20 Cristiano Ronaldo Goals That Shocked Lionel Messi Fans

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Genius Production
Genius Production - 2 місяці тому
Sammy _ØB
Sammy _ØB - 9 днів тому
Please don't spread hatred they both r world class ..if I had money and a football club then I will buy both of them..they r most complete player in own ways like cr7 as a strike and Messi as a playmaker
Milad Pro
Milad Pro - 12 днів тому
Genius Production Did you saw this Motherfucker Messi Magic new video? Please respond to him. Make a similar Video like he did. We canť bear it anymore that they make always humiliating video about Cristiano.
Ed - 14 днів тому
Esraa Al Abudallah
Esraa Al Abudallah - 17 днів тому
+Thanos ! ما هنا ل
Esraa Al Abudallah
Esraa Al Abudallah - 17 днів тому
divyansh singh
divyansh singh - Годину тому
The best
The Goat
The CR7🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Hea Pov
Hea Pov - 3 години тому
Ronaldo the Alien of footballer.
Jesus Felipe Gonzalez Jimenez
Jesus Felipe Gonzalez Jimenez - 7 годин тому
El jugador más completo
Harka Benci
Harka Benci - 8 годин тому
I am messi Fan but these goals didn't shocked me still messi is the best
Ren Seki
Ren Seki - День тому
The first Ronaldo Bicycle Kicks Video wasn't a bicycle kick
Pradeep Borah
Pradeep Borah - День тому
qmac10165 YT
qmac10165 YT - День тому
He’s left footed dummy
Mohmd Shafi
Mohmd Shafi - День тому
Ronaldo is zeroooooooooooo in front Lionel Messi .... messi is hitttttttt Ronaldo is shittttttt fans are also shitttttttt
Prashant Sharma
Prashant Sharma - 2 дні тому
I'm not shocked

Cuz I'm a Ronaldo fan!! XD
binus Nus
binus Nus - 3 дні тому
Super Cristiano Ronaldo
Prathamesh Parik
Prathamesh Parik - 4 дні тому
God of the football is Cristiano Ronaldo
Entertainment videos
Entertainment videos - 5 днів тому
Entertainment videos
Entertainment videos - 5 днів тому
I am biggest fan of tiger ronlado
Entertainment videos
Entertainment videos - 5 днів тому
Best supper player in the world
Sohilo Kent
Sohilo Kent - 5 днів тому
Eric Nii Tagoe-Reinhold
Eric Nii Tagoe-Reinhold - 6 днів тому
All i see are long range shots, ok headers and some very nice goals. Nothing extraordinary. Messi scores better goals
chesar de sousa
chesar de sousa - 7 днів тому
IELTS speaking
Mary Albert
Mary Albert - 7 днів тому
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Zein F
Zein F - 7 днів тому
I Think There Isn,t Anyone Is Better Than Him
He Is The Best Player In The World
The Best Free Kicker
The Best Header
The Best Lift Foot
The Strongest Foot And Body
Which Else??
He Is The Goat❤
Galaxy Donut!
Galaxy Donut! - 8 днів тому
I respect ronaldo ALOT
NJR 10
NJR 10 - 8 днів тому
And Ronaldo fan react of Messi goal
Cokentoast123 The comedian
Cokentoast123 The comedian - 8 днів тому
Messi has done better
juan ojeda mora
juan ojeda mora - 8 днів тому
Wolii Poora
Wolii Poora - 8 днів тому
CR7 na great man indeed
Rahul M. Prathap
Rahul M. Prathap - 8 днів тому
Viva Ronaldo 💕💕 Viva CR7
Filipe Silva
Filipe Silva - 8 днів тому
N 1 of all times
world of pro kabaddi
world of pro kabaddi - 9 днів тому
Goal machine is Ronaldo king
Alwin Joseph
Alwin Joseph - 9 днів тому
Probably the most hardworking guy... And also a 🐬
Fill& fun
Fill& fun - 9 днів тому
i love you cr7
Gorgeous - 9 днів тому
If MADRID doesn't score today... Riots on the Bernabeu Demanding Cristiano return.
Napoleon Ferdinand.
Napoleon Ferdinand. - 10 днів тому
The legend, the king, Cristiano Ronaldo.
