Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

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alexis mattox
alexis mattox - Годину тому
West King
West King - Годину тому
just here for joyner..
Renay Sandoval
Renay Sandoval - Годину тому
Can we take a minute for real rap. Amen...
Boris Krustev
Boris Krustev - Годину тому
Joyner in this video reminds me of Will Smith from the movie ''I Am Legend'' :D
Anny Westlund - Elev Rödebyskolan 8A
Anny Westlund - Elev Rödebyskolan 8A - Годину тому
I was just waiting for the dab omg
Ayong Se7en
Ayong Se7en - Годину тому
Em is the modern Shakespeare
Firdaus - Годину тому
Tbh i wish this song is just joyner lucas
HIareUmad - Годину тому
this shit is nice
Pato Pato
Pato Pato - Годину тому
вступление Эма божественное!!!
Нурбек Хамидуллаев
Нурбек Хамидуллаев - Годину тому
Just relax when listening
queen_pineapple - Годину тому
Shave your beard you look like a weirdo 😂
Нурбек Хамидуллаев
Нурбек Хамидуллаев - Годину тому
It was very cool man
onefugi - 2 години тому
MGK needs to come listen to this to know what rap is
Ryan Wilhelm
Ryan Wilhelm - 2 години тому
Very cool! Loved it!
Greg og
Greg og - 2 години тому
WOOOOO EM fuck it
Sexy Weenis
Sexy Weenis - 2 години тому
I liked revival
Devina. - 2 години тому
this man. 😍
Sammie Wilson
Sammie Wilson - 2 години тому
And the venom movie is about to be lit as fuck thanks to the 🐐
Yusuf Baktiar
Yusuf Baktiar - 2 години тому
Race against mumble
Sammie Wilson
Sammie Wilson - 2 години тому
Yo I've been waiting for this collab for like 5 years !!!!!
Keep making music with Joyner em ! This is 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Jon Benjoe
Jon Benjoe - 2 години тому
Y'all gotta move give me the juice,
Jon Benjoe
Jon Benjoe - 2 години тому
Long live the king of real lyrical rap genius eminem
Hose Torres
Hose Torres - 2 години тому
Best rap duo
HonestArtts Ent. LLC
HonestArtts Ent. LLC - 2 години тому
Em blacked out!!!
Tandin Dorji
Tandin Dorji - 2 години тому
R.I.P mumble rappers.......King is back M&M
comeoverlater - 2 години тому
that skit got me rollin
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny - 2 години тому
1 billion here we go!!!
YBN Cordae
YBN Cordae - 2 години тому
1.25x speed oooooooooffffttt 👌🏼
Dusán Balog
Dusán Balog - 2 години тому
Futuj oooo!!!!! srtásnuj :D :D :D
Chouchou72 Hani40
Chouchou72 Hani40 - 3 години тому
The internet need you joyner and Em please tell me they are duo
Alif Ali
Alif Ali - 3 години тому
1:01 me at my Birthday 😊
KevinPlayz1234 Minecraft and more
KevinPlayz1234 Minecraft and more - 3 години тому
Wtf lmao
Pangeranbiru - 3 години тому
2:06 2xspeed am crazyyy
pop corn
pop corn - 3 години тому
Joyner as a flow amazing
Kaw Rider
Kaw Rider - 3 години тому
skinny jeans and work boots though? smh
Samantha M
Samantha M - 3 години тому
The speed!!! It's so clean!! Way to go, guys. Wow..
svoya deva
svoya deva - 3 години тому
FuSn Balor
FuSn Balor - 3 години тому
This video was 🔥. Joyner has a great future and Em is the goat don’t care what anyone says
Infinity 101
Infinity 101 - 3 години тому
I wish there was more music like this 😭
Juicy Gaming
Juicy Gaming - 3 години тому
Whats in his bag
sun wukong
sun wukong - 3 години тому
Vani Jay
Vani Jay - 3 години тому
*This shit is straight fire!!*
Dionna Brooks
Dionna Brooks - 3 години тому
Man do I love Eminem and Joyner Lucas 🤤❤️❤️😂😂
Sean P
Sean P - 3 години тому
The lyrical resurrection happens now....solid
jaichy13 - 3 години тому
Best Musicvideo i've ever seen :D
edit: ok I have to revise my statement after i saw the video from "Jost Lose it" again, this Video is the Best, "Lucky You" the secound :D
Robert Thome
Robert Thome - 3 години тому
I dont like this. They have a message and I could understand what they are saying. They also use the beat to their complete lyrical advantage. Save some for the untalented. Wack! #killthebraincells
Aul kompa
Aul kompa - 4 години тому
Are you diss MGK #WTF😲😲
higanbana彼岸花 - 3 години тому
I think he is dissing mumble rapers And how mumble rappers talk about nothing in their songs. And untalented. Which is true.
Blake Roy
Blake Roy - 4 години тому
PubG anyone?
David Russell
David Russell - 4 години тому
Just in Awww
Jaime - 4 години тому
I haven't seen anyone comment about how no one notice there ain't no chorus lol a shot to mumble rappers that only sing the chorus cause it repeat the same four wors
Andy Zhang
Andy Zhang - 4 години тому
The hooded people dance pretty white.
trvlly - 4 години тому
Who woke the giant?
X0Playas12 Z
X0Playas12 Z - 4 години тому
Idk which is faster his rap god song or this one
higanbana彼岸花 - 3 години тому
This one is faster
Subscribe Me For No Reason
Subscribe Me For No Reason - 4 години тому
Em's and Joyner Lucas rap speed is faster than my Wi-fi :(
Hugo Garza
Hugo Garza - 4 години тому
This is fucking blazing..mumble ain't got shit on em...mgk dead..
All Mumble rapper's are d.o.a
vNxSTYY -ONER - 4 години тому

