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Pb&j Playz
Pb&j Playz - Годину тому
Uhhh so u gonna donate some yeezys to salvation army🤔
Chardzo - 15 годин тому
This is just terrible
Williano Wildemann
Williano Wildemann - 23 години тому
The Nike be trues are sooooo girly!!
Caitlin Moore
Caitlin Moore - День тому
Were do you get your boxes for your shoes from ?
HoRiZoN Flexxy
HoRiZoN Flexxy - День тому
*you're not a sneaker head your a hypebeast*
Supreme patty 2
Supreme patty 2 - 2 дні тому
Hayden del Castillo
Hayden del Castillo - 2 дні тому
I’m a 11 year old sneaker head and my fav shoes are the Xbox one x Stephen curry shoes
LANCE. CAST.playZ - 2 дні тому
12:35 i have th one
youtube stars songs
youtube stars songs - 3 дні тому
Oh by the way men’s 4 is also boys 4

The Air Force one just do it is a off white colab
youtube stars songs
youtube stars songs - 3 дні тому
What size do you wear
Kermit - 3 дні тому
I’m 16 and I have 2 pairs of shoes and their both vans
Ante我能 - 3 дні тому
Omg your dad cant stop talking...he have to shut up and you talk
Zion Dolly
Zion Dolly - 4 дні тому
You look like Justin beber
Hallie and Ella Hamilton and Kring
Hallie and Ella Hamilton and Kring - 6 днів тому
Nice video. One of the best I’ve seen
Nivek Phelps
Nivek Phelps - 6 днів тому
If I had as much as shoes as you did I would get shoes that are a bigger size then me
Mc Glaze bagels
Mc Glaze bagels - 7 днів тому
im 10 and im a sneaker head and i have nine shoes
Jo Ell Best
Jo Ell Best - 7 днів тому
I would start buying shoes at around 15 or 14
Jackson Lea
Jackson Lea - 7 днів тому
Lucky ass salvation army
Ash Martin
Ash Martin - 9 днів тому
25:16 “oh what dad” 😂
Paweł Poborczyk
Paweł Poborczyk - 10 днів тому
Justin Perez
Justin Perez - 11 днів тому
Yes to many shoes for a nine year old
Bassin' vlogs
Bassin' vlogs - 11 днів тому
Bassin' vlogs
Bassin' vlogs - 11 днів тому
Sad that all those shoes won’t fit summer
Vlogging with Jon Griffin
Vlogging with Jon Griffin - 13 днів тому
I have some Jordan why not
Forever Favorite uploads
Forever Favorite uploads - 14 днів тому
Were did you get the yeezys in your size
Jay EH
Jay EH - 15 днів тому
Im also a 9yr old sneaker head i might do a review on kyrie 4 blackout or somethong else
Pablo Suarez
Pablo Suarez - 16 днів тому
Brian Casmey
Brian Casmey - 19 днів тому
Why do you have no air mags?
I do
Annabella Haines
Annabella Haines - 20 днів тому
hi youre cute
Lesya Guthery
Lesya Guthery - 20 днів тому
I got more
nathan miller
nathan miller - 20 днів тому
do a room tour
Alondra Alvarez
Alondra Alvarez - 21 день тому
Boy wuttt, I’m a size 2y and I’m 15
He’s barely 9 and a size 4y
Dallas Elite Athletics
Dallas Elite Athletics - 21 день тому
Buy the curry 5s
julialarubbio - 21 день тому
i counted 6 "yeah" in the first minute and a half
Brayden Martin
Brayden Martin - 21 день тому
cheif them blue 1s are not the royals😂😂😂
Jayden Middlebrooks
Jayden Middlebrooks - 21 день тому
I have the light blue gatorade 1
Biller Bane
Biller Bane - 22 дні тому
I have the EXACT same lambo poster
Drew Dogay
Drew Dogay - 22 дні тому
I only have 5 pairs of shoes
Dimitri Ferrell
Dimitri Ferrell - 24 дні тому
bro ur gonna grow out of them in like 3 months ur wasting hundreds of dollars
Hayley Bower
Hayley Bower - 24 дні тому
They talk half the video 🙄
Logan paul vlogs Logan paul vlogs
Logan paul vlogs Logan paul vlogs - 24 дні тому
Tbh those are not part of hypebeast
Christi Leinart
Christi Leinart - 24 дні тому
Bruh he said balencalaga
G_malan _11
G_malan _11 - 25 днів тому
Did he just say JUST DO IT COLLABORATION😭😭 20:10
Christian Bourg
Christian Bourg - 25 днів тому
My Yeezys r a size 4
Don't click on This
Don't click on This - 25 днів тому
You have small feet for 9
NOT_rcsmal 75
NOT_rcsmal 75 - 26 днів тому
Balencilagas 😂
Beastness 2k16
Beastness 2k16 - 27 днів тому
Your dad talks way to much
Aaron Ramharak
Aaron Ramharak - 27 днів тому
Those are rented
Austin Dotson
Austin Dotson - 28 днів тому
Earned not given
spinny g
spinny g - 29 днів тому
Let the boy speak father JEEZ... Talk over him so much
Hudsatron Chyzyk
Hudsatron Chyzyk - 29 днів тому
Man ima size 8.5 mens are the smaller shoes cheaper
MJ H - 29 днів тому
Boy or girl
zMist. - 29 днів тому
So men sizes aren’t size 4 btw so u don’t have any men sizes
Joel - Місяць тому
Remember when he unboxed toys🤔
Kapi D
Kapi D - Місяць тому
Kto z Polski
Terrick Gamez
Terrick Gamez - Місяць тому
Hey can everyone stop hating on Auto I love how he is so genuine and I love his shoes I feel like he will be a big hypebeast when he grows up, and he has a great future so can people please stop if you don’t like him then why are you here, keep killing it Auto!
