Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens - "I Love It" (Official Music Video)

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Ploppypoo - 2 години тому
Look what god has created
Chris Hemenway
Chris Hemenway - 2 години тому
Garrett Czosnowski
Garrett Czosnowski - 2 години тому
The censored version sounds like R2D2.
Mistermoster 12
Mistermoster 12 - 2 години тому
0:20 how you look when one of your friends does some nasty shit
stackx - 2 години тому
This new song by Kanye West and Little Pump is much more than a song about love and intercourse. In fact, it is a direct reference to the hit Swedish computer game: "Minecraft". Let us work through the lyrics and you will see what I mean as we go on. The song begins with an intro from Adele Givens, where even her name "Givens" might be in reference to the "/give" command in Minecraft where cheats are enabled. The first line, "'Cause you know in the old days" clearly refers to the alpha version of Minecraft, in two thousand nine, followed by, "They couldn't say the shit they wanted to say." This is likely in reference to how the game did not have text chat in Minecrafts alpha version, and nowadays Minecraft users can login and use text chats freely through the variety of servers, alpha Minecraft did not even have multiplayer.Little Pump goes on to repeat this line and then says "I'ma fuck a bitch, tell her cousin." which is a strange line because if Little Pump's hoe is a Minecraft hoe then the cousin of the Minecraft hoe would presumably be the Minecraft item the Minecraft axe which is used to chop down trees in Minecraft. It is unknown why Little Pump has a sexual attraction to the Minecraft axe and again what ore it was created with, but we are not here to kink-shame Little Pump. He then goes on to say "Your boyfriend is a dork, McLovin (Dork, Mclovin; ooh, ooh, ooh)" The "ooh, ooh, ooh" at the end there sounding similar to "oof" from the hit game "Roblox", a top Minecraft competitor, interesting that Little Pump would bring up such a touchy subject in this light-hearted twenty-eighteen bop. I wonder what he's really trying to get out here. Little Pump then begins the powerful verse, "I just pulled up in a Ghost (Ghost), Fucked that bitch up out in London (up out in)."The first line is clearly referencing the new Minecraft phantom that was added in the newest update. It's good that Little Pump is staying fresh with the new updates and keeping up with the game, the line "Fucked that bitch up out in London." Is again referencing his sexual desire for the Minecraft axe but also implies that Little Pump has the building skills and capabilities to build the entire city of London in Minecraft, that is very impressive! He then goes on to talk about having intercourse with his Minecraft axe again before referencing that his "n***as gettin' ignorant" which could perhaps be referencing his Minecraft homies on his landserver who do not know the crafting recipes as well as he does.
He then says, "Take a lighter, bitch, we ignant (ignant, yeah)" Which is an obvious reference to the Minecraft torch, it's good that little pump lights up his caves, otherwise mobs could spawn and that would be bad especially for his Minecraft homies, he goes on to say, "All this water on my neck."perhaps referencing a time he started drowning in Minecraft which is a feature where the bubbles on your HUD runs out, causing you to take damage at an interval. And then he says, "Look like I fell when I went fishing (fell)" which clarifies the previous statement, little pump was fishing in Minecraft perhaps for a pufferfish? Or a salmon? Then he must have accidentally pressed the "W" key on his keyboard and fell into the water where he then began to drown, sad Minecraft hours. The next line is not very creative at all, as little pump goes to say, "So much diamonds on my bust down. Ooh, fuck, what's the time? Where we at?" I guess little pump thinks it's cool to brag about how many diamonds he's mined today but kind of counters that with idiocracy by mentioning how he forgot his Redstone clock in his chest upstairs seeing how he can't find the time he goes on to later mention "ooh, fuck, she takes lines (lines)" which probably refers to his Minecraft girlfriend and how she likes to strip-mine at low levels.The chorus is then repeated and Kanye west, his rival, comes into rebuttal, this is where it gets interesting although little pump was clearly talking about Minecraft, Kanye west seems to come in here talking about his love for the competitor Roblox.He first mocks little pump's line saying, "You're such a fucking hoe" and then says, "When the first time they ask you if you want sparklin' or still? Why you try to act like you was drinkin' sparklin' 'fore you came out here? You're such a fucking h-." And then he stops referring to how in Roblox you can do much more than Minecraft even creating sparkling water for instance, unlike Minecraft's inferior normal water, he then mocks the line again cutting off "hoe" as direct insult to little pumps Minecraft adoration Kanye west then disgustingly repeats the line, "I'm a sick fuck, I like a quick fuck (Whoop!)" four times, maybe perhaps bragging about all the Roblox sex he has, Kanye West, then goes on to flex all his robux cash saying that he can buy that he can buy his Roblox girlfriend a "sick truck" and then says "I'll buy you some new tits, I'll get you that nip-tuck."Kanye's clearly only interested in spending his robux and the darker sides of Roblox role-play rather than the fun mini-games that people love to play, however Kanye has a shocking turnaround perhaps realizing his wrongful ways, it's powerful, he says, "I'm a sick fuck, I'm inappropriate. I like hearing stories, I like that hoe shit, I wanna hear more shit, I like that hoe shit. Send me some more shit you trifilin' hoe bitch (bitch, bitch, bitch)." Kanye West realizes that Roblox intercourse is not the true path and that perhaps Little Pump's love for the Minecraft hoe is indeed something he should also strive for, he begs for Little Pump to talk about Minecraft some more, even getting frustrated at himself, perhaps by how right Little Pump is for enjoying Minecraft more than Roblox. Little Pump's chorus is then proudly repeated and Adele /Givens repeats her intro as the outro. It surely is a powerful song, I am glad Kanye West, and Little Pump could come together at the end and enjoy Minecraft together. It is beautiful.
