Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap

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Mark Rober
Mark Rober - День тому
I've officially peaked. I'm @MarkRober on Instagram and Twitter.
Scooters Videos
Scooters Videos - 7 годин тому
Cops: It's just not worth doing our jobs.
veniamin952 - 17 годин тому
+Mark Rober Hi! Your video is amazing 👍 Please tell me, which program did you use for engineering this?
Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker - 17 годин тому
You need to press charges against all of the would be thieves if possible.
hermioneChi - 17 годин тому
You did. I wish you would replace the fart spray with permanent non toxic ink that smells like a skunk (does one exist?)
Chris - 17 годин тому
Mark, why not make a larger version that looks like a TV? They’d probably take it home and then it would be all over their house! 🤣
The Brick Builder
The Brick Builder - Годину тому
Fiaz Shah
Fiaz Shah - Годину тому
Seriously, the thieves are complaining?
A P - Годину тому
Laima Wolf
Laima Wolf - Годину тому
Sell it For us all. NOW!
Jody Stacey
Jody Stacey - Годину тому
Need to find a way to integrate some crazy glue with the glitter when the package is opened.
Ryno R
Ryno R - Годину тому
I see a youtube channel just for the glitter bomb. how about you rig it up so that in addition to the glitter there is a siren and then it says, "The police are coming, your location is xxxxxx". Then instead of fart spray it is like slunk spray so that it is permanent in their car or home. your youtube channel would just be amazing. i would subscribe to that.
loli weeb
loli weeb - Годину тому
Silent but deadly
Sean Martin
Sean Martin - Годину тому
That. Is. So. Cool!!!!!
Daril Maia
Daril Maia - Годину тому
make a trick like this with a box like that, but put a spray with something so stinking it takes time to get rid of people, objects and even where they smell stinky!
godislove025 - Годину тому
Jose Barraza
Jose Barraza - Годину тому
Add more videos of this!!
Lionsharz - Годину тому
Beautiful glitter shot - I don't believe the rest is real tbh
dreimann - Годину тому
How the heck does this thing get stolen so many times?
FoxByte Xx
FoxByte Xx - Годину тому
Dude grind up chilli powder into the finest dust you can get it. That'll teach them.
oddern rod
oddern rod - Годину тому
the thief will be raging angry >:D
Mar nhluo0 kuk Wilsonk
Mar nhluo0 kuk Wilsonk - Годину тому
You are a legend , they will write songs about you sir !
Pro Häcker
Pro Häcker - Годину тому
This is so good lul
Brandon Flores
Brandon Flores - Годину тому
After I got the location those people would have a lot of their stuff broken at their homes
Madness With Michael
Madness With Michael - Годину тому
LOL funniest thing ever get a patent I’m serious!
Jason Willard
Jason Willard - Годину тому
9:30 the perfect revenge
Spencer Reynolds
Spencer Reynolds - Годину тому
Next time use tar and feathers or maybe that ink they use on money during a bank robbery. These criminals should have to deal with their decision for longer than a few mins.
Bernie Cook
Bernie Cook - Годину тому
Magnificent could only be improved with Semtex
Tiago Miranda
Tiago Miranda - Годину тому
This is what happens when the Police doesn't do its job.
Shawn Sahli
Shawn Sahli - Годину тому
This is honestly the best thing I have ever seen! teach those scum bags whats up!
Farie 0706
Farie 0706 - Годину тому
Please teach me how to make that!
muralrocket456 - Годину тому
I just this on gma
muralrocket456 - Годину тому
I saw
Jordy Colin
Jordy Colin - Годину тому
Ibwould have used itch pouder with glitter as well
Someone Special
Someone Special - Годину тому
You had license plate shots, gps, and video. Why not send all of that to the police? Every single one of these people should be in jail.
Jamie Dean
Jamie Dean - Годину тому
Is this for real? The rate that thing got stolen really discomforts me tbh
Karl Heeb
Karl Heeb - Годину тому
i feel like this is a ad for the glitter
Joyce Yu
Joyce Yu - Годину тому
Please mass produce this I would love to get my hands on a few!! The expense is well worth the vindication I’ll get cos package thieves are the worst!
