going to be another movie about art and then I keep on watching the trailer...OMG...Netflix you got me.
Joe Blackner
Joe Blackner - 19 годин тому
i find i can watch anything with jake gyllenhall in it. my current favorite actor.
tyler prophete
tyler prophete - 19 годин тому
Omg that girl from Fresh Meat...
Valley Girl
Valley Girl - 20 годин тому
I see my Jake and I'm there!
KL Chambers
KL Chambers - 20 годин тому
Looks awesome!!
Versatile Indian Films
Versatile Indian Films - 20 годин тому
It would be hard not to make mind bending film with Jake on your film.
Josue Alvarez
Josue Alvarez - 20 годин тому
Mysterio !!
TheStarWarrior - 20 годин тому
So Mysterio Origin Story Got it
Struggle Drax
Struggle Drax - 21 годину тому
Mysterio went through some crazy shit before Far From Home aye?
Latania Blake
Latania Blake - 21 годину тому
Welcome back Jake, can’t wait to see you in Spider-Man as well.
thisisamomentTV - 21 годину тому
I still haven’t seen nightcrawler but im getting black swan vibes
GreyFloorPanels - 21 годину тому
This must be the work of an enemy stand
Ayush Upadhyay
Ayush Upadhyay - 21 годину тому
So goddamn unexpected!
Hollywood In Hindi
Hollywood In Hindi - 21 годину тому
this is something scary. love it.
Mahmood Abduljabbar
Mahmood Abduljabbar - 21 годину тому
When Americans try to be more European
Mike Curtis
Mike Curtis - 21 годину тому
Trailer could be cut way down to be effective. Got two minutes in and stopped. You got me Netflix, don't want to see any more and spoil the movie.
Sam Hensel
Sam Hensel - 22 години тому
Teddy Perkins 2:16
gg i'm black
gg i'm black - 22 години тому
Looks fun.
NightWolf - 22 години тому
You had my curiosity, now you have my attention
Cinyx GP
Cinyx GP - 23 години тому
Mysterio Origin Story
John DiMarzio
John DiMarzio - 23 години тому
Did John Malkovich sell his soul to Netflix?
TheZoProductions - День тому
Some body call the Ghostbusters!
VermontBlogger - День тому
Didn't know Mysterio was starring in this! Wonder if this is a prequel to Spiderman.
Giwrgos  Dioulgkaridis
Giwrgos Dioulgkaridis - День тому
I saw jack Gyllenhaal and I click it ....he never disappointed me
Nicole Leann
Nicole Leann - День тому
Phila Mlaba
Phila Mlaba - День тому
This dude about to saturate the market like Kevin Hart & the Rock did in 2017
Will Andersen
Will Andersen - День тому
*Night at the Museum 4 looks great*
Tiny Rick
Tiny Rick - День тому
Nicholas Scott
Nicholas Scott - День тому
You see what i did there
You see what i did there - День тому
Marshall Teach
Marshall Teach - День тому
That Gyllenhaals so hot right now
Karen Willet
Karen Willet - День тому
Easy case for Sam and Dean Winchester
Ed - День тому
JG is my favorite.