lil effort
lil effort - 9 днів тому
ToxinComps - Місяць тому
I’m sorry, I’m annoyed that mans says he’s Lucky.... MANS MAKES PROLLY LIKE 250K a year sry forgot to finish, THE AVG PAY PER YEAR IS LIKE 65K
Emiliano Rodriguez
Emiliano Rodriguez - Місяць тому
When your a size 5 can I get your doernbecker 12s I'm a size 4 and never been another size for a long time
Legends of games Hunter
Legends of games Hunter - Місяць тому
I have Nike air jordens boiii and i have 110 shoes!!
Trenton Jayne
Trenton Jayne - Місяць тому
Who else thinks he 3d prints his shoes
mr. thanos
mr. thanos - Місяць тому
Are you a boy or a girl
KB 12
KB 12 - Місяць тому
He spoils his kids no offence
Camryn Merrill
Camryn Merrill - Місяць тому
you mean balenciaga???? not balencealaga
Mango Legend
Mango Legend - Місяць тому
Lesbian hair looking ass
Elias Vlogs
Elias Vlogs - Місяць тому
You are not a sneakerhead!!!!
Jared Hernandez
Jared Hernandez - Місяць тому
I wish I started younger good lil buddy
Jackson Mcknight
Jackson Mcknight - Місяць тому
I thought he was a girl in thumbnail
OvT Saucin
OvT Saucin - Місяць тому
IKR mentally disabled white priv
chris k
chris k - Місяць тому
Daevion Lopez
Daevion Lopez - Місяць тому
I got 23 pairs of shoes
Jenna holland
Jenna holland - Місяць тому
yeet squad
steven Vern
steven Vern - Місяць тому
I started getting into shoe collecting around 9and i was also lucky that my uncle would let me clean his resturant to afford shoes
SnapBackBri - Місяць тому
I have bape and supreme but the only shoes i have are yeezys that don’t fit anymore , NMDs,huarache cities ,and vans
MaddieALIEN WEIRDO - Місяць тому
I have the air Jordan 3 as my basketball shoe
iSkrub - Місяць тому
So scripted lol
Ryan talebi
Ryan talebi - Місяць тому
Still waiting for the “coming out the closet” video.
Kendymann - 19 годин тому
Ryan talebi faxxx
Cole Oliver
Cole Oliver - День тому
F.n.S TiE Food
F.n.S TiE Food - День тому
Ryan talebi 😂😂😂 I’m dead
Supreme patty 2
Supreme patty 2 - 2 дні тому
Ryan talebi yup 😂😂
Isabella Hampton
Isabella Hampton - 7 днів тому
😂 lol
Mahir Patel
Mahir Patel - Місяць тому
These shoes are garbage
BlackNsilver B
BlackNsilver B - Місяць тому
Bro who thinks he puts make up
BlackNsilver B
BlackNsilver B - 29 днів тому
+Defaultskinqt you must be blind
BlackNsilver B
BlackNsilver B - 29 днів тому
You must blind
Defaultskinqt - 29 днів тому
BlackNsilver B he doesn’t look like he does
deusnobishaec - Місяць тому
Вот смешно будет когда у пездюка нога вырастет
hdjggx hgyyj
hdjggx hgyyj - Місяць тому
Damn that crease
Leslie Ressler
Leslie Ressler - Місяць тому
Nick_10 Vance
Nick_10 Vance - Місяць тому
Do you play basketball
christian meneses
christian meneses - Місяць тому
shut up Langston T Perry
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy - Місяць тому
Do you play basketball
Car lowz
Car lowz - Місяць тому
Cool 97 love theme
boofgaude - Місяць тому
Dope collection but branching out to sneakers that aren’t GR would be better
Miguel Yanez
Miguel Yanez - Місяць тому
Boy I have a lot more shoes than you
Galactic Republic EDITS
Galactic Republic EDITS - Місяць тому
Enjoy the cheap prices now.......
YourBoyJohnny 121
YourBoyJohnny 121 - Місяць тому
14:02 Balenciaga ??
Hockeykid 129YT
Hockeykid 129YT - Місяць тому
Do you have a pair have kd's
Mattias Khan
Mattias Khan - Місяць тому
It hurts when I see little kids like this get these shoes because they always ruin them or grow out of them 😭😭😭
celeste torres
celeste torres - Місяць тому
hi a i jav pink shus en aim a boy
pfkspazz pfk
pfkspazz pfk - Місяць тому
this nigga dad talk to damn much
i_EaT_FreSh AvacAdoO
i_EaT_FreSh AvacAdoO - Місяць тому
Im the same as you i love shoes and im 11. But i cant afford shoes😓
LIL TOP - Місяць тому
Aaron Hinkle
Aaron Hinkle - Місяць тому
Redronnie B
Redronnie B - Місяць тому
Who else remembers when he liked FNAF
CORNBREAD66 - Місяць тому
He didn't even say anything about the deerupt! Lol get rekt adidas
Predator thereal
Predator thereal - Місяць тому
He look like a lesbian 😂
Benjamin Perkins
Benjamin Perkins - Місяць тому
BRO BRO BRO IM SIZE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND PINK AND PURPLE ARE MY FAVE COLERS!!!!!But I have no nice shoes : ( It would mean the world to me if I could have ONLY one.