FloSauce - Годину тому
7:00 how you gonna say "come on bro" you stole a package
Papa Stauth
Papa Stauth - Годину тому
Where are the stl's and how much for the gerber files ??? I HAVE to have this!!!!!
Timcoulson - Годину тому
U should make a sound Grenade one
Marvin - Годину тому
just put some actual explosives in it
see if it's still not worth their time
realcygnus - Годину тому
cool......dont know how I missed this channel for so long
Lionel Mayo
Lionel Mayo - Годину тому
No foking way
leo pak
leo pak - Годину тому
Awesome. Should've had GPS so you can tell the cops where these criminals are.
Buzkilltheman - Годину тому
I would've made an actual bomb out of it to kill their useless asses.
On The Couch
On The Couch - Годину тому
You should make it spray paint instead. Something that wont come off that they have to live with forever
Dark Paws
Dark Paws - Годину тому
Bruh is beat the bricks outta them
M.B. MacIntyre
M.B. MacIntyre - Годину тому
This should fall under mail fraud and theft, ten years in prison. Show their mugs!
LaktostheIntolerant - Годину тому
Not over engineered for its purpose. Its beautiful.
Davie Jay
Davie Jay - Годину тому
Go for Ebola or small pox next time for the payload.
Stiv Ostenberg
Stiv Ostenberg - Годину тому
Video was great, sad to say that when using NordVPN I cannot even access the home page.
T.R. Plume
T.R. Plume - Годину тому
The UniBomber mailed interesting packages too 🤪
dragan lazarevic
dragan lazarevic - Годину тому
Buddy you should mass produce it and sell it on Amazon :)))))) Company name Fighting crime with science :)))))))
Joe Klingemann
Joe Klingemann - Годину тому
So epic!!
Genna Harris
Genna Harris - Годину тому
This was awesome on so many levels. You sir, are a hero. Please save this beautiful contraption and do this every year. Just keep giving it to various friends and let the justice spread.
rpddsmith - Годину тому
too bad you don't have some DU powder :)
PankowerElite - Годину тому
Scammer get scammed
Ja Go
Ja Go - Годину тому
show the date and time of the original package "theft"
RavenClaws - Годину тому
Did you reatrieve the glitter spinner back from the last guy?
Phantom Aquarist
Phantom Aquarist - Годину тому
So the problem with this video is that you're trying to make a sport of this. They're not learning anything. They just learned that they had one bad experience doing this and that was it. This doesn't stop them from coming back to your place or anyone else's. Also the bigger moral dilemma here is that the cops really need to be doing more if the same package can get jacked that many times from the same areas but by different people. Hopefully with video proof you were able to get something done. Also I found it funny as hell that the one guy had a cross hanging from his mirror this is the typical thing I see with people who demand they follow religion. Ain't nowhere near going to heaven.
Kate Punch
Kate Punch - Годину тому
You are my hero. This is an upcoming issue and you have used Arduino to fix them. You are my hero.
tina lindstrom
tina lindstrom - Годину тому
LilBoii - Годину тому
Make more plz
matt8863 - Годину тому
The CIA needs this guy. Badly.
Da magic Cow
Da magic Cow - Годину тому
Nice! One on trending
#•_Norre_•# - Годину тому
You should just do the same thing but with fire and burn them
Purple Nurp
Purple Nurp - Годину тому
People like this is why i hate humanity.
keith benson
keith benson - Годину тому
Should use real bombs
Padaj Deszczu
Padaj Deszczu - Годину тому
you should have made a bomb.
Jardyn Lakera
Jardyn Lakera - Годину тому
Bro the dude that stole had a cross on his car 💀 that’s not very godly
Mustafa Kasim
Mustafa Kasim - Годину тому
Good Role Playing bro
That was awesome
Zyro - Годину тому
Next time build a flame thrower in it so the people wont fckn do this again
Maximilian Oster
Maximilian Oster - Годину тому
#1 On trending! #SCIENCE!
