Migos Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex

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jeanette earley
jeanette earley - 14 годин тому
Get a gold show
Franklin collier
Franklin collier - 16 годин тому
The people outside stoking them
theplourde - День тому
You know you’re doing something with Migos and that’s how you dress?
Damn, Joes style is W A C K
Hart Nengi morris Nezkid .hartty
Hart Nengi morris Nezkid .hartty - День тому
crazy Migos Lol turn up poping love up the singer
nene8369 - День тому
Raw talented kid https://youtu.be/bTSORDAEXtA
Jo Ou
Jo Ou - День тому
Back in when boost was hype as fuck lol
shay gordon
shay gordon - День тому
Man when you gone get sobxrbe
BlackBeanerZey - День тому
what shoes were the one Quavo picked out? the red and greys
Pronsatit Tummee
Pronsatit Tummee - 2 дні тому
love them
Ramsey Strong
Ramsey Strong - 2 дні тому
Cuz we trendsetters of course
Iam Savvy
Iam Savvy - 2 дні тому
Y’all peep take off 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂this nigga look scared
Christina Boyd
Christina Boyd - 2 дні тому
Dimitrios Kanlis
Dimitrios Kanlis - 2 дні тому
These are the types of guys you look forward for their presentation to see how disastrous it's gon be.
T.Gentle Y&M
T.Gentle Y&M - 3 дні тому
Subscribe to my channel I’m trying to get 200 subscribers for my birthday (it’s in 2 days) I’m at 113 so plz help
Jack Hochstetler
Jack Hochstetler - 3 дні тому
Entrepreneur working on a start-up and looking for some sneakerheads to answer a few quick questions over text (market research). DM me on IG if interested (@GumbyHoch), it will only take a few mins and any input would help us out 💯
Raiaz Yaham
Raiaz Yaham - 3 дні тому
Criss cross apple sauce
Arabian Minotaur
Arabian Minotaur - 3 дні тому
Who couldn’t understand a single word they said
DamianTheGenjiMain - 3 дні тому
0:00 Music?
jeremy hunter
jeremy hunter - 4 дні тому
Takeoff is the most underrated one of the group
fan # 1jujujjujuj
fan # 1jujujjujuj - 4 дні тому
When quavo talk is like she is rapping
Ryanne Brown
Ryanne Brown - 5 днів тому
They more social than the other rappers this one was easier to watch than some others 😂
Gogle Wassay
Gogle Wassay - 5 днів тому
You looked so unconfortable lmaoo they aint gonna hurt you 😂😂
Michael Perry
Michael Perry - 6 днів тому
Fuck Quavo
mary smith
mary smith - 7 днів тому
I don't think they need more shoes and clothes stop them at a certain limit
Shimon Goldman
Shimon Goldman - 7 днів тому
Mayo Jr
Mayo Jr - 8 днів тому
Migos copy Drake
Matt's rolling stone baker
Matt's rolling stone baker - 8 днів тому
Dream drop
Wesley Lay
Wesley Lay - 8 днів тому
What does QC mean
C JEAN - 8 днів тому
was one em wearin' a dress?
Flexxx.Triple.X - 8 днів тому
Damn the Migos entourage.... #THEPULLUP..... is it really necessary to roll 1000Deep... 😂
Major Rektz
Major Rektz - 8 днів тому
*yA DiG*
imikesbs - 8 днів тому
They are so cute😂
HollisterMorgan - 9 днів тому
Bhad bhabie!!!
Emmanuel Washington
Emmanuel Washington - 10 днів тому
They are so cool
Davez Wavez
Davez Wavez - 10 днів тому
I love migos so much man ❤️
topthat11 - 10 днів тому
Them 16s as a bball shoe it ok but ugly as anything else
Fadi khalifa
Fadi khalifa - 10 днів тому
buy the flight club t - shirt here : https://www.etsy.com/listing/649757939/air-jordan-flight-club-short-sleeve-men?ref=shop_home_active_12
stabz.z _101
stabz.z _101 - 11 днів тому
Bruh leave takeoff 🛫 the fuck alone 🛑 he the drops the best bars and that’s a fact he keeps it 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏾
Spaceman J
Spaceman J - 12 днів тому
Imagine going to a Dinner with these guys😂😂 making them noises, mispronouncing the products, talking about random shii😂
OP Terrarian
OP Terrarian - 12 днів тому
Migos: Quavo, offset, takeoff
Compadres: Quano, Upset, take it off
Arianna Burgho
Arianna Burgho - 13 днів тому
Is it just me or does anyone feel weird when take off talks
CEO HOTBOii - 15 днів тому
Quavo had a nigga moment🤣🤣
Shaurya Goel
Shaurya Goel - 15 днів тому
u no wut im sain?
Albert E
Albert E - 17 днів тому
can you imagine if bill gates decided to flex like these guys?
Robert Romero
Robert Romero - 18 днів тому
Three supposed young rich niggas could top off the real Young Rich Nigga Neymar who balled out and spent 18000$. Really 3 against 1. What a shame for these so called ballers.
SLy DreamZz
SLy DreamZz - 18 днів тому
now its the yeezy part, you get to browse..
