twenty one pilots: Levitate [Official Video]

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White Pnter
White Pnter - 2 години тому
Ach-to ??
Dizzy Sailor
Dizzy Sailor - 2 години тому
🇧 🇮 🇨 🇭
Dizzy Sailor
Dizzy Sailor - 2 години тому
Jeromy Richardson
Jeromy Richardson - 2 години тому
Groovy 🔥
Agressive dancer
Agressive dancer - 2 години тому
this is LIT
Lea Amaral
Lea Amaral - 2 години тому
normal facation hehe
normal facation hehe - 2 години тому
These Angel Will never have haters
w i secchi
w i secchi - 2 години тому
Misty _
Misty _ - 2 години тому
0:39 really snatched my wig
tut gamer
tut gamer - 2 години тому
I like usa
tut gamer
tut gamer - 2 години тому
I love 21 pilots
Kiwi Sitcat
Kiwi Sitcat - 2 години тому
And we thought heavydirtysoul was hard to rap...
Chloé Ardeois
Chloé Ardeois - 2 години тому
Omg this is soooo good
Luis Favela
Luis Favela - 3 години тому
pro crack lol
pro crack lol - 3 години тому
Stressed out is the soun that make me like twenty øne piløts so much I wish soun like stressed out, the judge, car radio and holding on to you come back
Ivan Huerta
Ivan Huerta - 3 години тому
Al clique latino nos indigna esto. .-.
ALEX99X - 3 години тому
NChiken - 3 години тому
You can learn to rap without breathing for 2:34 minutes, with just a little help
Ibrahim Hasan
Ibrahim Hasan - 3 години тому
Too much
All beat
Too good
With All greatest vibe
#levitate #Trench #twentyonepilots @twentyonepilots
Marri Crismus
Marri Crismus - 3 години тому
angel - 4 години тому
Look at all those beans
cassie - 4 години тому
Mariana Lima
Mariana Lima - 4 години тому
Have you ever been in silence and then Levitate lyrics start to take over your head?
Mr. Toontastic
Mr. Toontastic - 4 години тому
What's up Utah people
Bryan 010
Bryan 010 - 4 години тому
pray for the melanie
pray for the melanie - 4 години тому
*_w e a r e b a l d i t o s_*
Radowan - 4 години тому
Twenty one plots amiright????
Matthew 7
Matthew 7 - 4 години тому
Blade Adams
Blade Adams - 4 години тому
What is the meaning of the yellow tape?
Blade Adams
Blade Adams - 4 години тому
What is the meaning of the yellow tape?
Sophie- Roblox And More!
Sophie- Roblox And More! - 5 годин тому
No wonder he's been growing his hair guys
кайя геллер
кайя геллер - 5 годин тому
Paula 72.
Paula 72. - 5 годин тому
Crunched Skittles
Crunched Skittles - 5 годин тому
Some of you know that this album is sort of based on their childhood, and apparently, Tyler's father said that he had 'scorch' marks on him when he was in middle school. He has referenced fire a lot in this album recently, so....
Vanacook - 5 годин тому
Kelsie Reinhardt
Kelsie Reinhardt - 5 годин тому
Damn it now I need to learn all the lyrics yeesus christ
Achu Cxeno
Achu Cxeno - 6 годин тому
au ramagrad miyvarxart tqve bozebo
The Sam Watches
The Sam Watches - 6 годин тому
1:06 when you drink Baja blast
SonicNebula - 6 годин тому
Best part is 0:00 to 1:22 man I wish this song was longer
ollycraft 13
ollycraft 13 - 6 годин тому
I will subscribe to anyone who subscribe to me and leaves a comment saying if subbed
Get Fit Sis
Get Fit Sis - 6 годин тому
I whish there was a chorus
Joaquim Sousa
Joaquim Sousa - 6 годин тому
Twenty one pilots 😈😈😈 666 666 666
Sarah LeClair
Sarah LeClair - 6 годин тому
Wait so what does this mean?
a walking mood
a walking mood - 6 годин тому
Even Tyler is bald and snatched
Yahom 420
Yahom 420 - 7 годин тому
i thought he was Eminem
Mr. Drister
Mr. Drister - 7 годин тому
i love the people behind him because of the dance moves
Виктор Рогов
Виктор Рогов - 7 годин тому
Peace Will Win And Fear will Løse
Peace Will Win And Fear will Løse - 7 годин тому
is it normal that I love them more than I love myself?
Mithil Nath teaches how to do technical things
Wow ya!!!!! @@@@!!!
N A S T U - 8 годин тому
Tbh I really don't like TOP for the most part but I gotta give it to them for this one. This is fire.
Mein Krafter
Mein Krafter - 8 годин тому
this aint it chief
Twoface gotham
Twoface gotham - 8 годин тому
Best video ever
MrLongneck 2.0
MrLongneck 2.0 - 8 годин тому
I'm getting Car Radio vibe in here.
N3on Wolf
N3on Wolf - 8 годин тому
There coming out with Neon Gravestones, etc :3. I know all ;) I didn't hack I found them on my music thingy
Elderwhal The amazing
Elderwhal The amazing - 8 годин тому
Don’t u fucking hate when people unsubscribe from twenty one pilots just because they made a change in there music like really if u don’t like this instead of fucking unsubscribing just listen to blurryface or vessle
Hannah Lammey
Hannah Lammey - 8 годин тому
2:02 zoom challenge!
juliano - 8 годин тому
So proud of being able to rap it.
