Mean Tweets - Music Edition #5

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U.S. Navy Submarine dude8135
U.S. Navy Submarine dude8135 - 55 хвилин тому
If you dont like Korn then go listen to these songs: Take Me, Freak on a leash, ADIDAS, Blind, Liar, Twisted Transistor, Got the life, or any Korn song because Korn is just that damn good and if you dont like Korn you do NOT got the life my friend
KamikazeYazzie - 3 дні тому
that is not Gwen Stefani, WTF.
Pedro Vieira
Pedro Vieira - 3 дні тому
I don't even recognise some of these people...
And the rest: never heard of them at all!
Galo Arizaga
Galo Arizaga - 4 дні тому
Why people hate nickleback so much lol I like some of there songs
Shaanee Enc
Shaanee Enc - 4 дні тому
poor gwynn
GreenRomance - 6 днів тому
P!nk is so good😂😂
Tristan King
Tristan King - 7 днів тому
Tyga looks like a black adam driver
Some Body
Some Body - 8 днів тому
Not gonna lie. I’ve had a crush on Gwen Stefani my whole life. And she’s more hot then now she was when I was young.
Andrew P. Stewart
Andrew P. Stewart - 8 днів тому
P!nk's reaction to her Tweet was SPOT-ON! 👌🤣🏾🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Suvarna Chauhan
Suvarna Chauhan - 9 днів тому
They should have some other great metal bands like slayer lamb of god Metallica testament sepultura etc
Evelys Henriquez
Evelys Henriquez - 9 днів тому
Mark Nil Torres
Mark Nil Torres - 9 днів тому
1:12 that Dua Lipa stare 🔥
Native Wolves
Native Wolves - 12 днів тому
Jason durulo's lmao 😂😂
VaMPy - 13 днів тому
NOOO! Julian can do no wrong!
Logan Kozlowski
Logan Kozlowski - 13 днів тому
only reason I watched this was for Korn and Nickelback.
RED PILL SOCIETY - 14 днів тому
They fake most of these
Papa Sears
Papa Sears - 14 днів тому
Luke Bryan is the Nicholas Cage of country music
dead inside
dead inside - 15 днів тому
Gwen is gorgeous omg
Angel J
Angel J - 15 днів тому
I actually sorta like Nickleback.
Niall Yuxin Xie
Niall Yuxin Xie - 16 днів тому
If celebrities aren't offended by those mean tweets, then there is no reason why we should be offended by mean tweets towards the celebrities that we love.
Cameron Archer
Cameron Archer - 16 днів тому
Im one of the ones in the gray area on nickelback but damn his reply to that tweet was funny lmao
Sara a
Sara a - 16 днів тому
I'm grateful for those few seconds of the strokes ❤
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown - 16 днів тому
That’s a complete insult to pirate hookers
Leonard Ortiz
Leonard Ortiz - 16 днів тому
Pause it at 1;26
goku ga
goku ga - 18 днів тому
Where is eminem i want a diss track
LordAnestis - 18 днів тому
About Dualipa, he is kinda right!
Nika Bakuradze
Nika Bakuradze - 18 днів тому
I only recognized Korn... Who the fk are there people?
ardian - 18 днів тому
Halsey's smile after tweet mhm
YodaWars 1000
YodaWars 1000 - 19 днів тому
The best tweets were The Chainsmokers, Halsey and Jason Mraz.
Dua Lipa Fan
Dua Lipa Fan - 20 днів тому
Dua is the best 👍💯 Queen👸🏻💖
JoeDotPHP - 21 день тому
Chainsmokers one actually applies though.
bob bobo
bob bobo - 21 день тому
Stabbed in the taint lol...
Milk is Healthy
Milk is Healthy - 21 день тому
Agree with the first one
Hello There Fellow Millennials
Hello There Fellow Millennials - 21 день тому
Isn't Gwen Stefani like, 50 today.
Hello There Fellow Millennials
Hello There Fellow Millennials - 21 день тому
Poor Nickelback
Mariana Queiroz
Mariana Queiroz - 22 дні тому
The Korn one was the best!!! Their faces when they read they're worse than Nickelback
jeon. - 22 дні тому
SAIF THE EDGE - 24 дні тому
damn didn't expect Korn to be there
Rishi Bhavsar
Rishi Bhavsar - 24 дні тому
Gwen looked perfect! 😍
Daddy Trump
Daddy Trump - 25 днів тому
What’s wrong with nickelback? I love them
Totally Out Of It
Totally Out Of It - 26 днів тому
Why are people so mean? :(
Ioreotheoreo 2020
Ioreotheoreo 2020 - 26 днів тому
what about nice tweets? 🤔 :)
Jack - 26 днів тому
reference to look out for detox
Salty Tomato
Salty Tomato - 27 днів тому
OMG...Dua was pissed off AF 😂😂❤
Josh Morris
Josh Morris - 27 днів тому
Didn't expect to see Korn on here lol
Limbu Manju
Limbu Manju - 28 днів тому
Burcu - 29 днів тому
itsjemmabond - 29 днів тому
Say what you like about Nickelback, but you know you're onto something when your lead singer ages backwards.
Heidy Elias
Heidy Elias - 29 днів тому
Um.. Gwen is the best thing that's ever happened to this earth.
Heidy Elias
Heidy Elias - 29 днів тому
And really? The Strokes?