JoVid. is
JoVid. is - 2 години тому
Лайк если русский
Black Slayer
Black Slayer - 2 години тому
i guess god had to sleep for a bit
K.Punch - 2 години тому
Ay Lil pump joined roblox.
Polegche - 2 години тому
Jakez hk
Jakez hk - 2 години тому
Ебать ему только 18
Deivis Ortegayt
Deivis Ortegayt - 2 години тому
MrMine - 2 години тому
&& e
&& e - 2 години тому
I love the part when they dancin like idiots with roblox shit
Mix 4 You
Mix 4 You - 2 години тому
I think Roblox gets angry when they see the video... :)
Didar 123
Didar 123 - 2 години тому
geteriking4 - 2 години тому
They proppably ate like 5000 donuts in one day
jhon cena356
jhon cena356 - 2 години тому
The best dlc of roblox
Rarities Gaming
Rarities Gaming - 2 години тому
there is no god.
ISAACNEWTON 14 - 2 години тому
spongelobob - 2 години тому
Aj low it
Stex - 2 години тому
I would go into school with this outfit who Kanye and Lil wear.
DOT COM - 2 години тому
Kanye wearing the same sandals he wore to that wedding
L.A.- CrazyD&Phoenixxx
L.A.- CrazyD&Phoenixxx - 2 години тому
я русский.
Suzy Gutierrez
Suzy Gutierrez - 2 години тому
What does his chain say?
RengarBeats - 2 години тому
Sydney Kalbach
Sydney Kalbach - 2 години тому
Sucks that they have to use auto tune, it might not be half bad if they could actually hit the notes
Maxim Leader Clan C.F
Maxim Leader Clan C.F - 2 години тому
streched resoulution
iTz Adzii
iTz Adzii - 2 години тому
They both look like they don't want to be there lmao.
Njzeo - 2 години тому
Anyone hear the hilarious radio edit of this song 🤣
Gaurab Neupane
Gaurab Neupane - 2 години тому
i hate these motherfuckers but this shit is catchy
Unai Huarriz
Unai Huarriz - 2 години тому
Like si juegas a fornite desde la season 1 o 2 :v
Dodo Novotný
Dodo Novotný - 2 години тому
Minecraft ???
BOOM Headshot
BOOM Headshot - 2 години тому
Alena Lu
Alena Lu - 2 години тому
BOOM Headshot
BOOM Headshot - 2 години тому
Sub pleas
Zakiyah Melvin
Zakiyah Melvin - 2 години тому
wow cool Roblox game now ill just have to

search it on RoBloX
Dsk 1905
Dsk 1905 - 2 години тому
Worst songe
Manè Meloian
Manè Meloian - 2 години тому
0:20 kills me everytime 😂
Shaked Yizhak
Shaked Yizhak - 2 години тому
I hope Eminem didnt hear that shit
cody pintar
cody pintar - 2 години тому
Kanye's verse is the only good part.
MrWasGeht SieDasAn
MrWasGeht SieDasAn - 2 години тому
Im not a Kanye and LilPump fan and Pumps Part is also not my fav but Kanyes Part is sickk
Kelsey Clough
Kelsey Clough - 2 години тому
I dont get this video...
простые люди
простые люди - 2 години тому
Когда спиздил из магаза телевизор
Nancy Fontaine
Nancy Fontaine - 2 години тому
This sucks for real.
LoL gAmeR
LoL gAmeR - 2 години тому
Roblox bitch
freddy guzman
freddy guzman - 2 години тому
LOL jajaja
alabama niger
alabama niger - 2 години тому
smash that roblox pussy
70rn - 2 години тому
Step 1. set to .25 speed
Step 2. go to @1:54
Step 3. Feel the inexorable grip of the Dark Prince of Hell seize your soul...
