Peter Dinklage Helped Jamie Dornan Prep For '50 Shades'

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Jeff Doughty
Jeff Doughty - Годину тому
He is amazing but this is all you fans should shut it down and up about GOT. He is a once in a lifetime but his attitude about GOT and fans ehhhh. Little bit ungrateful
Jeff Doughty
Jeff Doughty - Годину тому
Just watch other post GOT interviews it's true
dlee t
dlee t - 4 години тому
He is a true wit in half the body of the half-wit in the WH. (Individual 1 has 25% of Peter's IQ)
Arcana7609 - 21 годину тому
wow the accent...
CaptAssassin - День тому
I wanna party with this guy!!!
Morgan Rogue
Morgan Rogue - 3 дні тому
*This is going to be therapeutic now, isn't?*
Me every time my friend starts talking to me about a problem and vise versa.
PersephoneRising333 - 3 дні тому
He is very mindful and self aware... thoughtful answers make for a good interview... he's a great talent in the acting world... love and light 💕🌈
Sun E
Sun E - 4 дні тому
Loved him since The Station Agent.
sutsaba sangtam
sutsaba sangtam - 5 днів тому
Lol... Did any one notice from 2.03 sec Stephen was listening from his right ear about the show Peter was talking about or it's just me?
Backpacker One64
Backpacker One64 - 7 днів тому
00:40 Did you catch it? Stephen Colbert: _"It's a LITTLE Adult for me"_ -- wtf?
specialpatrolgroup92 - 9 днів тому
They didn't own a TV?
Joey: What's all your furniture pointed at?
Lindsey Clair
Lindsey Clair - 12 днів тому
“Lets get our nerd on”
Paul Mutzel
Paul Mutzel - 12 днів тому
I like Tyrion and Peter Dinklage as the cast was great. But for me as someone who watched first the 1st season and then started with the books: I cannot watch the 2nd season because it is just so different from the books that it kinda frustrates me and I rarely have this feeling. What is worst is that they don't even bother having a book as the base anymore in the last season(s) because the book is not even written yet
Hey Vsauce, Michael here
Hey Vsauce, Michael here - 13 днів тому
hes small
Jane Doe
Jane Doe - 13 днів тому
A great actor👑. Stephen better than Sistine Chape really🤔
xtph - 14 днів тому
"It's a perfect adaptation of the books" that's how you know, he's only seen the first season of the show.
Anjushree Verma
Anjushree Verma - 14 днів тому
I love the fact that Jamie was there at GoT's wrap party and now I really wanna see the pictures
q perry
q perry - 15 днів тому
This is going to be therapeutic🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lea Nights
Lea Nights - 15 днів тому
I would fuck that man for free until I'm old and he don't want me no more...... Actually I'm already two degrees of separation from him... I've shagged at lest once lass from each season. Except the last season. But I've got a friend on the last.
Spoiler alert/ maybe just a tease: The last battle is gonna make the battle of the bastards look weak as phuck!!
corega111 - 16 днів тому
Peter Dinklage is hands down one of my all time favorite actors. he always "nails" the role.
Justin Booker
Justin Booker - 16 днів тому
Think I just found another impression for Greg Davies...
zware88 - 17 днів тому
I am usually in favour if books, however I take Dinklage’s performance over literary Tyrion.
tommo91 - 18 днів тому
unfortunately Stephen hasn't watched the latest season. Too bad it sucked so hard.
Patrick Todd
Patrick Todd - 21 день тому
I'm really hoping Etri comes back in Avengers 4. His character left a great impression.
Arihant Jain
Arihant Jain - 22 дні тому
He sounds like RDJ!!
Jennifer Mansfield
Jennifer Mansfield - 23 дні тому
I'm a fan of both....wonder what that makes me?
R zeko
R zeko - 23 дні тому
God he's hot
Juan Diego Herrera Quiros
Juan Diego Herrera Quiros - 23 дні тому
It Is so hard to be PC in these situations you can see them struggling.
Elizabeth Peters
Elizabeth Peters - 23 дні тому
He is indeed very handsome and has a fabulous voice.
Oi, Pessoas do mundo.
Oi, Pessoas do mundo. - 24 дні тому
"...50 shades fans, have issues" - first time in my life applaude someone i'm seeing on video.