Maddeline Hatter31
Maddeline Hatter31 - 29 днів тому
Can you do a harry styles on
JAFO-PTY - 29 днів тому
Gwen easy with the Botox
Nicholas Brown-Duncan
Nicholas Brown-Duncan - Місяць тому
Can someone tell me who is nickelback? Literally every video they’re on it
Andy kay
Andy kay - Місяць тому
Halsey is a fricken God
김원 - Місяць тому
Gwen Stefani doesnt age wtf
heroinhero69 - Місяць тому
I just wanted to be one of the strokes
LEILAH GO KRAY - Місяць тому
Can you please do another rap edition one please like of you want another one to 🤗😎
DeathScythe - Місяць тому
I actually enjoy Nickelback...but that's about it as far as super mainstream lol
j v
j v - Місяць тому
All those people who write these mean tweets have some kind of mental illness..I mean I admit I don't like everyone but I can never write such nonsense about someone
Amelia Wolf
Amelia Wolf - Місяць тому
No ones gonna like this xd
ignoräntlovë - Місяць тому
uhm this is sad to watch
Arwin Vatvani
Arwin Vatvani - Місяць тому
I love P!nk so much, she has a great sense of humor!
Gospodin Blanco
Gospodin Blanco - Місяць тому
Stefani is so hot for old lady.
The Gignerd
The Gignerd - Місяць тому
Stona Weeedi
Stona Weeedi - Місяць тому
How can someone hate on Queen Cyrus aka one of the biggest activist of this planet ?
Nyah Sanders
Nyah Sanders - Місяць тому
I’m sorry... Halsey’s voice is so annoying 😂
Cak Redi
Cak Redi - Місяць тому
No mean tweets is complete without Nickelback.
Calvin Ebbert
Calvin Ebbert - Місяць тому
Nickel backs comeback to that made me like them a little bit more
Nugraha Yasa
Nugraha Yasa - Місяць тому
korn 👍👍👍 who's with me ?
Anna Mody
Anna Mody - Місяць тому
Nice tweets especially the ones about tyga
Krystofir Weaver
Krystofir Weaver - Місяць тому
That look at 1:12 tho...
CynthiaSantovena CynthiaSantovena
CynthiaSantovena CynthiaSantovena - Місяць тому
AAAHHH! Julian Casablancas and the Strokes looked like they wanted to cry..I love them..they are so sensitive
heroinhero69 - Місяць тому
Julian probably wrote that tweet
The Musicmaster107
The Musicmaster107 - Місяць тому
If I had to do a mean comments video I would be in the hospital for laughing my heart out my mouth
Oliver Marks
Oliver Marks - Місяць тому
heyitsmira - Місяць тому
God, I miss The Strokes andnsbdbsbdhsn but at least their solo ventures keep me well fed until their next release
DragonKiller 2225
DragonKiller 2225 - Місяць тому
If I was dualipa I don't know if I would be offended that someone wrote on twitter that I look like a b**wj** or that that person doesn't know how to spell it
Acura Addicted
Acura Addicted - Місяць тому
Korn. F**k those guys more than nickelback. Oooooof.
Brenan Conroy
Brenan Conroy - Місяць тому
I love how Nickelback has just embraced the hate. Don't care for their music, but power to them!
Britloves Quincy
Britloves Quincy - Місяць тому
Gwen looks amazing
Metal Videos
Metal Videos - Місяць тому
why do they blur out a middle finger? seriously are you guys that sensitive in america? what a joke
Isabel Margarit
Isabel Margarit - Місяць тому
Tiffany Eztrada
Tiffany Eztrada - Місяць тому
That schoolboy q tweet is a Kendrick Lamar lyric though
PitKit - Місяць тому
Jason Derulo didn't really react xD
Cherokee Rose
Cherokee Rose - Місяць тому
I don't know why everyone hates on Nickelback I think they're pretty good
Will Blakely
Will Blakely - Місяць тому
🅘 🅛🅞🅥🅔 🅗🅐🅛🅢🅔🅨 @heavenly jar pad);
Yancuic Rodriguez
Yancuic Rodriguez - Місяць тому
Holy Sh*t!!! who dares to say sh*t about Pink!!!
TruthMaster2013 - Місяць тому
Brett -
Brett - - Місяць тому
Miley Cyrus smelly pirate hooker. Anchorman is so funny . lol I'm Ron burgundy? Stay classy SD
Kiwi Baby
Kiwi Baby - Місяць тому
You do though Miley Cyrus you do 🖕🏽
DEAN23 - Місяць тому
Is it weird that I found Pink hot when she pulled that face?....
Bleach - Місяць тому
Asmita Thapa
Asmita Thapa - Місяць тому
P I N K 💖
Brynn Garfield
Brynn Garfield - Місяць тому
I love luke Bryan
cascadestars - Місяць тому
miley can barely talk with those fuckigf veneers
QueenEclipsa Motionless
QueenEclipsa Motionless - Місяць тому
Korn, I am so sorry that you were compared to Nickelback. You guys are way better than Nickelback.
Josh Berman
Josh Berman - Місяць тому
I'm just waiting real patiently for the day to come for Mariah Carey to get her Mean Tweets as well and that goes for Ciara, Christina Aguilera, Bella Thorne and other types of female celebrities that I can't stand.
deep south
deep south - Місяць тому
No doubt the most mind numbing ignorance to ever stink up the air waves . Wow!!
l10 mess10
l10 mess10 - Місяць тому
Y r miley cyrus teeth attached while talking
Hoshimaru57 - Місяць тому
Yes! After all the indirect Nickelback jabs we finally get them actually reacting to a direct one!
Lucia DiPirro
Lucia DiPirro - Місяць тому
How dare they say that
Derrick Rose
Derrick Rose - Місяць тому