Stitch in style
Stitch in style - 8 годин тому
Super ... no words ..... Tøp Rockz....
maria - 8 годин тому
BR 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Potato Flaviano
Potato Flaviano - 8 годин тому
I guess the razor blades he was referring in nico and the niners are used in levitate to cut his hair
Hitler is LOVE you!
Hitler is LOVE you! - 8 годин тому
can u guys make maybe a good song again?
CantFindAName - 8 годин тому
Grace Mensah
Grace Mensah - 8 годин тому
damn still trending probably cause tyler got out of the bath
rei dead
rei dead - 8 годин тому
Ok I’m sorry but I’m just sick and tired of this toxic ass fandom like what’s wrong with you people. You flip out when someone writes it as 21 and all these other tiny things. For your information people are here for the music and it’s meaning not to obsess over every breath Tyler and Josh make. They’re great people and all but dudes chill. Just two more big problems thou 1 if someone doesn’t know who Clancy or dema are don’t attack them with “fake fan” like rude. Not everyone has time to get down into it. And 2 yes the colour theme is yellow but that doesn’t mean you crazy obsessed fans have to flip out and make it your favourite colour “like lmao I love yellow it’s the best colour, everything should be yellow” and that’s no joke what the majority of the ‘toxic’ half have done like stop. Great music still hope the full release is just as good.
Cat Crazy:P
Cat Crazy:P - 9 годин тому
Wait.... Im in the seventh grade...
Heather Dobbs
Heather Dobbs - 9 годин тому
They're tired, you can see it, hear it, they needed a break, naturally. Been going hard for awhile. But I still love them, wish them well, hope to see them back soon. 💕💕🙏
FriedDudeTV - 9 годин тому
can you guys explain the timeline?
Shani - 9 годин тому
Is he.... Dead!?
vipin saini
vipin saini - 9 годин тому
Me: *tries to rap this song*
How can Tyler do this?
Also me: duh , he is a God.
Sweet Skyangel
Sweet Skyangel - 9 годин тому
Twenty One Pilots now own the color yellow.
Ud Oe
Ud Oe - 10 годин тому
Plus the please is nice
Ud Oe
Ud Oe - 10 годин тому
Dam this is so hard
Luminaire Noctem
Luminaire Noctem - 10 годин тому
Guess I'm old as fuck. All I hear is a badly edited drum loop and a tonally boring rap.
I guess parts of the video look kind of interesting, if pointless.
Bethany Ramos
Bethany Ramos - 8 годин тому
Luminaire Noctem personally I think it's easier to get in to their work when you get into the lyrics
Raccoon nuts
Raccoon nuts - 10 годин тому
*I got back what I once bought*
I love the air
I love the air - 10 годин тому
Sandrula mła se ja
Sandrula mła se ja - 10 годин тому
😎kozak jak zawsze 💓
Elliott Films
Elliott Films - 10 годин тому
JoshFM Videos
JoshFM Videos - 11 годин тому
oh shit
RottenChickpeas - 11 годин тому
Did he just grow back his hair for this video
Raymond Sampson
Raymond Sampson - 11 годин тому
Who's loyal to twenty one pilots
Morgan Frey
Morgan Frey - 12 годин тому
those fucking birds scare me sksksksksksksksks
saif ali
saif ali - 12 годин тому
I'm as hyped for the next video as I'm for avengers 4
Angeli la lunática
Angeli la lunática - 12 годин тому
In love
Эдуард Мирошниченко
Эдуард Мирошниченко - 12 годин тому
Filip Pavlakovic
Filip Pavlakovic - 12 годин тому
man, this is awful
Bethany Ramos
Bethany Ramos - 8 годин тому
Filip Pavlakovic I disagree
GrisStar - 13 годин тому
C A K E - 14 годин тому
2:01 ZOOM
Martyna Durlik
Martyna Durlik - 14 годин тому
What is this guy with beard saying?
Martyna Durlik
Martyna Durlik - 12 годин тому
Gaming Wtch
Gaming Wtch - 12 годин тому
welcome to trench
Annabel Tydd
Annabel Tydd - 14 годин тому
What if TØP did a cover of one of Cavetown’s songs? I bet that would make him so damn happy
Aisha Lall
Aisha Lall - 14 годин тому
I guess the next video is about that the Bishop dragged him back to dema and he's again trapped in there. And Josh is learning boxing now, so he'll use it to fight the bishops. Lol.
ZachGamingTV// SonicLover3445
ZachGamingTV// SonicLover3445 - 14 годин тому
Juan Caro
Juan Caro - 14 годин тому
Juan Caro
Juan Caro - 2 години тому
TuesdayAsh - 2 години тому
Bethany Ramos
Bethany Ramos - 8 годин тому
Juan Caro now here comes the 8
elina m
elina m - 15 годин тому
can't wait to see you guys - you have no idea how much we've missed you
Blurry James
Blurry James - 15 годин тому
ty always gets dragged by some strange guy
tyler joseph in a crop top
tyler joseph in a crop top - 15 годин тому
The vultures name is clifford!!! And i love him!!!
randøm2468 - 15 годин тому
The 10k people who accidentally disliked this had their phones upside down
Laurent C
Laurent C - 15 годин тому
Reminds me "Massive Attack feat. Mos Def - I Against I"
F.E vlogs
F.E vlogs - 15 годин тому
Welcome to trench
Ghost of a man
Ghost of a man - 15 годин тому
Man, the song ain’t bad and I love twenty one pilots, but this song is just missing the emotion. I get the words, but a straight flow isn’t the best way to deliver the message in my opinion. The pauses are what makes songs true; the speed is what makes the song flow. I personally got mixed emotions on this. Maybe there will be an acoustic version and this is purely for the radio.