Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water (Lyric Video)

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Jelly Selly
Jelly Selly - 3 години тому
ᴀᴡ ᴀᴠʀɪʟ ᴛʜɪs ɪs ʙᴇᴀᴜᴛɪғᴜʟ ʙᴀʙʏ💕
erika mae
erika mae - 3 години тому
Koraline P
Koraline P - 6 годин тому
(~_~). Take the cake Avril
|. >🍰
If u do u will feel better
All of u fans eat the cake....
Zoeys World
Zoeys World - 10 годин тому
This song is helping me and my stepmom... because my step grandma that I knew since I was two, has lung cancer.And the progress she’s making is 13% out of 100%😔 I don’t know what I’ll do without my grandma 😢😭all we can do is pray 😖🙏
alex fgdfg
alex fgdfg - 14 годин тому
Someone mentioned how Avril was basically diying and she got through it but not before thinking of this song and the lyrics. I know exactly what that is..when u really need it, start writing and chances are youll get ideas and feelings flowing through you, enough to write amazing things.
MORGAN MITCHAM - 14 годин тому
Totally learning this song for district chorus!
Tayah English
Tayah English - 14 годин тому
So beautiful,yet so sad.I got the chills.
Wbgl brought me here.I really believe everybody will know this song one day and be like,"I wish I was as strong as her."
Maixen Poaty
Maixen Poaty - 15 годин тому
hell nah
hell nah - 15 годин тому
Im to young to fallasleep
candy queen127
candy queen127 - 16 годин тому
I missed you so much
Mouse Bee
Mouse Bee - 16 годин тому
Omigoodness in love with this sound!!!! 💛💛💛
nicolas saavedra
nicolas saavedra - 19 годин тому
JC Warrior
JC Warrior - 20 годин тому
all these ignorant comments without even knowing the background of the song...
Yasmi J.
Yasmi J. - 21 годину тому
Avesome song
Kub Lis
Kub Lis - 22 години тому
This song is very inspiring for those who feels like they are in their lowest. God keeps my head above. Don't let me drown. I'll meet you there at the altar.
James Kian Yambao
James Kian Yambao - 22 години тому
Can't stop listening to this 😍😍💘💘💘💖🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶❤️
James Kian Yambao
James Kian Yambao - 22 години тому
James Kian Yambao
James Kian Yambao - 22 години тому
I love you Avril Lavigne I'm watching this every day 💖💘
James Kian Yambao
James Kian Yambao - 22 години тому
We love you Avril!😍
Rado Timers
Rado Timers - 23 години тому
Ael Jerzhee Valencia
Ael Jerzhee Valencia - День тому
The melody in stanzas sounded like that of the Hillsongs'. This is good.
Chlomo Touitou
Chlomo Touitou - День тому
Wow that song is so good
Thank you avril lavigne !
Dylan Rached
Dylan Rached - День тому
This song is beyond inspirational, the lyrics are so strong!! which is why I made a cover of this on my channel :)
Hannah Xin
Hannah Xin - День тому
Wow she actually did a lyric video herself
Elena Walter
Elena Walter - День тому
It makes me feel confident
howdw18 - День тому
Can you do some covers for hillsong
Anna W.
Anna W. - День тому
It's only a copy!!! Let's hurt tonight from One republic!!!! Watch this Video. The start is a copy to!!!
winter leo
winter leo - День тому
This is creepy. I'm always telling my friends how I feel like I'm drowning all the time with my head barely above water and then I stumbled upon this song that I relate with and love now💕
Jessica Cepeda
Jessica Cepeda - День тому
The most beautiful song I've ever heard.
Briony Soetaert
Briony Soetaert - День тому
I love the place that this song came from. It is quite beautiful. I made a cover of it on my channel, so if you have the time, please go check it out! :)
A Mack Classic
A Mack Classic - День тому
Playing piano along with this is visceral. I highly recommend you lose yourself in the jam.