Noemi Santiago
Noemi Santiago - 24 дні тому
My giant of Lannister is amazing! I love this man ^_^ I love the full cast of GOT
marc07112 - 25 днів тому
Is he the only American in game of thrones?
sccello - 25 днів тому
I'm glad they finally found some common ground there at the end, there were a few awkward moments earlier on.
pestbarn - 25 днів тому
Peter Dinklage is 6 inches taller than Hervé Villechaize was. Who knew.
Silver Bat
Silver Bat - 26 днів тому
I just had a nerdgasm over these two... 🤭
Mezan Ahmed523
Mezan Ahmed523 - 27 днів тому
He is an amazing performer
Débora Borges
Débora Borges - 27 днів тому
Peter is such a babe.
El Dani
El Dani - 28 днів тому
He is the smaller version of Tom Selleck however with the same amount of charisma
CoderShare - 28 днів тому
I bet he has a lot of sex.
Estela Escalante
Estela Escalante - 29 днів тому
Late night cable...😊😊😆😆😆 I remember cinemax when I was 13 😕😕😕😕😕
Patrick - Місяць тому
This man is very short.
Alexandru Guzzonato
Alexandru Guzzonato - Місяць тому
When you were growing up?
97flowerchild - Місяць тому
He is a godsend. None of us are worthy! Btw I NEED a podcast of Stephen just talking about the Tolkien verse for three hours.
timie charles
timie charles - Місяць тому
This was amazing. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
saltyninja - Місяць тому
lol peter is always mildly pissed off during interviews.
Jayne Bassett
Jayne Bassett - Місяць тому
He is sexy
Zhadyra Kayratkyzy
Zhadyra Kayratkyzy - Місяць тому
acester86 - Місяць тому
i wanna see your conversation about LoTR :(
betochon - Місяць тому
Did you watch that show when you were "growing" up? How did he miss that?
chantel Bautista
chantel Bautista - Місяць тому
I'll check it
wildrose39 - Місяць тому
I love Peter Dinklage so much, total legend 💖
Neal Rainer Chio
Neal Rainer Chio - Місяць тому
Look at him talk like hes defusing a spoiler bomb 😂 id feel the same way too
Jennifer Mansfield
Jennifer Mansfield - Місяць тому
This GOT fan is also a 50 Shades fan!
Jennifer Mansfield
Jennifer Mansfield - Місяць тому
Wonder if his parents got a t.v when he became an actor?
Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald - Місяць тому
I really like him . He's become one of my favorite actors over the years. Even outside of tv and movies you get that he's a real guy like us working 24/7 not feeling fulfilled in life he lived it left it and triumphed elsewhere but all with hard work and effort
Anne - Місяць тому
Peter is an absolute gem and a half! Love him!
Ian Crossland
Ian Crossland - Місяць тому
Would be great to see Peter Dinklage on Rogan. Nice job Steve!
Kadosh Kid
Kadosh Kid - Місяць тому
Am I the only one that heard Colbert say "it's a little adult for me"....... Perfect comment to make while Peter Dinklage is
j.w xx
j.w xx - Місяць тому
how did this only get 1 million views and "jon snow" got ten... people are stupid
Maria Valdes
Maria Valdes - Місяць тому
Un hombre pequeño pero un gigante actor 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
K Lu
K Lu - Місяць тому
Is it just me or did they intentionally cut out the walk-in portion for this interview?
Amber Blandford
Amber Blandford - Місяць тому
I LOVE Dinky!
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch - Місяць тому
It's a little adult for me says Colbert.
What a doofus.
Colbert is an awkward interviewer at the best of times but was and still is brilliant at political parody.
super gerd
super gerd - Місяць тому
He's part of Game of Thrones, he's part of X-Meb franchise and now Avengers
Naerwyn - Місяць тому
May I join in the hour-long discussion around LOTR, please?
Cristian Jones
Cristian Jones - Місяць тому
Why is so sexy?!? Like stop!
ascending deity
ascending deity - Місяць тому
Is it bad that I just think he is so..........

But also seems like he would be an angry drunk
Jay Ess
Jay Ess - Місяць тому
Wonder if his Grandmother's television was ACTUALLY big or..........
