14 Times Lionel Messi Showed Something NEW to the World ||HD||

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Messi Magic™
Messi Magic™ - 3 місяці тому
Agus sopian
Agus sopian - 8 днів тому
Messi Magic™ good job
Alif Hossain
Alif Hossain - Місяць тому
ok jk no h no
KUNAL SARKAR - Місяць тому
what is the name of the music used in this video?
ADoodFromWalgreens - 2 місяці тому
Messi Magic™ no
blessed firomumwe
blessed firomumwe - 18 годин тому
Messi z the world's best player
Mrnmy Diaz
Mrnmy Diaz - День тому
MAU VC - День тому
Please add the last minute finish against Madrid
Arthur Souza Lima
Arthur Souza Lima - 2 дні тому
Poor U.S. goalkeeper... if somebody told him the ball was going in that corner he still could have done nothing to save it.
Cory Calogero
Cory Calogero - 3 дні тому
you think maybe 1-3 replay would be enough??? No lets do
Judi127 - 3 дні тому
Man i love your channel you can speak for me to show everyone that is the best player in the history
Thank you very much
Daykillswitch 14
Daykillswitch 14 - 3 дні тому
Plz use a better songs in your videos like anbu darling
Diário da Celly
Diário da Celly - 4 дні тому
Já assistiu essa ?
então esse e o momento !
Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh - 4 дні тому
In the end he said average forward, I just wonder who he was talking about.....hey ronaldo how r u?
Santosh Rai
Santosh Rai - 4 дні тому
he is king of football
suicide sqad
suicide sqad - 4 дні тому
Nico rossi
Nico rossi - 4 дні тому
Hay tanta diferencia entre messi y el resto, que es abismal!!!!!! El mejor sin dudas. El que no sabe de fútbol o es hincha de real, no lo reconoce, por cuestiones obvias..
Ady Guntoro
Ady Guntoro - 5 днів тому
Einstein football
rintoantoney antoneypalamattom
rintoantoney antoneypalamattom - 6 днів тому
2019 ballon d or messsssiiiii✌✌✌✌
dokanyon - 6 днів тому
After all this years of watching videos on youtube, i think we should watch them without music
Jawad Pasheriya
Jawad Pasheriya - 6 днів тому
king of football ever
pemba bhutia
pemba bhutia - 6 днів тому
messine skill is divine
Mukesh Monisha
Mukesh Monisha - 7 днів тому
FOr me r9 and messi qa
David Boateng Boateng
David Boateng Boateng - 7 днів тому
Messi is the defentionof football
SANDVOX - 7 днів тому
This is by far the Best player on the planet
Buzz199X Nine9T
Buzz199X Nine9T - 8 днів тому
Luka modric won the fifa balloon as the best player. The No.1 Wonderful worst joke of planet Earth
He maybe better than Cristina Ronaldo,but not the one above the heights.
I might switch to watching/playing #PUBG rather than watching a corrupt sport
Claude Mouteng
Claude Mouteng - 8 днів тому
"nothing like this will ever happen again"... harry Kane in the World Cup against Panama
Pheonix Gamer
Pheonix Gamer - 8 днів тому
487 dislike are Ronaldo
MARGARITA GARCIA - 9 днів тому
Tauqeer Ahmad
Tauqeer Ahmad - 9 днів тому
👽Alien should be banned
Kelvin K
Kelvin K - 10 днів тому
comparing him with C.Ronaldo is an insult
Felix van Lith
Felix van Lith - 10 днів тому
and pele says he is not that good...
MAsLowskI03 231
MAsLowskI03 231 - 11 днів тому
They should of awarded him 10 years worth of ballon do'rs
Asif Islam
Asif Islam - 11 днів тому
I love Messi 😍❤️
Gaurab khanal
Gaurab khanal - 11 днів тому
Best in the history 💕❤❤
Michael thapa
Michael thapa - 12 днів тому
That goal against Arsenel was...