higanbana彼岸花 - 3 години тому
They are both the same person . 😂 They are both good
Yesusi Febriani
Yesusi Febriani - 4 години тому
to mas
to mas - 4 години тому
Respect from Germany 🇩🇪 good music for car 😎
iamcrushnc - 4 години тому
This is dope af....

Kellz still killed em with rap devil though
higanbana彼岸花 - 3 години тому
He didn't kill Eminem How did he ? Have you listened to his new ep trash ? First mgk didn't write rap devil and all what he talked about was em beard. Age . Height. Em is rich. We all know these things about Eminem. You can find it on Wikipedia.
A dry noodle
A dry noodle - 4 години тому
"You got a couple of ghostwriters but to these kids they don't actually matter". These line is not meant to be for Drake as EM clarified in the interview! Then who is it referring to? ,🤔
higanbana彼岸花 - 3 години тому
The new mumble rapers. You can tell because he mentioned them in the song .
Dakotah Remington
Dakotah Remington - 4 години тому
Check out Crazy Mista D for some Real Dope Shit
ALI fldz
ALI fldz - 4 години тому
5:43 illuminati triangle
Suplex Satish
Suplex Satish - 4 години тому
I think this video deserves more views than killshot
Beansiie Bree
Beansiie Bree - 4 години тому
eminem did not just dab
Divyanshu Dhilor
Divyanshu Dhilor - 4 години тому
He said the truth in 2:51
Y Marina
Y Marina - 4 години тому
This shits is trash, and his jeans are tighter than yoga pants.
skbuoy - 4 години тому
What’s the hate against mumbler? That is their style. They go hella slow, Eminem goes hella fast. Different style.
Funny Mr
Funny Mr - 4 години тому
rap is stories telling with bar flow, no slow or fast,mumbler no stick and sub only add ryhme word no mean
J.R Thibodeaux
J.R Thibodeaux - 4 години тому
I love this shit!!+
Giovanni Roman
Giovanni Roman - 4 години тому
TWN_JAROD FATA - 4 години тому
Their movements sound like PUBG movements
Dxchef Crew
Dxchef Crew - 4 години тому
Let’s see how relevant MGK is after 20 yrs. long live the king #eminem
Slim - 4 години тому
BR *
sujal sajwan
sujal sajwan - 4 години тому
I show this to a candy 🍬