Denise Tuyi
Denise Tuyi - Місяць тому
What! I just can't! His accents are everything!
shreyash shreekant
shreyash shreekant - Місяць тому
Peter dinklage should be the next batman
LicelizCueto - Місяць тому
Why is he so SEXY?
Rolando Roblero
Rolando Roblero - Місяць тому
Ha! Better than the Sistine Chapel! So casually said. Thanks Peter. Colbert is on a tiny high horse from having his surname in 24 hour lights on the building.
Diego Meneses
Diego Meneses - Місяць тому
if this doesn't get him an Oscar nomination, I mean... the academy can shut it's doors
Nicole Simpson
Nicole Simpson - Місяць тому
I’m surprised at how awkward Peter made this interview...very dry but almost bordering on uncomfortable!
Lawrence Collins
Lawrence Collins - Місяць тому
Great job on Villechaize's voice.
yumna amjad
yumna amjad - Місяць тому
he is a legend
Skull - Місяць тому
I would love to hear the two of them discuss the Lord of the Rings for an hour.
Jeannie Rodgers
Jeannie Rodgers - Місяць тому
brilliant 👍
Brown Eyes
Brown Eyes - Місяць тому
I watched "Dinner with Herve" last night. He gave an incredible performance, no surprise there. I highly recommend it. Hope he has something else out soon. Anxiously waiting for last season of GOT!
Elke Ve
Elke Ve - Місяць тому
anonymer Unbekannter
anonymer Unbekannter - Місяць тому
He talks about GoT *everyone escalating*
He talks about the other show
*a bit clapping*
smileynatalie - Місяць тому
But I love it when Stephen talks about LOTR!!
Laughter Talks
Laughter Talks - Місяць тому
He's a sexy man. Love his voice too.
Ugo Boss
Ugo Boss - Місяць тому
Very funny confident man! And a good interviewer = fun!
Surigen 12
Surigen 12 - Місяць тому
You like Dinklage? Watch him sing and dance the "space pants" song in the SNL skit and you'll love him for eternity
Gregory Michaels
Gregory Michaels - Місяць тому
Peter Dinklage is every bit the actor that Robert Downey Jr of the best of our generation. Huge fan!
Dagmar Sigrid Manon de Nijs - Blake
Dagmar Sigrid Manon de Nijs - Blake - Місяць тому
Love Peter in every piece he does. He is handsome and intelligent!
Gabriela Fermin
Gabriela Fermin - Місяць тому
Man! Every time I watch Peter Dinklage I become more and more of a fan. He's so awesome 😊
Yoder023 - Місяць тому
Just with his voice alone, the world has so many possibilities for him.
Darious .D
Darious .D - Місяць тому
Peter, I wanna suck your ehm
SiminaDar - Місяць тому
I think more kinky folks are into GoT than are into 50 Shades. Just saying... >.>
김태형 - Місяць тому
I love Peter more for standing up for the GOT fandom👏❤
Fahad Zafar
Fahad Zafar - Місяць тому
that was a short interview !
Tom Smith
Tom Smith - Місяць тому
I haven't watched his show except in bits and pieces. They gave him one of the best characters so far as I can tell and he is certainly up for the game. He seems like he may be a little high or had a quick drink before he came on for the interview tonight...haha.
ArishaSmile - Місяць тому
Am I the only one who laughed/cringed when Stephen said at 0:40 "It's a little adult for me"?
Pam Timmins
Pam Timmins - Місяць тому
Peter Dinklage is a good looking guy and so funny. I didn't realize Herve killed himself RIP so tragic, I also watched Fantasy Island good show
Shenee Sopp
Shenee Sopp - Місяць тому
He is delicious
Rondell Threadgate
Rondell Threadgate - Місяць тому
Powerful actor, first time I have seen him apart from his award /s.
Christopher Rubio
Christopher Rubio - Місяць тому
LMFAO hes so freakin funny and awesome!
Judy Myers
Judy Myers - Місяць тому
Hey I am a big fan of both I take issue yes they are very very different but the fans of 50 don't have issues lol
Dan Silent Playthroughs
Dan Silent Playthroughs - Місяць тому
Wait... he isn't british? Why did I always think he was british? oO