Asesorias laborales
Asesorias laborales - День тому
#HeadAboveWater is amazing 😍😍😍😍
Asesorias laborales
Asesorias laborales - День тому
Rafaela Schutz
Rafaela Schutz - День тому
"I’m too young to fall asleep" 😭
Ricardo Valmendi
Ricardo Valmendi - День тому
Letra en español de la canción de Avril Lavigne, Head above water (letra traducida)
Tengo que mantener la calma antes de la tormenta, 
no quiero menos, no quiero más.
Debo poner barrotes a las ventanas y a las puertas
para mantenerme a salvo, para mantenerme abrigada.
Sí, mi vida es por lo que estoy luchando.
No puedo separar las aguas del mar.
No puedo alcanzar la orilla.
Y mi voz se convierte en la fuerza impulsora.
No dejaré que esto me tire por la borda.
Dios, mantén mi cabeza por encima del agua, 
no dejes que me ahogue, se pone más difícil.
Te veré ahí en el altar
mientras caigo sobre mis rodillas.
No dejes que me ahogue, ahogue, ahogue.
No dejes, no dejes, 
no dejes que me ahogue.
Así que sácame de las profundidades, 
porque estoy bajo la resaca del mar.
Ven y sécame, y abrázame fuerte.
Te necesito ahora, te necesito más que nunca.
Dios, mantén mi cabeza por encima del agua, 
no dejes que me ahogue, se pone más difícil.
Te veré ahí en el altar
mientras caigo sobre mis rodillas.
No dejes que me ahogue, ahogue, ahogue.
- No dejes, no dejes, 
no dejes que me ahogue-.
Y mantén mi cabeza por encima del agua.
No dejes que me ahogue, ahogue, ahogue.
- No dejes, no dejes, 
no dejes que me ahogue-.
Por encima del agua.
Y no puedo ver bajo este tiempo tormentoso,
parece que no puedo mantener la calma.
Y yo, no puedo nadar en un océano así
para siempre.
Y no puedo respirar.
Dios, mantén mi cabeza por encima del agua, 
pierdo mi aliento en el fondo.
Ven a rescatarme, estaré esperando.
Soy demasiado joven para caer dormida.
Dios, mantén mi cabeza por encima del agua, 
no dejes que me ahogue, se pone más difícil.
Te veré ahí en el altar
mientras caigo sobre mis rodillas.
No dejes que me ahogue.
No dejes que me ahogue. 
- No dejes, no dejes, 
no dejes que me ahogue-.
No dejes que me ahogue
y mantén mi cabeza por encima del agua.
- No dejes, no dejes, 
no dejes que me ahogue-.
Por encima del agua.
Avril Lavigne - La cabeza por encima del agua.
Shu SS
Shu SS - День тому
I'm lost in the war and I satisfied because I already lost my hope
Raven Gale
Raven Gale - 2 дні тому
While listening to this, I imagine the young 17 avril sailing the seas alone and the storm wiped her overboard. While drowning she's slowly growing up as she sinks deeper underwater until she finally looks like her present self. Then a gigantic hand came out of nowhere and pulled her out of the water, and she came out safe.
Jedideiah Lauzon
Jedideiah Lauzon - 2 дні тому
This song literally made me cry. And I mean a lot of tears. It's like I can feel what she feels when she wrote this song.
林琹 - 2 дні тому
I am so miss you much
Jhemeica Bhern Luib
Jhemeica Bhern Luib - 2 дні тому
The FAKE Avril Lavigne sings so gross.
musicgamer x
musicgamer x - День тому
Jhemeica Bhern Luib It’s not Melissa! It’s Avril! She is alive! Stop believing that stupid rumor.
Monse VIP
Monse VIP - 2 дні тому
Valerie Smith
Valerie Smith - 2 дні тому
I love this song! It inspires me that all people belong in the world no matter what religion you believe in or your qualities. I love you Arvil. Since the beginning! :)
James Kian Yambao
James Kian Yambao - 2 дні тому
I do really love this song!😍❤️ So inspiring!❤️🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🌊🌊🌊
James Kian Yambao
James Kian Yambao - 2 дні тому
I love this song 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
raplover 2018
raplover 2018 - 2 дні тому
Avril never fails to amaze as always!!