Now he's Eminem😂
sujal sajwan
sujal sajwan - 4 години тому
I show this to a candy 🍬

Now he's Eminem😂
Willie WMS
Willie WMS - 4 години тому
Oh ya'll thought ya'll was done with this collab. Fuck no, give the people MOOORE! I wanna see a group form outta this shit!, ok, wishful least one more song. PLEEEEEASE!
Olga Figueroa
Olga Figueroa - 4 години тому
I get a XXXtentacion vibe from this video.
Hermes Gaming
Hermes Gaming - 4 години тому
Should make a Stepping Stone video... just for the feels
Olga Figueroa
Olga Figueroa - 4 години тому
Thank you for giving Joyner Lucas his recognition...and for having him on this amazing song!
Janaiah Kinsey
Janaiah Kinsey - 4 години тому
🤣🤣🤣😂😂 why eminem
FNNIF - 4 години тому
The new rap god...
Daina Burk
Daina Burk - 4 години тому
Loved em. Hated em. Liked em. Love em NOW
Bo Kuiper
Bo Kuiper - 4 години тому
Does anyone know the brand of the jacket Em is wearing?
JuanjoKZ :v
JuanjoKZ :v - 5 годин тому
That level⬆
steve i
steve i - 5 годин тому
oml em is back. kill emmm 🔥
Super Gamer
Super Gamer - 5 годин тому
Em I'm sorry about what I said about your daughter and your doing good but I have been hearing your songs since I was born so I know you can do better there is no hate Just love bro your shit is lit though you should upload more
LastDay Here
LastDay Here - 5 годин тому
I showed this to Minecraft Steve

He’s Steven now
Rick Flare
Rick Flare - 5 годин тому
Dybalen Touthang
Dybalen Touthang - 5 годин тому
Am i the only?one who think joyer n eminem look like a pubg player!!?
Jafar Ali
Jafar Ali - 5 годин тому
*Rap Wars: Return of the Lyricists*
Othar Gocrazy
Othar Gocrazy - 5 годин тому
Emad Shahbin
Emad Shahbin - 5 годин тому
Lol eminem with jeans 😂😂😂
I Love Hip Hop
I Love Hip Hop - 5 годин тому
If you miss old school Eminem, Youtube Danny Florio - Dear Marcus. He disses Hopsin for being an Eminem wannabe and kills it.
Art of Warrior
Art of Warrior - 5 годин тому
hopsin fell off
Brandon Foster
Brandon Foster - 5 годин тому
A collab I thought I’d never hear, thank you EM
fransisco gomez
fransisco gomez - 5 годин тому
Finally the album i been waiting for !!!! And im speaking the album i been waitkng for in General, i been waiting for a REAL Rapper to shit on these new trash rappers that all copy the same trash style music,
And who better then the one and ONLY Slim Shaddy (mic drops)
spionage1 - 5 годин тому
Rap devil and Killshot overshadowed this track unfortunately. This video should easily have 100 million views! Let’s get it there!
D Rose
D Rose - 5 годин тому
I want to crank this ALL THE WAY UP but it's still not loud enough!!!!
fransisco gomez
fransisco gomez - 5 годин тому
Keon McIntosh
Keon McIntosh - 5 годин тому
best rap video of the year
Death Cold Beer
Death Cold Beer - 5 годин тому
He warned you retards to leave him alone. Look what you did.
Ailatat Syam
Ailatat Syam - 5 годин тому
culture Eminem
Jona Ruiz
Jona Ruiz - 5 годин тому