Amanda T
Amanda T - 18 днів тому
He should've said heeles
John Hughes
John Hughes - 19 днів тому
Takeoff the best rapper in the group yet the most boring dude ever
no one
no one - 20 днів тому
Quavo put some space jams in the bag but it not on the pricing
Lord Eddard Stark
Lord Eddard Stark - 20 днів тому
Not no.game
top fifa 18
top fifa 18 - 20 днів тому
Look my chanel please
Anedria Thomas
Anedria Thomas - 20 днів тому
Take off is the quiet one and when he do try to talk they over talk him. I actually like him tho!
candy5742 - 21 день тому
Ugly, Dirty nasty looking I'd rather fuck a dyke
Darren Green
Darren Green - 22 дні тому
I'll be happy when they lock these thugs away!! No talent thug maggots!
danil shklyar
danil shklyar - 22 дні тому
It's looks like white man lost in the hood and 3 black people want to kick him
bob gad
bob gad - 23 дні тому
sounds of a real dinosaur
Ayo Breezi
Ayo Breezi - 23 дні тому
Ughh I just love Takeoff FOINE ass.. He got wayy more juice than Lil Bill and the crocodile hunter...no shade on they raps..just not my cup of tea Lol
xX_SN1P3R_PR0_Xx - 23 дні тому
That into tho!
LILTHIRTY SIX - 24 дні тому
Rubber Baby buggy buggy bumpers
Rubber Baby buggy buggy bumpers - 24 дні тому
I saw nike air mags on the red shelf 4:43
Alma Dx
Alma Dx - 24 дні тому
Cris cross apple sause xD
ULTRA BlueDrawing
ULTRA BlueDrawing - 24 дні тому
Takeoff loves putting his hand on quavo, offset, and joe lapuma
Gavin Pereira
Gavin Pereira - 24 дні тому
"Migos goes"
golden boi gang
golden boi gang - 24 дні тому
We just gonna ignore the fact that takeoff tried to hold the Nike mega but offset pulled it back
Ratchet - 25 днів тому
Pls the song namee 8:22
Robert Angel
Robert Angel - 25 днів тому
Can't even understand these fuckin mumble rapper sound like they got a dick in their mouth
Mary O
Mary O - 13 днів тому
Then turn on the captions... It's really easy🙂
Mary Scott
Mary Scott - 25 днів тому
The one guy is so quiet
Danny Reynoso
Danny Reynoso - 26 днів тому
Fuck migos
Mary O
Mary O - 13 днів тому
Fuck you
Roberto Ramos Hernandez
Roberto Ramos Hernandez - 26 днів тому
Ama go buy and get culture to help this young brothers ball out on 500 dólares shoes 👟
Dalvan Da Silva
Dalvan Da Silva - 26 днів тому
Migos lixo
Ride  Or  Die Clash On
Ride Or Die Clash On - 27 днів тому
Did quavo just say miss match cabbage patch
nicole house
nicole house - 27 днів тому
Opus Eponymous
Opus Eponymous - 27 днів тому
what track was that during the intro?
Wilson Mathias
Wilson Mathias - 28 днів тому
Ignoring takeoff as usual @07:17
-Tacticz -
-Tacticz - - 28 днів тому
I was excepting a lot more shoes to be purchased
Raj Pimple
Raj Pimple - 28 днів тому
The entry tho...lit..😈
Grande Fumo
Grande Fumo - 28 днів тому
Next video: 2pac goes sneaker shopping with complex
Mary O
Mary O - 13 днів тому
He is dead..
Ava Ahern
Ava Ahern - 29 днів тому
i legit just skip the video to the END and see what shoes they got on god.
Sandro Dos Santos
Sandro Dos Santos - 29 днів тому
Migos canta muito voseis São top
Phiri Zakesman
Phiri Zakesman - Місяць тому
Offset I am your biggest fan
Outleteon - Місяць тому
They’re all the same person
Luke Stasko
Luke Stasko - Місяць тому
Joe is the ugliest man on earth
Mary O
Mary O - 13 днів тому
I thought you were the ugliest man on earth😐🤔
Ryan 2K
Ryan 2K - Місяць тому
Take a shot every time they say “clean”
Rose Valentine
Rose Valentine - Місяць тому
Quavo is so hot omg I wanna ride his face
Sheraz Ahmad
Sheraz Ahmad - Місяць тому
These guys don't only mumble rap they even mumble talk .
Slimshady 1 and only
Slimshady 1 and only - Місяць тому
know watt am sayin'
Crippling Depression
Crippling Depression - Місяць тому
those niggas in the back just looking
Mathias 2002
Mathias 2002 - Місяць тому
2:11 // what’s Quavo saying? What’s the name of the jordan?
Ghanz Lyte
Ghanz Lyte - Місяць тому
These are real niggas. They tried out the shoes😂
vagazzon tv
vagazzon tv - Місяць тому
You better name this channel "Pick up your Jordans"
Frugal Thunder
Frugal Thunder - Місяць тому
Who’s watching this after quavo left 😂😂😂
Mary O
Mary O - 13 днів тому
My dumbass didn't even know he left😂
luis saldana
luis saldana - Місяць тому
1:16 joe said “nigga pls ima real hype beast”
Reno Gardiner
Reno Gardiner - Місяць тому
It's like three 8 year olds in sport check, just talking and talking
Ty'ron Johnson
Ty'ron Johnson - Місяць тому
What store is this
Bet My Name Spooked You
Bet My Name Spooked You - Місяць тому
Man I’m poor
GOD YASUO - Місяць тому
w0w song wtf omg
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad - Місяць тому
Tf quavo is taller than offset 🤤
Ino Zapanta
Ino Zapanta - Місяць тому
Ya’ll know migos respect their ancestors by wearin them OG Rapper Shirts... appreciate 👏🏿👏🏿
Kaguna - Місяць тому
Somebody tell me what are the orange shoes damn they look so good
varunhoffman - Місяць тому
Give me subtitles for Takeoff please