It's Mitch_O
It's Mitch_O - 10 днів тому
I like both but I they are better in certain categories they both have lots of skill and me they are considered legends.
There is no weak foot for Lionel Messi
Peter Bayo
Peter Bayo - 10 днів тому
Cr7 is the best stricker of all time in the world. Best header, left footer, right footer, free kicker! What else and mention any!
Dutchboy266 - 10 днів тому
He's not the best ever header, left footer or free kick taker. Sorry to pop your bubbel
Haripriya Sugumaran
Haripriya Sugumaran - 10 днів тому
CR7is the God of cricket
AKASH PODDER - 10 днів тому
Ossam cr7
form A.P....
SANTOSH KUMAR PAHI - 11 днів тому
The god of football : Cristiano Ronaldo
mgonondo Mkhize
mgonondo Mkhize - 11 днів тому
cr7 is a greatest player in the wolrd
ThePina558 - 11 днів тому
You don't need too Dribble too Much when you are the TERMINATOR.
MineCraftBosSHB - 11 днів тому
I’m a huge messi fan but don’t hate the video just because Cr surprised you with some goals
Bawidawt Sang
Bawidawt Sang - 11 днів тому
Good video dude
Abhinav KV
Abhinav KV - 11 днів тому
King of the goals👑👑👑👑
rakesh PATEL
rakesh PATEL - 11 днів тому
i still get goosebumps watching the freekick against SPAIN
Gang Leader
Gang Leader - 12 днів тому
ronaldo is fan player
Sajad Noor
Sajad Noor - 12 днів тому
Love CR7
Shrirang Lokhande
Shrirang Lokhande - 12 днів тому
You can also make a video titled 500 messi goals that shocked Cristiano fans. Levels mate.
Dutchboy266 - 10 днів тому
You can't.
Elison Wu Wu
Elison Wu Wu - 12 днів тому
Shocking Messi in Freeckick? Wtf
Eduardo Luna
Eduardo Luna - 12 днів тому
i love that portugal v spain.... best game evur
Logi Guðmundsson
Logi Guðmundsson - 12 днів тому
Ronaldo don’t have a weak foot
Logi Guðmundsson
Logi Guðmundsson - 9 днів тому
By the way thanks for the replies
Logi Guðmundsson
Logi Guðmundsson - 9 днів тому
Yeah me to think what you want
Dutchboy266 - 9 днів тому
+Logi Guðmundsson not going to bother. Think whatever you want.
Logi Guðmundsson
Logi Guðmundsson - 9 днів тому
No he doesn’t have a weak foot
Dutchboy266 - 10 днів тому
He does
rahul mahakud
rahul mahakud - 13 днів тому
Messi the legend's choice that is it
rahul mahakud
rahul mahakud - 13 днів тому
Messi's only left foot>all Cr7
Gaming With DSR
Gaming With DSR - 13 днів тому
Ronaldo is best
felipe mateus ferreira dias
felipe mateus ferreira dias - 13 днів тому
Does he have weak foot?
LESIU - 14 днів тому
music? :D
mahdi yawar
mahdi yawar - 15 днів тому
That bicycle kick vs juventus was just beyond insane 😱😱😱
The singh
The singh - 15 днів тому
Best 8.45 minutes of youtube
Learnmore Dishi
Learnmore Dishi - 15 днів тому
king of football,
Jyotishmaan Baishya
Jyotishmaan Baishya - 15 днів тому
In simple words Ronaldo is great like Messi they both are equal
myoutube - 16 днів тому
couldn't see "Shocking Messi" hahahaha
lalu lulu
lalu lulu - 16 днів тому
TheRadFactor - 16 днів тому
He was offside on all of them.