Vince Voigt
Vince Voigt - Годину тому
So one can only assume that of the over 500k likes on here and 5.5K of people that disliked the video. Those dislikes are the 1% of society. The society of assholes that would like to or do steal packages or do not see anything wrong with people stealing them. Why you would dislike this video for any other reason is beyond me.
Delivery upgrade? Make a glitter glue mixture with super glue that is in a sealed bottle that will use a small air burst from like an air soft tank to explode the bottle and throw it everywhere.
Also the box should pee itself with the stink bomb or fart stuff. So it can soak into whatever it comes in contact with.
You need the effects to last and teach a lesson or the point will be lost.
michael mcinnis
michael mcinnis - Годину тому
Funny how the thieves got mad
Squanchypartybrah - Годину тому
this has definitely been the best video ive watched all year....AHHH Sweeeeet justice!
David Darrow
David Darrow - Годину тому
I wish there had been a hairspray bomb before the glitter, for maximum annoyance!
Funky173 - Годину тому
Stealing somebody's package, act like "oooh wtf are you doing to me?"
villebj - Годину тому
Do a draw my life video
JENGA_BOY - Годину тому
My friend did something similar when people kept stealing his packages except it was with a bomb. I think his was more effective than yours
Dennis Martin
Dennis Martin - Годину тому
Lovely video, but I don't get the delivery system. Here in Europe either they give it to a neighbour or they bring it to the local distribution center. In both cases they leave you a letter telling you so. Leaving it just outside feels wrong...
Steve - Годину тому
Could you please sell this? I would buy one!
Yolanda Reyes
Yolanda Reyes - Годину тому
This is GENIUS
Junie Cleaver
Junie Cleaver - Годину тому
OMG I'm dying laughing!!! Love it!!!!
Heyji - Годину тому
Don't mess with a Youtuber.
M W Casey
M W Casey - Годину тому
can i buy one of these?
anna princess
anna princess - Годину тому
Person2: Who you had in here? *smells like they farted 5 times*
Just Eric
Just Eric - Годину тому
Should've put something even worse than glitter like itching powder or something
Koray - Годину тому
you should put anthrax in it next time
ez45 - Годину тому
Best part is they actually all threw away 4 mobile phones
Strunkl Toast
Strunkl Toast - Годину тому
awesome dude!!!!!
Jeremy Peele
Jeremy Peele - Годину тому
Fill it with AIDS blood.....
Claire Nakimuli
Claire Nakimuli - Годину тому
Kevin would be proud
Chi - Годину тому
Should’ve put highly toxic acid that burns ur skin
chadli chourouk
chadli chourouk - Годину тому
That was wicked
Jaguar 6905
Jaguar 6905 - Годину тому
I'm no lie watching home alone and I turn on this video and so he talks about Kevin mccalister
Giovanni Sommers
Giovanni Sommers - Годину тому
10m in 1 day
Toasted Fan Art
Toasted Fan Art - Годину тому
Hold on now a sec, why is package theft even a thing over there? Here in Ireland if you're not home when they come with a package they leave a receipt in your mail box for you to collect it from the depot or else you can arrange for delivery another day at a time when you are home. I literally would never order anything if they were just dumping it at my door for anyone to snatch...
Justin Ruiz
Justin Ruiz - Годину тому
Police officers should be shamed! They don't even do their job and expect people to take them seriously.
Nonyo - Годину тому
Any follow up comments on everything that happened related to these theft?
Thomas Byrne
Thomas Byrne - Годину тому
Please manufacture and sell these to the public
Juan de Fuca U
Juan de Fuca U - Годину тому
easier and better results with a baseball bat and a few broken bones.
Cthulhu - Годину тому
Better than YouTube rewind 2018
Dp - Годину тому
Did you let those filthy thieves go to steal other people's stuff, or did you do the right thing and report them to the police?