TheOneWhoEndures - 2 дні тому
The Holy Ghosts precense is so undeniably STRONG in this video. One of the best worship songs out there right now.
Loves beckyG
Loves beckyG - 2 дні тому
Melissa Vandella right.
we all miss avril.
Kimberlie - 2 дні тому
Thank you Jesus for reaching Avril
Jazlyn Syvret
Jazlyn Syvret - 2 дні тому
Despite not believing in god one bit, I do think this is a wonderful song and her voice is beautiful
Chloe Holmes
Chloe Holmes - 2 дні тому
So happy she's back, missed her singing voice but oh my god she came back with an incredibly song! Such a beautiful but emotional song💕 it just shows no matter what you're going through no matter what condition or problems you have, everyone is strong
wisdom fontanilla
wisdom fontanilla - 2 дні тому
wow! a masterpiece!!!
remalyn jaluague
remalyn jaluague - 2 дні тому
Sounds like Let's hurt ronight by one republic
But i really like your new song 😍
marguerite jaskolski
marguerite jaskolski - 2 дні тому
I don’t have Lyme disease but I have fibromyalgia and this storm just makes me cry because the words hit hard . I am always trying to keep my head above water and not it take me over . Love the song
AR RODA CAJES GARA - 2 дні тому
She's back!
Ryonn Nonato
Ryonn Nonato - 3 дні тому
My childhood idol. And now. I really like her now.
斯摩格 - 3 дні тому
Taiwanese ?
Kadam Damin
Kadam Damin - 3 дні тому
dont wanna end this song.. praise God.. love you..
Ksoloway97 - 3 дні тому
God is good
the potato chips fam bhf
the potato chips fam bhf - 3 дні тому
God keep my head above chips and junk food I can't seem to keep it all together
passiflora incarnata
passiflora incarnata - 3 дні тому
It's about time you came back Avril.
James Kian Yambao
James Kian Yambao - 3 дні тому
We love you avril lavigne! ♥♥♥♥😁
James Kian Yambao
James Kian Yambao - 3 дні тому
Yasssss! My idol is back! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Alternative Hannah
Alternative Hannah - 3 дні тому
If I could spend my money to buy a shirt off you foundation site I would but I can't 😔 I have to save it for college next semester in case I need to pay anything back
Jayna Muise
Jayna Muise - 3 дні тому
Listen to it at the playback speed of 1.5... its awesome
Francesca Boswell
Francesca Boswell - 3 дні тому
I had never cried at a tv show or A song or Movie before this. “I’m to young to fall asleep” was breaking point for my tears.... 😢😢 This song also Reminds me of being bullied... kids kicking the toilet door I was in.... Pulling my hair on the bus.... Running into A toilet cubicle to call my mum in floods of tears because of Them Calling me a stupid little Bitch..... And I’m only 14...
Francesca Boswell
Francesca Boswell - 3 дні тому
🖕🏼 Lyme Disease
Boxz max
Boxz max - 3 дні тому
I'm happy for you..!
I was really upset with our song !!!
PenguinDuber - 3 дні тому
Was reading a story on Lyme Disease (which I know all about unfortunately) and discovered she wrote the song about her battle with it. Well done - glad the kid (I know she's not a kid anymore) is back. Be Well, Be Kind and Do Your Best to Make a Differance!
Jessie Clark
Jessie Clark - 3 дні тому
Love Avril. God doesn't exist.
Sherry Talangan
Sherry Talangan - 3 дні тому
Welcome back avril. 😊
TheTruwor - 3 дні тому
Классная она
Zoe Chen
Zoe Chen - 3 дні тому
Miss you!