Outstanding 😍😍😍
lildavey09 - 12 днів тому
kc Cham
kc Cham - 12 днів тому
What a amazing video waw really impressed with the Espn analysis
young ceasar
young ceasar - 12 днів тому
His finishes are so smooth and seem so easy i will never understand this inbodyment of pure magic....
Zack G
Zack G - 12 днів тому
Ronaldo is better it is proven.
Zack G
Zack G - 12 днів тому
Good stuff but the subtitles are a load of horseshit.
bhenadrecra - 13 днів тому
that sports science bit at the end, that's a parody, right?
ronak patel
ronak patel - 14 днів тому
2 and only two goals scored by chest touch
Both by G.O.A.T
Dawn Broker
Dawn Broker - 14 днів тому
Messi was a beast in 2012.
James Langhorst
James Langhorst - 14 днів тому
So we have calculations on the football god. Good to know.
Allen Gigika
Allen Gigika - 15 днів тому
oneg dahari
oneg dahari - 15 днів тому
cool but where is he in 2018
Mamun Muqtadir
Mamun Muqtadir - 15 днів тому
lOVE you LegenD
Martín Rolón
Martín Rolón - 15 днів тому
the best 4ever messi
Grace Ke
Grace Ke - 15 днів тому
i appreciate the labelling of each video section
Ahmad A
Ahmad A - 16 днів тому
Omar Sharifi
Omar Sharifi - 16 днів тому
Messi is a god Idc what u guys say
Fasih Gaming
Fasih Gaming - 16 днів тому
Messi doesn’t score impossible he is impossible
Erick Kurniawan
Erick Kurniawan - 17 днів тому
King 💃💃💃💃😘😍✌
Skilz Hd
Skilz Hd - 18 днів тому
WHOOOOA!!! Scoring a goal outside the box, chipping a ball, faking a shot and then scoring, flicking the ball over someone, SCORING A GOAL AFTER CONTROLLING A BALL, scoring a free kick, going around THREE players, scoring a free kicks against a B-List team, 'megging a goalie, cheating, hitting a ball, and flicking a ball and passing it?!?! Wow, GOAT. JK, overrated
Syazwan Hafiz
Syazwan Hafiz - 19 днів тому
The sad fact is Messi will left football as time goes on😢😭
Kensan Han
Kensan Han - 20 днів тому
We will miss him when he is gone... he's got couple more years. maybe we will live to see another one as good as Messi but i doubt it. So enjoy this little man and apreciate what we have in our lifetime
Gku Jnhh
Gku Jnhh - 22 дні тому
Look I'm a big fan of Messi the reason I'm watching it thoroughly, but what on earth can you say that was scientifically impossible for what reason?
Nepali Guy
Nepali Guy - 22 дні тому
honestly for the last one thank the gods that suarez jumped lol
Jay Patel
Jay Patel - 23 дні тому
The dark Knight theme is just making this insane damn it !!!!
tour boy
tour boy - 23 дні тому
Best in the world up until today 🔥🔥
Kayser Soze
Kayser Soze - 24 дні тому
2:46 .. y por eso Messi es el maldito jefe !!!!! Sólo habilidad alucinante. él sabe a qué velocidad la pelota está girando en el aire y él ... a la mierda. No soy digno de describir tal juego ...
Dorminuse Doe
Dorminuse Doe - 24 дні тому
haha R.I.P Boateng
ARAFAT KHAN - 27 днів тому
José Ángel Castillo Luna
José Ángel Castillo Luna - Місяць тому
Messi el mejor
Jethro Torczon
Jethro Torczon - Місяць тому
Extremely well-edited video, especially when you show how Messi almost scored from a tight angle following the "Touch of the Decade" at 2:50, then immediately afterwards you show him scoring from the same angle at 3:15 in "Impossible Flick Control & Tight Angle Finish at Full Speed"
Josua Wibowi
Josua Wibowi - Місяць тому
Dribbling the referee is the most impossible
Josua Wibowi
Josua Wibowi - Місяць тому
Just wanna know who is the next Mess???
