Brad Makes Sourdough Pizzelle Cookies | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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Lord Manatee
Lord Manatee - 2 дні тому
So guys we forgot the one thing that we had to do
Brenden Jemison
Brenden Jemison - 4 дні тому
Claire running to help....
Antraeus - 6 днів тому
I think he's an NFJ type.
Charmaine Castro
Charmaine Castro - 7 днів тому
Aawww man, I can’t believe you just wasted those egg whites. I’m sorry I find that very sad because I utilize every part of my product. 😭
Jonathan McManus
Jonathan McManus - 8 днів тому
How did Brad pass up the opportunity to say "but things Pammed out"?!
Kolor - 8 днів тому
When my parents bought there house the previous owners left an electric maker I am going to save this video so when I go back home my mom and I can make this.
Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson - 9 днів тому
I wonder if he uses activated sourdough starter or starter that is hungry. Maybe its hungry starter to impart the sour flavor.
0x13horizon - 10 днів тому
HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE CHOCOLATE BUT ENJOY WHITE CHOCOLATE? It’s outrageous I could never understand. Can somebody who likes white chocolate explain what exactly is enjoyable about it ??
Christopher Armstrong
Christopher Armstrong - 11 днів тому
The random little fx add to the channel!!!!
S G - 11 днів тому
brad yelling out "CLAAIIIRE!" the second he can't make a cookie is a big mood
Keaton David Banta
Keaton David Banta - 12 днів тому
i want more judy, she calls people "babe", that means she's nice.
YaBoiiiHarry UwU
YaBoiiiHarry UwU - 15 днів тому
*my butter blew up*
Amy Robert
Amy Robert - 15 днів тому
Super Easy*
JannieJubille - 16 днів тому
15:27 Next Pastry Chef Attempts to Make: {Gourmet} ChocoTacos
Elliot Welsh
Elliot Welsh - 16 днів тому
i want to see vinny
Shayyan Sarlak
Shayyan Sarlak - 16 днів тому
when he says pam pam pam does anyone else think of micheal scott
antonio femia
antonio femia - 17 днів тому
"i fail at something almost everyday probably" I feel you Brad
Olivia Hess
Olivia Hess - 17 днів тому
BRAD MAKES COMPOST. Makes everyone in the kitchen also compost.
Mary Miller
Mary Miller - 18 днів тому
How is it I’ve never seen this one?? This was high drama! From the Starter Snafu to the Claire cameo, all the way to the ice cream sandwich denouement, I was at the edge of my seat. I’m exhausted. I need a cookie....👏👏👏👏😋😋😋😂😂😂
Kimberly Allan
Kimberly Allan - 19 днів тому
PAM! (that part made me cry with laughter)
F Con
F Con - 19 днів тому
I never actually knew Brad had hair until 6:28
Andika Hetris
Andika Hetris - 19 днів тому
Funniest one so far
Jill S
Jill S - 20 днів тому
im so attracted to him
thats it
Mariel De Lara
Mariel De Lara - 21 день тому
Brad looks like he gives the best hugs
Issac Morales
Issac Morales - 21 день тому
How does someone become “senior associate food editor” without liking chocolate?
Shayera Thal
Shayera Thal - 22 дні тому
I pammed it!
vinney did he pam it?
It's like me with my daughter haha
pierre-michel Grenoblais
pierre-michel Grenoblais - 22 дні тому
when you cleaned the mold with the paper towel you took it up and off the fire perhaps that was the problem
Anthony Cirino
Anthony Cirino - 23 дні тому
God I love her
bettina bedicks
bettina bedicks - 24 дні тому
i wish brad and claire dated
Alberto Alperpaşa
Alberto Alperpaşa - 24 дні тому
Where are the effects in this vid?
robot kitty porn
robot kitty porn - 25 днів тому
We just ignoring that at 2:20 his mixer sparked
Meg Smith
Meg Smith - 25 днів тому
I don't even cook but this is one of the most entertaining videos I've ever watched
Info123aqua - 25 днів тому
EVERYTHING *PAMMED* OUT!!!!😋 ok I’m dumb lol
Brock Davis
Brock Davis - 25 днів тому
I think he accidentally referenced The Office with the “Pam Pam” thing 😂
Erik Storm
Erik Storm - 26 днів тому
Honestly. When he realized he forgot the crucial step of the starter they should have just re-filmed it. Why put something out on a professional cooking channel that's half assed? You have a lot of rambling, which gets confusing, and then you have your steps out of order, and don't seem confident on how to make the recipe. Maybe this should have been a job for Claire?
Mike McMahon
Mike McMahon - 27 днів тому
god I hate being that guy but I ship Brad and Claire lol
dearjulia - 28 днів тому
11:06 when he said bambam I immediately thought of got7’s bambam HAHAHAHA
Cut,Unbox, And Review
Cut,Unbox, And Review - 28 днів тому
does anyone know what kind of knife he is using? thank you in advance
wiinux - 29 днів тому
still waiting for claire to come back and try :(
Cub Plays
Cub Plays - Місяць тому
I think I've found a new favourite series
Hem P
Hem P - Місяць тому
The whole time I thought he was PAM PAM from the office
Ezra Kore
Ezra Kore - Місяць тому
Honestly, we need more Lau and Alex Delany
Patrick Lopez
Patrick Lopez - Місяць тому
19:04 good fellas reference lol
zack walker
zack walker - Місяць тому
Brad pls don't get salmonella
Kyle Wakefield
Kyle Wakefield - Місяць тому
Is Brad like this off camera too? 😂😂
sabrina Rozolem-Silva
sabrina Rozolem-Silva - Місяць тому
I legit love Brad 😹
patientno17 - Місяць тому
pam pAM
Christine Montero
Christine Montero - Місяць тому
brad & claire forever
Izzy Muse
Izzy Muse - Місяць тому
7:23 this man really just broke out into some imaginary nostalgia..
Also 7:33 Chris finds it just as funny as we do (but we get editing with it)
Caleb Robinson
Caleb Robinson - Місяць тому
Micheal Scott of the kitchen