Atsu Vasa
Atsu Vasa - 16 днів тому
The best in the world, cr7
Omar El
Omar El - 16 днів тому
fak you messi
anindita herni septiasari
anindita herni septiasari - 16 днів тому
is good of CR7
Irene Ferns
Irene Ferns - 16 днів тому
Not shocked
Piece of junk
Aashish Karki
Aashish Karki - 17 днів тому
This greatest player Cristiano always on top. Everywhere, in social media. More views, 2018 wc against spain hattrick got more views than final one. Even he cry this guy still trending everywhere. Haters hate him, they follow him more than anyother players, more than their fav players why? Because they can't ignore him. This guy is phenomenal, Brave, unstoppable, restless, powerful, n greatest of all time
Prins Gang
Prins Gang - 17 днів тому
Messi is the worse player in the world
ahmad haziq
ahmad haziq - 17 днів тому
the legendary of football
Jishil Cp
Jishil Cp - 17 днів тому
Messi is the complete player
Saba Zakir
Saba Zakir - 18 днів тому
That is not his weak foot then😂😂😂 he is perfect with his weak foot too then it is his strong foot😂😆
Mariyam Ali Zaidi
Mariyam Ali Zaidi - 18 днів тому
East or West Ronaldo is the best the G.O.A.T
Get creative with Us
Get creative with Us - 18 днів тому
It’s true cr7 is best
Md Asaduzzaman
Md Asaduzzaman - 18 днів тому
The difference between the two players is that messi is usually the best on the pitch (9 out of 10 games) with or without scoring,Cristiano on the other hand needs to score to get headlines and usually isnt the best on the pitch in most matches..both are equally prolific goalscorers but the majority of ronaldo's goals are about being in the right place at the right time or headers or penalties (1 in 6) and are due to an insatiable desire to score rather than any technical brilliance while majority of Messi's goals are works of art..Messi, in addition is one of the of not THE best dribblers ever and has brilliant vision and the abilty to execute otherwordly passes leading to goals,Ronaldo is absolutely lacking in these fields?
Md Asaduzzaman
Md Asaduzzaman - 18 днів тому
Judge: How many golden ball do you have?
Ronaldo: 5 times,it can be 6 next. ??
judge: Its Ballon D'or, Golden ball means world cup best player.
Ronaldo: ...oh sorry :(
judge: Have you been best in any tournament in your national team?
Ronaldo: No.
Me with my team 14 years .No trophy
But without me in 95 mins in Euro final my team gave me a
national trophy.
But I contribute to the final goal being a cheerleader. :((
I played World cup,Euro, And confedaration cup
But i couldn't be a best player in any tournament in
my national team. but my fan does not understand that
Messi: Yes,i have golden ball in World cup 2014.But i wanted
the world cup. i have 5 ballon dors.
Yes ,i would get Copa america best player but i reject it
it doesn't matter to me when i am again failed to earn
a trophy for my country.
judge: How many golden boots?
Ronaldo: 4 times.
MessiL 5 times. still i play as a game creator, but still score.
Judge: But maddriddog claim that you aren'ta playmaker.
Messi: I have been awarded 3 times as the best playmaker in a row, Which was also awarde to Ronaldinho and Zidane.
judge: Have you any got blank check to change club?
Ronaldo: No.
Messi: Yes,but i didn't change my club.
Because to be the best you dont need to change club.
Rather this i sujjest you to join totenhum and
help them to win the league title as
the are not best team in the world.make them best and you will be best
Joining best team and winning title doesn't mean anyone best.
judge: How many great footballers,great coach,
great football analysist are on behalf of you?
Ronaldo: I am best said by my madridogs and
my coach and the numbers of great footballers,
great coach,great football analysist are on behalf messi as they the real
Messi: I will not tell you something ,He has told everything. :(((
judge: Whats your playing style do you like to play in the football match?
Ronaldo: I like to score more.
Becasue this make me best i think. I mean D box is the best place for me.
judge:How many free kicks,penalty?
Ronaldo: I have better penalty conversation rates than messi, i scored more free kicks.
Messi: Why not freekick conversation rates? if i take 250 freekcik and all of them would miss,then my conversation rates on freekick would same to you.
You have missed as most i have missed,and scored more penalty than me,sp here you are talking the conversation rates? ha ha.
judge: But your fanbase(madriddogs) say that you have scored more goals outside the box?
Ronaldo: Actually this is false,,I scored 99 gaols in 950 matches outside the box.
Messi:I scored same amount but those needed 150 less games.
judge : How many dives did you(Ronaldo) for penalty or free kick ?
Ronaldo: Athat about 3000 times
Messi: I have completed more driblles than his dives. :(((
judge:If the mid did not support you how much you go for a goal?
Ronaldo: I will not be able to touch a ball in D box.