D. B. fifa
D. B. fifa - Місяць тому
kleant pane
kleant pane - Місяць тому
ow boy
Tanish Bhandari
Tanish Bhandari - Місяць тому
I think I am very lucky to born in his era
x D3G3N3R8 NATION x - Місяць тому
How depressing is it when nerds analyse every little aspect of the game....enough with the Big Bang Generation, stuff them back in their lockers and lets get back to normal shall we?
Jishan T Gamer
Jishan T Gamer - Місяць тому
All music from TRANSFORMER movies
PontiacMade DDG's Producer
PontiacMade DDG's Producer - Місяць тому
How can someone watch this and then call Messi shit is beyond me .... don’t talk shit unless you can do what you just Saw and do it better... then you can talk.
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen - Місяць тому trang cá cược uy tín an toàn hàng đầu Việt Nam, hỗ trợ nhiệt tình, rút nạp nhanh chóng, có mức hoàn trả hoa hồng cao nhất thị trường cá cược hiện nay.
77 Bri
77 Bri - Місяць тому
The last play was like just look like stephen curry when he crossovered almost the entired clippers in light blue jersey the knocked down a three.. And steve keer cant beleived how steph did it . So he just put his two hands on his head haha
Soliana Mukwenha
Soliana Mukwenha - Місяць тому
if there was no Messi the world wud have invented him so as to enjoy soccer
A K FC - Місяць тому
Messi is the best in the world
coryc0213 - Місяць тому
I love Ronaldo, but Messi is the fucking GOAT
john mcmaron
john mcmaron - Місяць тому
I give you dislike, sorry kid
Ulkesh Jadhav
Ulkesh Jadhav - Місяць тому
That free kick
bashini 21098
bashini 21098 - Місяць тому
He is just amazing
Gerli Herrera
Gerli Herrera - Місяць тому
4:55 what does he say? Can you please tell me?
Mohannad Sayed
Mohannad Sayed - Місяць тому
Aniish Mohamed
Aniish Mohamed - Місяць тому
Messi is best
Aniish Mohamed
Aniish Mohamed - Місяць тому
Messi is the bestttttttttttttttttyyyyy
SB N - Місяць тому
Messi can do near penalty box freekicks.Cristiano Can do near center free kicks
man put
man put - Місяць тому
Hand up who feels lucky to live this era with Messi.
Nathaniel Gebeyehu
Nathaniel Gebeyehu - Місяць тому
Man haters like Christian Ronaldo
alexander danang
alexander danang - Місяць тому
Alay coookk
SBBaito CNL - Місяць тому
Subscribe me
linky storis main
linky storis main - Місяць тому
The best
BoB Issa
BoB Issa - Місяць тому
This is the best goal for messi ( down 6 players )
Elias - Місяць тому
i do not understand that people can not love this en thinking ronaldo is better. ronaldo is just a footballer messi is unbarliveble
UNSTOPPABLE .C.A. - Місяць тому
If you are a
Messi fan hit a like
The Egocentric Predicament
The Egocentric Predicament - Місяць тому
I hate sport science so much sounds like one of those dumbasses that just throw numbers around regardless of how irrelevant it is
Ajit Soren
Ajit Soren - Місяць тому
Messi is the best in the world
david cunningham
david cunningham - Місяць тому
How can a goal be scientifically impossible?
Omer Musliu
Omer Musliu - Місяць тому
Messi MessiMessi
yasmin bawab
yasmin bawab - Місяць тому
Fuck you messi, whare is CR7
Eric Olvera
Eric Olvera - Місяць тому
10 times better than Cristiano Ronaldo
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name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to
observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
BIDHAN RAI - Місяць тому
My best player lio
Golden Eleven
Golden Eleven - Місяць тому