Enoel Confente
Enoel Confente - 2 години тому
This is SHIT, the worst shit I've ever listened and watched to
MrChillnwork - 2 години тому
I'm a sick fuck
I like to quick fuck
I like when Lil pump
Lick my fuckin butt
I like when Kanye lick my dirty socks
And when Kim Kardash lick my big cock
Fahad Ali
Fahad Ali - 2 години тому
Really I love it
April Harmony
April Harmony - 2 години тому
Ewwww ....please
Андрей Голубкин
Андрей Голубкин - 2 години тому
Если русские топ, то ставь лайк!!
Чтоб Американцы не умничали, блин!!
Йусейра And
Йусейра And - 2 години тому
Minecraft in 2077
Litty Joanna
Litty Joanna - 2 години тому
Am i the only one that actually enjoys this song?😂
Димон - 2 години тому
Люблю как ты ведешь себя, шалава
Kenzie Pilcher
Kenzie Pilcher - 2 години тому
Ghost - 2 години тому
This song is fucking retarded.
Devon Butler
Devon Butler - 2 години тому
Why do they look like kids that want to be robots
youf 11
youf 11 - 2 години тому
وربي الاغنييه جاامده صحح♥️♥️🔥
AYl Noobs_M3n
AYl Noobs_M3n - 2 години тому
Kieran Potter
Kieran Potter - 2 години тому
Lil pumps.dead
Chill Beatz
Chill Beatz - 2 години тому
Roblox music video
Mr. Laiver
Mr. Laiver - 2 години тому
Когда переиграл в роблокс
Brian Buongiovanni
Brian Buongiovanni - 2 години тому
kanye gives no fucks
Finess Shøtz
Finess Shøtz - 2 години тому
This song is ass but he made mad more from it
dragomecanovic - 2 години тому
RadEye 8432
RadEye 8432 - 2 години тому
**WoW these Minecraft 1.13 Grapichs are Amazing** :O
lion is my main 144
lion is my main 144 - 2 години тому
Top 10 biggest anime characters
Sebastián VITAGLIANO VITAGLIANO - 2 години тому
It doesn’t make sence
andrew powers
andrew powers - 2 години тому
Terence Tazelaar
Terence Tazelaar - 2 години тому
Pedro Borges
Pedro Borges - 2 години тому
TheRead Ford
TheRead Ford - 2 години тому
laurynskye - 2 години тому
Meme material
Dyarx - 2 години тому
*Minecraft Hentai Incoming*
Tsenov BG
Tsenov BG - 2 години тому
Mokus - 2 години тому
Taraz Football
Taraz Football - 2 години тому
кто от киркорова?
Mohamed Mudiev
Mohamed Mudiev - 2 години тому
Killshot : 11 days - 111M👁
I love it : 18 days - 164M👁
LauchTV - 2 години тому
this new Roblox update is awesome
Shania Jolil-Mercedez
Shania Jolil-Mercedez - 2 години тому
seokjin?? that u????
TheFulvio1 - 2 години тому
Kanye's verse is fire
stinahoog543 - 2 години тому
Wtf is this
Nabeel S
Nabeel S - 2 години тому
Meme Big Boy
Meme Big Boy - 2 години тому
Victor Sousa
Victor Sousa - 2 години тому
love lil pump brasileiro
Eckoman18 - 2 години тому
Luis CDK
Luis CDK - 2 години тому
I love and Roblox😂
It’s ya girl Skinny penis
It’s ya girl Skinny penis - 2 години тому
Kanye’s facial expressions make up for literally everything
Mr_Naroda Game
Mr_Naroda Game - 2 години тому
У фывфыва спиздил лил....
Govinda Solanki Vlogs
Govinda Solanki Vlogs - 2 години тому
I'm still waiting for Grandy's comment to hit 1 million likes.
Nielson - 2 години тому
MICHAEL MYERS - 2 години тому
LilSour - 2 години тому
My neighbors liked this so much they invited the police over👏👏
Reedolf Kekler
Reedolf Kekler - 2 години тому
Its so fucking bad wtf
Lasse Sievinen
Lasse Sievinen - 2 години тому
0:23 that adlib🔥
ALexanra30 - 2 години тому
чееееего блять?
Vincent Ladida
Vincent Ladida - 2 години тому
D4rk Players
D4rk Players - 2 години тому
Só eu de BR?
George Metskhovrishvili
George Metskhovrishvili - 2 години тому
tqveni deda sheveci
Лайв Канал Блэйза
Лайв Канал Блэйза - 2 години тому
Тоже ищешь русских в коментах?
Karl David
Karl David - 2 години тому
просто хороший коментарий что памп дебил