Rina RABARISOA - 4 дні тому
Yeah my life is what I'm fighting for, don't let me drown It gets harder... Jesus
Agatha Bocudo
Agatha Bocudo - 4 дні тому
Não importa os anos que ela ficou afastada da música, a princesa do Rock sempre volta com a melhor música do ano!! Tô aplaudindo com os pés porque as mãos estão aplaudindo igualmente.
Apex Gaming
Apex Gaming - 4 дні тому
where do you think this world came from
MZM Equestrian
MZM Equestrian - 4 дні тому
4.3k heartless people
Zone 24/7
Zone 24/7 - 4 дні тому
Avril is a vampire lol........she never age ......
Justin Harris
Justin Harris - 4 дні тому
I gotta keep the calm be for the strom
Janet Sambo
Janet Sambo - 4 дні тому
I love this song so much.
All at the same time my mom has stage 4 lung cancer.
My 18 yr old daughter was raped at age 14 by her ex step dad at the time and i didn't know. This song is really hitting home for me right now.
Rebecca Russell
Rebecca Russell - 4 дні тому
I was in this place for 5 years.. I could hardly keep my eyes open... I slept for days straight.. death would have been a release.. I Am not done here tho.. "I'm too young to fall asleep ".., thank you for this song .
Yennireth Pena
Yennireth Pena - 4 дні тому
she is die ?
Alicia MV
Alicia MV - 4 дні тому
i know this song is about her fighting lyme disease, but to other people it means something to people who are fighting depression and anxiety.
edit: (this song means that to me, seeing as i keep fighting every single day) we will win someday.
Mindyrino - 4 дні тому
She sounds EXACLY THE SAME EHRN SHE WAS A TEENAGER I LOVE IT normally the voice changes
Jeff Roberts
Jeff Roberts - 4 дні тому
Thank you....wonderful lyrics. God-written.
orgasm1214 - 4 дні тому
感謝 上帝
Laura Nicole
Laura Nicole - 4 дні тому
Love this song! Glad she's back! 😁 I did a cover roof this song if anyone wants to check it out!
KTH_JJK__ - 4 дні тому
I was never a fan of hers but this song is so beautiful
ความทรงจํา ครั้งสุดท้าย
Very good sound. 😍
Fc❤from thai land. 🇹🇭
Ruz Danielle Garcia
Ruz Danielle Garcia - 5 днів тому
my number 1 favorite singer! i'm so glad she's back and i like the music video, it gave me goosebumps
Nikks Ron
Nikks Ron - 5 днів тому
Why every lyric video is hard to read wth like im chasing the lyrics🤣🤣
Savannah Branham
Savannah Branham - 5 днів тому
This song is my inspiration! I am in love with this song because my life is crazy but i know god holds my hand through this💙
Jason Nelson
Jason Nelson - 5 днів тому
I can’t wait for the rest of this album when it comes out. This song is so good and if the album is as good as this song, I’m buying it!
Raye Fortt
Raye Fortt - 5 днів тому
Avril, The queen is backkk
Kadamdamin Mundongchillz
Kadamdamin Mundongchillz - 5 днів тому
This is like a prayer
Kadamdamin Mundongchillz
Kadamdamin Mundongchillz - 5 днів тому
It's so beautiful..😍
Daniel Om
Daniel Om - 5 днів тому
It's the most amazing music I've ever heard.
Victoria Rhodes
Victoria Rhodes - 5 днів тому
Very powerful song. Love it dont get me wrong. Just not religious. Its an empowering song for me just for progress ive made, not for God
Zakk Prasertsri
Zakk Prasertsri - 5 днів тому
Such an encouraging song... I can feel the power moving within this song. Thanks God for inspiring her to write this song!
Michelle Pai
Michelle Pai - 5 днів тому
Its amazing to see countless christian comments here:))) My QUEEN is BACK Y'ALL!!!!
Artflowsinmyveins - 5 днів тому
Hey Little Black Stars! I made a cover of #HEADABOVEWATER . CHECK IT OUT ON MY CHANNEL! THANK YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️