Messi: I support the D box, so i cannot go to score more.
Actually if i keep my team behind me in match.
I cant it ..because the team depend on my work in attacking mid. :(((
judge: How many you have personal trophy?
Ronaldo:its 16,but 2 of them is the new version.
which were with fifa ballon d or previously
Messi:13(according to madriddogs)+
1 world cup golden ball+1 rejected copa america goladen ball.
Judge: How many goals and assists in UCl and trophy ?
Ronaldo: 119 goals and 40 assists in 144 matches,5 UCLs.
Messi: 100 goals and 33 assists in 123 matches,4 UCLs. The stat is very bad? huh? Let see,i will win more.
Ronaldo: Actually,Real Madrid team is always best,,it has other 10 better players,the work hard,and I finish,and claim that i am the best,but most of the matches,the others player to be man of the match,ha ha.
Jodge: How the fans like you ,for what?
Messi: For my playing style,my game creation,my chance creation,i dont like to remain in the D box,or running without ball (ha ha) to increase my covarage.
Judge: How much have you trophies?
Ronaldo: 27/28
Messi: 32 +2 ( Olympics gold madel and 2005 U'20 World cup)
Judge: Who has more final goals?
Ronaldo: 17.
messi: 27+2 (U'20 FINAL WORLD CUP)
Judge: Who has more goals?
Ronaldo: I have over 650 goals.but I have less conversation rates than messi
because i play in sporting and Man utd .There i didn't get enough goals
Messi: if so I had 1 goal in my first season. :((. So they say that i have done 14 season :((
Judge: Who has more assist?
ronaldo: I do assist also,but it is by luck, i play 150 more games than messi but still Messi has 75 more assist than me.
Messi: I will not say anything,everybody knows.
Judge: Who has more UCL games and goals?
Ronaldo: I have more games and more goals. But Messi has better conversation rates than me in UCL goals as he played less game but scored 10 goal fast.
Messi: But his dogs cry that when it is la liga,as he came his pick time in Real madrid and score normally,but i was here since childhood,score 1 goal in first season, so my conversation rate is normally low than him.
Judge:But your supporters(Madriddogs) say that you destryed EPL(English premier league)?
But Salah and Kane are doing what? they ares scoring more goals than you.
Ronaldo: But they dont get trophy.
Judge: If they for the best team they would get it.
Messi: I have more goals against EPL top team than ronaldo. He played 6 seasons in EPL,but i played 25 games against EPL teams .
Judge: I think about your (madriddogs) thoughts that
to prove you are the best,so you join real madrid?
Ronaldo: yes
Judge: To Be best ,by the best club in world football history?
Ronaldo: :( ....
Judge: Rather than you would choose Vallencia and help them to win the league title
Roandlo:..... this has logic...but my fanbase(madriddogs) think the odds
Messi: I have nothing to say.
Judge: Whats about your free kick conversation rates?
Ronaldo: i have more free kicks but conversation rate is low than lio.(53 )
Messi: .....(42, less in 150 mathes,this is simple :))
Judge: What about your penalty conversation rates?
Ronaldo: I have more penalty goals,I have few more rates than lio.
Messi:I gave many penalty to score to my teammates about 30+ penalties.Also i miss only one pelanty more than him :((. Though i am the worst penalty taker and he is the best pelnalty taker.
Judge: Your(Ronaldo) fanbase say than you are the best penalty taker.
Ronaldo:Yes,but i also have 22 penalties missed,messi have 23 missed
Messi: I had missed the try breaker kick in the copa final.
but the madriddogs thought that that was a penalty kick.
Ronaldo: Actually, i had missed more important penalty than lio.you can search it .
Judge: You two are the greatest all of time,but if Messi is Messi, All try to compare with Messi if anybody plays well,,but don't compare with Ronaldo. That iss the point. Messi is the best.

2014 world cup best player,,2015 copa america best player,,all time top assist provider for Argentina, All time top assist provider for Copa America,,but his team did not give him a simgle trophy,but Ronaldo got by his teammates?? 100 goals and 33 assists in 123 matches?? Penaldo scores 119 goals in 153 matces? ha ha,He asssits 40 times,but its very very luck. He does not have the art of football,when he gets ball outside the box,he can do nothing without backpasses or diving.You are the fucking penaldo fan,how funny it is when some penaldo fan say that he is not a playmaker, he is awarded the best playmakeer for 2015,2016,2017,2018.. You and you shit penaldo can still diving,ha ha
The difference between the two players is that messi is usually the best on the pitch (9 out of 10 games) with or without scoring,Cristiano on the other hand needs to score to get headlines and usually isnt the best on the pitch in most matches..both are equally prolific goalscorers but the majority of ronaldo's goals are about being in the right place at the right time or headers or penalties (1 in 6) and are due to an insatiable desire to score rather than any technical brilliance while majority of Messi's goals are works of art..Messi, in addition is one of the of not THE best dribblers ever and has brilliant vision and the abilty to execute otherwordly passes leading to goals,Ronaldo is absolutely lacking in these fields?
Sanjay Arya
Sanjay Arya - 18 днів тому
It blows my mind when you headless ronaldo fan girls come with nature defying needs. You want a 1.7m guy to jump higher than1.90m+ defenders and score to even consider him the best.. just woww
Delta Delirious
Delta Delirious - 18 днів тому
The very start: best mates secret hand shake💥💥💥😍
MyrON Gain3s
MyrON Gain3s - 18 днів тому
I remember when he hit that bicycle kick in May, saying Ronaldo-OHHHHHHHH
Martin Hermansen
Martin Hermansen - 18 днів тому
Ronaldo scorer de bedste mål ever
Jeth Derecho
Jeth Derecho - 18 днів тому
We fans are the only who's fighting Messi, neymar,Ronaldo are friend

Commend if you agree
Ananda Bera
Ananda Bera - 19 днів тому
The great footballer in the world
DEVIL MLBB - 19 днів тому
I miss Ronaldo in RM
Efface - 19 днів тому
I don't get why Messi's fans always comes to Ronaldo's videos and shit talking him.. Do you guys have any better things to do?
李富成 - 19 днів тому
song is?
Rayesj - 19 днів тому
Ronaldo is different from Messi they are both genius to their style of playing. Ronaldo fortunately benefits from his physicality in any team. Messi benefits from his mentality on any team. They are like yin and yang...
Tiago Pina
Tiago Pina - 19 днів тому
Messi fans " Ronaldo just score tap ins and inside the box"
Minh Nguyễn
Minh Nguyễn - 20 днів тому
i like cr7
Gamer FK
Gamer FK - 20 днів тому
Wait??? He have a weak foot?
Martin Hermansen
Martin Hermansen - 20 днів тому
Ronaldo is the best
Mohammed Aljuhani
Mohammed Aljuhani - 20 днів тому
Cristiano is the best player in the history
linus johansson
linus johansson - 20 днів тому
I dont understand what messi have to do with this video at all? I like how you just used him as clickbait haha
Huzaifa Adil
Huzaifa Adil - 20 днів тому
I love and respect both C.RONALDO 7 and MESSSI 10 . they both are the reason for me to play , love football .
but we cant compare Messi with CR7 . CR7 is , was and will be the complete player of the universe .
HMF Vlogs
HMF Vlogs - 20 днів тому
Eat that Messi fans
MON STER - 21 день тому
Ronaldo the G.O.A.T
Rajesh Biswas
Rajesh Biswas - 22 дні тому
Free kicks??
Lol, Messi is far better than him
Khorl Soklux
Khorl Soklux - 21 день тому
But ronaldo has more career free kick goals than messi
Angkush Sooklaul
Angkush Sooklaul - 22 дні тому
hiiii bro you know what "WEAK" means some of the shoots of the "weak foot" are weak but three quarter of the others shoots are very strong...... BUT THE VIDEO IS👌👌👌👌👌I LOVE CRISTIANO RONALDO❤❤❤❤DON'T TAKE IT WRONG I WAS JUST CORRETING YOUR MISTAKE😉😉😉
BITCHMAKER XXX - 23 дні тому
Ronaldo is the BEST OF THE ALL TIMES!
respect from Italy🔥🔥
sorel edwin suarez
sorel edwin suarez - 24 дні тому
They are very diffwrent styles, I prefer Messy, though. He is more ... elegant and artistic.
AJ Randelle
AJ Randelle - 24 дні тому